I never seen myself as the type that wanted rough,


I never seen myself as the type that wanted rough,I never seen myself as the type that wanted rough, forceful sex. I even thought those who were into such kink were deviants. Then one night I found myself at the sexual mercy of a man, and I loved every second of what he did to me.I was barely 20 years old at the time. I enjoyed going out and partying, so I worked as a bartender. One Monday night tending bar it was quiet, the bar and town were dead really. I had only one guy there for a few hours, his name was Zachary. We hung out talking,doing some shots, and flirting heavily. He was 27, cute, funny, and I had already made up my mind that I was going to fuck him if the night led us there. I closed up at little past 1:00 am and then he pulls some coke out and for us. We did a couple lines and he asked me if I wanted to hang out a little bit longer. I said yes. He said he knew the perfect place but told me I had to bring 2 6 packs of beer for us. I bagged up the beers, we did another shot and another line, then we left.We each drove our own cars and I followed him to this popular park where I live that is in the woods, has a picnic area, some parking, and it’s along this huge creek/river. It was warm out so we got out and leaned up against the front of my car, and I went to grab the beer. He told me to grab both 6 packs, and give him one of them. I did as he asked, We sat on my car in the woods talking, drinking some beer, having a nice normal time. Then he got up and said he had to take a piss and walked in the woods. I was watching for him to come back from the direction he had walked to but I didn’t see him. After a few minutes I became worried. Just as I was going to go look for him he came darting up behind me and put his hand over my mouth. He told me not to scream, it was only him, but that he had enough ataşehir escort of being nice to me and it was time I became the whore he deserved to own. He told me he was about to pull his hand off my mouth, and I had better not make a sound, not even moans of enjoyment. He uncovered my mouth, grabbed the back of my hair, and pulled my head back to his. He ripped my shirt down off my tits, and grabbed at them until they were falling out of my bra. He said to me “You like that bitch? You’re going to love what I do next. You’re my whore now, you belong to me. I am going to own your ass for a while” You’d think most women would look at this as ****, and be horrified. I wasn’t though. I felt this incredible sexual energy that I had never felt inside me before. I wanted this to be ****, and I wanted to have all control taken from me. .He dragged me over to the picnic table by his car, and bent me over the end of it. He held my face down on the table and told me not to move a muscle. I listened. He began rubbing his fingers between my thighs, and rubbing my pussy over my shorts. He kicked my legs apart, and pulled my shorts to one side and began fingering my cunt. It felt good, I couldn’t be quiet about my arousal.and I couldn’t help but to fuck his fingers back to feel them deeper. He then grabbed my hair and picked my head up off the table to whisper in my ear to shut the fuck up and to lay there completely still. .He said to me “YOU don’t fuck me, I fuck you. This isn’t for your pleasure, you are here for my pleasure. I am not for your enjoyment, you are just my fucking toy. You don’t control this fuck, you just take it.” He shoved my face back down into the table, then grabbed my shorts and panties and yanked them down to my ankles. He kicked my feet out of the shorts and panties, then shoved escort ataşehir my legs far apart. He stood over me rubbing my pussy and said “Now I’m going to have some fun. Don’t fucking move an inch, I’ll be right back.” I did as he asked but the anticipation was killing me. What was he going to do next? He walked back after a minute. stood behind me, and I heard him lower his jeans zipper. I heard him pulling his pants down and off, and then I heard him twist open a beer bottle. I was waiting for his cock to finally fill my cunt but instead I felt something cold. I quickly realized it was the beer he just opened. He was fucking me with the bottle. Only he was using a full beer, and kept lifting up the end as he shoved it inside me. He was pouring the whole beer deep inside my pussy. I could feel this rush of cold fluid fill me up inside, then I felt some run down my legs. Before I knew it he ripped the bottle out of me, threw it on the ground, then he thrust his cock violently inside of me. He grabbed my hips, and rammed his cock in and out of me hard and fast so all the beer came squirting out all over him and all down my legs. Once the beer was gone he pulled out, then I heard him grab another beer and twisted it open, and filled my up again. Once the beer was empty he whipped it out of me and quickly replaced it with his cock again, like he was trying to plug a leak before too much came pouring out. This time he pounded me even harder than before. My hips were digging into the table and felt like my skin was being cut open from the splintering wood sticking out of the edge of the table. He fucked the beer out of me yet again. This was why he wanted one of the 6 packs. He opened each bottle after he emptied me out with his cock, and filled me up again, then fucked the cold beer out of ataşehir escort bayan my cunt as it all ran down my legs over and over. Finally he came to the last beer, he slid it in my pussy but then pulled it out. Suddenly I felt him dump the whole beer all over me, my hair was soaked, all my clothes that I had barely hanging on me, and my entire back was dripping. He then grabbed my hair as he said “come here you fucking whore,” and yanked me up off the table, and shoved me down to the ground on my knees. I found my face and head sandwiched between the table in the back, and his cock in the front. He ordered me to open up wide and take it all in as he shoved his entire cock down my throat. I could back away so I began to gag and choke all over his hard dick filing my mouth. He pulled out and ordered me to look up at him, I looked into his face like he told me to. Then he fucked my face so hard the back of my head was pounding into the table. He was fucking my head so hard into the table that I feared he’d knock me out. Just as that thought entered my head, his warm huge load shot down the back of my throat. It was so much cum to swallow, it seemed like it was never ending. After his cock was finally spend and emptied all down my throat, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and just let me drop to the ground. He got dressed as I struggled to stand up and pull my soaked clothes over my bloody thighs, and with the whole world spinning from the head injury I now had. Once he was dressed he said he was leaving, but to not forget that I belong to him now, and he will have me anytime he wants, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, so I better always dress like his worthless whore, and bend over for his cock like the fuck hole I am. Then he left me there alone, still struggling to get dressed and into my car, while I was soaked and reeked of beer. It was almost a month before he came around to play with his new toy again, but that’s for the next story. This night and this man ruined me sexually for life. From that moment on I haven’t been able t cum without being abused.

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