Helping Out a Friend


Helping Out a FriendIt was one of those summer saturday afternoons; beautiful weather, and working around the house getting chores done. I was mid-task, in a groove and not thinking about anything else going on, when I was pulled back into the world when my phone buzzed in my pocket. After stopping what I was doing and fishing the phone out of my pocket, I was surprised to find a text from my friend Don. Don’s another married guy who I’ve played with sporadically in the past, but we don’t chat very often. He was driving around running errands, and was reaching out because he was really horny and was looking for some help with the situation. I quickly assessed what I would need to do to assist my friend, which included, getting cleaned up, finding an excuse to tell my wife as to why I was changing my plans on a whim, and finding a safe place for us to play. I wasn’t really horny, but I do love a hard cock buried in my ass, and Don has a pretty big cock with a big mushroom tip. After thinking about that cock sliding balls deep inside me, I was committed to helping him out, and responded to his text. I agreed to help him out and we agreed on a general area to meet and figure out where we could go from there.After getting cleaned up, I thoroughly lubed up my ass and shoved in a big jeweled butt plug, and pulled on aydın escort a jockstrap for easy access. Dressed and ready for business I explained to my wife that I needed to pick up some tools and supplies to work on one of the projects on my list and headed out the door. A short time later Don and I were driving around an industrial area looking for someplace discrete; we ended up finding a spot behind some business that was closed for the weekend.Not five minutes after pulling in behind the building, I found myself bent over one of those large wooden wire spools that are the size of a kitchen table, my jeans at my ankles, the sun warm across my back, and Don’s fingers working at the butt plug keeping his cock from where he wanted it to be. There was so much lube in my ass that there wasn’t much resistance as he gently pulled on the heavy chrome plug. I could feel my hole expand, and then contract around the taper of the plug as it left my body, and a feeling of loss as the weight left with the plug. That loss was short lived as Don was horny and hard, and it was only moments until his big tip was sliding between my cheeks and pushing against my hole.I don’t know if it’s just the anticipation, but that moment when a cockhead first pops inside my ass is so sensual, so arousing; and that big mushroom tip escort aydın of his is always a big pop. This time was no different; as Don grabbed my hips, his tip already putting pressure against my ring, and with a deliberate thrust, a gasp escaped my lips, his big bare cockhead was in. Regardless of where I was at before, I now had a cock inside me, and wanted to ride that thing hard and fast. Don wasn’t waiting for me to decide what to do, and quickly began to use my ass. Guiding my ass to a better height for him, his big cock found it’s way inside me all the way to its base. I could feel my ass stretching to accept all of his girth, and my raging hard-on was clear communication that my body loved what was happening.Long and slow, feeling the draw of his cock as it was leaving my body, as I squeeze my ass around the base of his tip. His grip tightening a little on my hips as each delicious inch slides back into my slippery lubed hole, and his hips bouncing against my upturned ass. Several more strokes like this, and then the hormones took over completely. Now with a tight grip on my hips, the cadence changed to a faster, more deliberate drive. I gripped the wooden spool to brace myself as that big hard shaft pounded my stretched hole. His hips and balls slapping against me, my hard cock bouncing in aydın escort bayan rhythm as I managed a big smile between the gasps. Every few minutes my mind focus on the pleasure would shatter, as I was certain I heard someone approaching; after what seemed like forever, my body would win and I’d be back to concentrating on the proper fucking I was receiving that summer’s day.Don keep on my ass for ten minutes, his breathing increasing in accordance with his pumping, and me arching my back to catch each delicious thrust. Now he was at a hard, fast pace, and I knew we were close to the end. Several more pumps, and he pulled out. Not wanting to take a load bare, I quickly turned around and sucked his throbbing slippery cock. The taste of lube and me all over his veiny shaft. A couple minutes later and he pulled out of my mouth, turned slightly and with some guttural sounds finished his load on the ground next to where I knelt.Always the conscientious friend, Don stood me up, bent over, and pulled my throbbing cock into his warm wet mouth. My ass still gaped from the absence of his cock, the chill across my body from the wind across my wet cheeks, and ache in my shaft from the arousal all worked together in allowing me to cum quickly. I grabbed his head as I stiffened, and he drank down every drop of my huge load.I slid my butt plug back in my ass, pulled up my pants, embraced and thanked my friend. A short time later we parted ways and I found myself purchasing tools and supplies needed for that fictional shopping list I had when I left home.

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