Gothic Surprise


Gothic SurpriseThe night started pretty ordinary, got off work around 9pm and was headed home. I remembered I needed some things for me and the roommate from the grocery store, so I stopped at the one closest to our house in the suburbs. As I was heading into the parking lot, I spotted this out of the norm girl with long, straight black hair wearing all black, just staring at the ground as she walked. We made eye contact for a short moment as I drove past, and she was a very attractive, young, gothic girl, probably between 19 and 22. I parked close to the door, not too many shoppers out that late, and I couldn’t help but look to see where the girl was headed, but she was walking pretty slow so she hadn’t gotten too far and figured I should just get to my shopping. When I came back out of the store, I found myself still thinking about that girl and looking around to see if the pretty goth girl was still around, then I hear a voice call at me…”You looking for someone?” I turn to my right and there she is, leaning up against the pillar smoking a cigarette. Her hair, long black, satin dress and evening gloves glistened in the light. As I looked at her in her purple lipstick, stricken by her beauty, I found myself lost for words.Girl:”You weren’t looking for me were you?”Me:”Well no, I was just…you know, checking my surroundings before I head to my car.”Girl:”Oh yeah?””You worried some crazy person might get you?”Me:”Hey, you can never be too careful.”Girl:”Carful is for pussies!””You aren’t a pussy, are you…””Sorry, what’s your name?’Me:”I’m Ben!””I ah…I live just up the street.”Girl:”Well hi Ben from up the street, nice to meet you.””I’m Shannon.””So tell me Ben, do you live up the street alone, or you got a wife or girlfriend or some shit like that?”Me:”No, nothing like that, just me and my roommate.”Shannon:”Roommate huh?””Is he cute?”Me:”Ahh, I guess, I don’t really know…”Shannon:”Ha, calm down big boy, I’m just fucking with you.””But for real, I just got in a big fight with my boyfriend and I’m looking for a good revenge fuck to make him jealous, you game?”Me:”Ah wait, are you serious?”Shannon:”I’ll take that as a yes, come on, let’s go meet your roommate.”She begins walking to my car. At that point I didn’t know what to do but follow, so we walked to my car and I opened the door for her.Shannon:”Oh look at you all gentlemen like and shit!””Cute!”I got in and drove us up the road to our house, I was so nervous I didn’t say a word the way there. As we pulled up the driveway, she broke the silence.Shannon:”So your roommate gotta name?”Me:”Ah yeah, Kevin.””He’s cool.”Shannon:”He’s cool huh?””You’re just too adorable, you trip me out.””Come on, let’s go say hi to Kevin.”We walk in and head to the den in the back of the house where our big couches and hang out area was to find Kevin. As we walk into the room, Kevin greets us.Kevin:”Yo Ben, what’s up dude!””And hi there , who might you be?”Shannon:”Ben you were right, he is cute!””Just fuck’n with you.””I’m Shannon and I’m here to fuck!”She let out a short giggled and I remember Kevin looked at me like his mind was about to explode, he had no idea what was going on and was totally shocked.Shannon:”These are some nice couches, you guys fuck girls here all the time huh?”Kevin looks at me:”Is she for real right bornova escort now?”Me:”I wasn’t sure at first, but yeah I’m pretty sure she’s legit about this.”Shannon:”Oh yeah, I’m for real alright!””Come here and sit on the couch, let me show you.”Kevin and I looked at each other like “who’s gonna go first”, then I quickly decided to follow her towards the couch.Shannon stops in front of the couch and looks at us:”Go ahead and sit down.””You both need to relax.”So we both take a seat on the couch leaving a small distance between us. She then positioned herself in front of us and slowly started swaying as she began to run her shiny, black, satin hands down her black, shiny dress that reached to the floor. As she caressed her body, the sound of the silky material could be heard making an arousing swish to her movements.Shannon says with a dirty grin on her face:”Good boys!””Now pull them out, let’s see’em!”Kevin and I looked at each other cowardly, as if still unsure whether to go through with this.Shannon:”Nope, big boy time!””Pull your pants down, NOW!!”We both almost jumped to our feet and dropped our pants at the same time, then quickly both sat back down with our pants and boxers around our ankles.Shannon says as she kneels down in front of us:”See, that wasn’t so hard was it?””So, let’s see what we’re working with here.”She began to stroke both our cocks with her silky, gloved hands. As she did we both quickly grew to full mast. Shannon:”Mmm, ok I can work with this.”It wasn’t long before I felt her cold, wet tongue gliding up the underside of my shaft. I looked down and she smiled before putting the tip of my dick in her mouth and dancing her tongue tightly around it while puckering her lips tightly below my mushroom. She then took me all the way down her throat and slowly sucked me like nothing I’d ever felt before.After she’d really made my dick feel amazing for a few long minutes, she continued stroking me while she placed her mouth on Kevin. She did him just the same, starting slow and taking her time pleasuring his cock with her tongue and lips.Kevin:”I can’t believe this is happening right now!””Fuck that feels good!?”After she gave Kevin a nice long suck, she parted her purple lips from his member, dragging a long strand of spit from her lips to his tip. She then stood up and returned to rubbing her long, black, satin gloves across the tight fitting, silky dress. She swayed to the music in her head as she rubbed her titts, ass and pussy through the super shiny material. Finally she brought those gloved hands to the thin straps of the long, slip dress and slid them off her shoulders. She continued to sway back and forth as she slowly pealed down the silky, black dress.The dress got hung up on her breasts and black lace could be seen peeking from her cleavage. She gave the dress a small tug to drag it past her titts and reveal a sexy, black, satin corset with bra like half lace cups. The fabric was so silky it looked like liquid. As she continued to work the dress down her body, revealing more and more of the gorgeous lingerie, she turned away from us and poped her satin covered ass toward us. As the bunched up dress slid over her ass, it became clear she had more, shiny, black lingerie to show us. Once the dress got past her hips it bornova escort bayan fell freely to the floor and under it she wore a short, black, satin, half slip with lace at the bottom. She then put her hands on her hips and smirked down at us as we looked up at her in the dark, silky lingerie, helpless to whatever she chose to do next.Shannon looking back and forth between us:”Hmm, who to fuck first?””Well Ben, you did find me and brought me here…soooo…”She then went wide-eyed as I began to smile, then stopped and said with a smirk:”You get to watch Kevin fuck me!!”She then giggled at me as she quickly jumped on top of Kevin and began kissing him wildly as she began to grind on his cock. As she grinded back in forth across his junk, the short, silky slip slid up to reveal her black, satin, full back, bikini panties. I looked over to get a better look just in time to see her pull the ultra shiny panties over as she pressed her wet, hole to Kevin’s cock. Once the tip was in, she started to work her pussy up and down on it.Shannon:”Yeah, how’s that pussy feel?””That feel good Kevin?”Kevin looking mesmerized responded:”Oh my god yes!”Shannon looks down into his eyes:”Mmm, good.””Now how about this?”After just a few more back and fourths over Kevin’s tip, she dropped down, taking all of his girth inside her.Kevin gasped:”Holy shit!!””Wow!””Fucking wow!”Shannon laughs as she looks over at me:”You wanna just keep watching, or you gonna put your dick in my mouth?”I smiled at her and thought, I can’t believe this chick! I stood up and brought my dick to her face as she now bounced up and down on Kevin’s prick. She didn’t waste a moment taking me into her mouth. She rubbed my balls with her silky fingers as she sucked and fucked me and my roommate for quite awhile in that way.Finally she pulled me from her lips then lifted herself off Kevin. She then stood up and looked at us.Shannon:”Ok boys, let’s change it up.””Get up, both of you!”Kevin and I both quickly got off the couch and stood there for a moment awaiting direction.Shannon points to the couch:”Ok Ben, lay down.””It’s your turn!”I quickly laid down on my back on the couch, and she followed by straddling me as she curled her finger to Kevin for him to stand close. As she took Kevin’s large cock back into her mouth, she began running her silky panties back and for over my erection. I could feel all the hot wetness through the thin, wet material as she kept pressing her pussy harder, and harder against me. Soon she reached down with the hand that wasn’t tightly wrapped around Kevin’s shaft, and pulled the panties to the side. I then feel her cold, silky fingers grip my hardened cock and push it into her entrance.By this time her pussy was so wet that my cock just effortlessly slid fully inside her. Still, her pussy was incredibly tight and felt insanely good as she slid up and down on my throbbing member. I felt like I’d never get enough of this crazy bitch as we continued enjoying her lustful pleasures.The three of us went on for what must have been close to an hour, just taking turns fucking her pussy while she sucked the other. It was at this point she took it just a little further.Shannon:”Alright boys, this has been some good fucking.””Now I want you to double stuff me as I finish you both escort bornova off.”I sat down on the couch, she quickly straddled me, slid her panties over and took me back inside while she kissed me passionately. She then bent forward, pressing her silky titts against my face as she reached back and pulled her slip up and her panties far over so her ass was fully exposed. Kevin then pressed the tip of his dick to her tight hole and slowly pushed himself into her ass. I could feel her pussy tighten up as Kevin’s dick came in, it was a new but good feeling in the moment.We worked her holes like this for several minutes and soon Kevin and I both were getting close to climax. As she could feel our cocks twitching she made her final demands.Shannon looks back at Kevin:”Yeah that’s it, fill my ass up with your hot spunk!”Right as the words left her lips Kevin began bucking and moaning.Kevin:”Oh fuck!””I’m gonna cum!””Fuck I’m cumming!”Shannon:”Yes, do it!””Cum inside my ass!”I felt Kevin push himself in deep one last time as he came hard inside her. A moment went by and I could feel his spunk running down my balls as her ass overflowed. This only aided in making me need to bust my load as well.Me:”Ah shit, I’ma cum too!”As soon as I spoke the words, I felt Shannon start to lift herself off as she pushed Kevin away and out of her ass. Shannon as she’s sliding her dripping pussy up and off my raging cock:”YOU can’t cum inside me though, wrong hole!””I got a better idea!”She got on her knees between my legs and began sucking and jerking me as hard as she could. Feeling her silky grip around my dick, and those wet lips sliding up and down, over and over, was about as much as I could take. As I watched this sexy lady look up at me as she devoured my manhood, I couldn’t help but smack her ass. She let out a lust filled moan which in turn inticed me to pull that silky, little slip up so I could get a handful of her ass in those shiny, black panties.As my hand glided over the silky panties, she tightened her mouth and grip around me until finally I couldn’t hold back any longer.Me:”Oh hell yes!””Fuck yeah!””I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!”She opened her mouth wide and jerked my hot load right into her mouth and face. I put the whitest, thickest, spunkiest looking load of hot jiz all over her beautiful face. She just sat back smiling as she whiped the cum from her face then licked it off her fingers. She then leaned forward and slowly sucked the cum from the tip of my dick.We all took a few moments to chill and catch our breath. Shannon began to small talk, complimenting our place and decor. A few minutes in she asked us where our bathroom was, and she picked up her dress and headed in. About 5 minutes later she came out, dress on and looking just as perfect as she did when she walked in. Shannon takes notice of our almost shocked, sex-drunk faces, smirks and says:”You two are just too cute!””Well boys, thank you both for a lovely time, but I got a boyfriend to piss off.”Me:”You’re leaving?””Wait, don’t you like need a ride?”Shannon:No it’s ok, I’m a big girl.””Besides, I’m in the neighborhood.”Me”Oh right on.””Maybe we’ll catch you around again… sometime?”Shannon laughs:”Ha, yeah maybe!””… probably not, but maybe.””Anyhow, I’m out!”As Shannon’s walking out the door:”Thanks for the fuck boys!”Door slams, and Kevin and I would never see or hear from Shannon again. Years later, we still remind each other of that crazy night with the gothic chick. I can’t speak for Kevin, but I’ve had a thing for black, satin lingerie ever since.

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