Her Wonderful Breasts


Her Wonderful BreastsVicky awoke and turning in the bed noticed Dave had already gone, she remembered that he and Paul had said they were going for a days golfing. That left Vicky and Paul’s girlfriend Liz alone for the day in the holiday villa. They had made no plans though.Vicky swung herself out of bed to go and make coffee in the kitchen,she paused in front of the mirror,watching herself for a second.She was dressed in cotton shorts and light cotton top.Perfect for hot nights . At 5 3 and petite with small pert breasts she wondered about herself.She was very different from Liz who though roughly the same height was much broader in frame and with very large breasts which she liked to show off where possible. At the villa she happily sun bathed without a bikini top.It was a good job thought Vicky that Dave had always said he was a “small tits man” otherwise she imagined he would have been ogling her.Which brought her to a bit of a problem.She had always been attracted to large breasts.She knew she did not fancy women as such but maybe because her own were so small she often fantasized about touching , licking and playing with some.She had never mentioned this to Dave .Just in case he started going on about it.This holiday though, seeing Liz , every chance she had putting them out there made her a little jealous –but also a little horny.As she made the coffee leaning against aliağa escort the worktop she found herself almost subconciously pressing herself against the worktop enjoying the pressure on her pubis and clit.She had just started to breath a little more deeply as she got aroused when she heard steps and Liz entered the kitchen .Typical of Liz. she was wearing just skimpy knickers and nothing else .”Today is girls day -we do what we want! ” she smiled and grabbed some coffee. “Morning coffee is great she smiled. “could u do me a favour, i bought some new bras and i don;t know which looks best on me ,can u help me pick one for tonight ” asked Liz. “I kinda like this blue one “said Liz as they sat on her bed facing each other.Liz hooked the bra round her and clipped it on .”The fabric is nice ” she said “feel it “.Vicky reached over and ran her finger round the delicate fabric , perhaps taking a little too long maybe.Vicky realised that she was getting aroused, transfixed by being so close to something she had secretly desired.”Can u help me with this one ” asked Liz struggling with the hook on another bra “Black suits you ” said Vicky.”This one is more comfortable” said Liz , adjusting the straps .”It fits perfectly ” smiled Vicky , this time reaching out and placing a hand on Liz’s breast palm down , cupping it and commenting “oh its lovely smooth material , like silk escort aliağa to touch” “I ‘m not sure what it is but it feels nice “said Liz rubbing the material and squeezing her breast gently.”I could use a pair of these ” smiled Vicky gently touching the side of Liz’s breast “I have no boobs ” she giggled.”No , I am sure yours are nice too ” reassured Liz. ” Can i play with them a bit ” asked Vicky , I really like to know how they feel””Of course ” said Liz. Vicky moved closer and began to fondle Liz’s breast, feeling the heavy weight of it and lifting it slightly as if weighing a delicate but large fruit .She moved her hand to the other breast, repeating the exploration .”they are beautiful Liz ” said Vicky .Liz had been watching Liz as she shaped and explored her breasts and the expression on her face began to alter and she stared into Vicky’s eyes. “You like them a lot don’t you” she smiled “They are so soft “said Vicky . “Do u want to lay down ..i will give u a massage ” “I was going to suggest that , i love massage and your touch is so amazing and gentle” Liz lay back and closed her eyes .Vicky continued to work on her massage , first one breast them the other leaning close over Liz .She noticed Liz’s nipples were now erect .Without opening her eyes Liz reached up and pulled Vicky close to her .Their mouths meeting in a deep kiss, soft and wet .Their tongues exploring aliağa escort bayan each others mouths and lips.”Kiss me everywhere “sighed Liz and gently pushed Vicky’s head down towards her breasts .Vicky took a nipple into her mouth sucking on it and flicking it with her tongue .”aaah” sighed Vicky starting to push her pelvis and pubic area up and onto Vicky’s leg .Vicky moved down tracing Liz’s breast with little kisses and licks taunting her skin and moving over Liz’s mid-rift. She hooked a finger into Liz’s knickers and began to pull on them , Liz raising her legs slightly and kicking them off. Vicky parted Liz’s legs and gazed at her tight little shaven pussy.She slowly ran her tongue along it and the flesh quickly parted and Vicky tasted her juices.Liz began to moan gently with each probe of Vickys tongue.Vicky glanced up at the huge mounds of Lizs breasts and clamped her hands on each breast massaging teach one.Liz covered her hands with her own encouraging her all the time letting out little gasps and moans ahh aah aah aah …Vicky located Liz’s clitoris which was erect and began to loop her tongue round it which seemed to drive Liz to new heights of pleasure and she began to gently raise her hips pushing herself onto Vicky.Vicky’s moans turned into little cries of pleasure and Liz sensed she was going to cum. Liz’s thighs began to spasm as she peaked and started to cum .Suddenly Liz grasped Vicky’s hands even harder and her whole body seemed to spasm as she came.Vicky felt a warm flood of juices mixing with her own saliva as Liz gave a final cry before slumping back exhausted and happy .

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