Gorgeous and Ready


Gorgeous and ReadyTracy is a cute little thing with brown hair and a darling smile. She’s been using my swimming pool for many years, but now that she’s eighteen, her little body has developed into one that I’d love to get my hands on. And her flagrant flirting doesn’t help.One day I caught her laying on the deck wearing only panties and no bra! She smiled up at me with a look that said, “I know you like what you see.”My immediate reaction was to roll her over, get between her legs, and pop her cherry. But my better judgment prevailed. uşak escort bayan I said, “Tracy! You need to get your clothes on!”“Why? The sun feels good on my skin. Would you put lotion on my back?”“I will if you’ll put your bikini on,”“Okay, but you’re no fun.” Then she stood up, showing me her small tits, but flat tummy and nice ass. She took her sweet time putting on her bikini, knowing that I liked what I saw. When she was finally in her bikini, she walked over to me, put her arms around my neck, and said, “Now escort uşak will you put lotion on my back?”“Sure.” Tracy laid back down on her towel and handed me a tube of suntan lotion. She probably noticed my hard cock hiding under the bulge in my trunks as she pulled her long hair out of the way. Then she laid her head down as I spread the lotion on her back.Tracy moaned as I moved my hand up and down on her back. Then I moved to the back of her legs as my cock got harder and harder. I moved my hand up close to her private uşak escort area and she spread her legs slightly to let me in. Then I let one finger briefly brush her pussy area and she moaned again.“Bill. You’re turning me on,” Tracy whispered.“The feeling is mutual, Tracy.”Then she turned over, grabbed my bulge, and said, “Why don’t you let me put lotion on your cock? It’ll feel good.”I quickly weighed whether or not to do it, and my hormones won. “Okay. If you insist.”I slipped out of my trunks to release my hard nine-inch cock, then straddled her stomach. “There it is,” I said as my cock bounced up and down on her chest.“Oh my god! It’s so huge!”“Well, your little body made it that way.”Then Tracy took a squirt of lotion and spread it on my cock, then stroked it slowly

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