Hot time in Toronto at Remington’s


Hot time in Toronto at Remington’sMy wife and I have had a stressful last couple months, and I was required to go on a business trip to Toronto to attend an uneventful conference. It was a cool mid-November week. And, my wife wanted to attend the conference with me at my side. My assistant had booked a room right downtown near the busiest street in the big town. We were a doorstep away from Younge Street. So, finding a place to have dinner and some drinks was at the tip of our fingers. There was no reason to research the internet to find a fun place to go that was within walking distance. After a few days, we decided upon getting a little kinky as it was my last day of the conference and I had an extra day to boot before driving back home. It was a Friday night and I had requested my sultry blonde wife to dress to impress that evening. She found a sexy outfit to wear that barely covered her ample breast and to cover her five foot two assets. She was dressed a bit risqué and she was an eye catcher that evening. On a personal note, these little evenings are not our first dress to impress and get the attention of other people because it always get me excited to watch my Luscious Lori walk in high heels, thigh high nude stockings, and in a daring pink mini skirt. I secretly know that Lori is enjoys the eye candy attention. This routine of a sexy outfit and a dinner date is just one way we spice up our marriage of twenty years. So we hiked it down Younge Street from the hotel and I asked her what the plans for the evening are. She replied that she was a little hungry and could use a drink afterwards. We found a quaint restaurant in the Square and ordered a few plates.After we finished eating, she excused herself to use the washroom to power up. Her small pink dress was shapely over her ass. Her silk blouse and low-cut front end appealed my eyes allowing me to catch her breast. She walked towards the washroom and I caught a glimpse of her lacy thigh highs and 4″ heels for me. While I sat there in my suit and tie outfit, she tells me she was ready for a drink. Surprise me to where we are going next. I kind of knew of the strip clubs situated on the street adana escort and to be honest I had never been to a male strip club with her, and I am sure she had never been to one either. So we walked back up Younge Street to the male strip club called Remington’s and we make our way towards the door. I told Lori, “Let’s check this place out.”By now I could tell her head is all over the place not knowing what to think, especially since she was rather scantily clad.We made our way in and walked upstairs. I patted her ass on the final step, and I could tell she was a little hesitant. We paid the overly priced cover charge and I quickly order the required cocktails before we sat down. Up on the stage, there is a tall built blonde doing his routine and I must say I was quite mesmerized at how the girls in pervert row, who looked to be celebrating a bachelorette party, were memorized by his maneuvers. I could tell that Lori was getting an eyeful and had never really been attracted to other men but by the looks of things the men were putting a spell on her thoughts. I finish my first drink quickly and order a second. Already I am feeling the tingle of the alcohol beginning to take effect. I was watching my wife and her eyes were glued to the small stage and the swinging action on the brass pole by these studs. I could tell that her staring at all the fleshy anatomy she was probably feeling a little warm between her thighs. It was not until a full dark Caribbean dancer took the stage with great body tone came on stage, that really caught her eyes. I don’t recall the dancers name. However, Lori reached over and grab me on my thigh and gave it a quick swipe. I whispered in her ear and ask if she likes what she says? Her reply was simple. “He looks impressive.” I was kind of dumbfounded for words and asked if she likes what she sees. She nods. He stripped down to nothing. He had a huge big black cock. He would swing his cock and rub it until it was fully erected. I never in my life had seen a bunch of over crazed woman get excited and eye googled on his manhood. It was a quick three songs and his routine was complete. It was only a matter of minutes escort adana after he clothed his body, he made his way to our table. He was very friendly, and his accent was a little hard to understand but, he was focused on Lori. He asked if we were from out of town and of course Lori took over the conversation. Before I knew it, this big dancer had his hands sliding on my wife’s thigh right in front of my view. His hands were gracefully rubbing up and down her beautiful petite legs. I could tell that Lori’s thigh’s were getting erect. I was curious to see what she would do next. It did not take long but she was almost ignoring my presence. By now, she was fully engaged with him in his presences. He was talking and I could barely make out what the conversation was because he strategically placed himself on her left side. He had whispered something in my wife’s ear and then they both looked over at me with a devilish smile. She leaned towards me and said, “He invited to me to the VIP room for a dance.”My interest was sparked, and she continued, “Do you mind if I go?”The male dancer piped up and said, “You can come to.”I didn’t have any plans and approved of the situation that was about to take place and followed them into the back booth. The back VIP took another dent of the billfold, but it was not everyday that I get to Toronto and hang with my sexy blonde wife. This was being taken to another level. I did not know what to expect but as I followed this hot male dancer with my wife following closely behind, he led us to the last booth in the back. It was lit in red translucent bulbs. The curtains were transparent and black. Just enough to catch an eye as there were multiple women giving blowjobs to the dancers as we walked by. He shut the curtain right behind and told me to sit on a plush bench. He stood there and took off his shirt. As he did, Lori was memorized and did not know what to do. I looked at her and she was in a dream state like stance. He took the liberty to move closer to her. I pulled off the pink skirt and took her white lacy thongs off at the same time. As she stood there, the big black stallion had his pants off and was fully adana escort bayan erect. I unbutton her blouse from behind and unhooked the bra and released their captives. She was in utter surprise and a little shock. The dancer had a condom and had it on his big black cock within seconds. He was uncut and definitely not flaccid. Lori’s skin was in strong contrast to his black tone. It was only seconds that he had her straddling him and his manhood had slamming her juicy pussy. He was fucking her hard. I never thought of the idea of watching Lori take on a 11-inch stiff black cock. She was humming and giving out loud whimpers. The increased pounding hot her excited and I could tell she came several times within the several moments he was splurging in her pink hole. Never did I think that this was turning her on. I could tell that she was wet, and her crotch was on fire. It seemed like she was straddling for an eternity, but as quickly as she came over and over, she was gone emotionally and physically. Lori and her stripper changes positions and she was bent over with her head in my lap and he was stroking her from behind. My wife was humming in harmony and getting a little too loud. The stripper had to cuff her mouth and said, “I can get in trouble for this. We need to be quite.”I knew my wife could not take it anymore. She was spent after the fourth song and her body was trembling and shaking. The stripper commented on how hot my wife was. And, by the look at her puffy shaved clams they got more than a bargain. My wife sat there on the plush bench. Her legs were spread, and she was continually rubbing her clit. The BBC finally got dressed and said we got to go get us more drinks. As soon as he left, my wife was still totally nude and she jumped on my already made erection. I came and we got dressed quickly to sit back behind the dance stage. The male stripper seemed like quite a nice guy so we had a drink with him and continued watching the guys on stage. My wife exchanged her number with his and the next time we are in Toronto he wanted us to give him a ring and come up to our hotel room. We agreed and did meet him a few months later. Lori’s fantasy of a BBC had been fulfilled and we continue to meet and greet with our new made friend. Needless to say, it is safe to say that Lori loves Toronto now and really takes an extra effort when packing her lingerie and clothes.

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