I’m a weak woman


I’m a weak womanI work with guys at my weekend job. 3 guys and me. When I first got the job I was hesitant because I’m a lesbian and yes I have a very sexual look. Guys always say to me i’m wasting good pussy on a woman alone. I guess the way I walk and how big my butt and tits are does something to these guys. Even at work when it’s not busy we close up early and we sit in the back of the store talking. These guys are all Big Black Guys and they all are heterosexual. I know because …..One early close up night I had an argument with my girlfriend she told me I dress too sexy for work and I’m attracting too much attention from men. I told her she didn’t have to worry but she said she washed my work clothes last week and she saw my panties had a lot of dried cum on it. I told her it was from me thinking about her and hearing her voice. She didn’t believe me, but she right. I got really wet this one night when Victor started talking about how he jerks off to me almost every night since i worked there. I acted like I didn’t like it but i was dripping in my panties. I wanted to see him do it. And I wanted to know what part of my body he cums to the most. So sometimes I wear a little something he can take home and enjoy. But this one night he was already staring at me and his dick was getting hard he tried to turn away and shift his dick in his pants but I knew I wanted to see him swell up more wanted to see how hard he gets for me at work. I stuck my butt out and bent over in front of him with tight knitted pants on he was talking but when I bent over he got really quiet. I knew I wanted to get him to a point of cumin’ in his pants. I suddenly felt the urge to have some zonguldak escort dick and cum inside me. it’s been a LONG TIME. Victor and I wasn’t alone so i made Joseph make a run and pick up Kyle from a location that would take at least two hours with traffic. Victor stayed in the bathroom until Joesph left. He came out the bathroom when he heard the door close. He came over to me and told me he wanted to show me how he jerks off to me. At the same time he gently touched my titties arousing my nipples with a soft nasty touch. I can tell by the touch he wanted to fuck me hard and sloppy. I let him talk to me while he squeezed and rubbed my big breast and nipples. Through my top. My eyes had closed and next thing I knew he was licking my nipples and pushed me against the wall. He managed to push my bra over both tits and lick and suck on them like I had honey on them. I got so weakI couldn’t stand up. He held me up grinding against my pussy with his hard fat dick and holding me up by my ass. while he grind against me I moaned he kept sucking my titties I came from that, I shook and teared up he pulled his dick out while holding me up. I looked like I was drunk, mouth open from pleasure eyes closed shirt over my tits and I couldn’t stand up. I was limp. He knew what he did to me. Victor fat long dick was out and it had a curve and a fat head. My mouth watered and pussy kept getting wetter. He sat me down in a chair. He had to carry me to a chair. He sat me down softly on my pussy and stood over me with his dick swinging in my face. I told him I never suck a dick on the first time but….his dick was calling me.I was too weak to stop him from putting it in escort zonguldak my mouth. He rubbed it over my lips and my tongue came out automatically His dick was too thick to just put it in my weak mouth. So he got it wet from my tongue I sucked the head he wanted some pussy. He pulled out of my mouth, and unbuttoned my pants pulled them down, I was starting to come back to reality. I kept saying No, don’t do it. I tried to push him away before my panties was pulled over my fat ass and down my legs. I knew once he got them down I couldn’t stop him even if i wanted to. He told me to sit in the chair with my shirt and bra over my tits and my pants down he took a pic of me. He told me it was to cum to when he get home. I told him to turn me over so he can take a pic over my ass. He helped me up I left a wet spot in the chair. His dick jumped and he jerked it he told if he bend me over like that He might give me a special gift. I wanted to know what this gift was, seeing i was so so so turned on and he needed some pussy.He slowly turned me over his hand on his dick and the other holding me. I could see the head swelling it was huge. He went into his pocket and to get a condom. I told him i was allergic to rubber. He threw the rubber on the floor. He stood behind me dick aiming at my pussy he rubbed his head against my DRIPPING PUSSY. He was in control of me. He had me begging for him to stick it in. When he squatted down with his manhood in his hand he aimed at me and went up inside me he had to work his way in but it was so wet it would pop out. I can hear him enjoying ever touch. When he finally got it in I came on his dick I went crazy. It mad him cum zonguldak escort bayan inside me I could feel him squirting and squirting inside me. He went crazy fucking me for about 3 minutes he came inside me again. I was too weak to be on my knees I feel off the chair. He laid me on the floor his dick dripping cum all over me on my titties and face stomach and pussy he was still semi hard but I wanted MORE. We heard the guys pull up in the truck he picked me up and put me in the bathroom. He knew I couldn’t see the guys then. He wanted a little more so he stuck it in fucked me HARD for 10 strokes and came again on my ass. He wrote his name on my ass with his cum. He cleaned up left me there tattered and feeling like a new woman. He told them I got a ride home with my girlfriend that’s why I left my car there. He stayed behind after sending them home and locking up with us inside. Helped me get dressed. I couldn’t believe how good his dick was. I needed to feel it inside me again. He told me he would take me home if I was too tired to drive. He helped me to his car. My pussy was soaked and I was sore. He drove me to my door I got out wanting to clean up before my girlfriend came home. He helped me to my door and whispered as we walk how he is going to jerk off when he get home at my pictures he took of me. I told him not to waste too much of his baby juice he have to fill me up tomorrow. He smiled. He told me he won’t he has enough to fill me up and then some. I went directly to the shower. Jumping up and down to get his cum out. Shit I hope I didn’t get pregnant from all my weakness. I threw all my clothes in the hamper. She came home I was already sleep. She tired to touch me, I let her eat my pussy. She told me I was extra wet. I just smiled. And held her head on my pussy thinking of the dick Victor gave me. I came in her mouth so quick. She told me she never made me cum so fast. I will…to be continued…………….

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