Hotwife Brandi’s Slutty Vacation


Hotwife Brandi’s Slutty VacationChapter 1“Could you take my case downstairs to the hall please, hon? It’s a bit heavy!” asked Brandi.“How can it possibly be heavy?” I asked, with a grin on my face. “All your outfits are so skimpy, they don’tweigh any more than a few feathers!”“Oh, very droll, darling! I’ve got 3 pairs of kinky thigh boots in there, as well as those pvc chaps that you likeso much!”Brandi had started packing for our vacation almost a week ago and I knew that she would be taking someseriously slutty outfits. She hadn’t asked me what she should pack…she preferred to treat me to a successionof exciting surprises once we were there!“It’s the Caribbean we’re going to, not Alaska! I’m not sure the climate there is suited to wearing thigh bootsthat much!” I said, still with a broad grin.“I’ll take them out if you want but, as I’m now your loving ‘hotwife’, I was looking forward to being acomplete slut for you over the next 12 days! I’ll pack some sensible flats and some flip flops instead, shall Idarling?”“Don’t you dare!” I replied immediately. “I’m getting stiff again at just the thought of you parading aroundthe place in all your tarty slutwear!”“Well, as our cab to the airport is due in about 10 minutes, there’s no time to do anything about your stiffnessright now! How about a nice handjob on the plane? It’s a long flight.”“Oh yes, that’ll help pass the time nicely!” I said.I lifted Brandi’s case down to the front door and went back for mine. It was a fraction of the size and weightof hers…and had taken just 15 minutes to pack! It was to be our first proper vacation together. We had gotmarried 5 months ago…a second marriage for both of us. Our first marriages had been equally disastrous. I’dbeen married to Vicky for 8 unhappy years and Brandi had married young, at just 20, to an older guy who’dalready got alcohol and gambling problems, unbeknown to her at the time.The mainstay of our relationship was an absolute determination, by both of us, to make this marriage work.Brandi had been left with virtually nothing, but I was fortunate to have built up a successful legal practiceand could offer her all of the security and comforts she’d never had in the past. At 36, I was entering my peakearning years. And, at 31, Brandi was primed to explore her sexuality in far more adventurous ways than hadbeen possible during her ill fated first marriage.We had both vowed to put the other first. It was paying off handsomely, as neither of us had ever been sohappy. We had also been very honest with each other…especially over our hopes and expectations of whatwe wanted from each other.Crucially, Brandi hadn’t been the least bit put off when I’d confessed to her, with brutal honesty, that what Ireally wanted was a ‘hotwife’ who’d fuck other men, but without jeopardising our marriage. It had taken somecareful explaining, but she certainly liked the idea of unlimited sex with a lot of different guys without it everbeing any threat to the marriage! ‘The best of both worlds’ she called it. I told her she could ‘have her cakeand eat it!’Even before we got married Brandi was regularly fucking other men. Partly because she enjoyed all the extrasex anyway and partly to show me that she’d be very happy in the role of ‘hotwife’!The front doorbell went and our cab had arrived. The driver took our cases out and I locked the house. It wasa 45 minute drive to the airport and we cuddled up close on the backseat like a couple of newlyweds…whichwe were in a way!Brandi had put on my favourite leggings for the flight…the skin tight shiny stretch black vinyl ones. Theylooked as if they’d been sprayed on to her long sexy legs, like a second skin. She’d got them from an onlinefetish shop and the reason I liked them so much was because they had a big silver crotch zip…a 3 way zipthat could be opened up by any amount desired! At present the zip was fully closed, but I suspected that maynot be the case for the whole of our journey! She wore a red leather short cropped biker jacket as well, withnothing underneath it! That, too, was zipped up a decent way…at present!Check-in, boarding and take-off went without a hitch. After the in-flight meal had been served the lightsdimmed and most passengers dozed off. Brandi had spread a large blanket over our laps and cuddled upclose. She was rummaging around under the blanket and I felt her undo my jeans and take my cock out. Shehadn’t forgotten the handjob she’d promised me! My hand slipped under the blanket too and I discovered thatshe’d already opened her crotch zip the full amount…about 12 inches…to give me full access to her wet pussyand ass!I fingered her pussy as she wanked my cock with long firm strokes. It wasn’t long before I shot a load allover her hand. She pulled her hand out from under the blanket and licked every drop of cum up from it! Thenshe took her handbag from under the seat and took out her lipstick…only it wasn’t really lipstick! It was avibrating bullet disguised as a lipstick! “Switch it on to maximum, shove it up my cunt and then zip up myleggings to hold it in place please!” she said!I did as instructed…well, who wouldn’t? Brandi settled back into her seat to enjoy the sensations surgingthrough her cunt. She usually called it her pussy but, now that she was in full slut mode, it was her cunt! Ifthis was anything to go by we were in for a very interesting vacation!I put my hand back under the blanket and started to rub and pinch Brandi’s prominent clit to help bring heroff. It took a while but eventually her head rolled back, she had little shudders and I knew she was getting offjust fine! I helped pull the ‘lipstick’ out of her soaking wet cunt and we both drifted off to sleep.The resort we were staying at ran a courtesy mini-van to and from the airport. We were the hotel’s only twopassengers on our flight. It wasn’t quite dusk yet and, on the way, we both enjoyed our first views of localJamaica.Half an hour later we entered the resort grounds, pulled up outside reception and were met by a youngJamaican porter whose name-tag announced he was ‘Wesley’. He opened the sliding side door of our van andI hopped out first, so I could give Brandi a hand down…she had very high heeled ankle boots on. As shemanouvered herself out I noticed that her crotch zip was open a couple of inches! It undoubtedly caughtWesley’s eye…especially as she took longer to exit the van than was really necessary and she held her mostexposed position for a few split seconds! There was absolutely no doubt that it was intentional on Brandi’spart and I gave her a broad grin!I’m sure that, within a very short time, Wesley would be passing word around the hotel’s local Jamaican staffthat one very hot woman had just checked in with her husband for 12 nights!We had researched several possible resorts on the internet before booking. This one catered for groups ofsingles with an activity and entertainment programme that encouraged the two sexes to mix, mingle and meetnew people. Some of the organised games and contests were based around sexual flirting like wet t-shirts andsmallest bikini. Men seemed to outnumber women by about 3 to 1 in the resort. It was the ideal place forBrandi to have an unlimited supply of horny virile young men on tap!…not to mention the infamously wellhung local Jamaican guys who worked at the resort!We checked-in, unpacked and discussed options for our first night. It was 8pm. We had eaten twice on theplane and neither of us fancied another meal. The main bar seemed to be our best bet. A separate nightcluboperated in an adjoining building but that wouldn’t get going until much later.Our room was a good size with a room divider separating the sleeping area from the living room. Brandi gotready in the bedroom and made her grand entrance into the living area as I was trying to fathom out how tooperate the internet enabled tv.Wow! I very quickly forgot about the tv as Brandi did a full twirl to show how her slutty little shiny silverlatex mini-dress gaped open on both sides with any sort of movement! She looked like a cheap street whore!The front and back were only joined together high up on both sides, well above her waist. If she stood still,the front and back of her dress just about covered her cunt and ass …but only by about an inch as the dresswas so short. Walking in her silver skysc****r platform stilletos caused her tarty dress to part at the sides andexposure her nakedness underneath! Any attempt at dancing later would be especially interesting!Chapter 2We wandered into the main bar and sat ourselves down on two of the high barstools. The bar was only aboutone third full but Brandi’s exhibitionist entrance had been noticed by a lot of the men in there. Her difficultyin getting up onto the high stool had shown off her lack of underwear to all of the male observers! While Iordered our drinks I noticed Brandi reach into her purse and pull out a silver chain. She bent forward andraised a leg…which of course again displayed her bare cunt momentarily…and attached the chain round herankle. There were little charms hanging from the chain and, as I looked at it more closely, I realised that theywere little silver letters that spelt the word ‘hotwife’!“I’ve never seen you wear that before!” I said to her.“No. It’s new. I figured it would get more attention if I put it on in the bar instead of up in the room. Do youlike it, babe? There’s no harm in advertising myself, is there!”“Sure I like it. My, you’re full of surprises this trip aren’t you!”“Oh, just you wait! I’m gonna really amaze you! Believe you me!”As we were talking a very tall young guy had appeared next to Brandi and said, in a strong American accent,“Excuse me but my friends and I were wondering if we could invite you to join us for a glass of champagne.It’s our last night and we want to make it a memorable one.”Brandi gave him her most seductive sultry smile and put her hand on his arm. “Yes, I’d love to!”I gasped a little as she said ‘I’ and not ‘We’. I wasn’t expecting that. She was clearly going to leave me aloneat the bar while she went off to join a bunch of testosterone fuelled young guys! He took her hand and ledher over to where five other young men sat around a table not far away. All six of them were unusually tall.Two of them were white and four were black. I was pretty sure that they were a basketball team on vacationtogether.I had a clear view of them. Brandi quickly got into full slut mode. Within a couple of minutes she waslaughing and joking with them all. The two guys either side of her were mesmerised by the amount of bareflesh that her sleazy latex dress revealed on both sides. Brandi was flirting, flashing and cockteasing like atrue seductress…they were all about ten years younger than her! Her hands often rested on the thighs of theguys next to her. Their hands started to explore the open sides of her slutty dress…furtively to begin with…then more brazenly! Brandi’s hands now went straight to the two guy’s groins and she openly rubbed theircocks through their thin cotton shorts! The four guys not sitting next to her were getting frustrated.Half an hour or so later they all got up and headed towards the lifts. In what seemed like an afterthought,Brandi came back to the bar and whispered in my ear “I’m gonna let six young studs fuck the shit out of me.See you back in the room in a couple of hours!”It was nearer four hours by the time I heard Brandi open the door of our room with her keycard. I was lyingon the bed, half dozing, when she ambled over to the bed, clambered on top of me with her well fucked cuntdirectly over my mouth and said “I’ve brought you some supper, darling! Open wide and lick me!”The cum was already pouring out so I did as she asked. Her hand went down to my stiff cock and wanked itexpertly as she told me what a total cumdump she’d been this evening for the six young guys. “The ones thathadn’t been able to reach me in the bar were all fingering me in the lift! They couldn’t wait! As soon as wegot to Don’s room, he was the one who came up to me in the bar, it was a crazy orgy of fucking and sucking!I lost count of how many loads of spunk I got darling, but I think most of them came probably 3 times!”The amount of cum gushing out of Brandi’s raw swollen cunt was overwhelming. I must have swallowed atleast half a pint by the time it stopped. Brandi shifted position slightly and placed her equally red raw assholeover my mouth! “There’s more in there, babe! I’m gonna squeeze it out for you now!” She used her musclesto push the contents of her ass out into my waiting mouth. “It’s a bit messy, hon, but if you want me to reallycuckold you then you’re gonna have to eat stuff like this!”As Brandi released the entire mucky contents from her ass into my mouth, my cock exploded from the greathandjob I’d been getting from her. We were both knackered after a long day travelling and agreed we wouldleave a visit to the nightclub until tomorrow. “I fucked six guys on our first night, babe. We’ve got 12 nightshere. I wonder how many I can I fuck in all!” she said before we both drifted off to sleep.Chapter 3“Hey Bran, wake up sleepyhead. They stop serving breakfast at 10.30 and I’m famished.” I said.“Go on ahead of me. Grab a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs for me please.” Brandi said as she finallystirred. “I’ll be down in ten.”When Brandi finally appeared in the large breakfast buffet area there was a discernable hush to the generalchit-chat as she walked past tables looking for me. She had on a small tight fitting cropped white t-shirt thatwasn’t exactly see-thru but the two large silver rings in her pierced nipples poked through very clearly! Yet itwas her lower half that was drawing all of the attention! She had obviously taken some scissors to a fadedold pair of blue denim cut-offs and made some drastic reductions to the amount of material they consisted of!She’d left a band of denim around the waist but the front of the cut-offs was now just a thin ‘V’ that narrowedto almost nothing as it reached down to her cunt. The back was even worse! A tiny strip of faded denim waswedged, almost invisibly, between her asscheeks and didn’t emerge fully until it met up with the back of thewaistband! Her asscheeks were entirely uncovered, just like a brazilian bikini. Around the pool it would bedaring. In the hotel breakfast room it was outrageous!“Oh! There you are darling!” she said calmly as she finally located me and sat down.“Wow! That’s a hot pair of shorts you’re almost wearing!” I said as she tucked into her bacon and eggs. “Nog-string either! I’m getting an erection hon, along with 90% of the males in here eating their breakfast! Theother 10% must be gay.”“I can’t wear a g-string, babe. I didn’t bring a single piece of underwear away with me! And I shall probablydispense with g-strings, thongs, panties, knickers and all other forms of underwear when we get home too.Even for work. Darling, do try not to choke on your toast!”Breakfast finished, we took our third cup of coffee out onto the pool decking and flopped down into a coupleof recliners. I noticed that Brandi’s legs were spread open. The thin crotch of her cut-offs had disappearedentirely up in between her cunt lips. Her clit was being stimulated by the tightness of the tiny strip of denimpressed tightly against it and her labia were just dangling down from both sides of her tarty little shorts, fullyvisible. It was quite a sight for anyone walking past. Unsurprisingly, rather a lot of men decided that they didneed to walk past, for one reason or another!“I’m going up to the room to use the bathroom and put a bikini on. Ok? When I come back I’m going to finda spot to sunbathe on my own! You can watch guys hit on me! Time me and see how long it takes for me togo to their room to get fucked! It’s 11.30am and I’ve not been fucked by anyone all day!”I started to reply but Brandi kept going. “Oh, did I tell you that last night was the first time I’ve ever beenairtight? Yes, 3 cocks in 3 holes…another first this vacation! That won’t be the last first either…if you seewhat I mean! Be back soon. I’ll drop you off some sunscreen on my way past!At least Brandi wore a wrap when she came down about 20 minutes later. She also had on a pair of gold highheels with heavily studded double ankle straps and little gold padlocks. Very fetishy! She threw a bottle ofsunscreen on my lap and sauntered over to an empty sunbed some 30 yards away.The pool area was filling up now. The groups of young guys outnumbered the girls and there were quite afew singles of both sexes. The girls all wore bikinis that were either small, or very small, or absolutely tiny!Brandi settled onto a sunbed with her towel, iPhone, headphones and sunglasses. As she took off her wrap Igasped. At first sight I thought she was totally naked except for a gold chain round her waist but, as I lookedcloser, I could just make out a thin piece of light gold string running around her waist and also front to backthrough her crotch. It was more like dental floss. The light gold colour was the same as her light suntannedskin, which added to the impression she was naked. Her pierced nipples were definitely visible, but now Icould see little triangles of light gold string surrounding the outer curves of her recently enhanced 36D tits.To all intents, she was naked. The dental floss covered nothing!In less than 5 minutes a tanned muscely middle-aged guy ventured over to chat with her. He crouched downbeside her as the adjoining sunbeds were occupied. After a short while he perched on the side of her sunbedand started to apply sunscreen to her. I was way too far away to pick up any conversation but I presumed thatshe had invited him to do this.As he rubbed the oil onto her front he gave her tits special attention, tweaking her nipples and gently pullingon her nipple rings. I saw Brandi writhe around a little and part her legs some more. He moved down to hercrotch area and gently rubbed her clit with a finger. Brandi writhed even more and was clearly getting veryturned on! Then he moved a finger down to the entrance to her cunt, pushed it inside and started frigging herrhythmically, in and out. That was too much for her to bear and she sat up, said something to him, followingwhich they both got up and headed into the hotel, once Brandi had thrown her wrap round her.It was over an hour before I saw her again. I had grabbed a sandwich from the lunch buffet set up around thepool and was just about to head for the pool bar to get a cold beer when Brandi suddenly appeared and satherself down on the side of my sunbed.“Well. How did it go?” I asked her, trying to sound casual but my heart was racing. Even before I got all ofthe words out I saw that large globules of cum were running down the inside of Brandi’s thighs! “Oh! I see itmust have gone rather well then!”“I really want you to lick it all up babe, but it’s a little too public for that, isn’t it? I orgasmed so many timeson his magnificent cock! And he cums like a fucking fountain…it’s still pouring out of me! He recommendedthe sundowner cocktails at a little beach bar called ‘Joe’s Deck’. It’s only a couple hundred yards along thebeach road. Let’s go there at around 6. He said it’s a really cool place to hang out.”Brandi took a sandwich from the buffet and returned to her sunbed. She threw the wrap down on the groundand got comfortable again. During the course of the afternoon she went off with two other guys, up to theirrooms to get fucked. The first one was a much older guy who seemed to be in great shape for his age. Thesecond one was a tall black guy who was desperately trying to conceal a huge erection in his swim shorts ashe and Brandi made their way into the hotel!After she returned to the pool from her second fuck of the afternoon she said that she was going back up toour room for a short nap before we headed out for our sundowner cocktails. I followed her up a little later tofind her crashed out on the bed.Brandi didn’t wake up until almost 6 but then got ready very quickly. I watched her rummage through herstack of slut clothing in the closet and throw a single black item onto the bed. It was shiny wet-look and therewasn’t much of it. As she climbed into it I couldn’t decide if it was a one piece swimsuit or a little jumpsuit.It was cut very high on her hips and the crotch covered no more than her denim cut-offs had at breakfast. Thethin strips that covered her nipples left most of her tits visible…the rest of her was bare! It was very stretchyand the cameltoe she showed was awesome! She put on a pair of black stilleto ankle boots and a pvc choker.We could hear the reggae music long before the bar came into sight. The place was heaving. A real mix ofmostly American and British tourists and local Jamaicans. We ordered cocktails up at the crowded bar andstayed there as all the available chairs and barstools were taken. “You haven’t fucked me yet!” Brandi said tome, louder than was really necessary.“Well, I’d have liked sloppy fourths just now but you were fast asleep on the bed!” I told her.“No, it would have been sloppy sixths. The young black guy, Joe, is here with two of his mates. He calledthem from his mobile and they came up to his room. We had quite a little party, babe!”“Fuckinghell Brandi, you’re insatiable! That’s 11 guys you’ve fucked in our first 24 hours here!” I said.“Maybe I can hit 100 by the end of the vacation, eh? Or at least have fun trying!”I noticed that one of the local Jamaican guys standing at the bar near us had been ogling Brandi in her tartylittle outfit. She’d noticed too. “Hey, lady, that’s some booty you got there! Your husband sure is a very luckyman!” he said to her. By booty, I guess that he meant her ass. The shiny black wet-look material had totallydisappeared between her ass cheeks and both globes were fully on show! Brandi turned to face him and said“Thanks. We only just arrived and I was told by a guy I met this afternoon that this is where the action is!”That was crafty of her I thought. Throwing in that she’d already met another guy and that she was after someaction! She never misses a trick. It had the desired effect and the big black Jamaican made small talk withBrandi for the next few minutes.Two chairs had become vacant at a small table on the decking by the beach. The Jamaican guy, Marlon,guided Brandi over to them and, as they sat down, she beckoned me over. “Hey, sit on my lap here so thatyour husband can join us.” he said to Brandi, clearly taking charge. She did just that and, with his armswrapped around her, I could see immediately that his fingers were going to work under her skimpy littleoutfit. Brandi parted her legs as she perched on his lap tuzla escort to give him better access. That was all theencouragement he needed. He was quite openly fingering my wife right in front of me, in a crowded bar, andall the time looking at me, grinning like a cheshire cat!Brandi’s hand had already gone straight to his crotch and she was wanking his cock through his trainer pants!The waist of his pants was elasticated and she put her hand down inside them to feel his cock! “Hmmm!” shesaid, clearly impressed with what she had found! She wanked him some more but other people had started tonotice what was going on and she decided, reluctantly, to stop.Before we returned to the hotel Marlon had asked us to come to a house party the next night that one of hisJamaican friends was holding. He offered to pick us up at the hotel at 10pm. Brandi accepted on behalf of theboth of us…without asking me first! I knew she was keen to finish what she’d started with his big black cock!When we got back to the hotel I decided that it was time to re-establish my masculine authority. “Ok, you’vebeen fucked by 11 other men already. Now it’s my turn!” I said.“I haven’t showered since just after breakfast, hon! You’ll find me very sloppy and spunky down there still.”replied Brandi. Hearing that simply increased the size of my erection and I ploughed straight into her! Shewas right about her cunt still being very sloppy from all the spunk that had already been deposited up therefrom earlier. I added my own after just a few minutes!Chapter 4The plan for tonight was to eat at about 9 and then go to the nightclub at around 11pm. There were severalrestaurants within the complex and we decided on the Italian as we both fancied a good pizza. Brandi toldme that she wanted time to get changed before we hit the nightclub. She said that she had something specialin mind and it wouldn’t be at all suitable for a restaurant. That sounded promising, I thought!We both showered and I shaved while Brandi rummaged around in the closet. She pulled out a pair of whitepants and a short cropped black leather jacket. The little jacket left plenty of bare midriff on show and thepants were unusual, to say the least. They were quite see-thru and very stretchy, clinging to her like a secondskin down to just above the knee and then flared out a little bit. But it was the material they were made fromthat was so unusual. It was incredibly thin and felt very shiny and oily to the touch. Brandi said that theywere ‘oilskin’ pants, the latest craze, made from the same ultra thin nylon used in very sheer stockings butwith an oily liquid latex added. I told her that they were the sexiest pants I had ever seen and that she lookedstunning! She put on a pair of strappy white stilettos and we set off for the Italian restaurant.As we were shown to our table I noticed every male in the restaurant staring at her. Her oilskin pants were sothin that it was obvious she was wearing nothing at all under them. The cameltoe on show was sensational!Her slutty leather jacket was held together by a single stud fastener just below her tits. She hadn’t done thefront zip up at all. Our pizzas were excellent and we easily polished off a bottle of white wine between us.Brandi went up to the room to change and I grabbed a beer from the bar and sat in the reception area near thelifts to wait for her. Every time the lift doors opened on the ground floor I looked over for Brandi, but it wasalmost an hour before she finally emerged from the lift.I was totally and utterly gobsmacked when I saw her! A vision in high gloss black pvc. She wore a skin tightshiny catsuit that had big silver zips everywhere. Down the front, under her crotch and through the back tonear waist level. Zips down both sleeves and vertical zips over both of her tits! Equally high gloss black pvcthigh boots with skysc****r platforms and metal spike heels. In fact they were much longer than thigh boots.They reached all the way up to her crotch! Her blonde hair had been teased and backcombed to give it morebody, just like the ‘big hair’ look of the eighties.Her make-up was dramatic. Glossy bright red lipstick…heaps of it! Thick black eyeliner, black eye shadowaround eyes that now had long false eyelashes attached, top and bottom. A very fetishy black pvc choker hadsharp metal spikes and studs all over it and a huge pair of silver hoop earings hung down to rest on hershoulders! She looked like a fucking pornstar! Pure erotic fetish!I got up and met her out of the lift. “Bloodyhell Brandi, you look incredible!” I told her. We walked out ofthe hotel reception and into the nightclub in the next building. Brandi is six inches less than my six feet buttonight she stood an inch or two taller than me in those sleazy ‘fuck me’ crotch high pvc platform boots!“They’re the highest boots I’ve ever worn.” she said. “I even practised walking in them at home when youwere at work one day. Actually, they’re really easy to walk in because there’s so much support. I’m not sosure how I’ll get on dancing in them though after I’ve had a few drinks! We’ll soon find out!”I noticed that the long front to back zip of her glossy catsuit was already unzipped to show a good amount ofcleavage. The 3 way zip had two further sliders which she had positioned together at the front of her crotch.They could easily be opened up at any time she chose, to give access to her cunt and ass! I had a feeling thatthey weren’t going to stay in the closed position for the whole evening!The nightclub was busy. A long bar ran down one side with plenty of barstools. There were couches andtables in the central area, a dance floor beyond and then a darker section at the far end with small intimatealcove seating. The odd single barstool was free but not two together. I motioned Brandi to grab a stool and Ipropped myself up against the bar next to her. Her entrance hadn’t gone unnoticed. There were even somewolf whistles!“D’you know what, I’m gonna take a wander down over there.” she said after we had got our drinks, lookingvaguely in the direction of the dancefloor. “You stay here babe.” Brandi was in hotwife mode. There was nodoubt about it! She wanted to show that she was available! She grabbed her glass of white wine and slowlypicked her way down through the crowded bar. I sensed she enjoyed knowing that so many guys were openlystaring at her. She was becoming quite the exhibitionist!She came to a halt at the edge of the dancefloor, rested her glass on a nearby pillar and started to sway gentlyto the music. I saw a tall black guy approach her and engage in a little conversation. The music was loud inthat part of the club and they were having to almost shout in each others ear. He didn’t look like a local. AnAmerican visitor I imagined, around 30 and either a military man or a sportsman judging from his physique.They moved onto the side of the dancefloor after a few minutes and slow danced together…a sort of swayingin unison with the music. As they slowly turned I noticed that his hand was pressed firmly on Brandi’s shinycovered ass, pulling her in tight to him. Turning still more, I saw Brandi’s hand on his ass doing exactly thesame. Her legs had parted and it was now full-on dirty dancing with one of his legs pressed tight into hersnatch and one of hers equally tightly pressing against his groin! They started kissing and their hands werebusy exploring each others body. The swaying had given way to a more sexual grinding of bodies!He took Brandi’s hand and led her over to the darker alcove seating behind the dancefloor. I lost sight ofthem altogether. Too crowded and it was so much darker there. I decided to move closer to them. With beerin hand I propped myself up against a pillar that gave me a clear view of the little corner alcove they hadsettled in. The first thing I noticed was that Brandi’s front zip was much lower now. Almost down to herwaist. Her tits were mostly visible and I saw that tonight she’d attached a silver chain between her piercednipple rings. Another first!Talking was much easier here but I wasn’t near enough to hear anything they were saying. They were flirting,kissing and cuddling up in a very feely touchy way. I could see that Brandi’s hand was rubbing this guy’scock through his pants. Then I was astonished to see her look straight over at me and beckon me to comeover and join them!“Darling, this is Danny. He’s a fitness instructor from Atlanta. Danny, this is my husband who I was tellingyou about. He likes me to fuck other men!” Brandi said, grinning mischievously from ear to ear!“Hi man. Nice to meet you. You’re a very lucky guy, that’s for sure!” Danny said to me.“Darling, Danny noticed my wedding ring straight away so, I’ve been very honest with him about what I’mdoing in this slutty outfit and why I appeared to be on my own. He thinks it’s real cool.” Brandi explained.She caught a waiter’s attention and ordered a round of drinks. I said I’d get them.Brandi and Danny were snuggled up close together and I sat on the other side of her. She had gone back torubbing his cock and he was pinching her nipples, kissing her neck whilst using his other hand to lower herzip even further.“No. Open it here!” she told him. “Look, it’s got a cunt zip!” She was talking dirty on purpose, knowing itwould turn both Danny and me on! Brandi took his hand and placed it on the two zipper sliders over hercunt. “Unzip them here. As much as you want!” He didn’t need telling twice. Brandi lifted her ass off thecouch so he could open her tarty catsuit right up under her crotch. It was sufficiently dark for most peoplenot to see, but the waiter brought our drinks just at that moment and he certainly saw what was going on! Tohis credit he kept a straight face and said “Enjoy your drinks.”As soon as Brandi’s cunt and ass were accessible to Danny I watched him use his fingers to stimulate her clitand push them right up into her soaking wet cunt. She was writhing about and clearly feeling very horny! “Iwant you to come up to our room and fuck me right in front of my husband!” she said, loud enough to ensurethat I heard her too! Another first! Although Brandi has fucked a lot of different guys, she had never askedanother man, straight out, to fuck her in front of me before!We finished up our drinks quickly and headed off, Brandi and Danny with arms round each other. She hadpartly closed up her ‘cunt zip’, but not fully, and had pulled up the front zip a little, but not much! She lookedlike a cheap street whore bringing a customer back!I opened our door with the keycard and Brandi dragged Danny straight over to the bed. She perched on theedge while he stood in front of her and she pulled his pants off. He had a jock strap underneath which shequickly removed and then took his huge erect cock straight into her mouth! She sucked on it long and hard.“Hey, get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” Brandi said, seeming to enjoy taking charge. Danny did asinstructed. Brandi came up behind him, pulled his asscheeks wide apart and stuck her tongue right in themiddle of his asshole and began licking it for all she was worth.Fuckinghell, I thought. Another first! Why hasn’t she ever done that to me I wondered. Has she done it toother guys before now, I asked myself. Probably, yes! She’s put a finger in my ass to rub my prostate before,but never her tongue. “Hmmm. I love a guys asshole when it’s all sweaty and smelly!” said Brandi when shepulled her face out of Danny’s backside and finally came up for air. The dirty talk continued. “Eating blackass is one of my favourite kinks, but I’ve got lots of other kinks that are even naughtier!” Brandi jumped offthe bed and gave me a big sloppy open mouthed tongue kiss. The aroma was unmistakeable! “Don’t want toleave you out, darling!” she said, grinning at me.“Roll over on your back.” she told Danny as she got back on the bed. She knelt in front of him, pulled hislegs apart and then upwards to rest on her shoulders, took his cock into her mouth and reached under his assto insert a finger in it while giving him a sloppy blowjob. She still wore her glossy pvc catsuit and boots,knowing full well that most guys found that incredibly erotic. The metal spikes of her fetish choker werestabbing gently at Danny’s balls as she increased the intensity of the blowjob! She sensed he was close tocumming. “Fuck me Danny! Fuck me hard and rough.” So he did.Brandi orgasmed more quickly than when I’ve fucked her. And more intensely too! The crotch of her catsuitwas only unzipped just enough for Danny’s cock to enter. So she was still a vision in tarty high gloss pvc,although now she was being fucked like a slutty hotwife too! “Aaaarrgh…” Danny had obviously shot hisload. He relaxed, still on top of Brandi with his cock still inside her. “My husband always likes to lick meclean after I get home from a fuck date!” she said to Danny. “I want you to watch him eat me out now andswallow all of your cum!”Brandi was taking her cuckolding of me much further now. Another first. She was purposely demeaning me,tormenting me in front of her lover, certain that in this situation I would enjoy it. Well, she was right ofcourse! I had been lying on the side of the bed, watching my slutwife wildly fucking another man and nowshe was climbing on top of me, knees either side of my face and her sopping wet cunt right over my mouth!“Open wide, babe. Use your tongue to lick Danny’s spunk out of my cunt and see if you can give me anotherorgasm at the same time!”I failed miserably to bring Brandi to orgasm but I did swallow the massive amount of cum that Danny hadjust deposited in her. “Danny, there’s something I want to train my husband to be able to do and I need yourhelp!” Bloodyhell, this sounds ominous I thought! “I want him to clean up the cocks of men who fuck me! Isthat ok with you?” Danny, still totally cool with everything, said “Sure.” This was humiliating and excitingme in about equal measures. Brandi had asked about Danny’s willingness for this to happen, but not mine!“Go on darling, let me see you take Danny’s cock into your mouth now and suck it till it’s squeaky clean! I’lljust get my phone so I can take a photo of you in your new role!”That was pretty much the last action of the evening. So many new firsts in just one day! While I had beenmade to clean Danny’s cock, Brandi had said to me “Maybe Danny could fuck me up the ass next time, babe!You’ll still need to clean his cock up afterwards though!” At this point I had felt Danny’s cock start to swellup again in my mouth. The prospect of fucking my wife’s asshole obviously appealed to him!Before we drifted off to sleep Brandi did ask me if I wanted sloppy seconds or a ‘special’ blowjob. “What’s’special’” I asked. “Cock in my mouth and my finger working your prostate into an absolute frenzy when youcum!” she replied. I went for the day’s ‘special’ and had one of the most intense orgasms that I’ve ever had!“Twelve and counting.” she said before falling asleep. “Thirteen if you include me.” I corrected her. “Youdon’t count.” she told me!Chapter 5The next day was remarkably similar to the previous one and would be repeated most days of our vacation.Brandi’s ridiculously tiny little cut-offfs were the highlight for almost all of the men over breakfast. Shesunbathed some way away from me in another impossibly brief dental floss bikini and went up to our roomwith three different men by the time late afternoon came. After each one she would come over to see mebriefly, cruelly showing me just how much cum was still running down her legs! She would even spoonsome of it up with her fingers and tell me to “open wide” as she pushed it into my mouth!We ate a lot earlier tonight as we had both skipped lunch and, as we weren’t getting picked up by Marlonuntil 10, we decided to go into the main bar for a couple of drinks first. The whole resort was so vast that younever seemed to see anyone twice. There were at least 60 customers in the bar but I didn’t recognise a singleone. We climbed onto a couple of high barstools and ordered drinks. Brandi’s manouvers to get up onto herbarstool drew some attention. She wore a red leather micro miniskirt and a tight fitting, extremely see-thru,black fishnet t-shirt. No g-string or thong. She hadn’t brought any with her!Her tarty little leather skirt sat on her hips and was no more than six inches long! It was skin tight and hadfull length zips from waist to hem at front and back. Both of them unzipped upwards from hem to waist,giving her plenty of opportunity to open the zips and reveal as much cunt or ass as she felt like showing!Although the zips were both closed now, the action of getting up onto the barstool made her skirt ride rightup! Her bare cunt, with its five piercings, was visible to everyone looking in her direction…which includedmost of the men in the bar! Once seated she was decent when her legs were facing in towards the bar orslightly turned to one side. But fully sideways or turned away from the bar, her cunt was very much on showto anyone who cared to look in her direction! Brandi knew this damn well of course!She turned her swivel stool sideways to face me and we chatted, speculating on what this Jamaican houseparty might be like tonight. She had turned away from the bar more than was really necessary and her legswere parted rather more than would be considered proper! She gradually kept on opening her legs a little bitfurther. At least half the bar would have had a clear view of her cunt by now! “You wicked little cocktease!”I said to her. “Oh yes! Guilty as charged! I’m only having a bit of innocent fun, babe!” she replied with thatcheeky grin I’d seen so often this vacation. I said “Ok then hon. I’m going to take my drink out to receptionfor just five minutes and when I come back I expect to see another guy sitting on my stool! Let’s see howquickly you can manage that then!”On my return, sure enough, another man was sitting there, chatting away with Brandi. She had turned to facehim and her legs were still parted enough to give him an incredible view! I grabbed another barstool aboutsix seats away. After about ten minutes they both got up and headed over to the lifts in reception. BloodyhellI thought, she’s only going up to the room to fuck him!They weren’t gone very long…twenty minutes at most. A quicky! Brandi came down on her own and joinedme at the bar. “Thought I’d get warmed up for the party tonight!” she said in a matter of fact way. “Just anupright doggy style knee trembler over the wash basin!” she added. “I’m nicely lubricated now!”We finished our drinks and Brandi said she needed five minutes to freshen up in the room before Marloncame to get us. I waited downstairs and, when she reappeared, I noticed that she had added a pair of sexyblack fishnet stockings to her outfit. And a garter belt which had six wide black straps and metal clasps thatgripped the top of each stocking! It looked extremely erotic because there was a bare gap of several inchesbetween her stocking tops and the hem of her slutty little leather micro mini-skirt! She had also replaced herblack high heels with a pair of red pvc fetish ankle boots that laced up the front and had huge platforms withmetal spike heels. “Thought I’d spice it up a bit!” she said as we walked out of the hotel to meet Marlon.As soon as I saw the big old American car I knew it must be his. He jumped out of the passenger seat,looking just like a pimp from the seventies in his fedora and shiny bright blue track suit! Someone else wasdriving it. “Hey there.” he greeted us. “Brandi, why don’t you jump in the back with me and your old mancan sit up front with Suzy. She’s gotta drive cos I’m stoned already!”Suzy was a real doll. Frizzed out jet black straight hair, black lipstick, she wore fluorescent candyfloss pinksatin hot pants and top with shiny black thigh boots, which I was amazed she could drive in. It only took tenminutes to reach our destination but, towards the end of the drive, I could hear gasps and panting comingfrom the back seat of the car. I wasn’t sure who was doing what to whom!There were about 30 people at the house party, many more men than women. All of them seemed to be localJamaicans. In the main living area bodies were sat on chairs, couches, bean bags and on the floor. Marlonthrew me a can of beer and poured a rum and coke for Brandi. The smell of i*****l substances was strong andquite overpowering. Reggae music was blasting from two huge speakers. Marlon took Brandi by the arm andpulled her down to sit on his lap on a couch that was already overcrowded. Arms and legs were everywhere!There was no way that Brandi could preserve any modesty, given how she was dressed, and, to be fair, shedidn’t even try! Her tarty little leather skirt had ridden up almost to her waist and her cunt, framed eroticallyby her sleazy black garter belt, was on show to everyone in the room. A white woman with long blonde hairamongst a house full of black Jamaicans, she drew lecherous looks from every man there! Marlon lookedvery smug and Brandi looked deliciously fuckable!I grabbed a chair when one of the guys got up to dance with his woman. Brandi’s arms were around Marlon’sneck; his hands were high up on her thighs twanging her garter straps! They had been chatting but were nowkissing…very passionately! The couple dancing were warming up too! He had his fingers in her cunt as theydanced slowly together and she seemed to be trying to push a finger into his asshole through his black trainerbottoms! It was clearly an ‘anything goes’ party, which Brandi and I both expected it would be.Now Marlon was moving up a gear. His finger was rubbing away at Brandi’s clit, gently to begin with andthen harder and more rapidly. Brandi was gasping and panting, like she had been in the car on the way. Herhand had reached inside Marlon’s loose track suit bottoms and was very obviously stroking his cock! Therewas no way he could hide his massive erection! On another couch Suzy had been making out with two guyseither side of her, but now one of them had got his cock out and Suzy was sucking it enthusiastically whileher hand was giving the other guy a frantic handjob!I was offered something to smoke which I declined, but I did grab another beer from the table. I saw Brandiget up, turn around with her back to Marlon and then lower herself down onto his lap with her legs spreadwide apart. Marlon had already got his cock out and, despite its huge size, slipped it into Brandi’s soakingwet cunt very easily! She rocked up and down, totally impaled on his rigid cock, resting her hands on hisknees and all the while looking straight at me. It was by far the most erotic sight I had ever seen in my life.That is, until what happened a bit escort tuzla later on!Marlon had emptied his balls into Brandi’s hungry well used cunt and another guy had come over to theircouch. “Hey man, I want me some of that white ass now!” he announced as he helped ease Brandi up fromMarlon’s lap and pulled her towards him. I realised that this could quickly turn into a free for all gangbangand wondered if Brandi was going to be ok with that. I got my answer straight away as she put her hand onhis crotch, squeezed tight and said “Ok big boy, fuck me!”“You sure are some motherfucking piece of ass, lady! You gonna get more than you bargained for. After I’mdone fucking your sweet ass every guy in this room is gonna take turns with you. There ain’t nothing yourold man can do about it!” the new guy said as he led Brandi over to the bean bag that he’d put down in themiddle of the room. “Ok. That’s good. But why don’t you cut the crap and get on with fucking me!” Brandireplied. And that’s how the gangbang started.Some guys couldn’t wait their turn and jerked off over her face, spraying it with huge amounts cum. She tookcocks in her mouth, cocks in her cunt and cocks up her ass, provided they weren’t too big because she’d onlybeen ass fucked by a handful of men before. I watched in awe as my slutty hotwife turned into a depravedcumdump! I lost count of the number of guys that fucked her, and in which hole! At one point, with Brandipractically submerged under a sea of virile black Jamaicans all trying to find a hole to fuck, Suzy came overto me, knelt between my legs, pulled my pants down and gave me a much needed blowjob!The fucking and sucking went on for more than two hours. Many of the guys drifted off home after they hadsatisfied their libido. When the end came, Brandi looked to be in surprisingly good shape, considering! Shewas somewhat dishevelled, absolutely covered in what looked like pints of gooey spunk, her hair was allover the place, her fishnet stockings ripped and most of her garter belt clips had become detatched from hertattered stockings. Apart from that she was fine!Marlon was totally wasted but Suzy had already said that she’d give us a ride back to the hotel. It was nearly3am. Brandi was a little unsteady on her tall platform boots but, with a little help from me, she made it backup to our room. I helped her onto the bed. “I need soothing babe! Lick me out ever so gently, please!” shesaid. Her cunt was red raw, puffy and swollen. Her asshole was red too. Cum was flooding out from bothorifices in large measures. “Why do all Jamaican guys have such fucking huge cocks?” she asked me. Now,I’m a knowledgeable man, but I couldn’t answer her that!I lapped at her cunt and asshole for a good long time, swallowing goodness knows how much cum that justkept on pouring out. Brandi was almost asleep. I took her red pvc ankle boots off her feet and pulled theduvet up to her neck. “I’m sore from all the fucking, hon. I’m taking the day off tomorrow!” she groaned asshe dropped off to sleep.Chapter 6We didn’t make breakfast the next morning. Brandi soaked in the bath for ages once she’d woken up. I madeus some coffee and got a few pastries from downstairs. She handed me some intensive care cream and askedme to rub it gently all over her cunt and asshole. I did that for a good while and noticed that she was oozingjuices from her cunt. “Bloodyhell Brandi, how can you be feeling horny again now after all the fucking yougot last night?” I said with incredulity. “Because I’ve become a total fuckslut, darling! The more cock I get,the more I want!” she said.I stopped rubbing the cream on her and started rubbing her clit with my finger as I reached down to kiss her.“Oh yes. That’s good. Don’t stop!” A few minutes later she was orgasming and writhing about on the bed in areal frenzy. “Wow, you’ve never cum like that before from just having your clit rubbed!” I said. “Oh, but Ihave hon. Just not with you!” Brandi said cruelly…and then laughed wickedly!It was almost lunchtime when we eventually went down to the pool. Brandi wore a white monokini under herwrap and her white high heels. The monokini was another new online acquisition. It consisted of two thinstrips of white string that ran from her shoulders in a Y shape down to her navel, at which point it mergedinto a single string that went under her crotch, up between her ass cheeks and on up her back to her neck. Itwas tight enough for the string to totally disappear into the crack of her cunt and between her asscheeks andnot reappear again until it reached the small of her back. She was effectively naked!At least today she took a sunbed right next to me. As usual she sunbathed with her legs wide apart, affordingeveryone who cared to look an uninterrupted view of her pierced cunt! It still looked quite red and puffy!Plenty of guys stopped in front of her to admire what was on display but none of them hit on her since it wasobvious that we were a couple together.“Let’s go back to that beach shackbar for sundowner cocktails.” Brandi said, late afternoon. “I’m going up tosoak in the bath again. I’ll be ready for about 6.30.” I wondered if she wanted to hook up with Marlon again.She’s always had a high sex drive but on this vacation it’s been insatiable!As it happened, Marlon wasn’t there today…probably still wasted from last night! Brandi got lots of admiringglances but this time she kept hold of my arm, signalling our togetherness! It discouraged advances fromother guys. She had put on the tiny little denim cut-offs she’d been wearing to breakfast every morning. Thatand a very see-thru white fishnet t-shirt. We chilled out at a small table on decking that stretched out over thesandy beach and talked about plans for later tonight.“I’m gonna be such a slutty exhibitionist in the nightclub this evening, babe! I wanna cocktease all the hornymen in there…but I probably shan’t fuck any of them. I’m still too sore from last night’s gangbang!” Brandiannounced. “I’m gonna wear those black pvc chaps boots I’ve brought. And I’ve got the perfect top to go withthem that’ll cover me up if I need to or expose my bare cunt whenever I want!”I started to get a raging stiffy at the thought of Brandi wearing those chaps for the first time in public. So farthey’d only been seen in the bedroom! I had to adjust my shorts, which made Brandi giggle like a teenager!After a couple of cocktails each we returned to the hotel and got ready for dinner. Brandi wore a little redsatin zip front dress and had pulled the zip down to the lowest possible point short of her nipples actuallyspilling out. Maximum cleavage exposed! It was super short and tight, coming down to below her crotch byno more than half an inch! She didn’t bother putting stockings on, she said, because she’d be getting changedinto her chaps boots straight after dinner.Dinner was uneventful except for when the Jamaican waiter placed Brandi’s serviette on her lap. I saw himvisibly gasp. As I was sitting opposite her I couldn’t see, but I guessed that her dress was up around her waistand her legs were probably spread. After he’d gone I asked her and she confirmed my assumption. Wedowned a bottle of wine with our meal and, once we’d finished, Brandi again suggested I wait for her by thelifts in reception while she went up to change.Some 45 minutes and two beers later, Brandi stepped out of the lift in reception. I had been wondering howshe planned to wear those kinky fetish black pvc chaps boots and yet still remain decent! Now I saw that shehad been very crafty indeed. She’d put on a thin leopardskin print shirt. The shirt tail at the back just aboutcovered her bare ass and the shirt tails at the front covered her bare cunt if she stood still or held the twosides together! If she let go, her crotchless chaps boots revealed all! She had only done up two of the shirtbuttons…one just below her tits and another just beneath it, down towards her waist.Whoever invented chaps boots deserves their country’s highest honour! They are, without doubt, the fetishclothing lover’s favourite kinky item of apparel. Identical to crotch high boots except that the shiny black pvcskin goes on right up to the waist in the form of four wide strips of pvc, two at the front and two at the back,to loop around a four inch wide black pvc belt and big silver buckle. A genius idea if ever there was one!Brandi stepped out of the lift, hands in front of her holding the shirt sufficiently together to remain decent,and we made our way out to the nightclub next door. It was just gone 11pm and it was as crowded as it hadbeen two nights ago. I noticed that from the side view it was very clear that she only wore chaps boots!“Bloodyhell Brandi, you look stunning!” I told her as we stood at the bar waiting to get served. Once againthere was the odd empty barstool but not two together. “Glad you approve, hon.” she said as she put her goldevening purse up on the bar. That involved taking her hands away from her front and I stole a look. “Do Ilook slutty, babe?” she asked me, making no attempt to cover herself. “You sure do!” I assured her. She hadturned to face me so, at this stage, couldn’t really be seen by everyone milling around the bar area. But thatall changed a moment later when, turning away from the bar with her elbows resting up on the bar behindher, she allowed her naked cunt, erotically framed by the glossy black pvc chaps, to be seen by everyone inthe bar! She held that pose for maybe half a minute before turning back sideways to face me.All of the men in the bar, most of whom had been ogling her anyway, had the same disbelieving look ontheir faces! “Did I really see what I think I just saw?” they were asking themselves! Brandi’s brazen flashingguaranteed that she’d get hit on…whether I was there with her or not! Sure enough, a few seconds later, a guycame up to shower compliments on her. They made small talk for a few moments, her bare cunt visible tohim throughout, and he bought us both another drink.“Let’s all go and sit down over there.” Brandi said, gesturing towards the dark alcove seating area beyond thecrowded dancefloor. She made no attempt to cover up as we slowly made our way there. We found a smallsemi-circular sofa at the back. Brandi sat down in the middle and her new admirer and I sat either side of her.It was dark enough for Brandi to up the stakes a little by hooking one leg over his. This meant that her legswere wide apart, blatantly exposing her pierced cunt to him! He had been so polite to her thus far, but thiswas a clear invitation that called for a less polite response…he put his hand on her cunt and started to rub herclit. Brandi moaned, slid down the sofa a bit further and opened her legs even more! So he pushed a fingerup into her soaking wet cunt and began frigging her hard and fast.Brandi’s hand had gone down to the crotch of his jeans and was stroking his erect cock through the thickdenim material. Realising that he wasn’t going to be feeling much sensation from that, she reached over toundo the metal stud at the top of his jeans and then pull his zip right down. Her hand went inside and tookhold of his impressively large circumsized cock…and she gave him an expert handjob.What she did next really startled me, even by the standards of how she’d been behaving this whole vacation!She unhooked her leg, leant in towards him, lowered her face down towards his throbbing cock and took itstraight into her mouth to finish him off with a sloppy blowjob! He lasted about one minute of this! She tookhis entire load into her mouth and I assumed she was going to swallow it. But no. She turned the other wayto face me and gave me a big open mouthed french kiss, using her tongue to push almost all of his cum rightinto my own mouth. “Swallow it, darling!” she instructed. I did as I was told!The other guy said his goodbyes to Brandi, did his jeans up and left the bar feeling very smug indeed. Assoon as he left, another guy came over to us and asked me if he could dance with my ‘stunning’ wife. “Ofcourse.” I said to him. Brandi was already getting up from the sofa. She took his outstretched hand and lethim lead her over to the dancefloor. I guessed that he’d seen enough of the handjb and blowjob performanceby her to embolden him to try his luck!The dance area was slightly better lit than the alcoves and I could see them dancing closely together. Brandiwas pressed in close to this new guy with her cunt grinding against his pants. He probably had a fully erectcock by now! His hands were underneath her shirt tail at the back, very obviously exploring her bare ass! Hewas a tall guy with long arms and I suspect he could reach to finger both of Brandi’s holes at will. Theyreturned to the alcove sofa a short while later and Brandi performed an almost identical re-enactment of herearlier sluttiness with the previous guy. He didn’t even buy her a drink!After he left, Brandi said “Let’s call it a night, babe.” We got up before anyone else had the opportunity tochance their arm with her! Brandi covered up the front of her tarty pvc chaps boots as we walked through thehotel reception to the lifts. “Hey, there!” a deep Jamaican voice called out. It was Wesley, the young porterthat Brandi had flashed at when we first arrived. “I’m on room service. Is there anything I can get you guys?A nightcap or something?” he asked.Brandi replied straight away “Oh, Wesley. Yes, A couple of large Jack Daniels would go down a real treat!Room 518.” Wesley said “I’ll be up in 5.”As soon as we got back to our room Brandi discarded her leopard print shirt. I could see where this wasleading! Sure enough, when we heard a knock at the door Brandi went over to open it, cool as a cucumber, injust her slutty pvc chaps boots! “Oh, thank you Wesley. Just put it on the table over there would you.” Brandisaid to him poker faced. And then, “Wesley, there’s something I want to ask you. Would you fuck me please,in front of my husband?”Wesley didn’t flinch, but I did. This was outrageous behaviour by my wife! I loved her for it! Quick as aflash he replied “It would be my pleasure!” At a vacation resort renowned for adult singles it probably wasn’tthe first time that he’d fucked one of the female guests…but I bet it was the first time her husband had beenpresent! Brandi’s sore cunt must have made a miraculous recovery!Brandi moved over to Wesley and they embraced. She sat on the edge of the bed and undressed him. Whenshe pulled off his designer briefs a monster cock stared her in the face! “Hmmm. Very nice!” she said to him.She stroked it and it grew even bigger…getting on for 12 inches I reckoned. Still sitting on the side of the bedshe took it into her mouth. Or at least she tried to! She stretched her mouth to the limit to get even the headof his cock in! It was as thick as my arm! Now, Brandi is no expert at deepthroating, although she’s gettingbetter at it all the time, but she got less than half of Wesley’s monster cock into her mouth!One of her hands went under his crotch and up to his asshole. Hell, she was pushing a finger right into hisblack Jamaican asshole to massage his prostate while blowing his cock! Wesley seemed to approve of thisand groaned in satisfaction! After a while Brandi pulled away and beckoned him onto the bed. I was sittingat the table near the bed with two large JD’s to myself, enjoying the show!Once Wesley was on the bed Brandi put her head straight between his asscheeks and started licking awayfuriously at his asshole! While she did this she managed to grip his cock with both hands and wank it slowlyup and down, tickling the head of it with her forefinger. He wasn’t going to be able to take this dual actionfor very long without cumming, so Brandi said to him “Fuck me now!” So he did!Despite her supposedly sore cunt, Brandi took his huge girth quite easily…she was well lubricated with herown juices! Wesley was on top of her and drilling her cunt hard and fast. He was close to cumming. Brandimanaged to reach a hand round to his ass and re-insert the finger she’d used before. Several times she rubbedher finger on his prostate, withdrew it to lick, and then put it in there again. When Wesley started to cum shemassaged his prostate extra fast and hard, causing him to explode uncontrollably and unleash a massiveamount of thick warm spunk deep into her cunt! He rolled off her and took a breather. Brandi felt absolutelyflooded with cum…as if she’d taken about five or six loads!“I could lick your cock clean now, but what I really like doing is making my husband do it! You ok with thatWesley?” Brandi asked him. “Sure. Yeah. Absolutely.” he said.“Come here cucky! Put Wesley’s cock in your mouth and lick all of the spunk off it, you little wimp!” Shewas really humiliating me now…in front of the staff too! I got onto the bed. “This first!” commanded Brandias she thrust a finger in my face…the one that had been up Wesley’s asshole many times. “Suck on it realhard and savour the taste!” Now this was verging on the cruel, but I did what she said. “Ok. Now Wesley’scock. Lick it, suck it and clean it up!” I did.When I had finished my task to Brandi’s satisfaction she said to Wesley “I’m gonna sit on my cucky’s faceand feed him a late supper now. You’d better get back to your night porter duties. You didn’t bring a bill forthe drinks with you…I think you were expecting this weren’t you, you horny stud!” Wesley grinned from earto ear, got dressed and left.True to her word, Brandi straddled my face, cunt directly over my mouth, and used her muscles to squeezeout a torrent of gooey sticky cum into my open mouth. “Wow, it’s double portions for you tonight, babe. Hecums like a fucking fountain!”The only conversation we had before drifting off to sleep was a debate as to how many guys Brandi hadfucked so far. We had both rather lost count. She insisted that the blowjobs in the bar tonight counted andreckoned she was up to 38 now! We were only 4 days into our 12 day vacation and Brandi’s final commentwas that she’d need at least a couple more gangbangs if she was to reach her target of 100.Chapter 7Our last 8 days brought about many repeats of the same things we had done during the first 4. Brandisunbathed around the pool each day some distance away from me. She made regular visits with differentmen up to our room to get fucked. She got picked up, especially when she sat separately from me, in thehotel bar, the sundowner beach bar and the nightclub and fucked the men who picked her up, either in privateor in front of me.. Her slutty ‘fuck me’ outfits were all, without exception, totally outrageous and succeededin attracting a constant supply of guys who wanted to fuck her. Even for a resort that actively encouragedraunchy behaviour between the sexes, Brandi pushed the boundaries out to a whole new level!We were into our second week there when we encountered Marlon again at the beach bar. It was a Saturdayand especially busy at sundown. He gave me a cursory fist pump but hugged and kissed with Brandi like along lost best buddy. He was sitting at a small table with two Jamaican friends. He pulled Brandi down ontohis lap and made a big fuss of her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Therewasn’t a spare chair so I just propped myself up near them at the bar.Marlon’s arms were wrapped around Brandi and I saw him playing with the 3-way crotch zip of her shinyblack latex leggings…the same pair she had worn on our flight here. He opened up the two zip sliders thatBrandi had positioned at crotch level. Only a couple of inches or so. Brandi changed her body position so shewas turned away from the crowded bar and faced towards Marlon and his two friends. I could see her reachdown in the direction of her crotch zips but couldn’t see exactly what she was doing as her back was to me. Ihad guessed she was opening up her zips a lot more to cocktease the three guys!Brandi suddenly beckoned me over to their table. “Hey, hon. Jimmy here has invited us over to his reggaebar later tonight. It would make a nice change from the hotel bar and nightclub. What d’you think?” I saidthat I was up for it, if she was. I also noticed that not only was her cunt on view to the three of them, butMarlon had his fingers buried deep inside it!“Ok then guys. We’d love to come…but can you give us a ride from the hotel, Marlon, and get us back thereafterwards?” Brandi asked. He said “No problem. 10 o’clock, same as before.” I bought a round of drinks andcontinued to perch up at the bar, as Brandi flirted openly with the three guys and let them grope her all over!We walked back to the hotel and Brandi warned me not to expect Jimmy’s bar to be luxurious! He’d told herthat it was a bar for the local Jamaicans and tourists rarely went there. We ate as soon as we got back andthen chilled out in the room. Brandi looked through the many sleazy outfits that she’d brought and threwsomething red onto the bed. She held it up for me and said “I haven’t worn these slutty little hot pants yet!”They were made from very stretchy rubber latex and featured a prominent black zip that ran right along thecrotch. “I’ll have to talc up first to get them on! They fit like a second skin and I’ll need you to polish them uponce I’ve got them on.”Brandi pulled a pair of glossy red pvc thigh boots from her case. “I almost forgot I’d brought these…I neverunpacked them! They’ll be perfect, don’t you think babe?” she said, looking at me for approval. “Oh, yeah!Another pair of kinky boots from your ‘fuck me’ collection of erotic fetishwear! I love them!” I told her.My shorts and t-shirt took less than a minute to put on but all the talcing and polishing of Brandi’s tarty littlehot pants took considerably longer. But, once on, they looked absolutely sensational. The rubber was extrathin and it clung to her body with a vice-like grip! She put on a pair of black fishnet hold-up’s before puttingher sexy red platform boots on. On top she wore her small cropped black leather jacket with all the silverstuds and a black studded leather choker. She didn’t zip the jacket up at all…she just snapped closed the littlesilver stud fastener right below her tits. She looked like a $10 street whore, as she’d put a lot of thick heavymake-up on too, and I was getting a big stiffy!We had cut it fine, getting down to the hotel car park by 10. Marlon’s car was already there and, as before,Suzy was driving. Marlon got into the back again with Brandi and I clambered into the front with sexy Suzy.This time I did look over my shoulder on the way there…only to see Brandi’s head bobbing up and downfuriously on Marlon’s huge black cock.We drove into what was clearly the poorer part of town. Lots of dilapidated shanty tuzla escort bayan shacks. We pulled upoutside a larger wood frame building that had a single light over the door illuminating a home made sign for’Jimmy’s Joint’. Suzy parked up and we all went inside.There were about 20 rastafarian Jamaican guys, all with dreadlocks and multi-coloured knitted woollenbobble hats, plus a handful of Jamaican women in the very rustic bar. Reggae music was blaring out and, aswe walked in, every head turned to inspect us…well, Brandi more than me to be honest. Several guys wolfwhistled. Jimmy shouted above the music “This is my very special friend, Brandi, and her lucky husband.”That seemed to establish our credentials and we were accepted. Marlon handed me a beer and Jimmy fixed arum and coke for Brandi and Suzy. They were the only two drinks that Jimmy stocked in the bar!Brandi had hung a large silver O ring on a short silver chain and attached it to her crotch zipper. It hungdown a couple of inches and swayed around a bit. It certainly drew attention to her slutty open crotch zip!One of the guys in the bar had come up to her and was fiddling with it. “Hey, what does this do?” he askedher. “That leads to paradise!” Brandi said. “Oh, I wanna go to paradise but I been a bad man!” he replied. Asthe good natured banter went on, Brandi became surrounded by more and more of the men.Jimmy came to her rescue, although I’m not sure that she particularly wanted to be rescued, and brought herover to where Marlon, Suzy and I had sat down on a very old scuffed up brown leather couch. She perchedon Marlon’s lap and said to him “I didn’t get a chance to finish you off in the car…maybe later, eh?” Marlongrunted his approval to that and amused himself by twanging her rubber hot pants! As Brandi twisted roundon his lap to kiss him and lick his ear, her little leather biker jacket popped open. The single stud had beenstretched beyond its limit. She made no attempt to do it up again!Jimmy came over to join us. I think he’d noticed that Brandi’s hand had disappeared inside Marlon’s tracksuit bottoms and was giving him a handjob. “Ain’t no rules in this bar. Anything goes here.” Jimmy said, inan attempt to let Brandi know she could take things a lot further if she wanted to! Marlon got to his feet, tookBrandi’s hand and said “Come on, let’s go into the back room.”The ‘back room’ was just an extension of the bar. There was a small archway but no door. Marlon and Brandiwent in there and disappeared from my line of vision. That was a shame. I had wanted to see her get fucked!I decided against going straight in there with them…especially as Suzy had just moved up real close to me onthe scruffy old couch. She looked incredibly sexy. Her black hair was frizzed right out again into that ‘bighair’ style. She wore white silk pants that were sufficiently see-thru to make it obvious she had nothing onunderneath them. Her glittery silver bra top had silver tassles that came down to her waist. She took my handand said in my ear “Shall we go and join them?” I think she realised that I had wanted to watch my wife fuckMarlon. She also seemed to be offering me the opportunity get it on with her again, after the sensationalblowjob she gave me at that house party last Saturday. “Yeah, let’s.” I replied.As we went through to the other room I saw right away that Brandi was impaled on Marlon’s cock. She wasriding up and down on it hard and fast as it pistoned in and out of her sloppy cunt. He was sitting on a couch,she was on his lap, facing away from him, her crotch zip fully opened up to accommodate his thrusting cock!She grinned at me wickedly and licked her lips! Suzy became very assertive and pushed me down onto oneof the other couches. She yanked my shorts and Y fronts down, took my stiff cock into her mouth and suckedon it for all she was worth!Suzy’s a very skilled cocksucker and I wasn’t going to last too long. Her right hand was wanking my shaft asshe blew me so I took her left hand and guided it towards my asshole. She cottoned on straight away, pusheda finger right up my asshole and rubbed my prostate vigorously. Almost immediately I shot a huge stream ofcum into her waiting mouth. Suzy looked at me, threw her head back and opened her mouth to show me allof the thick gooey spunk she was holding in her mouth. Then she gulped and swallowed it all down in onego! “That was incredible!” I told her.Meanwhile Marlon was still pounding in and out of Brandi’s cunt. Her head was right back and I could tellshe was enjoying multiple orgasms. Marlon had reached forward and was rubbing her clit to heighten theintensity of her orgasms. Eventually his whole body went rigid and I could tell he was pumping huge wadsof cum into Brandi’s cunt.Brandi lifted herself off his cock and flopped down on the couch. Marlon got up, pulled his joggers up andwent into the main bar. He reappeared a moment later with Jimmy and two other guys. I saw Brandi spreadher legs wide open and rub her clit…a sure signal to the newcomers that she was up for a lot more fucking!Suzy had sat back down beside me and I had my hand down the front of her white silk pants, alternatingbetween rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. Brandi was being fucked by Jimmy on the couch and, assoon as he had shot his load in her, he made way for the next guy. More of the locals drifted into the roomand had formed something of a queue to fuck my slutty hotwife. Some of them couldn’t wait their turn tofuck her, so they just tossed off over her face. She accepted every single one of them and, despite swallowinghuge volumes of it, excess cum was dripping all down her chin and pouring down the front of her!Some of the guys wanted to assfuck her and she let them. Only once did she find a cock so big that itwouldn’t slide into her asshole comfortably. Fortunately Jimmy was on hand and went out to the kitchen toget some cooking oil as lubricant! That worked a treat!Marlon came over to the couch that Suzy and I were still sat on. His cock was out, fully erect again already,and Suzy took the hint. She climbed up onto the couch, spread her legs facing me, put her hands on the backof the couch to steady herself and thrust her big Jamaican ass back at Marlon. Her sopping wet cunt wasdirectly in front of my face. “Lick me!” she commanded. Marlon had come up behind her and slammed hiscock straight up her cunt. I licked her clit, less than an inch from Marlon’s cock ploughing into her cunt.Brandi had, by now, worked her way through at least half of the men in the bar and was determined to keepgoing! She had looked over to see what the three of us were doing and smiled. Marlon shot his second loadof the night into Suzy’s cunt and climbed down from the couch. But Suzy stayed where she was, leantforward a little bit more and said to me “Please lick me out!” It would have been rude not to! So I did!Brandi saw what I was doing and beckoned me over. “Hon, I’m totally covered in cum. It’s pouring out frommy cunt and my ass, it’s running down my legs into my boots and it’s all over my hotpants and jacket. Theguys are starting to complain about it and I don’t blame them! I want you to do your best to clean me up a bit.Lick up what you can for me please. Now!”She was right. There was an awful lot of it all over her. She was even lying in a large pool of spunk that haddripped down onto the couch. Some of the guys shouted encouragement as I set about licking as much of itup as I could. Some of them shouted abuse! Many of them were still waiting to fuck Brandi and I soon gotpushed out of the way through their impatience.The mass fucking of Brandi carried on for another good hour. She was visibly wilting towards the end. It hadbeen a constant procession of big black cocks being rammed in her cunt and up her asshole. When her mouthwasn’t being used to suck cock, someone would squat over her face, pull his asscheeks apart and demand arimming! By the end Brandi was absolutely shattered.I scooped her up and literally carried her out to the car, collecting Suzy on the way. Suzy was in remarkablygood shape considering she’d been fucking and sucking most of the evening too…but nowhere near as muchas Brandi had. Getting Brandi past reception and over to the lift was a bit embarassing. She looked quite astate. There was cum all over her! Fortunately Wesley was around and he gave me a hand with her.Brandi flaked out on the bed. I got her jacket and boots off her ok but the skin tight rubber latex hotpantswouldn’t budge an inch, so I let her sleep in them! She didn’t stir until 11 the next morning!Chapter 8“How many?” were the first words that Brandi uttered when she finally came to. “At least 20, maybe more.”I ventured a guess. “Fuckinghell!” she exclaimed. “That was some gangbang! But I’m sore again now. I needyour tongue to soothe me darling. I take it that you don’t want me to shower first! I know you so well. And Iknow exactly what you like and what turns you on. You pervert!” she said with a broad grin.I didn’t need asking twice! As I gently licked Brandi’s cunt and asshole with my tongue I couldn’t believe thehuge amount of cum that was still escaping from both holes. Brandi tried working her muscles to force out asmuch as she could. At one point that made her do a huge fart right in my face! “Hmmm, that’s nice!” I toldher. “Hell, babe, if I knew you liked that I’d have done it for you before! Sometimes your kinks still surpriseme! Next time we run out of toilet paper I’m gonna make you lick my ass clean, you perverted cuckold!”I decided not to answer that…keeping my options open on whether I’d like that or not! What I did like wasBrandi’s willingness to explore every conceivable kink, fantasy and perversion known to man and to engagein every single one of them, without hesitation, if it enhanced our sex life together.“So, we’ve got three nights left. How close to 100 do you think I am now?” I honestly had no idea and toldher so. “Ok then. When we go down to the pool later I’m gonna take paper and pen down to work it out. Ishall consider it a failure if I can’t get fucked by 100 different guys in 12 days and nights here! I may have toput it about a bit more if I get desperate! You know, ask guys outright to fuck me! Only joking, hon! I justneed to wear my ‘fuck me’ outfits I brought and it’ll be a breeze!”We had been poolside for almost an hour and I had nearly dozed off when Brandi very suddenly announced“Seventy-three! I’m a bit behind the pace though. Three-quarters of our vacation is gone already and I’m inno fit shape for another gangfuck today, am I?” I couldn’t believe how important the stats had become to her.I said “Look hon, when we get back home you can carry on fucking lots of other men, going out on dates,dressing up real slutty, just like you’ve been doing here. You’ll soon pass 100! I know you’ve got to be a bitmore careful around people that we know or work with, but we live in a big city and it’s easy to go placeswhere no-one knows us. I hope you’ll keep this up. I really do!”“Oh babe, of course I’ll keep it up, silly! I see all of the time how much it turns you on, but I’m enjoying ittoo! Like I’ve told you before, it’s win-win. To tell you the truth, I’ve surprised myself at how much fun I’vehad, going out in public in such outrageously risky outfits! I get a buzz from it as much as you do. The moredaring I am, the more excited I feel. I’m even gonna start wearing much sluttier stuff to work when we getback. Most of my underwear will never get worn again! I promise you!”I reached over to Brandi’s lounger and gave her a long passionate kiss. “I love you, hon.” I told her. “Loveyou too!” she replied. “I’m gonna sit separately from you in the bar tonight, after we’ve eaten! I wanna getpicked up and fucked!” she added.Later that evening she was true to her word. I sat up at a barstool at one end of the bar and Brandi did thesame about a dozen seats away from me. I didn’t have a perfect line of vision but I could see enough to knowwhat was happening. The first guy to hit on her looked really geeky and she gave him the cold shoulder.Then a much younger guy came over from somewhere amongst the tables and chairs in the centre of themain bar. He chatted with her for a couple of minutes and then she got up to follow him back to where he’dbeen sitting. He pulled up an extra chair for her and she joined the group of 8 or 9 other young men in thegroup. Maybe college grads I thought.Brandi wore a tarty black leather mini-dress and glittery silver ankle boots with impossibly high platforms.Her slutty leather dress laced up the front, but it was a size too small and her tits were trying to force theirway right out! The dress had big silver zips up both sides, from the bottom up to well above her waist. Shewore black seamed sheer stockings and a black leather garter belt. At dinner she’d kept the side zips closed,but I noticed as she walked through the bar just now that she had unzipped both sides by about six inches!Enough to reveal her stocking tops and garter straps on both sides of her dress!I could see Brandi flirting, cockteasing, flashing and sometimes touching the guys sitting all around her.Then they suddenly all got up together, Brandi included, and made their way out of the bar. I noticed that atsome point Brandi must have unzipped both sides of her tarty leather mini-dress much more…right up to herwaist and would have been showing off a lot more of her sexy body to the men than I’d realised.I got up from my barstool for a moment and casually wandered towards the bar exit. I wanted to see wherethey were going. I got my answer straight away. They all entered a lift to go upstairs to the bedrooms! Whatdid Brandi say earlier about being in no shape for more gangbangs today, I thought. Well, she must befeeling a whole lot better now I suppose.I carried on drinking in the bar for almost another two hours. No sign of Brandi! I wondered if she’d gonestraight back to the room so I signed for my drinks and went upstairs. Our room was empty. At 1am I figuredthat she’d been gone for nearly four hours by now! But it was after 2am when she finally came back!She had cum in her hair and all over her dress. “Oh babe, I’ve had such fun! And I’ve been a very naughtygirl. Especially naughty in fact!” she said as she stumbled over to the bed and reached for my cock. “Shall Itell you all about it?” Brandi asked, as she gave me a handjob. “Yes, tell me, you dirty little slut!” I said.“Oh! Your cock’s rock hard now darling! You really like me being a filthy little slut, don’t you! Well, I’vesure been a real dirty tart tonight! And how!”“Andy, one of the guys, is getting married next month. He and his mates are on a week long stag do! Theyonly checked in today. They all fucked me up in his bedroom but then we started playing truth or dare. I hadto do loads of dares! They ordered two bottles of champagne from room service and I had to answer the doorand sign for it in just my boots, stockings and garter belt. It wasn’t Wesley, it was some other guy. Then I hadto go and fetch some more ice along the corridor. Another guy dared me to masturbate with Andy’s can ofdeodorant. Another had me lick his asshole. And Rikki, the guy that hit on me at the bar, said he dared me todrink his piss! Well, I did it babe! Another first for this vacation, eh? It was ok actually. A little bit salty butI’d definitely do it again! Soon, I hope! Now I’m a piss drinking toilet slut, darling!”That’s when I shot my load all over Brandi’s hand! “Oh! I guess you like me drinking strangers piss straightfrom their cocks!” she said, just to torment me even more! “I’m waiting!” Brandi said. “Come on, I need youto clean me up babe! Now!” I did what I had done so often this vacation. I licked and sucked the spunk outfrom both her well used fuck holes. Brandi climbed on top of me and stuck her asshole right over my mouth.I could see her sphincter muscles moving in and out in her attempts to discharge the contents of her ass intomy mouth. Together with some prolonged farting, she emptied all of the filthy slimy muck in her ass rightinto my mouth and said “Enjoy your supper, cucky!”At least tonight she wasn’t too wasted to get undressed properly before going to sleep. “No!” I said to her.“Leave your stockings and garter belt on in bed!” I was still horny from hearing about all the kinky stuff shehad been doing tonight and I wanted to fuck her. But we both drifted off to sleep before that happened.Chapter 9It was our last morning. Our minibus to the airport was taking us at 11.45 and Brandi had packed most of herclothes into her case before we went down to the breakfast bar. She pulled on the skimpy little jeans cutoffsthat she’s worn most mornings to breakfast and a red satin boob tube that laced up the front and showed a lotof cleavage. But I was surprised when she then put on her slutty red platform pvc thigh boots! For breakfast!That was a first!“I thought I’d do something special for our last breakfast here, babe!” Brandi said, aware that I was gawpingat her. “Do you approve?” she asked. “Oh, absolutely. I totally approve.” I answered. So, the usual stares andcomments that Brandi attracted every morning at breakfast were more than doubled today! She played up toit too…exchanging banter with guys that made some very crude comments! She even stood still at one tablewhile four guys groped her and stuck fingers inside her obscenely small cutoffs!Back in the room, Brandi completed her packing and it took me all of two minutes to throw my entire stuffinto my case. I noticed that Brandi had put white leggings, black leather jacket and black pvc ankle boots onthe bed, presumably to wear on the journey home. When she got dressed I saw that, although these leggingsdidn’t have my favourite crotch zip, they were wafer thin, skin tight, and just a little bit see-thru. But best ofall…the cameltoe was sensational. I’d swear that over the past 12 days her cunt had seen so much action thatit’s now permanently bloated and swollen! I’d never seen such prominent cameltoe on her!Actually, the journey home was very uneventful…except for Brandi constantly pulling her leggings up eventighter to maximise the cameltoe on show. I don’t think that doing something like that would have crossedher mind before this vacation. Further confirmation that her slutty hotwife behaviour had reached new levels!We chatted on the flight home. “D’you realise, hon, you only fucked me twice during our whole vacation!”Brandi said to me after our in-flight meal had been cleared away. “I reckon you got more out of watching meget fucked by other guys than if you’d been fucking me yourself! Tell me, am I right? Be honest with mebabe!” I knew the answer to that already. “Yes, you’re absolutely right! What’s more, the biggest buzz for meis when you’re being a bit cruel to me, humiliating or tormenting me…getting me to lick you clean in front ofyour lovers, telling me to clean their cocks, things like that!” I confessed.“That comes as no surprise to me at all.” Brandi said. She went on “I need to know how far you want me totake the cuckolding thing. Tell me what turns you on and what doesn’t. I wanna ramp up all the things thatmake you stiff and horny and avoid the stuff that you’re not into, hon.”“Well, everything that you did this vacation hit the spot. I love it when you dress up real slutty in public andcocktease other men. I liked it when you sat separately from me in the bar, the nightclub and around the pool.I get off big time in watching you flirting, flashing and touching other guys when they think you’re single!As for what I wouldn’t like…let me see…I don’t want a cockcage and I don’t want to be dressed as a sissy! Ithink that apart from those two things I’d get turned on by pretty much any other sort of humiliation, or beingtold by you to do some bi things in front of you. But I wouldn’t be into bi stuff with another guy if youweren’t there! Does any of that make sense?” I said.“Yeah…perfect sense. I just wanna make you happy babe! I’m not doing anything that I don’t enjoy myself. Iknow you’d never want me to do that. It’ll be fun trying a whole load of new stuff out on you now that Iknow for sure what floats your boat and what doesn’t! Yeah…we’re gonna have plenty of fun! You’ll see!”“Hell, I’m looking forward to that!” I told her. Meeting and marrying Brandi was the best thing that everhappened to me…especially after a relatively disastrous first marriage. I knew it was the same for her. Ivowed to myself that I’d do everything possible to make her happy and take good care of her.We grabbed a taxi from the airport and got home less than an hour later. Both of us had work the next day sowe got an early night after unpacking everything. Before getting into bed Brandi put on a black pvc garterbelt and sexy black fencenet stockings. She added a pair of strappy red platform shoes and straddled me withher cunt right over my mouth. I licked at her clit and worked my thumb into her cunt.“Fuck me, darling!” she said. “Fuck your slutty hotwife on the rare occasion that I’m not already full of cumfrom other men’s cocks! I didn’t quite make the 100 different cocks on vacation so I’ll need to do somethingabout that over the next few days! Maybe I’ll go out to a singles bar tomorrow night.” Brandi’s dirty talk hadgot me stiff as steel and I fucked her hard and fast. She put a finger into my asshole and as soon as she beganwiggling it around, I shot my load into her now very well used cunt.Brandi has to leave for work half an hour before me in the mornings. She brought me a cup of tea in bed, asshe always does on workdays…I do the honours at weekends…and got herself ready. The pvc garter beltstayed on and she replaced the fencenet stockings with a very sheer black seamed pair. Very erotic for work!From the closet she took out a blue leather skirt and black satin blouse and put them on. No underwear! Theskirt was certainly quite a lot shorter than she’d normally wear to work! About two inches below her crotchat most, instead of the usual length of midway between crotch and knee! She climbed into a pair of blackstilleto heels…higher than she normally wears to work, and checked herself in the full length mirror. “Howdo I look, hon?” she asked.“Hot and very sexy!” I told her. “If I was your co-worker I’d definitely want to fuck you!” I added.“Yeah, sexy is just what I want now for going to work.” she said. “I’ll gradually move it up from sexy todownright slutty I think. Don’t want to shock all the guys there too much in one go now, do I?” Brandigrabbed her bag, walked through to the garage, jumped into her new BMW soft top and drove off.As I got myself ready for work I thought about what I’d just seen. It was, without doubt, the start of a newchapter in our marriage. Brandi was upping the level of sluttiness and had just left for work looking morelike a street hooker than an office worker. The future looked rosy!

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