fun in hotel on vacation


fun in hotel on vacationWe had been having lots of fun on vacation in the big city. We had a nice hotel and the only problem with it is it looked out to an office building and we did not like the view but after we found the cleaning crew inside and put on a show for them the other day and then they came over and helped my master fuck me deep and hard with strap on cocks it was great. The next morning, we had to decide what to do next, so we sat around and talked about it. Well I was dressed like a sissy all night and it was making my master horny, so she told me to lay on the bed on my back. I did and she climbed up on my face and I started to lick and eat her shaved pussy and she started to explode over and over filling my mouth with her sweet pussy juice. She finally got up and looked at my rock-hard cock and said well you will get yours later sissy. I was ready to explode but my master said go in and take a shower and put on a new outfit and do not touch your cock. She said I will put it on the bed for you. We had a nice room with a separate living room and bedroom so i said okay master and went into the bathroom and took a nice shower shaved my cock and balls and chest and then dried myself off and went into the bedroom and saw the outfit on the bed. It was a red garter belt, red nylons, sheer panties and a black and red open cup bra and a nice pair of silver high heel sandals to show off my red toes. I put it on like I was told and opened the door and walked out trabzon escort into the living room and was greeted by a hotel maid and a porter. The maid was about 4’8” maybe 100# a little oriental girl and the guy was 5’7” and average build but both were naked and sitting on the couch. My master was sitting in a chair next to them and she was dressed in garter belt and nylons and a bra. The girl was very petite and her pussy was bald and the guy was almost 10” and very big around. I looked at them and my master smiled and said well sissy today you get a nice big cock and a little pussy. I loved the idea and said yes master and moved over to them and she said suck his cock for me so I bent down and took it in my mouth and started to suck him nice and slow until I had him all the way in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel someone behind me and then felt something playing with my ass and then felt a strap on cock slipping deep into my ass and start to fuck me. I looked and the little girl had on one of the strap on cock we brought with us and she was fucking me nice and deep while my master watched her. She finally stopped them and said okay now lets go in the bedroom and we all got up and my master told me to lay down on the bed on my back so I did and she told the girl to climb up on his face and have a seat he will now lick your pussy. She got up and my master helped position her and I started to lick and suck on her pretty pussy. She then picked up my legs escort trabzon and told the guy okay fuck him hard and deep and she put some lube on my ass and on his cock and he moved close and slowly entered my ass and started to fuck me. After a while he was really pounding my ass deep and she picked up my legs to give him better access and then told him to suck on his red toes. he started to suck my toes and she took one and she started to suck one also while he pounded my sissy ass deep. Soon the girl started to explode in a huge orgasm, and I kept on licking her and she had a bunch more and was flowing lots of sweet pussy juice and pee into my waiting mouth and I swallowed it all down like a good sissy. After the 3rd or 4th orgasm from her he exploded and filled my ass with a huge load of cum. He kept on fucking me and kept on filling me with his huge load. He finally fell out of my ass and she got off my face and my master was quickly deep in my ass with her huge strap on cock fucking me deep. The two workers smiled and said thanks for the good time and got dressed and took off while she fucked me deep. As she was fucking me we had a knock at the door and my master walked over and checked the peep hole and smiled and opened the door. In walked two men about the same size as the first guy and both smiled when they saw me on the bed. My master said sure have fun and next thing I know both had their pants down and cocks out and both came over and one started to trabzon escort bayan fuck my ass and the other got on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. Both were average size about 6” but I loved it because I was getting cocks. They both took turns fucking my ass deep and filling me with nice loads of cum and they both took off after. I was now filled with 3 loads of nice cum but still have not cum myself and my master could see that so she climbed up on the bed and sat down on my rock hard cock and rode me till I exploded and filled her pussy with my load. she made sure to get all of the cum out of my cock and then moved up to my mouth and sat down and I ate her pussy and all of my cum out of her like a good sissy. I made sure to work on her clit so she exploded soon and released all pf her cum and mine into my mouth and I swallowed it all down like a good sissy. We put some stuff over our outfits and went downstairs and we walked around the town and checked out the sites. When we walked back into the hotel we were approached by our little maid and she asked us if she and a girlfriend could come up again. my master smiled and asked her why and she said well I loved getting licked and need it again and my girlfriend would like to see what it feels like also. Her girlfriend was about her size and all so my master looked at me and said well sissy ready for more pussy? I smiled and said yes master anytime and more cocks. She smiled and said okay girls come on up and they both got in the elevator with us and came up to our room. I took off my cloths and lay on the bed in my sissy stuff and the girls one at a time sat down on my face and I ate them till they both filled my mouth with lots of nice sweet juice.

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