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incels no moreI had been playing some online games with a few guys for a few weeks when we discussed having us meet up and play together. A couple of the guys mentioned that their parents would not allow it and that was when I realized that most of these guys were young. I told them they were all welcome at my house. As the new guy in the group, I felt I needed to contribute. We set up a time for Saturday and I gave them my address. When they arrived, I realized that they were all either in high school or barely out of high school. I am in my fifties so was somewhat surprised.My wife thought it was funny that I had my little friends coming over. She put out some snacks and drinks for everyone and we started to play. One of the guys commented that he did not realize I was so much older than them and they all laughed. Another one commented that he did not know I had such a hot wife, they all laughed again. I asked if any of them had girlfriends and they all admitted they did not. That was when I realized they were all incels. I told them that it is hard to connect with women but really worth the effort. One of them said that his dick probably would not even know how to respond to anything other than his hand. We laughed and joked around. I got up to go to the bathroom and went to the bedroom. My wife was laying on the bed reading a magazine. I told her that the boys were all horny and probably virgins. I suggested that she tease them a little. She asked how far she should take it and I told her it was up to her. We are swingers so she likes attention and can sometimes get wild. I went back to the game. After about 5 minutes, she came out in short shorts and a tight top with no bra on. We could balıkesir escort see her nipples standing up under her shirt and a lot of cleavage.Each of the boys stared at her as she walked into the room. She said hi and asked if anyone wanted anything. They all just stammered and said they were fine. She came over and sat next to me for a minute and then got up and left. The boys were all very nervous about this. I asked if she had made them uncomfortable and they all quickly said no, they thought she was great. One of them said she was hot and it would be great if she hung out with us more. I told them that she typically wears less clothes as the evening progresses. That got them even more excited.A little while later, she came back out, this time wearing a push up bra and panties with a see though nightie on over it. She looked very hot. All of the guys could not stop staring at her. I paused the game because the boys could not even look at it. She came into the room and sat between 2 of the boys on the couch. I said, “honey, you look very hot but I am afraid you are distracting these boys and it really isn’t fair for you to get them all worked up and send them home.” She said, “what makes you think I am going to send them home worked up? If you get to play with the boys, I think I should get to also.” Their eyes got big and they looked back and forth from me to her.I smiled at the boys and said, “guys, my wife is kind of a slut and sometimes pushes things too far. She thinks that she can satisfy all of your sexual needs but I am not sure if she can. If you want to give it a try, I suggest you use her until you are completely satisfied or she begs you to stop.” They just sat escort balıkesir there in shock. She reached over to both of the boys sitting next to her and grabbed their hard cocks through their pants. She began to rub them up and down as they just sat there in shock.She told the boys to take off their pants so she could see there cocks. As they pulled their pants off, she pulled off the nightie and her bra. The first boy to get his pants off, she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. He grunted and shot his cum in her mouth as soon as she had him in her mouth. She swallowed it and sucked him clean. She then moved to the other boy who blew his load just as fast. She then said for everyone to get naked. She moved over to the third boy and took him in her mouth. He lasted about 30 seconds until she was drinking his cum.She looked around the room and told the boys that they needed to start satisfying her. They jumped up and began playing with her tits. One of them was sucking on each tit. The other boy reach down to her panties. She helped him pull them off. She moved over and laid on the couch. The boy who helped with the panties got between her legs and began eating her pussy. With boy on each tit and one eating her pussy, she was in heaven. After a few minutes, she started having an orgasm. She screamed and clamped her legs on his head as she shook through her orgasm.After she came down, she said she needed to get fucked. The boy who was eating her pussy stood up and rammed his hard cock in her pussy. He obviously did not know what he was doing and was overwhelmed by experiencing his first fuck. He had just cum a few minutes earlier, but with this experience, he only lasted a balıkesir escort bayan minute or 2 until he began to grunt. My wife egged him on and told him to shoot his cum in her pussy and she wanted to feel him cum insider her. He erupted immediately and fucked and shot his cum until he went soft. He started to apologize but she cut him off and told him it felt great.She looked to the other 2 boys and asked who wanted to go next. The next boy jumped in place and rammed his cock in her and began fucking hard. He lasted only a few thrusts until he was cumming also. As soon as he moved out of the way, the other boy jumped in without asking or saying a word. He blew his load equally fast. After they were all done cumming in her pussy, she had them sit on the couch so she could lick them clean. Of course, this got them hard again so they each mounted her for another fuck. This time, she had them play with her tits while they fucked her. Since they had each already cum twice in about 30 minutes, they lasted longer.After they had each dumped another load of cum in her, she had a big smile on her face. She asked me to fuck her to show the boys how a man can last. I was rock hard and ready to go. I had her get on her hands and knees and got behind her. I told the boys to come over and let her suck their dicks while I fucked her. She sucked on each of them, getting all of her juices and their cum off of their cocks. One of the boys even shot another load of cum down her throat. After fucking her for 10 minutes, I added my load of cum to theirs in her well fucked pussy.She laid on the ground with a big smile and thanked the boys for satisfying her needs. They thanked her and told her how hot she was and that this was the best experience of their life. They all had big smiles as they got ready to leave. One of them asked if they could come back next week. My wife cut in and said only if we can fuck before and after we play our games. They all loved that plan.

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