I’m Not Your Wife, I’m Your Daughter pts 3 , 4 (revised)

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Beautiful Brunette

Part 3

I had been in the shower for about 20 or 30 minutes when I felt the temperature start to cool slightly. I’d no more finished thinking I’d used up all the hot water when your voice and fingers simultaneously startle me, making me jump and gasp loudly. “I don’t think it’s healthy for the baby to be in that hot of a shower for that long.” Your fingers slither down my sides from behind me and come around to my belly. You lean down to kiss the back of my neck and your thumb traces my belly button before pressing into it gently, and your growing cock starts poking my back.

Then without warning you step away from me and push a few buttons on the control panel, shutting off the shower heads. The steam lingers, basically turning the room into a sauna. You turn me around to sit on the tiled bench that lines two of the walls, scooting my butt to the edge, and kneel on the floor between my legs. Behind my head is a square shelf built into the wall that creates a ledge that I am most thankful for in this moment. Because I can lay my head all the way back, effectively allowing myself to not look at you.

Without hesitation, you begin running your tongue up and down the folds of my labia, all the way from my clit, and for the first time, down to my asshole. And once you get down there, you all but abandon licking my pussy. “Do you like this baby?”

The question leaves me completely stunned and rage starts to build inside me. All I want to do is scream “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? NO!! I HATE EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING YOU DO TO ME!!!” But the more rational side of me wins over, so I take a deep breath and as politely as I can I respond, “no, not really.” I don’t know how convincing I was, but you stop all the same, moving back to tongue fuck my belly button, as if fucking your pregnant daughter isn’t bad enough. Now we have a belly button fetish on top of it??

I push the thought from my mind as I continue to obediently let you use my body, and try to focus on something else. My mind goes to the barn, and I begin to wonder if it’s fit for any stables. I start thinking of ways to eventually convince you to buy me a horse. I let myself fantasize about actually riding away on one someday. Then I do something I haven’t done in months. I smile. Not big, mind you. I am still astutely aware of your tongue deep in my belly button, and allowing you to think that you caused me to smile is a risk I refuse to take.

But just as quickly as I got carried away with my fantasies, I was ripped back to reality when something penetrated my asshole, followed immediately by a powerful stream of lukewarm water shooting into me. I gasped, lifting my head and looking down my body. I know you sense my eyes on you and my borderline panic as I spot the waterline extending from the wall and disappearing behind my leg. I watch as my belly starts to swell before my very eyes, getting bigger and bigger, and causing discomfort.

You’ve retreated from my belly button and sit slightly back as the swelling continues. You notice the winces on my face at the discomfort. “Please…. whatever you’re doing…. please stop” I’m squirming more and more. “Here, leave your legs up here, it’ll help.” You drape my knees over your shoulders, which admittedly does help some, but I’m still wildly uncomfortable, feeling like I’m going to experience explosive diarrhea at any moment. “Relax baby. Just breathe, you’re about done.” I lay my head back for the last bit and finally, you slowly retract the valve from my ass and close it.

I slowly raise my head again and my eyes fall on my huge belly. You filled me up so much I look 9 months pregnant and you’re practically salivating. “Hold it for a bit longer baby.” You move out from underneath my legs and hold them on your hips as you line up your hard cock with my pussy.

As you slowly penetrate me, you’re caressing my huge belly, sending a shiver down your spine. “Oh my god I can’t wait” you whisper more to yourself than me. After a few more shallow and slow thrusts I finally crack. “Daddy I can’t hold it any longer!” I felt your cock twitch before you slid out of me and gently placed my feet on the floor before standing and turning toward the control panel. You turn one of the shower heads back on and the warm water cascades over my body. You face me again, seeing the agonizing look on my face, realizing I’m waiting for you to leave. “Oh, don’t wait for me baby. We have no secrets between us.”

I’ve reached my absolute limit and as much as it embarrasses me, I relax my sphincter, releasing the immense pressure on my stomach. The water jets from my hole for a solid 30 seconds, bringing with it the contents of my guts. I am beyond mortified. After about a minute, the shower shuts off and you’re once again kneeling in front of me, nozzle in your hand. I reluctantly lean back to my previous position, draping my legs over your shoulders. The metal nozzle slides back into my tight hole. “The first time was just 2 quarts, this time you’ll take 3.” I groan, “There’s no way…”

I lay my head back when I feel the water jetting into me. I’m surprised to find that the discomfort wasn’t immediate like it was last time and even more surprised when you announced the first quart and I didn’t feel much of anything. However that feeling was short lived and by the time you announced the second quart, I was squirming significantly more. But about halfway thru the third, I was at my limit. The pressure was so immense, I couldn’t find my voice, I just started shaking my head aggressively.

But you continue filling me for a few more seconds before announcing the final quart and then removing the nozzle. I once again look down at my swollen belly, astonished that it was possible to even get that big, and beg you to let me release it. This time you allow it right away and as soon as my feet hit the floor, my asshole released the torrent of water I was holding. I didn’t even wait for you to turn on the shower.

Roughly 45 seconds later, the stream slowed to a stop and I was finally empty again. I let the shower water run over my body for a few seconds before standing. “I think I’m done with the shower for the day.”

“Let’s try the last one on your hands and knees instead.” I turn to face you. Your blatant lack of acknowledgement that I even spoke was written all over your face. “Oh, you must not have heard me. I’m finished showering and will be getting out now.” I turn back toward the door.

Your tone turns cold and rigid. “I heard you just fine. And you have not been given permission to leave.” Your words pierce me like icicles. I slowly turn back around and sit back down on the bench. “Hands and knees, face away from me.” I submit to your instructions, and you waste no time plunging the nozzle back inside me, immediately releasing the water flow. “This time we are doing 4 quarts.” I simply scoff to myself and shake my head. A whole fucking gallon? He’s an idiot if he thinks I’ll be able to hold that…..

You don’t announce the quarts this time as they fill me up, but around what I’m assuming is the 3rd again, I begin to get uncomfortable. I feel my belly hanging below me getting bigger and heavier. Eventually it pulls my back into an arch and I audibly express my discomfort. I feel like it’s taking forever to fill me this time and the added weight on my spine is growing increasingly painful. “It’s too heavy! I feel like I’m going to snap in half! How is it not finished yet??”

“Oh, we passed 4 quarts a while ago sweetie. You didn’t seem phased by it at all so I kept going. You didn’t start squirming until about the 5th and now you’re sitting at 6.” You plucked the nozzle from my ass and told me you’re going to sit me on the bench and to please hold it as long as I possibly can. I was sure I was going to explode the moment I moved, but I said I’d try.

Once you got me into position, you looked at my massive tummy in awe, running your fingers over my stretched skin, and plunging your tongue in my not-so-deep-anymore belly button like it contained a life saving antidote. But the pressure of everything was too much, and all I got out was “MOVE!” before my asshole gave way, shooting a geyser directly at your abdomen. “Fuckkkkk!!! Fuck. Oh my god. I’m so fucking sorry!!!” The stream continued the whole time I was apologizing, unable to stop it. But to my shock, you didn’t seem the least bit phased.

In fact, you stopped tongue-fucking my belly button but stayed put and applied gentle pressure on my deflating belly until all of the water was out. Once I was empty, I managed to choke out another string of apologies as you got up and turned on the shower. “Baby. First of all, I knew you were clean and figured that would happen, which is why I didn’t move. Second, we’re already in the shower. So who cares. Now come give yourself a final rinse, we’re done in here.”

I rinse quickly and try to rush out of the shower before you change your mind, but before I can close the door, “Since you’re finished, you can go wait in our bed.” Our bed. Gross. That word makes me feel nauseous again. But reluctantly, I towel dry my body, brush my hair, and climb into bed to slather my raisin looking body with tons of lotion. It was about ten minutes before you walked out of the bathroom, still naked, your thick cock swinging between your legs and your towel draped over your arm.

I notice a syringe in your hand and my eyes get wide. You let out a light chuckle, “don’t worry baby girl, this is harmless. See? No, needle.” You hold it up to show me. “Rinsing ones colon like we did can disrupt the gut bacteria, so we’re going to ensure you stay healthy.” You hold up your other hand quickly waving a bottle of thick, clear liquid. “Up on all fours m’lady.” I turn before you can see me rolling my eyes and point my ass toward you.

You get behind me and lubricate my asshole with your tongue before pumping 4 syringe loads worth of whatever this goo is into my colon. And then, unbeknownst to me, you grab a second syringe that you had hidden underneath your towel. This one does have a needle, and as you’re emptying the 4th load of this goo into my rectum, the needle plunges into my butt cheek, causing me to jump. “What the fu…….” my voice trails off, and you grab me before I completely collapse.

You lay my paralyzed body flat on my stomach, clear all the stuff from the bed and then climb back on and straddle my small hips. “I’m sorry baby girl. I have a small confession to make. The only thing I pumped into your ass was plain old lube. See, with my baby growing in your womb, I figured it was best to not penetrate your cervix again until after you give birth. But I miss the feeling of burying all ten inches inside you, which is why I’m going to use your ass to solve that problem.”

If I had any control over my body I’d be screaming bloody murder right now. “And believe me, the size of my cock compared to your tiny body is not lost on me. Which is why it was necessary to subdue you, because I knew you’d never take it without a fight. It’s likely going to hurt, but I will go slow and do my best to minimize the pain as much as possible, ok baby girl?” The sheets below my face are soaked with the tears flowing freely from my eyes.

You climb off me briefly in order to place a wedge pillow underneath my hips giving you better access to my tight pink hole. You then waste no time, inserting a lubed finger entirely inside me. I’m a little surprised to find it doesn’t hurt or even feel uncomfortable really, and your next statement explaining why. “The lube I used does supposedly have some numbing properties, so just one finger probably doesn’t feel like much.” You then add a second finger. You considered a third, but decided against it, not wanting to loosen me up too much for our first time.

When you’re done with your fingers, you slather your cock in lots of lube and hover over my small, limp body. You line up the head, and slowly begin to push in. Searing pain rips thru my body and I feel as though I might pass out. The very tip of your cock head is easily twice as wide as two of your fingers and my hole simply was not prepared for this pole that’s emek escort about to impale me. I feel sweat beads forming on my back and my heart is about to pound thru my sternum as my stretched out sphincter closes over the entirety of your fat mushroom head. The wet spot from my tears has tripled in size.

“Oh god baby….oh fuck you’re tight….” You carelessly squirt another generous amount of lube all around my ass and your cock and sit back for a minute, allowing me to get used to the girth that’s currently resting inside me. You massage my ass cheeks a little bit while you wait.

“I’m going to push in a little deeper ok baby?” The pain never went away from your cock head, and now it’s only intensifying. I’ve had your cock inside me enough times to know that your head, while thick, pales in comparison to the middle of your shaft, which is almost the size of a soda can. So as you plunge further into the depths of my bowels, I am stretched more and more. You get a couple inches past the head, stop to add more lube, and then lower your upper body on top of mine, bringing your hands underneath me to hook onto my shoulders. “The worst is almost over baby girl. You’re being such a good girl for your daddy….” You push more and pause again just before the widest point. After readjusting your grip, you take a deep breath, whisper “I love you baby girl” into my ear, and plunge the remainder of your cock inside my ass with one swift push.


I come to, and immediately the burning pain washes over me again. I must not have been out long because you’re still buried to the hilt inside me, arms around my chest. Though I can still feel the pain, and every inch of you inside me, my mind feels separate from my body. Like I’m watching this happen to someone else. After a few more moments, you prop yourself up on one elbow, rest your forehead on the side of mine and balance yourself with your other hand flat on the bed next to my shoulder. Next your hips begin to pull away from me.

The pain surges through me again as you get closer to the middle of your shaft. But before you cross it, you slide back inside me to the hilt. “Ohhh my god……baby girl…..you have no idea how much daddy needed this. I can’t explain it, there’s just something about my entire cock being buried inside you.” You kiss the side of my face a couple of times before sitting up and pushing apart my cheeks, getting a full, up close view of the base of your cock resting against the second of my holes you now own.

Adjusting yourself a final time, you grab my hips and start a slow outward stroke, this time pulling all the way out to the head, before thrusting back in to the hilt. You repeat this process over and over again, moaning and gasping at each inch that is stretching me open. After several minutes of these slow strokes, you dig your nails into my hips and thrust forward while forcefully pulling my ass back into your groin. Next thing I know you’re pulling your cock entirely out of me and I’m being rolled over. You reach above my head and open a hidden compartment on the bed frame pulling out 2 long straps, each with a cuff attached to the end. After attaching a cuff to each leg just above my knees, you tighten the slack, resulting in my legs being spread and pulled up. Granting you full access to my holes.

Within seconds of securing my legs you were plunging back inside me to the hilt. Your cock is so long, that it bulges in my stomach above the subtle swell of your baby growing inside me, and you watch the bump move with the strokes of your cock. When you’ve had enough of that, you lower your body onto mine, placing your forearms on either side of my head, and start a moderate but steady pace of thrusting in and out of me. Your lips are planting gentle kisses on my neck, up to my ear, across my jawline, and finally my lips. Your tongue easily works its way in my mouth, attempting to dance with mine and it dawns on me. You think you’re making love to me. And my disgust for you grows even deeper.

This attempt at passionate love making carries on for about another half hour, longer than any other time you’ve raped me. I’m starting to think that maybe there were numbing properties in this lube you pumped into my ass.

“I swear I could stay inside you forever baby…I just wish I could hear you call me ‘daddy’ again. Ugh….oh my god. I know I’ve been referring to myself that way, but when you said it earlier… oof. I almost came right there. That’s what you will call me from now on, ok baby?”

I make a mental note to do my absolute best to not EVER call you daddy again, (to be honest, I’m not even sure why or how it happened in the first place). But as I’m feeling your cock pulsing thru 10 inches if my colon, pumping a fresh load of cum in me, simply from just thinking about me calling you daddy, I quickly reconsider.

As you push out the last few drops you relax your body on top of me, nuzzling your face to my neck and leaving your cock buried deep. Several minutes pass and I begin to wonder if you fucking fell asleep on AND IN me, because even with your cock deflated, it’s still fat and long enough to stay in place. But eventually you start to stir a bit and you sit back up on your forearms, kissing me again. And then I feel it…. a hot powerful stream flooding my intestines.

You’re pissing in me!! You let out a sigh of relief, clearly unaware of the fact that I would literally murder you right now if I could move, and you drain your bladder entirely. “Sorry baby girl, I really had to go, but I just can’t bring myself to pull out of you yet.” You resume kissing me, and almost immediately, I start to feel your cock growing inside me again, and within a few seconds, your hips start thrusting. Starting with short pumps, you quickly work your way up, and finally you sit up and grab my thighs as you ram your full length in and out of me as hard and fast as you can.

There is an almost animalistic look in your eye, something primal. Like savagely raping my ass is the ultimate show of dominance, and you want everyone to know that these holes are owned, and they’re owned by you. And being on the receiving end of this assault, your eyes only say one thing: You Are Mine.

This assault on my guts is much shorter, only lasting about 5 minutes before you’re flooding me with a second load of cum. You fall forward again, bracing yourself on your fists next to my waist, trying desperately to catch your breath so you can speak. After a minute or two, you finally do. “God dammit. I’m so lucky to have you. I’m so lucky you are mine.” You lower your face over mine again and hold my cheek in your palm, “Baby girl… your purpose will always be to serve your daddy. And your daddy will always take care of you in return.” You kiss me trying to be passionate again. “I love you baby girl.”

You slowly climb off me, finally removing your cock from my battered asshole and the sense of relief is nearly orgasmic. Then you loosen the straps, followed by the removal of the cuffs and gently lay my legs flat. “Get some rest sweetheart. I used a pretty small dose, but you probably still have about another half hour or so before this wears off enough for you to get up. I’m going to go get started on lunch, I imagine you’re starving.” You kiss my forehead and leave the room.

Tears start falling down my face again, but this time they are more out of anger than anything. I can’t understand why this is happening to me. And the fact that he is so fucking selfish that he refuses to believe he’s hurting me just makes everything so much worse. I never knew I was capable of feeling this much hate for anyone, let alone my own father, the man who raised me. A man whom I once loved… I won’t survive if I stay in this hell much longer.

I have to escape.


Part 4

I ran through every scenario in my mind until I was finally able to get out of bed. I knew he was watching me, so I couldn’t linger long and my thoughts still raced. I paused my train of thought for a split second as I made a bee line for the toilet. And as your piss and cum flowed out of my asshole, a new wave of motivation fueled by anger washed over me. I had to remain conscious of my outward expressions, though, as I threw on a robe and looked myself over in the mirror. Dehydration and hunger were beginning to show on my face, and I looked terrible. But the thought of food wasn’t even remotely appealing, despite the fact that I knew I needed some strength if I ever hoped to be free. So, with a deep breath, I made my way out of the room and walked toward the kitchen.

“There’s my beautiful girl!” You walk over, place a hand on my tummy and kiss the side of my head. I am still so torn on whether I should start to play along to gain your trust or remain strong and stubborn and let you know you’ll never own me. The thoughts are crashing in my mind like rogue waves against one another. What do I do? What the fucking fuck do I do??? Will he believe me if I try to gain his trust? Will he bend me even farther to try to break me if I rebel? I need to make a decision and soon because –

“Amelia!” Your snap pierces my consciousness and I blink as your fingers in front of my face come into focus. You had basically been talking to me the whole time I was zoned out and I didn’t hear a word of it. And it didn’t take you long to notice either, considering that after you stepped away from me after kissing my head, I remained standing there like a statue.

I turn my head and look up at you, “What? I’m sorry. I’m….I’m still a little cloudy.” I was intentionally staying as monotone as possible, hoping it would buy me some time and allow me to think without arousing too much suspicion.

“I asked you if you wanted a salad with your lunch.”

I turn and look straight ahead and make my way to one of the bar stools at the island. “Amelia. I asked you a question. Please do not make me repeat it a third time.” Your voice was teetering on the edge of sharp.

I close my eyes and slightly furrow my brow as if processing your question, “Uhm…yeah. Salad. Yeah.” I open my eyes again to look at you, “Sure. May I please have some water?”

“Of course baby girl.” As you retrieve a glass of water for me and finish preparing the salads, I quickly analyze everything that’s happened since I walked into the kitchen. And based on your tone when asking me about fucking salad, knowing I am “cloudy” – that tells me I should err on the side of caution and begin to play along.

My mind settles on this decision just as you place my bowl in front of me. It’s my favorite. Fresh greens, feta cheese, and dried cranberries with just the right amount of sweet, poppy seed dressing. “Thank you.”

You clear your throat and I look up to see a look of ‘aren’t you forgetting something?’ saturating your face.

I internally swear at you calling you every foul name in the book, but all you see is me feigning realization of my “mistake.”

“Thank you, daddy.” Fuck that was hard to choke out.

“That’s better.” You sit down and I pick up my fork to begin eating. I take a small bite, and the familiar taste fills me with warmth and makes me want to cry, but I manage to maintain a neutral demeanor.

“So what’s for lunch anyway? It smells good.”

You look at me suspiciously. “You sure this is just a bit of ‘feeling cloudy’ baby?” You lean over and feel my forehead like you’re checking for a fever. “I just told you what’s for lunch a couple minutes ago. This doesn’t normally happen…”

What happens next still shocks me to this day.

I am looking down at my salad, “How would you know?” I prepare a bite on my fork and then raise my eyes to yours, staring you down intently, and in the coldest, most matter-of-fact tone, follow up with “You’ve only ever drugged me and raped me at night, so I’ve always slept afterward.” Then maintaining eye contact, I take the bite off my fork.

Your eyes stay locked with mine with an extreme intensity. Something is happening behind your eyes and I know I’ve crossed a line. I should be terrified, but somehow this only emboldens eryaman escort me further.

“Do you know how much pain you’ve caused me? How many wounds you’ve inflicted on me that will never heal?” You looked away from me but I kept my eyes locked on you. “You drugged me. You raped me. Treated me like a fucking urinal. You impregnated me. And instead of doing the right thing, you made me your prisoner. Erasing me from society. Forcing me to carry your disgusting burden. Because you’re a liar. And you’re selfish. And yet you’re still stupid enough to think you can manipulate me into loving you. And you know what? I did used to love you. But now your very existence makes me sic-“

“ENOUGH!!” Your fist slams on the table in sync with your outburst, making me jump. I snap back to the present moment, panic setting in. What have I just done?? Fuck!! My heart is pounding and my breathing is staggered and I can’t bring myself to look at you again. Where did that just come from?? That was not the fucking plan!! God fucking damnit!!

I sit still, my fork hovering over my salad bowl, unable to bring myself to eat another bite, and after a couple minutes, you clear my dishes without a word.

I can barely breathe. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The panic is starting to wash over me when a plate of food is placed where the salad bowl once was. And I’m once again aware of your presence joining me at the island.

“You know, it’s been way too long since we’ve had chicken parm? So I figured that would be a great first “official” meal in our new home. Now I’m definitely not as talented as you in the kitchen, but it’s still pretty good, if I do say so myself.”

My ‘play along’ instinct jumps back in the driver’s seat. “I- mhm- daddy may I please have a knife to cut my chicken?” the fear is heavy in my voice.

“Oh, ha ha, I apologize baby. Let me get that for you..” You pull my plate toward you and begin cutting my chicken breast into bite size pieces like I’m a child before sliding it back toward me.

I manage to choke out a meek “thank you daddy” before forcing a few small bites down my throat.

“How is it baby? I know, I know, it’s not nearly as good as yours. But..” You trail off, looking at me.

“No, um.. it’s actually really good. Maybe a touch more garlic? But otherwise it’s great.” That seemed like an acceptable lie, but truthfully, I basically lost my entire ability to taste in that moment.

I pushed my food around my plate for the remainder of the meal, trying my hardest to engage in your small talk, forcing a few small bites in my mouth here and there.

Not wanting the conversation to seem one sided, I brought the idea I thought you mentioned up about a weight room in the basement. An odd sense of satisfaction came over you, as you asked me about some of my ideas for it.

“Are you finished?” you point at my barely touched food. “C’mon, let’s go downstairs. You can kinda show me what you’re thinking for the room, yeah?”

“Yeah…yes, I’m full.” And with that you clear our place settings. You mention you have to use the restroom really quick, so I wait for you to return to lead me down the stairs.

I follow behind you, very calmly, not knowing what to expect while down here, but knowing it has nothing to do with our potential exercise room. However, in an attempt to keep up the ruse, I take the lead you give me and walk into the empty side room, my silk robe flowing in my wake.

I walk in, flip on the light expecting an empty room, and for a brief moment I see what looks like medical equipment before everything fades to black.


When I come to, I once again find myself naked and bound by restraints. I’m flat on my back, my arms are secured by my sides by cuffs around my wrists and another just above my elbows. My legs spread, bent at the knee, and strapped to modified stirrups, and there is also a thick leather strap across my ribs and one across my pelvis. But what grabs my attention the most is the IV connected to my left arm.

“Shoot. I was really hoping I’d get this done before you came to. But I didn’t know how long you’d be out with chloroform so I had to make sure all of the straps were secured before anything else.” I make a quick mental note of how fucking annoying it is that you still use “kid” language around me, despite that fact that you’ve raped both my pussy and asshole AND knocked me up.

“Why are you doing this to me?? Don’t you see how much you’ve already hurt me??? Why do you want to continue hurting me??” I’m doing my best to hold back my sobs.

“The very fact that you even say that is exactly why you’re strapped to this table right now.” And without any sort of warning, you press some type of injector gun looking device to the inside of my upper left arm and pull the trigger. An intense sharp pain rips thru my arm causing me to cry out.

“What did you just do to me? What the fuck was that!?” You pick up a controller and my table begins to move.

“Xenadyne. It was developed for military use, top secret of course, as an alternative to truth serum. It’s got similar properties, but different outcomes. Turns out truth serum doesn’t really do much as far as ending conflicts goes. Whereas this, once injected and activated, it’s highly effective at influencing peaceful resolutions. How the military puts it to use is information I’m not privy to, but frankly I don’t care. All I need to know is that it works.” By the time you finish speaking, the table lifted so I’m basically half way between lying flat and sitting straight up.

Mind control? This fucking asshole is attempting to subdue me via mind control??? The anger swells in me again and I no longer need to fight back tears. There are no more tears left in me. Only hate. “You sick piece of shit.”

“Very soon, you will have a change of tone. And you’ll realize that I’m doing this simply because I don’t want to hurt you anymore. And you’re so darn stubborn you’re not allowing yourself to see that I actually love you very much and all I want is for us to be happy together.” You move to stand between my legs, and my eyes follow you as my jaw begins to hurt from how hard I’ve been clenching it.

“Ok so due to the security around this drug, I was only able to get an early version out of the lab. The pellet in your arm will be activated once I inject your IV with this,” you hold up a syringe filled with liquid. “The first 10-15 minutes are the most crucial after activation. It is when your brain is at peak suggestibility, opening a window for me to guide you in the right direction. After that, the process takes 24-48 hours to fully take effect, during which time I’ll be visiting you frequently to check your progress and feed you, et cetera… The IV will remain in to keep you hydrated as well. Do you have any questions before we start?”

I just continue to start at you with my jaw clenched, refusing to speak.

“Ok then, here we go.” You proceed to attach the syringe to the IV line and empty the contents and start flowing into my veins. I close my eyes and just keep telling myself over and over, stay strong. Don’t let him in your head. But within 30 seconds, a new warmth washes over every inch of my body.

“Amelia. Open your eyes.” I do as I’m told and find you still between my legs, but now you’re naked.

“How do you feel? My minds racing, but I quickly decide to continue with my play along mode, because strapped to this table is not how I want to spend the next 48 hours.

“I feel good. Really good, actually.”

“Good.” I see the wheels turning in your head, thinking this is working. “I want you to continue to feel good. I want you to be happy. Is that what you want as well, baby girl?”


You backhand me. It wasn’t too hard. But hard enough.

“When you are speaking to me, you will address and acknowledge me as daddy. Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy. I’m sorry.”

“That’s better. Now let’s talk about what will make us happy, ok? From now on, you will follow a daily routine. You’ll wake up with me in the mornings and join me in the shower, followed by breakfast. You are free to spend the time between breakfast and lunch however you please, but you will immediately be at my side if summoned. This applies to the time between lunch and dinner as well. Everything clear so far?”

The fact that so far all you’ve done is list things that will make you happy is not lost on me.

“Yes daddy.” That word becomes more repulsive every time I say it.

“Good. Next, your body belongs to me, understand?” You grab a bottle of lube and squirt some on your hardening cock and step closer to me. “That means that I own this hole…” You slide your full length in my ass in one stroke and begin thrusting in and out. “You will enjoy the feeling of my cock filling your ass.”

Fuck. I was afraid of this. I do not possibly know how I’ll be able to pretend like I enjoy having sex with you.

Then you pull out of my ass and into my pussy in one smooth stroke. “That means I also own this hole. And feeling my seed filling your uterus will bring you so much joy.”

You move your hands to my breasts, caressing my nipples with your thumbs. “I own these breasts and will suckle at them as I please. And I own your last hole as well.” You bring yourself nose to nose with me. “And I will not tolerate an unrequited kiss, ever. Again.” You press your lips to mine and I’m forced to, for the first time, kiss you back.

You quickly part my lips and your tongue slithers into my mouth. I kiss back, keeping my tongue to myself as much as possible, noting that I will blame my age and lack of experience should you mention it.

After a couple minutes, you break the kiss but keep your forehead pressed to mine, continuing to stroke in and out of my pussy slowly. “Who owns you? I need to hear you say it.”

My throat instantly goes dry. “Daddy owns me.” The words burn as they come out.

Your voice is reduced to just barely above a whisper now, “that’s right baby girl. Your body belongs to me. And daddy will use your body to serve his every need, is that clear?”

“Yes daddy.”

“That’s right,” and then suddenly your hand closes around my throat and you pull your face just far enough away from mine to look me in the eye. “And you will never refuse to serve daddy.”

You release my throat and move your cock to my ass before grabbing my hips and resuming your thrusting. “It is your purpose to serve me. And you will start showing me some gratitude. Every time I allow you to serve me, you will say ‘thank you daddy,’ got it?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Disobedience will be punished. If you make me repeat myself, you will be punished. Failing to follow your routine, you will be punished.”

“Yes daddy. I understand.”

“The most important thing for you to remember is that you belong to me. I own you. I own your body. I will take what is mine, when I want, where I want, and how I want. You will not deny me, ever.”

“I will not deny you, daddy. Ever. It is my purpose to serve you, and there is nothing that will fulfill me more.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I am utterly confused with myself. I have no idea what came over me or what compelled me to say that. My plan to play along was just to agree with whatever you said by responding “yes daddy.” So why the fuck did I just say those things??

Well, despite the fact that I was disgusted, hearing it turned you on so much that you slammed all the way into my ass a final time with a loud huff and blew your load. So it wasn’t all bad, I guess.

“Heh, you’re lucky I can only reach these 2 holes right now. Otherwise that load would’ve gone down your throat.”

This comment blind sides me. Even though you’ve been fucking me for months now, you’ve never even talked about me sucking your cock, let alone force me to. “You will be my first daddy, but I can’t wait to learn another way to serve you.”

“Soon, baby girl. Soon.” You lean back in and kiss me, cupping my face in your hands, thumbs stroking my cheeks. “You will soon realize ankara escort that you love me as much as I love you.” You give me a couple more lingering kisses, and then the familiar feeling of my guts being flooded hits me, causing my brain to feel more scrambled than ever.

I first felt a glimpse of rage. But then I thought it actually felt kind of good. And then rage resurfaced, followed by fulfillment and joy. Then your voice breaks my volleying thoughts.

“Remember, you belong to me and will serve my needs. And you will be grateful for every opportunity you are given to do so. Like right now. I needed a place to piss, and sure, I could’ve gone all the way across the basement to use the bathroom. But I chose to stay here with you and allow you to serve me instead.”

“Thank you daddy. Please always choose me. You never have to piss in a toilet again, ok daddy??”

What the fuck am I saying????? I’m practically begging him to treat me like a urinal. God dammit. I just need to stay strong. Stay strong Amelia. Do not let him in your head.

“Haha, well I won’t need to use you every time. But I love the enthusiasm baby.” And with that, you finally pull your cock out of my ass. “Ok sweetheart, I have to run upstairs and take care of a few things. When I return is when you’ll have my permission to empty out your ass, and not a moment sooner, ok?”

“Yes daddy. Thank you.”

“Good girl.” You kiss me again, and turn toward the door, dimming the lights before you leave. I lay my head back and try to relax, closing my eyes to focus on fighting this attempt at mind control. I’ve practiced meditation a few times in my life, so I utilize what I can remember from it to help clear my mind and get a firm grip on my current situation.

My name is Amelia. I am a junior at Lincoln high. A little over 24 hours ago I was sitting in 4th period. I am pregnant with my father’s baby. My father rapes me multiple times a day and has turned me into his prisoner.

My father loves me. He only wants to take care of me. But he has needs too. I am lucky to have him and should be more appreciative.

No! God dammit!! This is NOT love! This is RAPE!!! This is abuse. He is literally trying to use mind control to make me more obedient. He is a fucking monster!

He just wants me to be happy. How is that bad? I didn’t always see things his way, but what do I know? I’m only 16. I trust daddy to take care of me and always do what’s best for me.

Exactly Amelia. You are ONLY 16!! I’m only 16. And I’m pregnant with my rapist’s baby. My rapist is my father. I should be worrying about homework right now. Or excited to spend a Saturday night with my friends, sneaking our parent’s beer. I should not be strapped to a table in a house in the middle of nowhere, trying to be mind-controlled by my rapist father!!

I’ll be honest, I was kind of bummed when daddy told me we wouldn’t be keeping our baby though. But I understand where he’s coming from. I just wished he trusted me enough to take care of both him and our child. One day I’ll prove to him that I can. I hope he doesn’t wait too long before putting another baby in me.

You mean RAPES another baby into you? Yeah, who wouldn’t want that?






This back-and-forth conversation in my head completely drains me, and eventually I fall asleep and the conflicting thoughts seamlessly shift into conflicting nightmares.

My stubborn strong side, constantly trying to reason with my increasingly submissive side, but refusing to fully let go. At one point I even fought over the piss that’s still sitting in my ass, and somehow my stubborn side won, pushing it out of me, disgusted that I even left it in that long.

My strength even agreed to “play along” as long as it could stay, hidden in the background, ready to take over at the first chance. I begged and pleaded to stay strong. Please just stay strong.

But my father had managed to infiltrate the depths of my mind, and I succumbed to his control. I told my stubborn side that I have all the strength I need, and there was no need to “play along.” Because it is my duty to serve him. And serve him I will.


“About time you woke up. I was starting to think I was going to finish before you did.”

I open my eyes with a few blinks and find you between my legs, slowly fucking me. I look around, trying to get my bearings. Trying to make sense of everything.

“The internal conflicts you are experiencing are completely normal, sweetheart. I expected some defiance during this time, actually I expected quite a bit more if I’m being honest, but I am quite pleased with your progress. However, I did warn you that disobedience would be punished. And you blatantly disobeyed me, Amelia.”

“No, daddy….that wasn’t me!! It was just a dream. I didn’t mean to! Please daddy…. it was just a side effect of the medicine! You just said it….” I trail off into quiet sobs.

“You are correct, Amelia. Your disobedient actions were a direct result of the medicine and your lingering stubbornness. Which is what makes this punishment so necessary. If I let this go, you will disobey me again, and it might not be subconsciously next time.”

“No daddy, I won’t! I swear! I will always obey you. Always!”

“I want to believe you sweetheart, I really do. But this is the only way to ensure that you’ll live up to that promise.” You step away from me for a moment and return to my side holding a tray. You then reach to something behind the table and click on a bright light above me which is pointing at my chest. You walk back around and take your place between my legs and remove the towel that’s draped over the tray. It’s just out of my line of sight so I’m unable to see what’s on it, but you pick up a pair of latex gloves and put them on.

Next, you open an alcohol swab and begin rubbing it all over and around my right nipple. My heart is pounding and a million thoughts of what you’re going to do are racing through my head. But that is quickly realized when you grab a pair of small tongs that I recognize from going with my friends to get their belly buttons pierced.

You secure the looped ends on my nipple, forcing it into a perpetually erect state. I lay my head back, and try to calm my breathing. Despite not ever getting more than my ears pierced, and despite how incredibly sensitive my nipples have been lately, I start convincing myself I can handle this.

“I’m sure by now you know where this is going.” I lift my head and lock eyes with you.

“Yes daddy, I understand. I deserve this punishment.”

“Yes, you do.” You grab the 14 gauge needle from the sterile packaging and bring it up to my nipple, but not quite making contact yet. I’m staring down my chest, sweat beads beginning to form on my temples.

“Look at me.” I divert my eyes to meet yours again. “Amelia. Do you understand that you are being punished?” You press the tip of the needle into my nipple.

My breathing becomes very heavy, but I maintain eye contact and choke out a “yes.”

You press a little deeper, going agonizingly slow, “And do you understand that you are being punished for disobeying me?”

Tears are flooding my eyes and my whole body is shaking from the searing pain you’re causing me. “YES!! God dammit.”

You continue pushing, making it halfway through my nipple, “And you know that you- Hey! Amelia, look at me!”

I had thrown my head back and screamed in agony, openly sobbing.

“If you do that again, we will start over, do you understand? I am talking to you, therefore you will look at me.”

I can’t even form words. I just silently nod, using every shred of my willpower to maintain eye contact with you.

“Good.” You resume pushing the needle. “Now, again, you know that you deserve this punishment, correct?”

I am to the point of ugly crying. And breathing is becoming more and more difficult. I nod again, but it’s not good enough for you. “Say it!!” You stop pushing. “SAY IT!!”

“I DESERVE THIS!!!” I screamed before collapsing back, blacking out briefly.

I come to within seconds and the pain once again consumes me, but much to my relief, you are done pushing. But that relief is short lived when I realize that neither of your hands are holding the needle or tongs, yet they are still attached to my body.

I look down to see the tongs, no longer clamped on my nipple, but loosely dangling on the 3 inch long needle that is pierced thorough it. I no more take in this sight, when your cock slams into my ass once again, sending a jolt through my body.

You immediately start slamming into me with rough thrusts. Each one, causing my tits to bounce and causing the tongs to tug on my newest wound. I am wailing in agony.

“Daddy I’m sorry!!! I’m sorry!!! Please daddy!!! Please believe me!!!!”

You don’t let up. “Prove it to me cunt!!! Beg for it!!! Beg for me!!!”

“Daddy….I’m yours.. I’m yours!! I’ll always be yours!! I love you…”

And as if those words were magic, you choke on your own air as an explosive orgasm rips through your body. You’re squeezing my rib cage so hard, I genuinely worried that you were going to crack some of my ribs for a second. Your orgasm was so intense that it left your cock way too sensitive and you had to pull it out of my ass almost immediately, something that’s never happened to you before.

You spent the next few minutes hunched over me, catching your breath before standing up and planting your lips on mine. “Did you mean that?”

“Every word.” This brings a smile to your face.

But it was short lived. “Oh shit!” You suddenly remember the needle and tongs still attached to my nipple. “Fuck. Ok. Close your eyes baby and take a deep breath, ok? Ok. One.. Two..” On three, you pull the remainder of the needle through, causing me a new wave of pain. You suck in air through your teeth as you press a pad of gauze to my breast to stop the bleeding, “I know baby I know. But it’s over. The worst is over.”

I take a deep breath in and nod again, “yeah..”

“Here,” you start tugging on the buckles that are securing the cuff to my right hand, eventually freeing it and placing it over the gauze. “Hold this for me.” You step away to throw on your sweat pants and use the controller to lower the table so I am lying flat on my back again. From there, you slide an extension out from the end of the table, giving my legs a place to go.

I feel a warm sense of calm come over me as I watch you for the next couple minutes. You release my cuffs on my legs and gently lay them down on the extended part of the table, my lower legs dangling off the end. Next you move to my left arm, swiftly removing the IV and bandaging it, then removing the cuffs, followed by the cuff on my upper right arm. Next you freed my hips, and then the final strap around my ribs.

Gently, you sit me up, making sure I’m solid, before retrieving my robe. You let me sit there for a few minutes while you clean everything up. I’m sitting in silence, rubbing my wrists where the cuffs were recently secured, and, for the first time ever, I’m overcome with admiration at your body. How well you’ve taken care of yourself. How you’ve maintained the physique of a man much younger than you, not that you’re old by any means, but still. And the way your sweatpants cling to your chiseled hips.

“How are you feeling?” Your question snaps me back to the present.

“I think I’m ok.”

“Yeah? Ok let’s get you u-oooookay, well that’s not going to work.” As soon as my feet hit the floor, my legs buckled, forcing you to catch me by my waist. You scooped your other arm under my knees and held me close to your chest. “I guess I’m carrying you then.”

I throw one arm around your neck, and grab your face with my other hand and pull your lips to mine. You squeeze my tiny body in your huge arms, and another wave crashes over me. A sense of security.

I break the kiss but keep my hand on your cheek as I look deep into your eyes. “Thank you, daddy.”

“For what baby girl?”

“For not giving up on me…” I pull you in for another kiss, and then nuzzle into your neck as you carry me upstairs.

And deep, deep in my mind, I hear a faint voice screaming, “no.”

Parts 5 & 6 coming soon…

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