In the family…


In the family…My girlfriend Louise and I have a great sex life. We’re both eighteen and go to the same school and before we started going out I didn’t think I stood a chance with her because she is so attractive. One day we got talking and it went on from there. On our first date I walked her home and she took me down an alley near where she lived. She let me touch her breasts and then she lifted her jumper up and unfastened her bra. I have always loved big boobs and when she encouraged me to feel her bare tits, much to my embarrassment, I came in my pants. She didn’t mind, in fact she said it was flattering. The next time we went out she took me down the same alley and let me fuck her standing up. This time, I’m glad to say, I lasted longer and Louise said she’d cum too.We’d been going out together for about three weeks when she invited me for dinner at her house. She said there’d just be us and her mother Bella, who was divorced from her father. When I arrived Louise met me at the door. Taking me into the living room, she introduced me to her mother, who was a sort of older version of her daughter: attractive and well-built but taller and brunette where Louise was blonde. She was wearing a low-cut blouse which revealed that her breasts were even larger than Louise’s and she gave me a hug, which started an erection stirring in my jeans.Bella made me feel at home straight away and during dinner we all talked non-stop. The food was delicious and she kept pouring wine. She opened at least three bottles so by the end of the meal I was feeling pleasantly tipsy. Afterwards Louise and I sat on the sofa and Bella put on a video.”You’ll like this David,” Louise said as her mother came to sit down on the other side of me, “it’s got big girls in it.”The film was called ‘Super Vixens’ and featured several stunningly-built girls having sex with a succession of men and even with each other. Watching with amazement, I couldn’t help but be aroused and I had to put my hands in my lap to hide my excitement.After it had finished, Bella got up and turned the television off. “I’m going to leave you two lovebirds alone now and go to bed,” she said. “Help yourself to anything you want David.””I’ll make sure he does Mummy,” Louise said, giggling.”You loved that, didn’t you?” Louise asked when we were alone. Pulling my hands away from my crotch she replaced them with her own and started massaging the swollen bulge.”Real ones are better though, aren’t they?” she said, undoing the buttons on the front of her blouse. Taking it off, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra then lowered it down ödemiş escort her arms and dropped in on the floor. I feasted my eyes on her naked breasts. Full and firm, they jutted out magnificently, tipped by large pink nipples.”This is so much nicer than doing it in the alley,” she said, lying back against the sofa. “Go on, play with my tits David.”For the next ten minutes I was in seventh heaven as, with Louise’s encouragement, I stroked, squeezed and kissed her beautiful breasts and on her instruction, sucked her rosy nipples until the teats stood out like pencil-rubbers.Pushing me away gently she stood up, unzipped her skirt and removed it and pushed down her panties then sat back down on the sofa naked apart from stockings and suspenders, opening her legs wide.”Get down there and suck my pussy,” she commanded.Doing as I was told I knelt between her thighs and lowered my face to her crotch, her thick blonde bush tickling my nose. She parted the lips of her cunt with her fingers, exposing her clitoris and although it was the first time I’d ever sucked a pussy, I knew that was what got girls excited so I applied my tongue to it. In no time she was moaning and writhing around on the sofa, gripping me between her legs and putting her hand on top of my head to guide me.”Oh yes David!” she gasped, “Lick me just there. Harder!”Suddenly I felt Louise tense and heard her stifle a scream at the same time as a gush of warm salty fluid filled my open mouth.”That was a gorgeous cum,” she said as she relaxed, a broad smile on her face.Standing up, I started to unfasten my jeans but got no further than the top button.”What are you doing?” she asked.”Well, I thought after you’d… then we’d…” I said uncertainly.”You mean you want to fuck me?” she said raising her eyebrows. I nodded eagerly.”You can but you have to do something else first,” she said. At my look of puzzlement her smile became even wider. “First you have to fuck my mother.”She giggled as my face betrayed my utter astonishment.”Yes darling, that’s right. Mummy knows all about what we do together. I told her how sexy you are and how much you like big boobs. Do you think she’s sexy too?” I nodded. “I knew you would, so we arranged tonight so she could meet you and then if you fancied her… you do, don’t you David?”I didn’t know what to say. Of course I fancied Bella but the idea of having sex with her mother and Louise knowing was bizarre. But the more I thought about it the more exciting it seemed, the bulge in my pants being ample evidence of my opinion.”I knew you would,” she said, reaching out to tug down the zip of my ödemiş escort bayan jeans. They fell around my ankles and Louise stood up and pulled off my tee-shirt.”If I hadn’t promised Mummy she could have you first I’d let you fuck me now,” she said, patting the tent in the front of my underpants, “but she’s upstairs waiting.”Holding my hand she took me upstairs and opened a door. Bella was lying on top of the bed wearing a set of red underwear consisting of a bra and corset with black stockings and smiling at us expectantly. Louise closed the door behind us and led me up to the bed.”Look what I’ve got for you Mummy,” she said, “I told you he’d love it, he’s such a randy boy.””He’s a big boy too,” Bella said, eyeing my bulging underpants. “Have you told him all about us?””No, I thought I’d let you,” Louise replied.”Get on the bed first,” Bella instructed. I got on beside her with Louise on the other side then Bella told me how, after her divorce from Louise’s father two years earlier, she’d been out with several men and one night she’d brought one back and was having sex with him on the living-room floor when Louise walked in. The man had been so embarrassed he’d immediately got up, dressed and fled, leaving Bella naked and unsatisfied. Instead of being shocked, Louise had knelt down beside her mother and started playing with her pussy, bringing her to a shattering orgasm. Then Bella stripped her daughter and fingered her to a climax. Since then they’d had sex regularly, the wickedness of what they were doing only adding to their excitement.When Louise told her mother about me Bella asked if they could share. Her daughter thought it was a great idea and together they’d planned how to introduce me to their sex games. I listened mesmerised as Bella told the story.”This sexy little minx told me how much you like her big busoms,” Bella said leaning over me, her bust almost touching my face. “Do you want see mine bare?”Not trusting myself to speak, I nodded and watched as she sat up and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. Letting it fall down her arms she threw it away from the bed, her magnificent breasts swaying with the action and then coming to rest above my face.They were bigger than Louise’s with huge dark brown nipples that were already engorged. She lowered one enormous teat to touch my lips.”Go on, suck my titty,” she invited.Needing no more urging, I opened my mouth and took as much of it in as I could. Closing my eyes, I flicked my tongue over the stiff tip and was rewarded by hearing Bella groan.”Ooh, I love having my tits sucked,” she said, “you were so escort ödemiş right, Louise, he’s such a good titty licker.”Taking the breast out of my mouth she brought the other one to my eager lips. Opening my eyes, I saw Louise kneel up beside us. Crawling down to the end of the bed behind her mother who was straddling my body, my girlfriend pulled down my underpants, leaving my cock sticking up between Bella’s thighs.”Go on Mummy, fuck him,” she urged and as Bella lowered herself, Louise took hold of me and guided me into her mother’s pussy. She started to slide up and down on my prick, her tits dancing deliciously in front of my face.”Oh David, that’s lovely. You’re cock is so hard. It’s filling my cunt up!” As she squirmed on top of me I could see Louise peering between the arch of her mother’s legs.”Do you know what my naughty daughter’s doing?” Bella asked breathlessly, and then without waiting for a reply, “She’s tickling my bottom! And now she’s sticking her finger up my bum!”The added stimulation made her gyrations even wilder and soon she was moaning in the throws of her climax, thrusting up and down rapidly. The wine I’d had during dinner helped me to last otherwise I would have cum there and then.”Yesss!” Bella shouted, “ooooh, yes!” Slowing down her movements gradually, she finally lifted herself off me and collapsed by my side. “That was wonderful David,” she breathed.”Now it’s my turn,” Louise said, taking her mother’s place, a wicked grin on her face. Knowing how excited I’d been by her mother, Louise took it very slowly at first.Lying beside us, Bella fingered herself while she watched us fuck then knelt up and started playing with Louise’s tits, pinching her rosy pink nipples while they kissed open-mouthed, their tongues entwining.The sight of the two women, mother and daughter, together was too much for me and without warning I suddenly came inside Louise with an ecstatic groan.”He just came right up me Mummy!” Louise exclaimed, breaking off her kiss.”How did it feel darling?” Bella asked.”Fantastic!” My girlfriend replied, continuing to move slowly up and down, milking me of every last drop of spunk. When she lifted herself off the women bent to examine my cock which was still rock hard, the head gistening with a mixture of my cum and their pussy-juice.”That’s why I love young boys,” Bella giggled to her daughter, “They can’t get enough!”Looking down at me she said, “Would you like to spend the night with us David?”The eager expression on my face was enough of an answer so Bella went to phone my parents to ask if it was ok. When she came back, bringing two more bottles of wine with her, she said my mum had told it was fine as long as Bella was there ‘because you never know what they’ll get up to on their own’.”Little does she know,” Bella said as the three of collapsed in laughter on the bed.

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