Ginger and I: Part 2


Ginger and I: Part 2Ginger and I had both just had intense and fulfilling orgasams.We lay there spooning with me at her back and gentling stroking her beautiful breasts, I like to keep her nipples hard! She turned to me and asked, “Did you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed doing it to you?”I said, “Yes I do, I absolutely loved you fucking me in the ass, I have wanted to do that for a very long time, THANK YOU!”She just smiled, kind of a wicked little smile that says, We are gonna have a lot of fun together.We lay there in for a little bit longer, and as always happens to me when I have the pleasure of feeling a naked woman’s body against mine, I started to firm up again.Ginger reached back and grabbed my semi-placid cock with her unbelievably smooth and soft hand.She turned to me and asked, “Would you use that toy on my ass?”I was a little surprised as she had not said anything about wanting to receive anal before this.I relied, “If you want me to, I would love to. Have you ever had anal sex before?”Her reply was deadpan and surprising, “No, but I have always fantasied about it?”I asked, “Are you sure that you want to use this toy, it is pretty big? Would you like me to start with something smaller, I antalya escort have a few smaller toys the we could use!”That is when she really surprised me, “If you can take it, I can take it!”Well hell that was all I needed to hear, I was hard now with the anticipation of trying this exploration with her, it would open so many doors for us for future play!I wanted to relax her a little bit, and make her enjoy it, we were still spooning so I reached around and slid my hand down her soft smooth belly until I found her smooth shaved pussy, I slid my finger into pussy and started to rub her clit with my thumb, she immediately started to relax and loosen up.I rolled her over on her back and got between her legs and went down on her again, only this time as I was licking and sucking her honeypot, I slid a finger into her small tight ass. She moaned and stiffens a little, she had never had anyone touch her ass this way before, I started working my finger in and out of her tight hole and and she relaxed and I could tell she was enjoying it. I slid a second finger into her ass and she started to push down on them. Now I knew for sure that she wanted more. I liberally lubed her tight hole with a good escort antalya anal lube and the lubed the dildo up.I placed the dildo against her puckered hole and asked, “Are you ready for this?”She said, “Yes, I want to feel it in me!”I started to apply pressure and ever slowly the head of the dildo started to slide in, I was watching her face to make sure that I was not hurting her, She grimaced as the head finally slid in, I stopped and waited for her to relax. She saw me watching her, and I could tell when she relaxed as her smile started to return, “Are you ready for more?” I asked, she just nodded.I push about an inch more of the dildo into her, and as expected she grimaced a little more, I started to pull it back out, but she stopped me. What happed next amazed and aroused me to no end. She reached down and grab the dildo and forced about 6” of it into her tight hole. OMG that was hot to see, Her eyes rolled back into her head, I asked, “Are you OK? Does it hurt?” She nodded, “Do you want me to take it out?” She shook her head NO and then guide my had as I pushed even more of it into her. She was loosening up now.She pulled on my hand holding the dildo slow and steady until she had taken antalya escort bayan the whole thing in, I was stunned, I never thought that she would be able to take all 12” of it.I let it sit there for a couple of minutes to let her stretch more and relax, Then I slowly slid have the length of it out and then slid it back in. Ginger started riding it, This girl is amazing, I could never have done that on my first penetration. She was riding it good and hard, and enjoying it more than I expected.She said, “sit on my face so I can suck your dick while you fuck my ass”All I could say was “Yes ma’am”!I straddled her face and she took my now rock hard cock into her mouth, Being a gentleman I leaned over and started sucking her clit as I fucked her ass with the dildo, I could feel her moaning and shaking, her body starting to quiver. She pushed my pre cum soaked cock out of her mouth and said, “Fuck my ass with your cock!” Again, being a gentleman I said yes. She was on the verge of cumming already at this point.I slid the dildo out and pulled her legs up, and slid my throbbing cock into her ass, it immediately grabbed it and tightened around it. I knew I would not last long, but she lasted even less time, her whole body started quivering as she ascended to the top of an orgasam, this was all I could take, I blew my load for the second time that day buried balls deep into her beautiful tight ass.This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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