First Time I Ever Did This


First Time I Ever Did ThisThere is an old school adult theater not far from me. It’s a place where men hook up with each other. I used to go there often but it’s been 3 years since my last visit – My sexual needs were being satisfied by my hot younger girlfriend. We broke up a few weeks ago and I’ve gotten hornier every day since our last fuck.So last night I went back to that adult theater. It’s a big place with three different rooms each showing a porn video, it has private booths and it also has a huge theater that shows old and bad non-porn movies.The room showing straight porn has an open area in the back. Guys go there to check each other out. I have hooked up a few times after meeting someone in that open area but each time we went to a booth to fool around in private.I wandered into that open area a few times. The third time I went, there were atakum escort about 20 guys there. Busy but still plenty of room to move around. I made eye contact with a younger tall dark skinned black guy (if you read my other stories you know I am a total BBC slut). He walked up to me and smiled. We said hello and exchanged names and when I asked him if he wanted to hook up he said “fuck yeah.” I smiled at that and told him we should go find an open booth so I could suck his dick.”I got a lot of dick for your pretty white mouth,” he said to me.”Lucky me,” I replied. “I like them real big. Let’s get a booth.””No. No booth. If you want to suck my 10 inch dick you’re gonna suck it right here. And right now.”That wasn’t my preference but there was no way I was going to walk away from this cute guy and his 10 inch black monster dick. Even if there atakum escort bayan were 20 other guys watching me suck it.”OK, but let’s go to the corner at least.” He agreed to that and 30 seconds later I was on my knees with his dick in my mouth. It was soft at first and I felt it get bigger and harder in my mouth. That’s a big turn on for me.I suck dick real good. I know it and every guy I’ve blown has told me that too. Including this guy. I got his BBC nice and wet, I sucked it with no hands and while stroking it with one hand. I took it as deep as I could. I made lots of eye contact with him. I had my dick out and was stroking it but I was careful not to make myself cum until right after he did.At first I ignored everyone else but after two minutes or so of sucking I looked around the room. And I saw five or six guys watching the escort atakum action, all of them with their dicks out and jerking themselves off. I felt a rush of sexual thrill run all through my body, which I didn’t expect at all. Knowing we were being watched my all those other men made me feel even sluttier and I love to feel as slutty as possible. I put that 10 inch black dick back into my mouth and got back to work. Less than five minutes later he shot a load of jizz into my mouth. I came about 15 seconds later as I was licking all the remaining cum from his dick. Then I looked around the room again, feeling as slutty as I ever have felt. I smiled at my audience, then I looked up at my hot black guy. “Did you like that? Did you like the way I sucked your dick?” I knew the answer already, of course.”Fuck yeah, you’re a world class cocksucker.” I get off every time I hear a guy tell me that. “And I’m good enough that you want me to suck you off again?””Oh yeah.”We left that open area and we exchanged numbers. Lucky for us he lives very close to me. We made a date for next Saturday at my place.

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