Halloween Hostess


Halloween HostessThis story is one of my fondest memories where it let me be the girl i always wanted to be.I was in my mid twenties and had a girl friend who i will call Kathy. Now Kathy was a real demanding bitch if there ever was one. Kathy would say jump and i would say how high why i chose to be with her is any ones guess. There were plenty of nice girls that i could have been with but i wanted to be with Kathy. Maybe i needed that dominant person in my life Kathy was sure that Kathy was very good looking and was built as well she was a natural red head maybe that contributed to her fiery personality.We worked at the same place but in different departments all the guys in that department catered to her i guess they knew better to try and cross her. I was asked on more than one occasion how i could go out with such a mean bitch. The guys called her queen and she just laughed at them. Kathy told them that i was her slave and i would do any thing she wanted. While it was true i would do what she wanted i figured why rock the boat Kathy and i had an awesome sexual relationship.It was the beginning of August and Kathy wanted to go shopping i just wondered why she wanted to drag me along. I soon found out we were over by the swim suits Kathy grabbed a one piece and held it in front of me I bet this would fit you Paul or should i call you Paula. I turned beet red but secretly i was turned on by the thought of wearing something feminine. Kathy bought that one piece i guess to prove a point i did not argue as i knew it would be futile. I thought i would just laugh when that suit did not fit me . Kathy looked at me and said why didn’t you try and stop me? I just said to prove a point you are not always right. Kathy said do you want to bet on it i said not really so why don’t we just leave it at that.Kathy looked at me and said go put that suit on you know you really want to. I gave in as i usually did i went and stripped and i could not believe what i was seeing the one piece suit fit like it was made for me Kathy said see you look good in it . I felt feminine maybe this was who i was meant to be. Kathy said she had a few other surprises for antalya escort me go get out of that suit and come back here naked i did as she said when i got back i was shocked Kathy was naked from the waist down but was wearing a flesh colored strap on dildo had to be at least 10 inches. Get down on your knees and suck my cock i started to protest but just then i felt a sharp stinging sensation Kathy had just given me a lash with her cat-o-nine tails i knew then i better do as she said. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on the dildo Kathy grabbed the back of my head and forced more of the cock down my throat i gagged at first but then accepted the cock .I soon found a rhythm and was now bobbing up and down on the fake cock. Kathy then pulled the dildo from my mouth and had me lean over the arm of the couch i felt her spreading something on my ass then i realized oh my god she was going to fuck me with that dildo . The next thing i felt was pain as that dildo entered my virgin ass but i could do nothing but accept that i was being fucked . The pain soon turned to pleasure i was wondering how it would feel to have a real cock in my ass.Kathy fucked me with that dildo three days in a row my ass felt like it was stretched from here to eternity. Kathy started ordering items from various catalogs i assumed they were for her i was only half right . A week before Halloween Kathy told me that we would be hosting the Halloween party this year we had gone in years past it was always a great time. I just said you will be a knock out as the hostess Kathy just looked at me and smiled i won’t be the hostess you will what i stammered yes Kathy said you will be all female from head to toe . I was in shock but my cock was hard as steel just from thinking about it.The week flew by and Halloween was here after work as we drove home Kathy told me to stop at a photo shop i thought great more pictures no Kathy came out with a camcorder she had rented it just for this party. We arrived at what Kathy called party central Kathy told me to go upstairs take a shower and call her when i was done i did so and Kathy came up and helped me shave all the escort antalya areas that needed to be shaved. She also did a quick job piercing my ears and inserting some medium sized hoops into the pierced site. Kathy laid out the clothes i was to wear as the hostess i looked like a million dollar street walker Last but not least Kathy did my make up i told her not to go overboard i didn’t want to look like Mimi from Drew Cary show Kathy just laughed as if it was the funniest thing she had ever heard.The wig that Kathy bought for me made my hair Platinum blonde in color .I was wearing a coral colored bra and pantie set white lace garter belt and tan thigh high stockings. My navy skirt was short enough to just barely cover the tops of my stockings the white silk blouse was very low cut and showed off my ample cleavage created by the falsies i was wearing.All the guests mostly people from work started arriving around 7 P.M. i greeted the guests and got nothing but compliments on my costume several of the guys told me that they would do me in a second if they didn’t know who i was. Simply put i was flattered as the alcohol flowed every one loosened up. As Kathy was video taping a guy named Jack sat down next to me he was feeling no pain and as he was talking he was running his hand up under my skirt . I saw Kathy smile and i was feeling horny myself so i spread my legs just a little bit. By the looks of Jacks bulge he was turned on as well i motioned for Jack to follow me into another room away from the people. As soon as we were in the other room Jack took me in his arms and gave me a sloppy french kiss i felt his bulge resting against me i pressed my hand against his bulge and traced his hard cock from the out side of his pants. All Jack could do is moan i sank to my knees and freed his hard cock. As soon as his cock was out in the open i sank to my knees and took Jacks cock in my waiting mouth . I sucked Jacks cock like it was the last one on earth it wasn’t long when Jack shot his load in my waiting mouth i swallowed all his cum like a good cock sucker would. I rejoined the party and was met by two of my co-workers they were both antalya escort bayan lit up like a Christmas tree but that did not stop them from feeling me up. There hands were all over me soon my short was up around my waist and my panties being pulled down. They pinned me up against a counter and spread my legs i was helpless soon i felt fingers invading my lubed ass Kathy knew this would happen so she made it a point to have my ass well lubed. Mike was the taller of the two he was also heavier his cock was out of his pants and now being placed at the opening of my boi pussy. Mike started to fuck me and then there was a little bit of blood Mike had popped my anal cherry. Mike was now fucking me like i was his woman. I was let go by Ted and his cock was brushing up against my lips i opened my mouth and started sucking Ted’s cock i felt like this was my calling. Mike and Ted were pumping there cocks into me like there was no tomorrow soon i heard Ted groan and his cock filled my mouth with his salty cum. Mike didn’t last much longer when he gave this cave man grunt and i could feel him cum in my boy pussy.I now knew what a woman felt like to have been fucked and to feel them shoot there load. Kathy had a smile on her face she said Joe and Sam want you bad i have the camcorder set up in the bed room put on a show for me . With that i went upstairs with Joe and Sam it wasn’t long i was clad in only my bra and stockings. Joe and Sam had stripped down they laid me on the bed on my back my legs were spread and pillows placed under my lower back. Joe mounted me first his cock was average about six inches but pencil thin. Sam then had his cock in my mouth Sam was easily seven and a half inches long and very thick as well. i was loving being fucked this way when Sam said time to switch with that i was now on all fours my backed arched Sam’s cock invaded my boi pussy it was a tight fit to say the least. Joe liked having his cock sucked i was taking all his cock down my throat . Joe started to tremble and he blasted his load in my willing mouth i had to swallow quickly to keep his cum from leaking out of my mouth. Sam was built for endurance or so it seemed finally Sam gasped and he filled my loins with his love juice. I was never so happy this was caught on film and i felt like a total woman. That night after the party broke up Kathy and i made passionate love she was as turned on as i was .

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