I’am a Gay CockSucker


I’am a Gay CockSuckerI’m a total and complete cum slut…a cocksucker. No shame, no manly pride. Just a hungry mouth and dripping wet face. I only feel complete when I’m on my knees feeling a stiff throbbing cock in my mouth. I don’t mind being used at all and also like hearing a guy calling me a cocksucker because that’s what I am.By the time the fourth cock slid through the hole in the wall, I’d already been there long enough to burn through more money than I was accustomed to spending in the video booths but I was on a roll. Even though my jaw was starting to ache and my mouth wasn’t nearly as wet as it was when I started, the pulsing members kept coming through the hole and into my throbbing face, wanting more of what I was giving.This particular adult bookstore wasn’t the same caliber of my usual bookstore. But living in Portland, there’s no shortage of places to visit. Rumor is that this city has more adult businesses per capita than any other city in the country. And I’m on a mission to visit each and every one of them.Typically my visits are short peeks. I go inside, take a look at the toys to see if anything appeals to me and then leave.After finding the pristine clean booths at Paradise and Mr. Peeps, the former having grab rails to hold on to and with generous sized glory holes at both places, I haven’t felt the urge to check out other booths.But today though, I was horny, in a hurry and knew I could get my fix just about anywhere.The booths here at Blue Spot on 82nd are what most people think of when they think of video booths with glory holes. Dirty, sticky floors, cramped little closets lining around a room with an assortment of fellow perverts leaning against the outer door jambs, like vultures stacked up waiting for the road kill to stop moving before they swoop in.Some days when I’d see that kinda mess I’d just leave.Today though was different. Today it clicked with me and my inner whore screamed FEED ME, so I walked casually around the room, scouting through the open doors for booths with glory holes.It didn’t take long to find a paired set of booths, the hole beckoning me like the Sirens would sing to Sailors, bringing them to their peril.My inner slut smiled a little when the sound of my door closing was almost immediately mimicked by the sound of the adjacent booth closing. Someone in the store must have liked what they saw when I cruised through. The machine gave out its usual growl as it sucked in the five dollar bill I fed it. The flickering screen popped to life with a nice ripe ass just getting stuffed.Electronic, faked, forced moaning sounds filled the air from the video. As I love a good close up visual of butt fucking, I really wasn’t interested in the movie so I didn’t bother flicking through the other videos.The sounds coming from the other side of that thin aksaray escort bayan plywood wall and changing light shadow through the glory hole told me my roommate was lowering his pants. All I’m interested in is his cock so I never bother trying to look through the hole to see the other person’s face. Glory hole booths are about the dick. If you wanna make some sort of connection, get on E-Harmony. This is about the almighty blowjob.Admittedly, I am used to finding hungry bottoms at these places. Most times I get the fingers poking through to my side, giving me the signal to feed them. But after a couple of minutes or so I stick a couple of fingers through the hole and tapped the wall incase their eyes were too busy staring at the screen.They must have been waiting through because their cock followed my withdrawing fingers through the hole. This first dick wasn’t anything to write home about but I was a good host. I’d invited them in so I was going to make sure they left happy.My mouth closed around the shaft and could tell it wasn’t fully hard yet. It’s always good to feel a man’s cock go from soft to rock hard in my mouth. I know that I’m the reason his erect and that I’m there to bring him to his orgasmic release. Just feeling his cock respond to my mouth, as it grows, swells, throbs and pulses is an awesome experience for a cocksucker like me. My wet tongue went to work, bathing that velvet skin, my lips gliding up and down the shaft. I made sure my spit was plentiful in my mouth, soaking his cocks, adding to the lube.It took no time to get his circumcised cock to its full rigid potential. I figure it wasn’t more than six inches with a narrow thickness but it was a great cock to warm up. I knelt on the sticky floor, leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, my own protruding through my unzipped pants.He immediately started to thrust a little more, meeting my face, his pubes pressed against the plywood, trying to get as much of his dick as possible through the hole. The way he was starting to throb and squirm I knew I was about to get rewarded.What I didn’t expect was his sudden withdraw back through the hole and finishing himself off by hand. Just when I figured I had him, he retreated. My face being at the level of the hole I had a perfect view of him grabbing his dick and jacking himself over the edge, his pumping fist milking out that load. He put himself away, zipped up and made his escape.Moving back up to the plastic chair, I just sat there flipping through the channels o find some gay gangbang to stroke to.It wasn’t long though before the next participant arrived. After all, it was the evening rush hour so all the horny husbands and dads making their way home from the office were stopping in to dump their day’s stress into a white creamy mess on the floor escort aksaray and I was there to catch at least some of it.The next cock caught me by surprise. It was a fine specimen, too nice for the confines of this dirty booth. Thickness almost scr****g the sides of the moderately sized glory hole, the length was already impressive even though it was evident he still had some room to grow. Bending over from a seated position did not do this dark skinned beauty justice. I dropped to my knees on that filthy floor and rightfully worshipped this stallion’s muscle.Opening wide, swallowing deep, I sucked in as much of that ebony dick as possible. This time it was my turn to press flesh to plywood, my lips feeling borders of the cut hole while this cock plumbed the depth of my deep throat but still pushing further. I’m fortunate that my gag is not an active one because I was rewarded by this man’s huge cock pushing my limits and challenging the depths of my cock sucking ability.I made spit as fast as I could, coating him, leaving it slick, glistening in the blue TV light. Lips snug around his thick dark shaft, jaw pried wide my head was bobbing while my own rock hard 7 inches throbbed between my legs. Using my mouth, I was face fucking myself with his now rock hard cock like it was the last one on earth and held the secret to eternal life.I was going to make sure this stud got serviced right and left happy. When he started to thrust a little I pressed lips to plywood again, opening my throat. He took the cue and worked his hips, using my wet mouth like it was his personal pussy.Gagging, drooling and squirming, I kneeled there being treated like the slut that I felt I was. And I fucking loved it. Eyes watering, my throat was starting to hurt a little from his cock head punishing the back of it. I pulled my mouth back a little, added my hand and slobbered his knob. Jerking up and down while sucking HARD on his cum hole, I felt his shaft grow just a little harder.Yeses…THERE…salty sweet creamy smooth cum splashing my mouth. Unable to swallow fast enough cum dripped out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin, making that unmistakable splat of liquid hitting the concrete floor.After one huge fucking load a very satisfied stud was gone with the cursory withdrawal, zipper close, and rattle of an adjacent door knob. Holy Fuck he had me raging horny.He must have given the crowd in the hall a big thumbs up when he left because I don’t think 3 seconds passed before another guy was in the booth. The TV was still playing from the big dick guy’s money so this new cummer just had to bare it and share it.After such a fantastic cock, this average white cock was looking like a bit of a bummer, but also a relief. I was feeling used but used in the best of ways possible but a man has got to aksaray escort know his limits. Since I was already on my knees, I got busy. Fortunately, the new guy must have already been primed to nut, probably had been stroking to the vids in another booth, and waiting for some action.I smeared his dick all over, using it to wipe the last guy’s cum off my face. Then I slapped my face a couple of times with his cock, to send him the signal that he had a real cock lover on the other side of the wall.My day’s worth of face stubble left no doubt it was a dude servicing his dick. The mixed spit/cum slime on my face gave it all a very slick sensation. All it took was just a couple of minutes of full depth mouth strokes to feel him push forward and start spewing. I pushed forward myself, placing his cock head on the back of my tongue, sending his cum straight down my throat. By bypassing my tongue I hardly tasted it at all.Another bill for the machine, I figured I have one more blowjobs left in me. I didn’t have to wait long. This place was a startling contrast to some stores I’ve been in. it made me wonder if men felt a particular attraction to this grimy store or if the few men that were there, word had been passed that the head in that booth was really fucking good. I took it as a compliment.This new dick was slender and long, probably pushing eight inches, but thin. It wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world and I was feeling pretty done. My balls ached and my own cock head was smeared with pre cum.My throat sore and my mouth dry. Figuring to change things up a little, I stood up and brought our dicks together. Stroking them, rubbing together, I smeared his cock against mine. I half expected him to withdraw but he was game.I surprised myself because I usually don’t do this sort of rubbing cocks together thing. But it was hot. My dick responded quickly, surprising even me. Wanting to rid my body of that built up cum, I just went with it.”Fuck it,” I thought as I spewed cum all over this guy’s dick. My cum adding much needed lube, my experienced hands working his cock like a professional. I really wanted to get his nut so I put some serious effort into it but he just took all I had and kept his rock hard. His pencil thin dick pressed through that hole, throbbing almost robotically.I watched my cum turn to a sticky white mess on his cock, drying out while I stroked him.Finally I relented and went down on him, sucking my own cum off of his hard shaft but to no avail. This guy wasn’t going to cum fast so I used one of my tricks. I started to massage his balls as he moaned I knew I had him, pulling down and squeezing his balls got his pre-cum flowing as I could taste it. I could feel his balls getting tigher and pulling up as I pulled down until he shot his load down my throat. I finally had enough. I tucked my wet dick back into my pants, made a half hearted attempt to wipe my face off with my hands, which must have made things more evident and it was time to go. His dick was still through the hole as I turned the knob and left the booth.

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