Gator Bait and Hog Food


Gator Bait and Hog FoodI stood looking out the door of my new digs, It was a sliding door and the glass portion was open. I heard giggling and turned and saw three little girls walking hand in hand out on to the pool deck. The middle and largest one wore a short terry robe and had towels over her shoulders. Older sister, about 14 or 15 taking her little sisters out to play. They sat at a table near the pool and the middle one threw a ball a short distance on to the grassy area beyond the pool. The smallest one ran and got it. She tried to throw it back but it only went about half way.I decided to be a good guy and walked out the door and addressed them. “Hi! Girls, How are you guys today? I have to tell you that you are not allowed in the pool area without an adult accompanying you. But since I don’t have anything else to do I will watch you until you are through. OK?” They turned and looked at me. Wow! I looked into the six bluest eyes I had ever seen. They turned back around and I sat in a nearby chair under an umbrella set and watched the middle one throw again. The littlest one ran after it. She picked it up and ran back with the ball. The middle girl threw again and the ball bounced closer to the foliage. The littlest girl ran giggling to get it. I saw a movement in the brush and recognized the shape. I ran as fast as I could and snatched her up as the giant alligator struck. I ran on past the b**st and it turned to follow. I clutched the little girl to my chest and hurdled the fence and managed to keep my feet. I stopped and looked at the gator and realized some one was screaming. We were safe on the other side of the fence from the gator. The other girls were still in with the gator. I yelled, “Run in that door and be ready to close it. They quickly entered the door and I yelled for them to shut it. I ran around to the front and tried the door. Locked! I knocked and it was soon opened. The middle girl smiled up at me, “Is Sissy ok?” “I think she is fine.” I said as I entered the room. I tried to put the little one down on the couch but she wouldn’t let go of my neck. I looked down and saw she had her eyes closed. “Sweetheart, can I put you down now?” She shook her head and hugged my neck harder. The middle girl smiled up at me. I looked at the older c***d and said, “There are Cokes in the refrigerator, get four of them out for us, please.” Her hands still covered her eyes, she was softly crying. The middle one said, “Can I get them, Mommy, can I?” The biggest one nodded her head. Did I hear right?Mommy? No way.I went to the phone and dialed 411. I asked the operator for the number of the county Alligator Hunter. When she came back to me, I had her dial the number for me. The phone was answered on the third ring I told him we had a bad one for him. “It almost got a toddler. You need to get him quick, he is hungry.” He said he would be there in ten minutes after I gave him our location. The biggest girl came and put her arms around the girl I held, She hugged and kissed the little girl. I held both of them and patted the biggest girls shoulder and told her everything was going to be alright. She looked up at me and gave me a smile that shook me to my toes. Bright blue eyes filled with tears, golden blond hair streaked with orange, a tiny pug nose. She couldn’t be called beautiful, I thought, or maybe not even pretty, but I knew she was the cutest thing I had ever seen. She pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips, WOW! I couldn’t breathe, my heart stopped beating. I gulped as I tried to speak. I said something that sounded like “Ah ting see gun be arrrite.” I shook myself and held the two of them a little tighter. “I think she is going to be alright. She wasn’t hurt.” The little one said, “Can I get down now Mommy?””Yes dear, give the nice man a kiss and thank him.” The little one pulled my face down and kissed me. I will always cherish that kiss. I put her down and realized I was still holding the mother. I looked into those blue eyes and mumbled something stupid. I cleared my throat and said, “I enjoyed holding you very much, I didn’t want to let go, sorry!”She smiled and my world lit up, “I liked it too. Don’t be sorry, how can I ever thank you for what you did. I can never repay you.””Please sit and talk to me, where do you live?””Why, right next door. We just moved in last week.””This is my first day here. Does your husband work here in the city?”The older girl looked at me and said “Our Daddy got killed in the war.”I said, “NO! Oh Shit! forgive me, we lost too many good men there.” I looked at the Mother, “Desert Storm?” She nodded. My eyes filled with tears, I got up and walked to the kitchen and got a paper towel to dry my eyes. The mother looked at me, “you were there too, weren’t you?””Yes, Both of them, I just resigned, I have had enough for now. If they really need me, I guess I’ll go back.””Are you married?””Was, she made it through the first war, told me if I went to the second one she would be gone. I didn’t believe her. She was divorced and remarried before I knew what happened. Semper Fi”‘”You were a Marine? Bill was too!” “Oh, there is the Gator Guy, I have to go talk to him, I’ll see you again as soon as you will let me.”I talked to the Gator hunter he told me we were lucky I was alert and moved fast. He said that once the gator had a c***d that size it was a goner, no way to save it. We looked out over the small lake trying to spot the b**st. I saw something. It was back in the brush where it had been earlier. The hunter looked the situation over. He said that if we could block off the place he had come under the fence we would have him trapped. He said he might have something in his truck. He told me to watch the gator while he went and got something. I looked back at the apartments and saw the three girls watching from their glass door. I waved and went back to my gator watching. When he came back he had a small aluminum step ladder and a rifle. “I want to block him from getting to the pond. If I don’t hit him perfect he will be in the water in a heart beat. I can’t take a chance with a big aggressive gator like this one.”I told him I would walk around the building with the ladder and try and sneak down and block off the hole under the fence. He looked at me and grinned, “Are you sure you want to do that? You won’t be far from him if he goes out the hole.””If you don’t mind I will strap on my 44 magnum before I go play with him.””Just don’t shoot me!”Like a damned fool, I picked up the ladder and went in through my glass doors, got the big revolver and buckled the belt on. I picked up the ladder and went out the front. I worked my way down the fence. I hoped the gator guy had his attention. Every thing went fine until I was about six feet from the hole. Suddenly the gator swapped ends and bolted for the hole. I jumped and dropped the ladder over the fence and grabbed the big pistol from my side. The ladder held him up for a second, then it collapsed. I carefully aimed and put a shot between his eyes as his head came through the hole. He started twisting and thrashing about and I could not get lined up for another shot. The gator guy ran up behind him and stuck him with a harpoon. He ran with the rope and tied it around a palm tree. When the gator wound himself up in the harpoon rope I looked at the gator guy, “Do I need to pop him again?””If you can get a good clear shot, go ahead, He can’t get too dead for me!”I put another shot about an inch from the first one. The big alligator didn’t flinch.The hunter came over near the b**st and looked at the holes in his head, “Both killing shots. Damn good shooting under the circumstances, you were as cool as a cucumber.”I looked at my hand and held it out to the hunter. It was shaking like mad. He smiled, “It sure wasn’t shakin’ when you were shootin’.”I invited him to sit and have a beer while we waited to make sure the gator was dead. He accepted and I went in and dropped off the pistol while I grabbed a couple of beers. He wanted to know who to see to get permission to open the large gate so he could get his truck in to pick up the carcass. I told him I would find the key if I could, otherwise we would cut it off. People were gathering to look at the gator now. I felt someone pulling at my sleeve and looked down at the littlest girl. “Are you alright Mister?” I picked her up and looked at the hunter, “This was the gator bait. You can see why he had to go.””No doubt about that.” I put her down and she ran off. I looked and lost her in the crowd, no sign of the others. I stood to find them when arms went around my neck and my face was being kissed. “Sean, Sean, I saw the whole thing, I was scared to death.”I pulled back and saw my younger sister, Laura, I grabbed her and lifted her off her feet in a hug. I kissed her several times and put her down. I looked for the mother and her two girls but couldn’t see them. I held my sister at arms length and looked at her. Wow! She was a real Hottie. “Sis, you are gorgeous. What happened?””Well loosing forty pounds didn’t hurt. And I am in love with a wonderful guy, I have to look good for him. Who are you looking for?””A lady with two little girls I just met. I think I am in love. Never mind, When can I inspect this guy you like?””Inspect?””Sure, I am the only family you have left, I have to approve or disapprove, don’t I?” We went into my place and I changed and we met her young man for dinner. I really liked him. I told her that she had my tentative approval to continue seeing him. Like she was going to stop if I didn’t approve. Right.The next morning I met with the complex manager and went over the books and that stuff. I really was lost at this, I didn’t know what he was talking about half the time. I needed help. I sent him off and we agreed to meet again in a couple of days. When he was gone I looked out to see if I could see her and the girls. Nope. I sat in chair where I could see out on the deck but I had no luck. After lunch I walked out front and looked for her parking place. There was a car in it. I went to the front door and knocked. She opened it and I looked into those eyes again. Damn! She was better looking every time I saw her. I sort of stammered about wanting to know how they all were, especially the little one.”Why don’t you come in and see.” I stepped in the door and was greeted by clapping and two little bodies hugging my legs and clamoring to be picked up and kissed. I picked one up in each arm and kissed and was kissed. I loved it.”Will you have a beer with me?””I would love to.” We talked for several hours, it seemed like two minutes. One of the girls ran over and looked up at me, “We saw your girlfriend yesterday, she was beautiful.””Wasn’t she gorgeous, that’s my little sister. I hadn’t seen her in a year and a half. I want her to meet you guys.”I thought I saw a little smile on the mother’s mouth, but I wasn’t sure. I mentioned I had some work to do and asked when I could see them again.”If you don’t have a date tonight, come over for dinner about seven.””I will be there, can I bring anything?” “Just yourself.”I tapped on the door to apartment two at seven on the dot. The middle girl opened the door and politely invited me in. I entered and saw the mother/girl in the kitchen wearing shorts and a crop top, she was leaning over checking something in the oven. I could see how tight the shorts were and I could see up under the short top where her breasts hung free. My heart kipped a couple more beats. She hurried to me and pulled my face down and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Hi! Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. Can I offer you a drink, All I have is Rum, Captain Morgan.””Wonderful, I like that, just ice and water please. What are we having? It smells great.””Please sit down and we will join you.”I sat in the living area and the littlest girl ran and climbed in my lap. She hugged me and gave me a kiss. I hugged her back and gave her several kisses. She cuddled right up and made no effort to get down. That was fine with me. The next in size climbed up on the other side and hugged my neck and kissed me too. She locked those blue eyes on my face and I felt a glow settle over me. I looked in those eyes and asked her name, she smiled and said, “I am Mary Jane Gordon, Sissy is Priscilla Gordon, and Momma is Molly Gordon.”Molly was handing me a drink, I grinned at her and said, “Molly, I am Sean Patrick Murphy. I am so glad to meet you. I am sorry I have no more lap left.””Me too, Sean. Girls bolu escort bayan get down and let Mr. Murphy enjoy his drink.”I grinned at her, “you look lovely tonight. All three of you do. I have been looking out the window for you guys all day. I still think you are all sisters and have a mother or father hiding in the closet or somewhere.” Mary Jane laughed and said, “Mr. Murphy, you are so silly, This is our Momma.””Are you sure she is not your big sister?”Sissy ran and hugged Molly, “This is my Mommy.” “I believe you Sissy, I believe you, you girls have a beautiful Mommy.””Yes we do!” was the chorus answer.I took a sip of my drink. I really didn’t need it, I was high on these three girls. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Molly. I just sat there with a big grin on my stupid face.Molly smiled back, “What did you do in the Corps?” she asked.”I was a pilot.””Oh! So was Bill, FA18s.””Me Too! VMFA 312, Checkerboards.””I have heard of them, Bill was an exchange pilot with the Navy, VFA 34.””How did you end up here. In the middle of Florida?””Bill was an instructor at Pensacola, we had a big country house there. I couldn’t afford it on his pension, there were too many memories in that area for me. I had to get away. I thought it would be easy to find a job here. I haven’t had a chance to look yet.”What kind of work do you do?””I have a degree in hotel management, but only worked at it for a year or two before I had Mary Jane.””Guess what, a job just found you,””What do you mean?””I inherited this place and I haven’t the slightest idea about how to run it. I don’t even know how to get started. I do know your rent will be free, and the pay will be what ever you think is fair. Please say “Yes”, I really need you.””What do you think, girls, shall we work for Mr. Murphy?””Yes, Yes , we love Mr. Murphy.””OK, then, we will take the job, it will be perfect, maybe I won’t have to put the girls in day care if I can work from here.””Wonderful! Really great. I’ll give you a percentage of the profits. I believe in incentive programs and I think that is one of the best. There are over 300 apartments here, can you do it?””Oh! Yes I can do that. I am so happy, I could just kiss you.””Well, let me think about that. I don’t think you are actually an employee yet, so if you want to kiss me, go ahead, I don’t think you can sue me for sexual harassment.”She grinned and kissed me long and hard. She ended up setting on my lap. I guess she felt what that did to me because she jumped up and said she had to put dinner on the table.” A few minutes later Mary Jane told me dinner was served. I walked in the dinning area and gave Sissy a lift on to her booster chair, she paid me with a sweet smile. Damn, I was butter in the hands of these girls. It was an excellent meal, I enjoyed every bite and told the girls I was impressed, and delighted. Sissy clapped her hands and said she had helped, Mary Jane said she had prepared the vegetables. I acted really amazed and said I didn’t believe they had really helped. Molly insisted she could not have done it with out their help. The two little ones clapped again when I said how wonderful they could cook. All those smiling blue eyes did me in again. Wow! I was in love with the whole bunch. How would I be able to function in that group of heartbreakers. Any one of them would be able to twist me around their little finger. I just grinned and said it was the best meal I had since I left home many years ago.I asked Molly if I could help with the dishes, she smiled and said I could, dishwashing was not near as popular as cooking. I brought all the dishes from the table and Scrapped the plates and stacked the plates in the dishwasher.She said she had not used a dishwasher in years, they didn’t have one in the country. I showed her how to load it and we had to use dishwashing liquid. I shut the door and took her hand and led her to the couch. I looked in those eyes and told her I still had trouble believing she was old enough to be the mother of Mary and Sissy. She smiled and said, “I can look older if you want me to. Give me a minute.” She stood and went to her bedroom. Ten minutes later I heard heels click on the floor and looked up to see a beautiful woman walk in the room. Her hair was on top of her head, she wore a black dress that revealed her perfect figure, high heeled shoes added the finishing touch.” Holy Cow, you are gorgeous. I don’t know what to say. I love the way you look.” I stood and walked to her. I looked down into those big blue eyes. She had a touch of make up on. I had to fight to resist kissing those lips. I lost the fight and brushed her lips with mine. I caught a whiff of her perfume and was lost forever. I had to almost run back to the couch. I grabbed a pillow and put it in my lap. She followed me and sat beside me.”That wasn’t much of a kiss.” she murmured.”It was enough to send me over here.”She looked puzzled. “What do you mean?””I am aroused, young lady, I had to sit and hold this pillow.” “What did he mean Mommy?” asked Marry Jane.Molly giggled, grinned, and said “Really?””Yes, really, and don’t you dare ask me to answer Mary Jane’s question.” She leaned toward me and kissed me for a long time. I felt her tongue touch mine and felt her hand explore my lap. She found what she was searching for. She pulled back, “Oh! My, that’s nice. The kiss was nice too!” I think I actually blushed. She smiled sweetly and said “That will require further study later. Go get ready for bed girls.” They took off running, they were back in five minutes, smelling of tooth paste and all giggly. They kissed Molly then looked at me, I looked as sad as I could. They looked at Molly, “can we kiss Sean good night too?” She nodded yes. They each held their faces for a kiss then had to kiss me. “Thank you girls, I would have been very sad not to have your kisses tonight.” Sissy ran to Molly and whispered something in her ear. Molly stood and said, “I’ll be back after I tuck them in.” I got an erection just watching her walk across the room. Damn, what was I going to do?She looked just as good coming back. Double Damn! She sat beside me and smiled as she removed the pillow I had been holding in my lap. She looked up at me, “Sean, how long has it been since you have had a woman?”I thought, “About two years.”She said, “I think we should take care of that little problem after a while. I have no other way to repay you.” “Hey look, you owe me nothing, certainly not that.” I saw tears welling up in her eyes. “I will flat-out tell you little girl, I have never wanted any woman in my life as much as I want you right now. I just don’t want you to think that is the only reason I am here. I can’t think of the other reason right now, Damn Girl, you have me as wound up as a teenage k**. I guess I might as well say how I feel, I think I am in love with you. I don’t want to do anything to mess it up. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”She looked up at me, then she started to smile. My heart sunk. She was going to laugh at me.”Sean, I, we all feel the same about you. I was coming on like gang busters because I want that too. I wanted to get you in bed and love you so hard you would never want to leave. I need you too big man. I need you real bad. I am as hot as a firecracker.””I, I, don’t do it well, but would you like to dance a while?” She smiled and went and turned on a stereo, nice slow romantic music. I took her in my arms and smelled her fragrance, I was done for. She clung to me, her head was on my chest, she was wearing heels and her head only came up to my chin. I blew in her hair and she looked up. I pressed my lips to hers. Magic. Pure Magic. I don’t know how long we danced. I could wait no longer, I picked her up and carried her to her room. I put her on the bed. She put a finger on my lips and kicked her heels off and went to check on the girls. She locked the door when she came back. She looked at me and reached behind her and her dress dropped to the floor. She smiled at me wearing nothing but a garter belt and hose. God she looked fantastic. I was afraid I would cum before I even touched her. She walked to me and unfastened my belt and unzipped my slacks. I had my shirt off as she pulled my pants and shorts down together. She looked at my erection.”You look perfect, just right.” I pulled her down beside me on the bed. “I don’t want to rush this, but I am afraid I am going to cum just in anticipation.”She smiled a soft smile and said, “I know exactly what you mean. Let’s just hold each other for a few minutes, OK?” I held her in my arms looking into those blue eyes. My resolve melted like butter on a hotplate. I rained kisses on her face, her mouth, her shoulders , her chest, her breasts, then devoured her delightful nipples. They were beautiful, her pouty areola made just a perfect mouthful. I was in heaven, I think she liked what I was doing, she was making low noises in her throat. I could wait no more I slid between her legs and fell in love with her little pussy. I just had to lick it and suck on her nether lips. I found her clit, It was larger than I had expected, I pushed away the little folds of skin hiding it and just sucked it in my mouth running my flat tongue all over it. My little girl went ballistic. I tried to stop her screams with my mouth. I felt her hand grasp me and guide me into her pussy. I pushed ahead and my cock just slipped in like it was home. I made a few slow strokes then she was pulling on my back to go faster, I went faster and harder and saw her eyes roll back, her head flopped from side to side until I stopped it with a deep loving kiss. I whispered, “I can’t wait, I am cumming, auggggght.” I let my weight on her for a second and then raised up and moved beside her and pulled her into my arms. She looked into my eyes for a long time. She closed her eyes and snuggled up to me. “That was the best of my whole life, Sean, you were magnificent. I had a dozen orgasms, way more than ever before. Wow, let me know when we can play some more?” “I wasn’t playing with you girl, I was very serious. I wanted to please you every way I could, I just couldn’t resist the way you felt. Next time I think I can last longer for you Darling.””Longer, really, are you serious? You can last longer than that?””Sure, way longer. I better not say that, I have never had anyone make me as hot as you make me. You are the best thing in my life, I am never going to let you go. I love your girls too. They are probably going to be trouble for me though.””Why? They are sweet girls.””Yes they are, almost as sweet as their Momma. They will be able to twist me around their little fingers. I know it too.””I don’t think there will be a problem. Do you know that they both asked me tonight if I could ask you to be our new Daddy.””I have never been so honored in my life.””I am asking you to be our new Daddy. I love you, please be our Daddy.””Yes, the answer is yes, I have only known you for a day or two but I know that I never want to be apart from you. I love you.””There are so many things we need to learn about each other. I don’t know where to start. Do you go to church?””Not on a regular basis, but I will go if you want my company.””We would love it, can you take us tomorrow, it’s Sunday?””I would love it, what time do we go?””I am going to send you home before the girls wake up about six. We will be ready by eight thirty. We can go somewhere for breakfast after church if you want.””Can I invite my little sister and her boyfriend to go with us? She is the only family I have left.””Honey, I would love to meet her.””I’ll give her a call first thing and see if we can work it out.”The next morning my sister and Tommy, her boyfriend and I were standing in front of my place when I heard the door open next door. The two little ones ran to us and hugged me, and insisted on kisses. I heard heels on the walk and saw Molly walking towards us. My heart stopped, she was so beautiful in a little white suit with a large hat and little white gloves. I walked to meet her and took her hand. I introduced Molly and the girls to Tom and Sis. Sis looked at me, “This can’t be the mother of these girls. She is only a c***d herself.” “They get married at seven in Alabama.” I said.Molly hugged Laura, “Thank for saying that, I try to look older but it doesn’t seem to work. They are mine though. You have no room to talk, what are you, 15 or 16?”Molly looked into Laura’s eyes and held her hands, “I know it is crazy, but the girls and I are head over escort bolu heels in love with Sean. We have only known him a day or two but we feel we have known him forever. He saved Priscilla’s life at the risk of his own, he is our hero too!”The girls were dressed in little white suits with hats and tiny white gloves. They were dressed like Molly. Laura grinned at the three of them, “Where in the world did you ever find matching outfits, they are adorable.”Mary Jane said, “Momma makes all our clothes, and most of hers. She bought her suit and made ours to match.””You made those little suits for them?” Laura and I couldn’t believe it.When I walked up the walk to the Baptist Church I was the proudest man in the world with Mary Jane holding one hand, Molly the other and Priscilla holding Molly’s hand. After Church we had a nice breakfast at a local restaurant. We went back to my apartment and Molly and the girls went next door to change. Laura and Tommy had brought swimwear and they changed while I waited. When I had changed Molly and the girls were back. Tom and I moved a large patio set over just out side the door to my apartment. I was going to cook supper on the grill. Laura went to Molly and reached for her hands, “Let me look at you in that Bikini, Wow! Now I know what he sees in you. You are really built, you hide it very well most of the time.” Molly grinned, “Thank you, you are very lovely yourself.”Laura and Molly fussed in the kitchen making potato salad and slaw with a lot of help from the girls. Tom and I sat on the patio and watched football highlights on the TV through the door.Later I put several pork tenderloins in a marinade to give them more flavor. They turned out just great. Tender, juicy and flavorful. We sat and talked until dark. The girls, all four of them, cleaned up everything except the grill which I handled. Laura took my hand and led me to Molly. She put Molly’s hand in mine. She said, “Sean if you don’t put a ring on this girl’s finger tomorrow I’ll never speak to you again. I love her very much already. MJ and Sissy are so sweet I want to steal them. Please don’t let them get away. Please! I never had a big sister.””Molly, I guess we have no choice in the matter, wait here.” I went in my room and opened a lock box I had in the closet. I opened it and found what I was looking for. I went back in the room and asked everyone to please be seated.I said, “Please listen to what I have to say. This property we are on once belonged to my eight times grandparents who lived almost two hundred years ago. It has been passed down through the family to me, Laura also has property from these people. My eight times Grandfather was a Marine and his name was Sean Murphy. He was a famous hero in the Indian wars. He was a General, and was wounded over twenty times fighting for his country. He grew up with the Seminole Indians. They had a custom he loved, but that is a story for an other time. This is the wedding ring he gave his wife. I want Molly and Mary Jane and Priscilla to stand in front of me and hold hands.”I looked up into those blue eyes and my hands shook. I blinked a few times. “Ladies I have something very important to ask you. I want your mother Molly, to wear this ring. Girls, this means I am asking your mother to marry me. I know this will not make me your Daddy, that is something I will have to earn. I will be very proud if that ever happens. Molly I love you, Will you marry me. Please!”Mary Jane and ‘Cilla looked up at their mother. She looked down at them. She knelt in front of me and the girls whispered in her ear. The girls looked at me very seriously. I felt my heart stop. It must have showed. Molly just nodded. My heart went from zero to two hundred beats in two seconds flat. “Of course we will marry you Dearest Sean, we love you too.”I stood and lifted Molly to her feet. I kissed her and slipped the old ring on her finger. It fit perfectly. The ring contained one diamond of an antique cut, it was very lovely. About fifty karats of a single diamond will get them every time.Laura grinned at me. “You were always a step ahead of me. I am so happy for all of you.” Molly was holding me and the girls were hugging my legs. Molly sat down and held the ring up and looked at it. “Wow! This thing would choke a horse.” She asked, “Is it insured?””Yes, for seven figures.””You are not serious, over a million dollars?””Absolutely.””Here, take it back. Get me something I can wear with out having armed guards following me.””Sweetheart, just wear it for a while. I will have to look, I know I have some more of her jewelry you might like, Old Sean was an ambassador too, and they bought lots of fine jewels. I have a small part of it, but I think they are irreplaceable. Stuff no one could afford to have made now. I had planned to give most of it to a museum somewhere, but I will leave that up to my Molly to decide.”She looked at me with wonder in her eyes, “You are giving me several million dollars worth of jewelry?””I am giving you my life, Molly, and everything I own.”Molly burst into tears, the girls ran to her and tried to comfort her. Soon all three of them were crying. I looked at Laura an held up my hands in question.”I think she is crying for joy. I know I would be. You are a damned sweet guy, my dear brother.””Oh Yes! Sean, I am so happy I can’t stop crying. I never imagined any thing like this.” The girls made sure their mother was alright. Then I felt a little hand slip in my big hand. “Can I sit in your lap, Sean.?” I looked down and into those blue eyes. I picked Sissy up and kissed her softly on the cheek, hugging her to my chest. Another hand pulled on me, “Me too, Sean, hold me too!” I kissed each of them on their heads, they smelled exactly like their mother. Molly came over and knelt in front of me. “Girls, can I have him for a minute, I will give him back.” When the girls were gone she moved between my legs and put her arms around my neck and kissed me very thoroughly, I think she put a curl in my hair that was never there before. I heard Sissy say, “Can I call you Aunt Laura now?” Laura said, “I will be very hurt if you don’t.”Molly was snuggled in my arms, I looked up at Laura, “Did I do OK?'”Big brother you did just fine, I am proud of you. I love you too. You have a wonderful and very, very, sweet new family. I want to be a part of it too, we have been apart too much the last few years.””Hey, nothing would please me more. I am going to need a baby sitter now and then.””I will gladly sit with these girls any time at all. I’ll pay you.””I’ll take you up on that, Molly and I will need a couple days for a honeymoon after the wedding, is that possible? We won’t be far away.””Just let me know when. Every thing else can be moved.”I kissed Molly again and she smiled up at me. “I love you, my husband. More than anything in the world, I really do. My head is just in a whirl, everything is happening so fast. Are we really going to be married?””Whenever you say the word. Tomorrow?””Why not Wednesday?”We worked it out in short order and invited everyone we needed to invite then and there.We were married on Wednesday on schedule, my two new daughters were adorable as ring bearers. They and my sister, with her boyfriend Tom, were the whole wedding party.We had three glorious days for a honeymoon. We tried to learn everything we could about each other, but mostly we learned about how we liked to make love. It was easy because we each like everything the other did. We both liked the time right after sex when we snuggled and cuddled and caressed each other. We agreed that we had to rejoin the girls as soon as we could. I had to learn to integrate them into my world. I went almost instantly from a single to a family of four. I needed an attitude adjustment. We all moved into my apartment and settled in quickly. Molly went to work at the complex offices and it was like Sherman marching through Georgia. There were some people fired and new ones hired, she hired a very handsome young guy, Fred Anders, as an assistant. I did not like it one bit. I told Molly how I felt and she laughed at me. She said I had to learn to trust her. I called my sister and we hatched a plan. I told Molly that I needed to become more involved in the operation of the apartment complex and that I was going to look for a nanny for the girls so I would have the time to work with her. I painted a picture of an older Swedish woman, good with k**s, who could do some light house work. She was really a friend of my sister’s named Ingrid Olsen. She was about five eleven, 170 pounds. Huge breasts with nipples that stuck out about an inch and were as big around as my thumb. She was a blond, blue eyed goddess. She wore a halter top and a miniskirt that should has been outlawed as a traffic hazard. Molly came home for lunch and saw Ingrid on the patio with the girls. She asked if she were a new neighbor. I informed her she was the new nanny. Molly turned red when she looked at Ingrid as she bent over to do something with Priscilla. She was wearing tiny thong panties that showed everything she had. She stood and stretched and I just knew those nipples were going to pop right through the halter which was overloaded to start with. Molly looked at me and said, “I don’t like this, Sean. I don’t want her here with you while I am working.” “What? She is very good with the girls and she is going to teach the girls and I how to do Swedish exercises, toe touching, deep breathing, knee bends, and something she calls youmping yacks.” “Sean Murphy, you are not going to stay here with that girl while I work.””Darling you have got to learn to trust me.”Molly stared at me getting redder and redder. Then she caught on. She burst out laughing. “You win you bastard, I will send him packing tomorrow.” “Can Ingrid finish out the week?””Don’t press your luck big guy. You made your point very clear.” I called Ingrid over and introduced her to Molly. She hugged Molly and told her my sister helped me with the joke.Molly grinned at her and said, “I was about to take that hose over there and run you off with it. Damn, you are a big girl, big all over too!””Yeah, but these big hooters are a pain to live with, yours are perfect.””Ingrid, I don’t know about yours, but Molly’s are perfect.”We did hire a new assistant for Molly who turned out to be a whole lot better than the first one, he was older but still quite handsome. We also hired a housekeeper and I got to spend more time with Molly as she reorganized the business end of the complex. We planned on expanding the facilities to include a c***d care facility for the people who lived there. We wanted to open a Chickee Bar for the residents too. We had to apply for a zoning change for both projects. We wanted to make this a very desirable place for people to live. Our occupancy rate was fair but we wanted to do better. We wanted to have a waiting list. We built a new office and computerized the book keeping. We built a new apartment for ourselves with four bedrooms and a den. Molly could walk through a door in her new office and be in our foyer. She loved it, she could look in on the k**s many times a day, the door usually stayed open and it was not unusual for the girls to walk in and stay with Mommy for a while.Then I got the letter. It was from the office of the Director of Personnel, U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters, Washington D.C..It was from an old friend, He said my name was on the list for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. He said I had been recommended very highly to be the C.O. of the Marine Corps Reserve FA-18 squadron in Jacksonville. My presence was requested in Washington forthwith. I showed the letter to Molly and she read it. She turned white, jumped up and ran to our room. I followed her and found the door locked. I could hear her sobbing inside. I begged her to open the door. She wouldn’t answer me. She finally opened it and I took her in my arms. I told her how much I loved her. I told her I was going to Washington but would not accept the offer. She looked up into my eyes, “Don’t even think about it. Don’t do that to us.”Two days later I put my uniform back on and drove to Jacksonville for military transportation to Washington. I called Molly when I was settled in the BOQ at Quantico and told her I missed her already, I talked to the girls and promised to bring them presents, Sissy broke my heart when she said she didn’t want a present, she just wanted me home. I told them I would be home in several days.I called bolu escort Molly again later that night and I could tell she was crying. She didn’t have much to say and I told her I would call the next night.There was no answer the next night. I tried to reach my sister and didn’t get an answer there either. I was worried sick. I was going to be home the next afternoon so there was not much I could do but keep calling. Finally I got an answer at Laura’s place. She said Molly was in the hospital, she had collapsed at the office. They didn’t have any results from tests as yet. Laura said she thought it was because Molly was convinced I was going back to the Marines.I called my friend and got him out of bed. I told him to tell every one, thanks but no thanks. My wife was sick and I was catching a Learjet I had just chartered from Dulles to Ocala in one hour. I threw everything in my bag and jumped in a waiting Marine car for the trip to the airport. Upon arrival in Ocala I caught a cab to the hospital. I walked in to Molly’s room and was shocked at the way she looked. There were dark rings under her eyes. She looked as if she had lost twenty pounds. She looked frail laying there. My eyes flooded with tears. I sat by her on the bed and kissed her lips gently. Her eyes flew open and she quickly wiped the kiss away as if it were dirty. Her eyes found me and she screamed my name and threw her arms around me. I held her and assured her I would never leave her again. I couldn’t believe her hair, it was mostly chopped off close to her head. She held me tightly and softly sobbed. A nurse came in and asked me who I was. I told her I was Mr. Murphy, Molly’s husband. She looked at me strangely and said that it said I was dead on her chart. I was assuring her I was indeed alive when Sis came in. She hugged me and told me that Tom was at the apartment with the k**s.She told me that someone had gone to Molly’s office and told her I had been killed in a plane crash. Whoever it was apparently d**gged her and had sex with her. Molly went crazy and cut off her hair saying that is what should happen to whores. And she was suicidal and out of touch with reality.The doctors were hopeful that when the d**g was eliminated from her body she would recover. Right now they were trying to feed her intravenously because she refused to eat. I just sat and cried. My poor Molly didn’t deserve this. I asked if the police had been notified. She said they had, but until Molly could tell them something they had nothing solid to go on. I asked if they had played the surveillance tapes. “We didn’t know there were any.” “Yes, they are sensor activated and record for a month before they automatically erase if they are not changed. Every place in the offices is covered. I’ll check them when I get home. How are the girls?””They are very upset, they don’t understand what happened and wonder where you are.”A nurse came in and gave Molly a shot and told us Molly would sleep until morning.Laura drove me home. I hugged and kissed my girls and finally got them to sleep.. I got Tom to accompany me to the security bay in the office. I ran the tape back to the past afternoon. Near the end we saw a man enter the office after everyone but Molly was gone for the night. I turned up the sound and we heard him tell Molly that I had been killed in a crash in Washington, D.C.. Molly fell on the floor in tears. He went and got a glass of water and we saw him drop some powder in the glass, stir it up then give it to Molly. He got her on the couch in her office and started feeling her all over. At first she resisted, then she seemed to only be semiconscious. I shut the tape off. I didn’t want to see more. I removed the tape and replaced it with another cartridge. We told Sis what we had found. She looked at me and asked if I knew the man. I said I did, it was Frank Anders, the assistant she had let go six months before. I called the Sheriffs Department and left a message for the officer in charge of the case to get in touch with me in the morning and told them what I had.I spent a terrible night and finally got up and checked on the k**s. I left a note for Laura and Tom and went to the Hospital and sat and held Molly’s hand until she woke up about eight in the morning. Molly looked up at me and then looked around the room. “Am I in Heaven?””No, sweetheart, you are in the hospital. I am going to make you better.” “Oh! Sean, Sean, they told me you were dead. Are you alright, were you hurt?””It was all a lie, Darling, just a lie to hurt us.””It was Frank, why would he hurt us. I gave him a huge severance check. OH! I remember now. He did things to me, I couldn’t stop him. I want to die for letting him do that to me.””Hush Sweetie, You did nothing wrong, not one single thing. I love you, I will always love you. You are my wife forever.””You don’t blame me? He said you would hate me if I told you what happened.” “Would you hate me if Ingrid ****d me while I was d**gged?”My sweet Molly smiled and said, “No. I would love you always. How are my babies?””They are fine. Laura and Tom are at our place with them. I talked to them a little last night, and I kissed them in their sleep this morning. They want you to hurry and get well, they need their Mommy. Would you like to talk to them now? They should be up by now.””Yes, yes, I would love to talk to them.”I called and Laura answered. She put the girls on and Molly just grinned from ear to ear. The doctor stopped by and I took him aside and explained what had happened, and how Molly had lost one husband already.He was furious, “That son-of-a-bitch almost killed her. Are the police after him? I’ll testify and try to hang him for attempted murder. I don’t know what dose he gave her but it damn near fried her brain, we think she is going to make it with no physical defects, but we don’t know about the mental side yet. God bless her, I think she will be OK. We will know in a few hours. Hopefully she can go home tonight.”They took Molly off on a gurney . I waited for her to come back I sat with my head in my hands. I heard someone enter and looked up to see a huge man who looked vaguely familiar.”Hi! Major Murphy, how are ya?””Sergeant Mike Johnson! How are you. You look great. What are you doing here.?””I am with the Sheriff’s Department here. I am in charge of your wife’s case. I wasn’t sure it was you and I am glad to see you are alive.””Me too! Let me give you a briefing on what I know and what I can prove, sit down and relax.”When I was through he pulled out a cell phone and made a call, he walked out in the hall and talked for a while.He came back in and sat in a chair. He looked at me and said, “I don’t like this, you are sitting here too calm and collected. I remember you beating the shit out of that big hunkie who grabbed your first wife’s ass at that party. Now this guy almost kills your new wife and you are sitting here, not doing a thing.””Officer Johnson, I am older and wiser now, things have way of working out.” I smiled at him.He looked at me for a while. “I think they probably will. I wouldn’t want you smiling about me that way. Just be careful, sir. I don’t want to have to come looking for you.””Sergeant, I have to think of the health of my wife above all else. When she is completely well I will think about Fred Anders, believe me, I will think about him.” Molly was wheeled back in the room and she smiled at me and clutched at my hand. “Sean, Sean, I can’t get my head straight, I was afraid you were dead. I love you.” Then she cried. Mike Johnson beckoned me out in the hall. He looked down at me with tears in his eyes and said, “she is only a girl, Major. He will suffer for this, I promise.””Mike, don’t do anything to get your self in trouble. Things will work out. They always do, sometimes they need a little help, but they work out.””You are right Major, The word gets out. He would not live a week in prison.” Molly came home that afternoon. She was doing much better. The girls were very upset about her hair. They wanted her to cut their hair the same as hers. Molly said that hers would grow out. She would go to a beauty shop And see what they could do with it.We all sat together on the couch, Molly and I each held a girl and I held her too. We traded every now and then. I told them about my trip to Washington and how nice they were to me. They offered me a guaranteed promotion to full colonel after eighteen months as CO in Jacksonville. I listened to everything they had to say and told them I would let them know the next morning. I came home after telling my friend the answer was no. I had a wife and two daughters who needed a full time step daddy and that I needed the step daddy job more than the Colonel job. The girls clapped and Molly smiled too. “Did you really say that Daddy, did you really?””Yes, I sure did. I told them that if I was real good I might get promoted to Daddy later on.” The girls giggled and Molly said, “We will guarantee it in quicker than eighteen months, won’t we girls.””Oh! Yes,” said Sissy. “I think he is our daddy now.””Me too!” Said Mary Jane.”Me too!” Said Molly.The big tough Marine shed a few tears, but managed to cover it up saying I had something in my eye.Mary Jane said, “Yeah, you do, tears. You are a big old softy, but we love you, Daddy.” Later I put the girls to bed for Molly and met her in bed. She said she was tired. I told her to lay on her tummy and I would give her a rub down to relax her. I told her I was good at giving massages. She lay on her stomach and I pulled her gown up as far as I could and sat astraddle her cute little rear end. I rubbed her down from top to bottom, then turned out the lights and pulled her to me. I gave her a goodnight kiss and held her until she fell asleep. She woke me in the morning with a perfect cup of coffee. She seemed more cheerful and happy.Mike Johnson showed up at our door about an hour later I introduced him to Molly and told her he was an ex Marine and a good friend, and that she could trust him. “He asked her if she felt like talking about the case yet. She said she was really not ready yet. She said she would talk to him tomorrow morning if he came for breakfast. “Molly, if I may call you Molly. Would you feel better talking to my wife, Shirley, she is an ex Marine too. And a Detective Sergeant in the department.” Molly smiled and said that would be better, we all looked up as the girls charged in the room yelling like banshees, “Daddy, Daddy, can we go see the Walt Disney show at the movies? It is about Pocahontas. Please, can we?”They both jumped in my lap. I grinned at Mike, “How do you say no? They have me all figured out.” I gave them each a kiss and told them I would talk to Mommy about it later. He smiled at me, “They are just gorgeous, gonna be real heartbreakers.””Yeah, I know, they know how to work their wiles on me already.””Mike, you asked me why I am so calm about this. I’ll tell you. When I moved here I brought a bunch of stuff from my fathers estate that I had never had time to look at before. It seems my eight times great father was a Marine Corps hero, fought in the Seminole Indian Wars among others. I came across a newspaper article about him describing how he handled a r****t in his day. He had a plantation in Virginia and caught a worker r****g a young slave girl. This had become very common in the area so he wanted to made an example of the r****t. Great Grand Paw had the guilty party taken to the hog pens. The r****t was tied to the top rail of the pen by his arms being lashed to the rail. He cut the crotch of the man’s britches off. Then he had honey spread over the man’s genitals. The workers and slaves were made to watch. A couple of hogs were let in the pen. Hogs really love honey. There was screaming from the perpetrator for a few hours as the hogs ate his genitals off and he bled to death. Then about fifty hogs were let in. The next morning there was nothing left of the man, not a trace. Do you find that a reasonable solution to the problem? Gramps didn’t even know the black girl, what if it had been his wife?””Not a trace you say, very interesting story. May I relate it to Frank Anders, might have some effect on him.””Sure, tell him I am looking forward to meeting him again.”Mike grinned at me, “We are all set to pick him up.”I grinned back, “If you can find him.””Major, you don’t happen to own a hog farm do you?””As a matter of fact I own three within fifty miles of where we sit, been in the family for a hundred years.” Mike and Shirley came in the morning for breakfast. We all became great friends. They said Frank Anders hadn’t been found yet. His car was found abandoned within a mile of his house.Frank Anders was never found. Not a trace of him was ever found.

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