I was allowed just to waych


I was allowed just to waychTuesday early evening I came home from my office.I felt stressed and tired; but I was also extremely horny, wishing just get my sensual wife on all fours and fuck her sweet tasty cunt…I smiled to myself when Anita opened the front door.She was just wearing a black see through nightie and high heels. Her dark nipples were hard and I could even see her wet glistening pussy lips.She looked hot and I then asked if she was ready for some nasty action.But Ana smiled with an evil grin in her face; telling me she was going to fuck with me, but with her brand new acquisition, a black guy called Darnell…She added her new sex toy was coming over to fuck her as she deserved.I said that I was too tired to leave and wait at another place; but my evil sensual slut wife said that I was could stay and watch her being fucked…I hit a warm shower to get some relax and relief. After I slipped on a loose pair of shorts; so I could fondle my dick while I watched them have sex.This lucky nigger bodrum escort Darnell arrived after nine o’clock; Ana met him at the door. He kissed her very deeply and asked for a beer. She brought him a can from the kitchen and they sat together on the big sofa.I just sat down in front of them, putting some porn movie on the screen.All of a sudden, Ana stood up and motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen. She bent over her waist and looked at me over her shoulder.I dropped to my knees behind her round buttocks and buried my face in the crack of her ass. I held her hips tightly and I licked her wet pussy lips; I thenContinued licking her tight rosebud until Ana said it was enough… She swayed her sexy hips away from me and I gave her a few minutes before I returned to the living room.When I walked in, my sexy slutty wife was giving Darnell a good head.I saw how his massive black cock went hard under my wife’s oral skills…It was easily eleven inches and almost two inches around. Anita’s escort bodrum little fingers barely reached around it. She stood up and faced her black lover.Ana spread her long toned legs and she sat down on his hard black cock. She put her hands over his broad shoulders and sat very still with his thick dick wedged in her sweet wet pussy.As my wife raised up off him I saw her pink pussy lips tightly wrapped around his massive thick cock. She sat back down on him, moaning loud.She was soon slamming herself up and down on him and he held her waist as she fucked him so hard. After a while, I saw her stopping and I noticed her nice legs were shaking in pleasure. I knew she had come on his cock.Ana slowly stood up and I saw his dick pull out and fall between his thighs.She placed her hands on his shoulders again as she bent over, showing me her dripping wet pussy lips. Ana smiled at me, asking if I wanted to lick the mix of her juices and Darnell’s semen out form her used cunt…I jumped up bodrum escort bayan and grabbed her hips, parting her slit with my thirsty tongue.I licked her fully stretched pussy lips, tasting the salty seed that the little nigger had deposited inside her. I loved the moans that Ana gave me.My wife grabbed my head and pushed me away from her ass crack.She got on all fours and begged Darnell to fuck her in the ass.Knowing he was too thick for Ana’s tiny asshole, I passed him a tube of gel.The bastard laughed at me and threw the tube aside; saying his married white bitches were not used to have their asses lubed previously…I saw Anita was bracing herself for the anal assault.She cried out loud, when this lucky nigger pushed his eleven inches deeply inside of her tight anal ring. She struggled to keep it deep inside and she finally started to moan quietly, as the black man pounded her asshole…It was too much for me. I just came in my fingers as I witnessed this black piston pumping my poor wife’s asshole. I went outside to the back yard.From there, I could hear clearly my delicate Ana’s painful cries…I was too tired, so very soon, I passed out over one of the lounge chairs.After two hours I woke up and I still could hear Ana’s pleas for mercy…

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