Gabbie C. and Me.


Gabbie C. and Me.The best encounters happen by accident. I had to fly to Austin TX to discuss a business decision. Lovely city. Lively music scene. Good food. Lots of beautiful women. But good things end. And I had to fly home.At the airport, going through TSA I caught sight of a very cute, well built, but much younger woman (I’m in my early 50s) ahead in the line. I tried to get a better look, but no matter which way I tried to glimpse past the other people in line, she kept escaping that better look. Oh well.She got through the scan, and I had to, as usual, go to the side to have the pat down because the area between my pants looked suspicious.So I was really surprised to see her waiting at the same gate to fly out, as I walked up. She was sitting by herself, looking at her cell phone, and generally ignoring the rest of the guys in the area who were, trying to be cool about it, checking her out. I watched this, amused, from about 50 feet away.Every now and then, one of the guys would saunter by her, and try to get her to give him a look so he could start a conversation. But she wasn’t giving into that.And then the plane we were supposed to be on, landed. And blew an engine reverse thrusting to slow down. Or so that was what the gate agent announced a few minutes later.The gate emptied quickly of people trying to get a rescheduled flight. But I couldn’t stop watching the girl. Stunned. And finally she got up and wandered off to the gateside bar.So I wandered over to the airside desk, waited in line, and found out batman escort it was a three hour wait, for the next flight to the next airport, to get the next 2 hour wait, for the next connection to get home. Yeah….7 more, at least, hours to home.So I went to the bar to drown my “happiness”.But the bar was full of the rest of the the people also doing some drowning.So I waited until a barstool opened up. And sat down.Right next to the girl. But I guess I didn’t see her.I ordered my beer. “Tall. Biggest you got. Go big or stay home. I have thoughts to crush.”And stared off into space. Away from the girl. At the lonely little window in the distance, At the fading sunlight. Thinking of how long this day was going to end up being.In a little while the girl turned towards me, from behind, and said, “Why aren’t you staring at me now?”I turned around in my stool, and found myself 6 inches for her face. Even better than I thought I remembered. My mouth was dry instantly. I stammered out, “I’m sorry…what?””You were staring at me”, she replied.”Uhhhh…….……..I was?….I don’t think so….””Oh yeah….you have an intensity…..I couldn’t miss it””There were a lot of guys….maybe they were….”And she interrupted me, “No….you…were…staring…at…me.”And I looked down from her eyes at the bar. I knew I couldn’t deny it. “I’m sorry….you’re quite attractive. I shouldn’t have done that. I apologize. Can I make it up to you? What do you want? Can I buy you a drink?”And she replied, “Sure…buy me escort batman a beer…I like Heineken.”And so I called over the bartender and bought her that beer. After the bartender brought her the beer she introduced herself, “I’m Gabbie…..Garbriela”.And then before I could respond, she leaned in and said, “And you are my entertainment…..I’ll call you….oh…I dunno…..Joe…Joe Smith….do you like my breasts, Joe?”Well, now my heart was pounded. I didn’t want to look at her breasts, but I really wanted to look at her breasts.Oh, so torn.”Uhhh…yes…they are ni—i–ice….”, I stammered out.”Do you want to suck my breasts?”, she whispered in my ear.And I started getting really hard.And then she licked my earlobe.Oh…my……”Do you want to suck my clit, Joe?”And my erection reached full extension. Bulging straight and hard.And her eyes looked down into my lap.”Oh……you do………you do want to lick and suck me, Joe.”I think my brain was addled from the all the blood leaving it, and going to my groin.All I could say, “Yeah……I do…..”And suddenly, she stood up, grabbed her bag and started walking out.I looked over to see her beckoning me with her forefinger to come along.So quickly pulled a twenty from pocket dropped it on the bar, pulled my bag in front of my crotch and stumbled out of the bar.She was walking into the family bathroom looking right into my eyes as I found her.I doubled stepped to that door and tried the knob. Locked.So I knocked. And when she opened it, she was naked from the batman escort bayan top to the waist.And she pulled me in, and relocked the door.”Well, Joe? Are they what you thought you would see?”Ohhhh…my…word….Perfect breasts. I’m not give to hyperbole, but…amazing. Large, full, huge aerolaes.And then she was undoing my pants.”Let’s see what you have Joe.”And as she yanked my pants down, it pulled free, springing up. Stiff and full.”Oh….now…Joe….that’s a nice one……”But I had grabbed her, and pulled her close, and started kissing her. Our lips meeting and then our tongues entwining.And it was a good kiss, I could feel she wasn’t just going through the motions.And after a while, I could feel her hand wrapped around my shaft and rubbing in on her crotch.She then pulled away, and finished taking off her clothes, and leaned over the sink. Her back to me.”Now’s your chance Joe………”And I penetrated her. All the way in. Deep and full. I grabbed those full breasts. I can’t recall the specifics after that, because I was lost in the moment, but it was in unison. She was gasping and I was grunting.And sweat was streaming from both of us.And finally I felt the build up.”I’m gonna cum, Gabbie””Oh yeah…do it”And I released inside of her.And Gabbie throbbed around me. Her breathes coming in spurts and gasps.”Ohhh….ohhh…gggg….gnnnn…..”And after a while, the room came back into focus.And we redressed ourselves. Left the bathroom.And she turned to me and said pointing with her thumb, “My gates this way for my new flight. Which was is yours?””The other way”, I said.”Okay. Have a nice day Joe.” “My name is really….”But I never finished. She put her finger to my lips before I could finish.”No……see you Joe!”And then she walked away.

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