First time with Agnes


First time with AgnesAgnes is currently studying to become a hairdresser, and she is an apprentice at the salon where I usually go. The first time I met her, she sent me a beaming smile as I walked in. I was attracted to her right from the start. She has a very nice pair of boobs and a cute body. She has a beautiful face and a sweet smile. But what immediately attracted my attention was her butt – it is perfectly shaped with a luscious pair of butt cheeks. I started fantasizing about doing her from behind the minute I saw her.As I was seated in a chair, she started washing my hair. I loved feeling her fingers against my skin, and she washed my head in a rather sensual way. We started talking casually. She was really nice to talk to. I enjoyed her company, and the more we talked, the more I just wanted to fuck her brains out. Before I left the salon, we had connected on social media and we had talked briefly of seeing each other again during the weekend.We met at a cafe not too far from where I live. It was obvious that she was into me. She leaned forward on the table showing me her beautiful cleavage. Her eyes were sparkling stars. Her sweet lips kept smiling at me. I fantasized about sticking my erected cock in her mouth and have her suck on it, feeling her lips around my throbbing cock head. I wanted her to taste my cum.We left the cafe and went back to my place. As soon as we had closed the door behind us, we started kissing. She was hot and ready, sticking her cute little tongue in my mouth. My big hands soon found her butt and I grabbed her gorgeous butt cheeks firmly with both hands. She pushed herself harder up against me. She was wearing a black dress and its thin fabric made it very easy for me to feel the lines of her lingerie. She was wearing a g-string. I gently lifted up her skirt and slipped my hands inside, feeling the soft skin of her nude butt cheeks against my palms. As we kept kissing, she unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Her hands quickly pulled down my shorts, and my erected cock swung out and pointed right at her. I am 10 years older than Agnes and my cock is that of a man – probably a lot bigger than anything she had seen before. In any case, she stared at my hard cock as if she was dreaming. She touched it gently with her fingers. Then she knelt down on the floor, opened her sweet mouth and sucked on my cock ever so gently. It felt heavenly.Looking down on her beautiful face with my big pecker in her mouth was amazing. She sucked it gently, licking around the big head, bayraklı escort and touching my balls with her delicate fingers. I let my fingers run through her beautiful hair, caressing her, making her feel relaxed. “Oh, I love your cock – it’s so big…” she moaned and looked up at me sweetly. She jerked on my cock with her right hand before she started sucking it again. She kissed my throbbing cock head and took it in her mouth, tasting it. I was afraid I was going to cum prematurely, so I led her into my bedroom.She sat down on the edge of the bed, and I pulled her dress over her head. She was wearing a black bra, which she quickly unhooked, and the black g-string. As she took off the bra, her big natural boobs strutted out towards me. They looked amazing. I kissed her beautiful nipples, and the effect on her was evident. Her nipples are very erogenous zones. I took her left nipples in my mouth and sucked on it. She started moaning quietly. She grabbed her soft boobs with both hands and squeezed them ever so gently, while I kept kissing and sucking on her nipples. She became very aroused and moaned “Oh, take me… Please take me!”I sat up and pulled her towards me, spreading her legs. I pushed the tiny strip of fabric from her g-string aside and felt her pussy with my fingers. She moaned loudly – she was very wet and ready for me. I stuck a finger inside her and she immediately moaned “Oh yeah, please take me…” My cock was completely erected and hard. It was pointing towards her like a steel pole. I stuck the cock head between her sweet little pussy lips. “Oh yeah, I want your big dick inside me,” she moaned.I grabbed her cute little shoulders firmly to keep her in place, and then I pushed my body gently but steadily forward in one long movement, sticking my big cock deep inside her sweet little pussy. “OOOH!” she moaned loudly. I started riding her very slowly but deeply, pushing my cock all the way inside with every stroke. I could feel the moisture from her wet crouch against the root of my cock as I kept ramming it home. I was going to take my time and really enjoy her. I paced myself and fucked her in long deep strides. She had completely surrendered herself to me. I controlled her young body with my cock.I lifted her legs up over my shoulders, while I continued to ram my huge cock deep inside her. She was breathing heavily with her mouth half open and a relaxed expression of happiness on her beautiful face. I smacked by body harder against her fleshy butt cheeks, and the loud escort bayraklı smacks from her flesh were exhilarating. I increased the tempo fucking her harder. Agnes responded nicely, moaning with pleasure. I beat my body hard against her butt cheeks, pushing her back and forth on the bed, and her big boobs jumped back and forth following our movements.Then I noticed that she was still wearing the g-string. I pulled my cock out of her and quickly ripped off the thong. Then before she knew what happened, I had stuck my cock back inside her and continued to fuck her deeply at an increasing pace. Now I was giving her the double quick, really letting her have it, fucking her the way I wanted. Ripping my cock up and down inside her sweet little pussy, she was clearly being fucked like she had never been fucked before. Her beautiful face was contorted, her mouth and eyes wide open with a frightened expression. I grabbed her big soft boobs, which were flopping back and forth, and squeezed them. I rubbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned loudly with desire. We couldn’t keep this up for long, so I decided to take it down a little.Pulling my big cock out of her, it looked slimy and nasty. It was completely erected and throbbing with blood, so the blood vessels stood out under my skin. It was soaking wet with the juices from her pussy and splotches of white here and there from my own excitement. Agnes looked down between her legs and stared at my big steamy monster cock. Quickly, before she could comment, I got down between her legs and licked her pussy. I don’t think this was a first time for her because she felt very relaxed. As she felt my tongue inside her, she started breathing heavily, moaning with pleasure. I absolutely loved eating her pussy! I enjoyed the taste and the scent of her steaming wet pussy. It was obvious that Agnes was enjoying it too – she was moaning, whimpering with pleasure, throwing her head from side to side on the bed. I kept going, eating her pussy for several minutes – and eventually, it paid off.Her breathing became faster and her squeals very high pitched. Her thighs started shaking and she let out the most beautiful little scream of passion, while her pussy exploded in a sweet orgasm. I kept licking her to make the most of it. Her juices were dripping from her crouch and running down my jaw. She tasted absolutely delicious. I got up and looked down at her steaming hot body lying there spread out before me on the bed. She had surrendered herself bayraklı escort bayan completely to me – I could have my way with this gorgeous girl. The feeling was very empowering, and my cock swelled up until it was absolutely huge.I rubbed the tip of my cock against her clit, moistening it with her juices. Then I stuck my cock inside her, and we made very passionate love. She was mine in every way possible at that moment. Every fibre of her body was filled with desire. We fucked very passionately for several minutes, and then she whispered: “I would like you to cum inside me…” Now I knew I had won her, for sure.We changed position, and she pushed her butt towards me sitting on her knees in an old armchair. I was standing behind her admiring her luscious ass. I pushed her gorgeous butt cheeks apart and placed my huge cock between her soaking wet pussy lips. Then I grabbed her hips with both hands and stuck my cock deep inside her. Taking her from behind felt absolutely amazing! I was in complete control and she loved it. I fucked her hard slamming my body up against her luscious butt cheeks in forceful strokes, ramming my huge monster cock deep inside her. Her pussy was soaking wet and completely ready for me. She wanted my sperm. “Ooh yeah…” she moaned passionately, “I want your cum inside me.”I leaned forward and grabbed her big boobs, which were hanging under her, swinging dangerously back and forth. She had big, natural boobs with beautiful nipples. I grabbed the soft boobs with both hands and squeezed them gently. I found her nipples and rubbed them between my forefinger and thumb. Meanwhile, my cock was still going in and out of her like a piston in a racing engine. I grabbed her big tits harder and squeezed them. She moaned loudly and squealed. Her passionate squeals drove me crazy with desire. I grabbed her luscious hips firmly and dug my fingers into her soft flesh. Then I gave her all I had, fucking her, ripping my huge cock up and down inside her, until she screamed and climaxed in a wonderful second orgasm. A split second after she climaxed, my cock exploded and started spraying huge loads of sperm up inside her. “Ooooh, Ooooh yeah….” she screamed. I had saved up a lot of sperm, and my big cock kept pumping big loads of cum up inside her. She loved every drop. I emptied myself completely inside her sweet pussy, and then I slowly pulled myself out. As my cock left her gaping hole, the white cum started dripping down her thighs. I went out and washed up. She came out into the bathroom shortly afterwards and we kissed passionately.As it turned out, she already had a boyfriend. For her, I was just too good to let pass. Which was fine by me. We have met a handful of times as lovers since then. I look forward to seeing her again.

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