Insane Club Posse


Insane Club PosseErica was small for her 32 years and looked more like a teenager from a distance rather than a fully grown woman, and her wicked sense of humor got us into trouble more times than you could imagine, especially when she pretended to be my daughter instead of my wife.Petite was the perfect word to describe her with slight curves in the right places, a small but firm chest and a smooth rounded ass that looked super amazing in leggings leaving next to nothing to the imagination. She left her hair long to wear it whichever way took her fancy that day, pigtails; long; bunches or braids, all of which could make her look totally different.Autumn had just come around and while the hot weather had almost disappeared, you could feel a nip in the air that had Erica dressed in boots, a light jacket and yoga pants which turned quite a few heads since they were quite tight.Glasgow was a hop and a skip away on the train and since we’d been good we deserved a night out, so a few bars later and onto a club we got our groove on and shook that ass and let loose for the night. I noticed our club in question had a lot of teenies floating around trying to look older than they really were, thick with makeup and outfits your grandad would have a heart attack seeing.Slightly intoxicated and feeling amorous we retired to a comfy corner and held each other close while we kissed, and after time Erica lifted her leg over and straddled me while holding on tight as we made out for what seemed like an hour, until we heard tittering from nearby.I looked to the side and a group of four guys that looked to be late teens to eary 20’s who were staring at us and whispering amidst the odd bout of laughter, and a brave lad shouted out “Hen, could ye kno find a date? ye didnae need tae bring yer da along”, which ended in an eruption of laughs from his mates and Erica simple sniggered and continued to kiss me on the neck.Obviously not getting a rise from either of us they proceeded to whisper, brains hard at work trying to figure out what else to say that could annoy us which eventually ending with a rather large lad with patterned hair fresh out of the turkish barbers piping up.”Why don’t ye go wi someone yer own age, someone wi stamina!” he blurted, all excited with his reply and smiling to his friends. I laughed and Erica replied “Oh! my man has plenty of that, mind you if I touched one of you wee fannies the right way you’d probably blow yer load too fast”, she smiled as his face turned beetroot.”Aye aye, heard it before, am a master shagger” came the quick fire response to which she answered “No doubt, but a wee man like you couldn’t pleasure me the right way” and gave an evil grin while reaching down and stroked between my legs. His eyes were drawn to her hand and almost stuttered “I, I ah kin, every lassie I’ve been with said I wuz the best they’d had”.”Aww, that’s so sweet though it’s not like you can prove anything” Erica replied while grinning her evil grin and smiling at me before kissing me on the lips and continuing our embrace. “I know the bouncer” piped up the lad, “He can get us into the vip lounge upstairs, then I can show ye”. This made her raise an eyebrow and stand up, walk over to the group and say “You’re on, give us a shout when you’re ready” before returning and sipping her drink.Now at this we assumed they would shy away never to return, but how wrong we were as they regrouped beside us with bouncer in tow who gave a nod to follow him upstairs. I looked at Erica, she looked at me and grinned and we stood up and followed. It has to be said though, we were in disbelief until the vip lounge opened in front of us and it looked pretty damned amazing.This was our first time seeing this special area let alone being inside it, and with drinks in hand we sat near the back once more with wall to wall sofa’s and low tables with lamps on them. We both settled while admiring everything and turkish lad sat next to my wife. His friends sat nearby on differnet sofa while his pride sparked up a voice and uttered “So then, bring it on”.She whispered in my ear “Now what?”, to which I tekirdağ escort replied “You’ve hurt his pride, just go along with him for a bit until he spoodges himself then we can go. Don’t do anything you dont wanna do” then smiled as I shuffled to the other side of the sofa. She looked surprised but never shy and sat beside him putting her hand on his thigh, and while rubbing it gently she caressed groin and leaning in to plant tiny kisses on his cheek.Next thing I saw was a look of total shock on her face as her hand rested on top of a rather impressive bulge which made her stare back at me in surprise, then back to lad who was grinning like a cheshire cat. “Did you smuggle in a can of lager or are you just happy to see me” was her reply as she grinned and planted a kiss on his lips which shocked him and me both.Before long it was a full blown makeout session, arms holding onto one another as they kissed more passionately while she held onto his tracksuit bottoms and slid them down bit by bit. Now either my eyes were deceiving me or his bulge grew in size as it twitched with every caress she gave. His hands settled on her pert wee tits and started rubbing them while she reached inside and pulled out a literal monster.Now I’m a hetrosexual man but what I saw appear from his pants was a beautiful specimen, good length, nice girth and a head that glistened like a fucking diamond. She stered in awe and leaned in for a closer look while holding it in her hand. She kissed the tip and surrendered herself fully as she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked, her head moving up and down slow at first before increasing in speed as she got excited.What I saw was unbelievable and by the look on his face he was just as shocked getting his cock sucked so quickly. I thought his excitement would be his downfall and he would blow already, but no, they kept going strong until my wife slowed and rose back up to kiss him passionately, holding him close and writhing on his lap while his beautiful cock pressed against her crotch and revealed a wet patch on her trousers.I could see the outline of her panties beneath as the material was stretched thin, her ass looked amazing as the club lights shone on them both, music blared in the background and they started pumping to their own beat. She was horny and this she couldn’t hide, all the while his posse looked on and gawped at this lucky bastard getting off with someone else’s girl.She rolled to the side and stood up, which I assumed meant it was all over, but hands on hips and she pulled her yoga pants southbound to the floor, panties along for the ride and bare her tight little ass to everyone watching as she stepped out of them and her boots, straddling him once more and locked lips more forcefully.”Oh shit!” was my only words as I stared on, the posse glanced at me pointing and laughing and then we all looked back to see what the fuck was going to happen. Erica writhed around his lap rubbing herself backwards and forwards along his length, lips wet and pressing against his manhood as his hands reached back and unclasped her bra only to lift that and her top over her head. She was now fully naked in the vip lounge of a club as we all watched on.I noticed her hips rocking and pressing herself hard against his shaft, his entire length wet as they both moaned loud whith lips locked. She reached back, positioned the tip of his cock and slid it inside while they both gasped in delight. Spreading her legs slightly she took his full length inside and starting to ride him, moving up and down while each stroke brought even more moans. He took her nipple and sucked it gently inbetween licks as her head leaned back enjoying the experience.The pace quickened and his friends were soon very excited, all trying to hide their own erections with the pillows s**ttered around which really didn’t help, and I couldn’t blame them since I was showing also and no amount of crossing my legs helped. I eventually gave up and started rubbing myself gently to the show, and as if on cue the team relaxed and followed my lead.Slapping noises, moaned kissing escort tekirdağ and groans filled the air before my wife eventually shuddered back and forth before her orgasm shook her so violently she fell off his cock and onto the sofa with her head landing in my lap. She gulped down deep breaths of air while I stroked her hair, then her sex partner looked at us and uttered “I haven’t finished yet”.”I need to rest a bit” she replied while he stood up, knelt across her and leaned in to kiss her right under nose. He positioned his glorious manhood between her legs while wrapping them both around his waist as he entered her deep causing her to loudly moan and shudder beneath him. He continued thrusting hard which caused the sofa to judder while I sat watching both their heads locked together in passionate embrace in my lap.Hearing their sexual sounds got me so hard but now I couldn’t do anything since she was sprawled across my lap, so I leaned back and watched while his posse stared with anticipation and continued touching themselves. Lucky sods I thought as she used her legs to pull him closer and bury his length deeper inside, her arms wrapped around his back while the view of him sliding in and out of her shook me every thrust, and then the enevitable happened.One loud grunt later and he shuddered violently while blowing his load deep inside her, she screamed with the pleasure as his hot load being released. Her pussy glistening as it sprayed from his cock with every thrust until they both slowed and lay still, embracing each other while panting for breath. He slid out and picked up a napkin to clean himself off as Erica croaked “You almost made me cum again, aren’t you gonna finish the job?”.”Can’t hen, am fucked now, no pun intended” was his reply as he started to put his clothes back on and gulp his drink. “You can’t leave it at that!” she exclaimed, to which his posse looked on and the original brave lad shouted out “How about I finish what he started?”. His eyes darted around almost regretting what he said until she sat up, kissed my cheek and knelt on the sofa beside me and shouted “Come on then big boy” and smiled back at him.I’ve never seen someone move so fast, spontaneous movement from one sofa to the other as he stood behind my wife as she arched backwards and pointed her pussy right at him. She started kissing me softly on the neck while posse member no.2 pulled out his already throbbing cock and slid it against her lips, wetting them with his friends jizz and pushing the head inside slowly. Holding onto her arse he pushed deep inside, her cheeks pressed tight against him as a gently moan escaped her lips, and then he groaned loud while cumming inside.Cum still dripping and he fired what was left onto her cheeks and looked at her in shock as he put his dick away and returned to his friends. “Now now, this will never do” she smirked as yet another of his friend stood up and came forward, this time with his cock already in hand and an impressive length sliding between his fingers. She made a show of wiggling her ass cheeks and we continued kissing more passionately.Guy no.3 had the beginnings of a moustache, he leaned forward and kissed my wife on the ass cheek and knelt between her legs, kissing and licking her and causing sensual moans to emanate from her lips. She kissed me harder while being eaten, writhing around the sofa by his touch as his hands moved along her spine and towards her tits, playing with them ever so gently as he pinched her nipples. This k** will go far I thought to myself while tasting my wife and sadly the turkish lad on her lips as well.She continued groaning in pleasure until she finally errupted once again in a scream and orgasmed loud and wet, with him still licking and kissing and flicking his tongue all around her entrance as she did. He finally stood tall and went back to his seat with a wet patch in his trousers, all of the excitement subsequently released inside his pants.The last of the group stared at us across the table, not knowing quite what to do as Erica wiggled her ass around one again with her wet tekirdağ escort bayan pussy calling to him. His friends urged him on as he shyly stood up and shuffled over to my wife and I making out on the sofa, watching us closely and nervously unzipping his trousers to reveal his prick. Not as long as the first two but damn was it thick with a bulbous head.Erica was still amazingly horny after cumming twice and pressed her butt cheeks against him while her hands wandered towards my crotch, unzipped my fly, pulled out my cock and started sucking on it hungrily. Enjoying a blowjob from my horny wife with an audience was a lot to take in, but her lips wrapped around me and from the moans that vibrated along my shaft the final teen had decided to enter my wife’s wet pussy.He jerked back and forth as my wife gave this huge smile while flicking her tongue around the head of my cock before whispering “He’s in the wrong hole”. I sniggered and watched her face light up in ecstasy as he fucked her in the arse with such vigour. Her cheeks were being pounded hard mixed with her own lubrication, cum and saliva as the slapping sounds got louder.Groans were filling the air while the look of joy on each of the posse’s faces was a picture in itself. Within minutes he came so hard and filled her with his hot and sticky mess while I listened to her groan in pleasure, all with a mouth full of my cock. Breathing heavily he eventually slowed and stopped while continuing to blow his load across her ass and back. He packed himself away and returned to the group.”Jesus fuck! that was so nice” she uttered with a huge smile and stood up, straddled me and let her cum soaked pussy slide against my cock and engulf it as she rode me with new vigour. We wrapped outselves in one another and passionately kissed as her boobs pressed against my chest. We didn’t even notice that he lads had crept closer to watch us with cocks in hand.Turkish teen had somehow snuck behind my wife and with his new energy bend low and slid his cock between her ass cheeks, I could feel it rubbing against my own cock as it found it’s way into her arse and slid deep inside while her pussy fucked me. It felt so tight and slippery, she continued kissing and groaning into my mouth as brave guy stood beside her, took her hand and placed it onto his own cock.He smiled happily as she pumped his cock back and forth between her fingers, jerking him off lubricated with his cum, while anal guy stood happily at the other side watching. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the cock she never had and stopped kissing me to lean over and taste oral guy hungrily, sucking on it hard and moaning in pleasure as all her holes were filled and she was surrounded by testosterone.We all moaned as this now gangbang of action was surprisingly happening, two cocks slapping deep inside her, one in hand and the other being eaten hungrily as she finally shook so hard with excitement that she came, squirting onto my crotch, causing her muscles to contract tight and grasp my cock and her anal partners cock so hard, causing us to blow our loads inside her. Her hand grasped tight while wanking off brave guys dick that he blew his load towards us but mostly over her side and back.The cock she was sucking was being vibrated from all of the moans and groans emanating from my her mouth and oral dude eventually he succumbed came on her face. Everyone moaning and gasping for air which was hot and sticky and filled with ambient music. Everyone used the vip facilities to clean ourselves off and sat back down to relax with more drinks.Erica looked happy, the posse was ecstatic, and I was smiling from ear to ear considering what had just happened. Suddenly a knock and the bouncer appeared and nodded for last orders, so we all readied ourselves to leave. Before leaving my wife kissed each of them passionately on the lips, thanked them all for a wonderful evening and gave them a cursory caress on the crotch as if to thank their cocks also.We enjoyed the fresh air and staggered not so much from the drinks but from our shakey legs after all the excitement, but finally we caught a cab and headed home to bed, holding each other close and planting gentle kisses on each other as my wife felt something pressing between her legs. “Sleep” she whispered, but eventually reached down and grasped my cock and grinned her evil grin.

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