Jayne the Virgin Chapter 8


Jayne the Virgin Chapter 8This is chapter 8 of the true series about Jayne the Virgin.This is where I originally met Big John and Bard a long time ago. They both worked there and he still manages it. I was hoping John was there so he could fuck Heather after I was done with her.I told Heather what is available for us to fuck in the book store. There are the rooms with a futon where we can either leave the door locked or unlocked. There are private rooms where we can invite others into or have it just be us and there is the theater with futons and couches where others who are in there would see us and potentially want to join. She asked why we would do something like leave the door unlocked, or invite others to join. I told her I thought she indicated she wanted to fuck more men for experience and this is a great place to do that. If she does not want other men to join us that is our choice, even in the theater. If we tell them to only watch that is all they will do. I told her with the time she has to get to work this is really the only option and asked what she wants to do. She said lets go in and let me look around and decide.We went inside. That is when I really noticed what she was wearing. She had a skirt on that was not quite a mini skirt but if she bent over it would not take much for it to expose her hot looking ass. I did not see a panty line which told me she did not have any panties on. She had a work blouse on that fully covered her top so I could not tell if she had a bra on at the time. When we entered I saw Big John right away. I told her to look around a little I am going to see what is available for rooms. She started looking at the various items in the store, the sex toys, magazines, videos, etc. I told John who she was and told him what happened in the hotel room with Melanie. I told him I brought Heather here to fuck her and maybe she would want to get fucked by other guys. He told me he wants to fuck her after I am done and that Barb is in the theater getting gang banged. She walked up to us and told me she wants a regular room and will think about leaving the door unlocked. John told us there is no one back in the arcade right now, so we would be the only ones. Heather asked where everyone was because the parking lot is almost full. He told her they are in the theater having a gang bang with at least one woman, maybe more. I told Heather let’s go to the room because I want to fuck you. She said instead she wants to go into the theater and join the gang bang. I told her not until I fuck you first and John here fucks you second. She looked at me kind of surprised. I told her not to worry, it is not what she thinks. John and I explained. We then went into a room and left the door unlocked. She called the hotel and told them she would be a little late in case we were not done in time. Heather asked me why we left the door unlocked if there was no one back there but us. I told her because we need to make it look like we want John to come in and fuck her by leaving the door unlocked, not by him unlocking the door himself. She said she may not be in the gang bang, it depends on how much time. I told her that is not the only issue. She asked me what I meant. I told her she should not need a shower after she fucks me and then John, but she would need one after a gang bang. We got naked and right away I could tell she was going to feel good to fuck. I asked her if she has had sex with anyone else since her first time. She told me just Melanie and asked how I like fucking Melanie. I told her I loved it. She asked me to guide her on what I wanted her to do. I had her get antalya escort on her knees and take mu cock and start licking it, then do what feels natural. She did so. It felt great. All of a sudden she took almost my whole cock in her mouth and swallowed. I started the back of her head and she took my cock further down her throat. I let her get me close a couple of times and had her stand up. I told her to lay back on the futon and spread her legs. Her pussy was completely shaved bare. I got on my knees and put my face in her hot pussy. I sucked her clit fast and hard while I shoved my fingers deep in her pink cunt. She convulsed in orgasm. After I made her so sensitive she told me to stop I grabbed her legs spread them wide and shoved my cock deep into her. She squealed in pleasure. Her pussy was pulsating and squeezing my cock. I did not last long and filled her full of my thick creamy load. After I was done I pulled out of her and my cum ran out of her hot cunt. She groaned and her tight pussy did not want to let my cock go. That is when we heard the door open and saw John come in.I got up to get dressed and he said one of his employees is watching the front of the store and if I want to go in the theater he knows to let me in. Heather got up but was not getting dressed. Instead she told John to have his way with her. Big John got undressed and as I was leaving he started fucking Heather from behind. He also told me he would make sure she gets to work. I went out to the front and saw Barb there. She smiled and asked why I was there. I told her. She said if you want more there are a couple of other women in the theater getting fucked by a group of men. She said her pussy is pretty sore from all of the fucking she has been doing and needs a break but I can go in and join if I want to. She said one woman is from Vietnam. I told her I am tired and my cock is feeling pretty sensitive from all of the fucking I had been doing. I left and went home.My wife was home when I got there. I asked her how her Saturday night went and told her about mine. She told me she had a great time with the ladies including Jayne and even some men. I asked if Jayne was still a virgin. She said yes, the men she and others fucked had no contact with Jayne but she is now even more intrigued about being fucked for the first time. I asked if the men tried to fuck Jayne. My wife said yes but when Jayne told them no they did not push it. My wife said she and some of the others did convince Jayne to let them eat her out while they were fucked from behind and she ate their pussy’s clean after the men came. She said Jayne then became more interested in having sex with a man and almost gave one of them a blow job but Sister and the others stopped her. My wife said it should be no problem getting Jayne to let me fuck her for the first time. I asked if we will need to push up the day. My wife did not think so. I told her I need to rest for a day before I fuck anyone else. She said I will also need to rest the day before I deflower Jayne.My wife reminded me I have three women to fuck in front of Jayne a day a part from each other starting the next day, Monday. I asked my wife if it has been figured where I will fuck each of the three women, in their respective apartment or home if it is away from the apartment building or in Jayne’s apartment. She said she was glad I reminded her and said for the first one is going to be Sister and at first we would fuck in a neutral place such as a hotel because of concern for Jayne being in an environment that I am familiar with. I asked where am I going to fuck Sister then. escort antalya My wife told me it will be in her apartment because Jayne has really loosened up in regard to sex with men, especially after seeing some of the other women fuck some of the men with her present. My wife even hinted Jayne may even join me and whom ever I fuck. I told her that would be good because I think this is being way over planned. I then told my wife if I can and if Jayne lets me I am going to deflower her before Friday.I asked is there going to be some sort of “fan fare” or is anyone going to make a big deal when I arrive and each day after I fuck each woman with Jayne present bringing Jayne one step closer to being deflowered. She told me it should be pretty low key. She said on Monday just go in like you normally do and go to Sister’s apartment and knock be door. Don’t worry if you see anyone you know if if they see you. I asked what about your mom. I told my wife I know she has been involved but was not sure to what extent. My wife said not to worry she is taking her mom some place off site because the one person who would make a huge deal out of this try to interfere or want to join is her mom. She said she is taking her mom to Big John’s and Barb’s for a foursome and that Justin and Ginger may join them. I said it sounds like fun and it’s about time her mom had sex with others outside of her building and with a guy young enough to be her grandson.I asked if I was supposed to come home every night or stay there and if necessary use her mom’s apartment to sleep. She said it is up to me but she is going to keep her mom away until she hears that Jayne has been deflowered and during part of that time they will be at our house. I asked who is going to tell you this. My wife told me that Jayne is going to but I can too. My wife told me her and Jayne hear a talk about her mom’s behavior and that she was getting pushy and creepy about Jayne losing her virginity to me. Her mom knows what week it is going to happen but not the exact day and she does not one the details such as fucking other women with Jayne present.I told my wife I will let it happen naturally like when I popped your cherry. She told me not to get her started because I need to rest up. We took it easy for the rest of the day, the next fast was Monday, when the fun was supposed to start.My wife and I managed to refrain from fucking each other. I got up the next day horny as hell and ready to fuck. I got ready, packed my bag for three to four days and left for the retirement apartment building that I knew had at least one virgin and several other willing, hot, old women who love to fuck.I arrived, went in and walked down to Sister’s apartment and knocked on the door. I did not see anyone I recognized and whom ever saw me did not say anything. Sister opened the door and invited me in. Right away I saw she had a very sheer nightie on that barely went to her ass. I could see her big tits and hairy pussy. Jayne was sitting on the sofa with a full, thick and fluffy bath robe on. I then detected the scent of sex in the air. It smelled like Sister’s wet pussy mixed with another intoxicating odor. I approached Jayne to introduce myself, as I did I reached under Sister’s nightie and grabbed her pussy, shoving my finger up her pussy and gave her a passionate kiss. She collapsed into my chest and had to grab me to keep from falling, she returned the kiss moaning as she did.I broke the embrace and approached Jayne, who had a huge grin and wide eyed look on her face. I offered the same hand I used to finger fuck Sister with, still coated in Sister’s antalya escort bayan pussy juice, and told her my name and it was a pleasure to finally meet her. She took my hand, shook it, told me it is nice to meet me and then did something I was not expecting. She pulled my hand to her mouth and licked and sucked my fingers clean. My cock, which was semi-hard before started to really tent my shorts. Jayne saw this smiled and grabbed my dick through the fabric. I damn near emptied my balls right then and there. Before it could go any further Sister approached and told Jayne she can have me after she is done and to follow her into the bedroom.Sister lead the way and Jayne followed me. By the time we got the Jayne had taken off her robe. When we got in the room and I turned around both Jayne and Sister started being me out of my clothes. To say Jayne is gorgeous is an understatement. She is about 5′ 2″, medium frame, about 140 pounds, has perfectly sized tits, C cup, a very obvious hairy pussy area. the hair in her head is very silver but hey pussy hair is still pretty blonde. I would find out I later she is a natural blonde. Sister immediately dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She took me all the way down her throat. Jayne stood there and watched as I groaned and moaned in pleasure. She had backed away little bit but I motioned for her to come closer. She did as Sister sucked my cock. I told Jayne we can do what ever she wants and asked her what she is feeling. She told me a little confused and conflicted. Sister started to edge me. Jayne said she is not sure if she should start fingering her pussy, have me do it for her or join Sister on her knees to learn how to suck cock. I told her do the first thing you feel most compelled to do or have the most desire to do.She moved closer, grabbed my hand and put my arm around her waist, had her chest turned toward me, told me she had never been this close to a man before and stated fingering her pussy. That is when I figured out the other scent I detected earlier, it was Jayne’s pussy juices. Sister kept edging me until I could but take it anymore, I grabbed her by the head, held it still and unloaded my cum in her mouth all over her tongue. Jayne had a orgasm from fingering her pussy. She told Sister not to swallow my cum, she wants her to share it. She then whispered to me that I am going to fuck her before Friday and may even get to fuck her later that night. But first she wants Sister to eat her out while injecting my cum from her mouth into her virgin pussy while I fuck Sister from behind.We got in the bed, Jayne spread her legs wide, Sister got between them and started eating her out. I got behind Sister and started rubbing my cock on her hot pussy to get hard again. I shoved my cock in her pussy and started ramming her hard. I heard Jayne moaning really loud which brought me over the edge and I filled Sisters pussy with cum. Jayne told me to wait and not pull out, she wanted to catch it with her mouth and got in the 69 position with Sister.I pulled out and as I did a lot of cum and pussy juices came out that Jayne caught and slurped it all with her mouth. I watched them finish each other off and have huge shuddering orgasms. I was spent and had to recover so I told the ladies I can order something to eat. They told me what they wanted so I called it in.We went out to the living room to wait for the food to arrive. I asked Jayne what she wants to try next. She told me she wants Sister to teach her how to suck and swallow a cock. Sister said shouldn’t she slow down a bit. I told her that this is happening naturally. Jayne is kind of behaving like a teenager experimenting with sex that she has never tried before. We should let it happen at her pace and speed. This is the end of chapter 8. Chapter 9 is coming soon. There may be 10 chapters to this series.

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