How Quarantine Boredem Forced Me into Trouble


How Quarantine Boredem Forced Me into TroubleIt’s been two weeks since the Quarantine started.  I share an apartment with my Mom who is a nurse in the ER.  She has been working long hours and staying with a coworker who lives next to the hospital for fear of bringing the virus home.    I am not alone though, my Aunt lives in the same complex, so I see her everyday, however, I choose to stay in my own apartment.   Schools are closed, Works are closed.  Everyone is at home. Everyone is probably kinda going stir crazy.   Especially me in my two bedroom apartment.  I pace all over it.  On the second night, I slept naked, which was strange because I never do, but I liked it :).  The next morning, I did not get dressed, but I did alternate between my hoodie and a blanket, and had my routine of snacking, and pacing and watching tv.   At one point, I snooped thru my Mom’s room just out of curiosity.  I took long showers, flirted with guys on Tinder, I watched porn (more than usual). Then finally I would get dressed, go on a long walk for some excecise and go visit my aunt.   On the fourth day, I had on a flannel shirt, with only 2 buttons buttoned and nothing else.   I opened the long curtains going to the balcony, I am on the 3rd floor, corner unit, and slide the door open and walk out. Just one step.   No apartments are accross the street, and I cannot see my neighbors to the right. To the left, the next building is staggered in front of my building a little.  From the door way, I can see the 3rd and 2nd floor balaconies on that building.  That’s when I saw him. The old man on the 3rd floor balcony just staring at me.  It startled me, and I jumped back inside, and when I peeked back out, he was still staring but also smiling now.  To me, he was always the creepy guy always looking over when I was on the balcony.   I had noticed the blinds move at times. Other times, he would sit in his chair on the balcony facing mine.   I have never spoken to him, it always made me a bit uncomfortable.  But now though, looking down at my bare legs, realizing what I had just done, I felt excited and nervous all at the same time.  I definitely felt a little tingle.   I went back to bed, and took care of that tingle :)Later that evening, after supper with my aunt and a long walk, I took a shower and walked out to the family room in my towel, past the sliding glass doors with open curtains still. Nobody was on the other balacony, I was a little dissappointed.  But I went back to my routine, except now the balcony was apart of my routine.    He saw me twice more on the next day, once in my hoodie, zipped only halfway, and once with my big blanket wrapped around me.   He could not see my hands within the blanket, but I was buca escort touching myself. My hands were shaking, I guess from the adrenaline of showing off like that.  Normally, I am very shy, too afraid to talk to new people, but this made me feel bold.     On the way home from dinner that evening, it was almost dark. I was lapping around the small park area, stepping around the mailboxes and there he was, sitting on a bench in sweat pants and a t-shirt.  His hand was over his crotch, squeezing or rubbing.  He smiled and waved me over with his other hand.  My breath caught in my throat, and I just looked at the ground and kept walking.  I did not look back.  It was much different being so close to him then when I was teasing him on the balcony.   I guess there was a little fear, making it seem more real.   When I got home, I closed the balcony curtains and watched The Office to get my mind off of everything.   Knock! Knock! Knock! came the sound about 30 minutes later.  It scared the hell out of me! I tip toed over to the door and look thru the peep hole and it was him!  I jump back a second, deciding what to do. Knock! Knock! Knock! again, my hand instinctively goes to the door knob.  I open the door about a foot.   glancing down, luckily I was still in my leggings and sweatshirt from supper.  “Hi there, I’m Ron from 4301” he says, nodding in the direction of my balcony.  “Hi” I say back, not knowing what else to say. Looking me over from head to toe, he says “Well, what’s your name?” I hestitate a moment, glancing behind me, then quietly say “I’m Claire”. “Mmmmm…Claire” he says “So, do you want some company?” “Oh, ummm No, I can’t tonight..I’m in the middle of finishing some things up.” Looking a little dissappointed himself.  “Well then, how about lunch tomorrow at my place?”  When he sees my hesitation to answer, he continues “Look, I am not going to tell anyone how you have been traipsing around your apartment and the balcony with nothing on, I know you don’t want that right?  I just want you to come over for lunch.” Realizing for the first time how bad that would be if this got around, It seems I don’t have much of a choice.    I nod my head, and nervously laugh “OK, I will come over” He smiles and repeats “4301, see you then.” Just after noon the following day, I build up my courage to go over.  I did not go on the balcony that morning.   I was dressed pretty modestly, jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. It was overcast and rainy.  Nobody was out, which was good, I didn’t want anyone seeing me going over there.  I was so nervous walking up the stairs.  When I go to his door, it was cracked open. I knocked and the door opened quickly.Ron was dressed very casual. a t-shirt and sweat shorts.  escort buca He waves me in and closes the door behind me.   He seemed very excited.  There was a glass of some kind of white wine already poured for me, he had his own.  There was some small talk at first until he brought up the balcony.  “You are the best thing about this depressing apartment complex!   And since being stuck in here, I feel like I am always visitng that corner” he says pointing towards his own balcony  “Come here”  taking my arm and guiding me over and making me stand in the corner, “See? perfect view of your balcony, Can you see thru my balcony door? ‘   I shook my head no, and he continued  “I have never stood in a place and jerked off so many times!” he says laughing and reaching down and pretending to masturbate while actually touching his bulge.  “Can you blame me?   You are gorgeous.  I’m surprised you have so many clothes on today!?” as he reaches over and tugs on the front pocket of my jeans.   “I couldn’t just come here with no pants” I say with a forced laugh.    He laughs, looks down to my jeans, and his smile slowly disappears as he looks back up to my face.  “Take ’em off” He says.  Speechless, I felt my jaw drop, I felt a little panic taking over.   He steps closer, in my face.  “Are just some slutty little tease turning guys on from a distance, but a real bitch up close?  Are you that bitch?”   I shake my head no “Then take off your jeans.”   he says, staring intently at me.    I kick my tennis shows off, still standing there in the corner, unbutton my jeans and slide them down to my ankles.   As I lean over, I see Ron’s hand over his sweat shorts clutching his erection.  As I step out my jeans, he says “Turn Around”.  With my back towards them, he urges me to take my panties off too. When I hesitate, he grabs them from behind, yanks them upwards and simply says “OFF!”.  I quickly  get them off, and he tells me to put both hands on the wall. He steps close, and with both hands he begins fondling me down below the waist, everywhere.   “Close your eyes” he orders. and when I do, he let’s go of me.  I tense up, wondering what what would happen.CRACK!     Fire and electrisity radiates thru my lower body.  I cry out!   The sting on my ass and lower legs burned!  My hands immediately went back to cover my ass while I crouch down.    His hand covers my mouth as he tells me to keep quiet. “YOU HIT ME!” I cry out again.  And his strong hand clamped down again and he raises his right hand.  I see this whip thing with lots of little whips hanging down.  He swings again, with my ass covered, it mostly hit the back of my thighs.   I was on my knees at this point, He is holding my jaw still and leans over my shoulder buca escort bayan “The first was for being a little cock tease and the second is for not listening. Are you going to behave?”  As I look over at him motionless, He grabs my hair and pulls my face closer to his.  “Well?” Nodding my head  “Yes Sir”  “Now stand up and take off that shirt.  Bra too.”  As I do, he stands, stroking his cock thru his sweatpants still.  As soon as my bra comes off, his hands are on my boobs, squeezing hard, twisting at my nipples with a harsh command to stay quiet.   “Take off my Shorts” he commands.  As my hands reach out to the side of his shorts, he pulls his own shirt off.   “Get On your knees”. he says right before I start to slide his shorts down.  So I do, I kneel down, and he pushes me the rest of the way to my knees.   As I reach up and clutch his shorts and pull them down, I see his hard bulge pull down the shorts, then pop out as they go low enough.   Ron reaches down,  holds my head while he steps closer, rubbing his cock on my face until I open my mouth.  He shoves his cock inside and pulls my head in, ignoring my cough and slight gag.   Ron begins thrusting his hips, holding my hair tight, fucking my mouth hard.  He takes a step back, keeping my mouth on his cock, which almost puts me on all fours, but one hand is on his thigh.   CRACK!  I feel it again! I I give a muffled yell, and he swings again!.  And keeps swinging!  when I cover my backside with my left hand, he swings his whip under my chest on my left boob. I can’t describe the sound I made then, just a long muffled grunt.   He pulls out of my mouth, leans down and helps me to a standing position.  I wasn’t crying, but I definitly had tears in my eye from the sting.  He pulls me into a hug.  “Ok, there we go, That’s a good girl” he says as he reached back to gently rub the welts.   “Look at me” he says.  As I do, I feel him pressing  a hard erection against my lower stomach.  “Put your arms around my neck.”  When I do, he begins kissing me.  I feel his tongue in my mouth, pushing my tongue out of the way.. He was biting down on my lower lip.  I feel his hands squeezing my ass and body harder,almost lifting me up off the ground.  He begins to moan while doing this. Finally, he does pick me and shuffles to his large sectional couch and crawls on to it.  On top of me, between my legs.  He reach down, fingers me for a second, then pushes his cock just inside of me.   Once in, he thrusts hard, then thrusts harder.   He pins my hands over my head and just stares at me while he fucks me.   It was not long before he starts whispering “Take it bitch,you’re going to take it all”.    He tenses up, and explodes inside of me, not pulling out, still slowly thrusting.When we were done, he asked what time he was going to see me on the balcony.  When I said, I didn’t know, I was tired, he said 9pm.    “And why don’t come back for lunch tomorrow.”    “Yes Sir” I answer.  

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