First Glory Hole Gay


First Glory Hole GayWhy is the glory hole so very attractive to me? It’s a hole in the wall. It might be in a public bathroom at a gas station, or in the bathroom of an adult theater (my first experience was there). There are many at adult video stores in the viewing booths. Some people set them up at their house and they advertised on the now defunct Craigslist. They all seem to attract certain people. Part of the attraction might be the anonymity, and for some the attraction is the chance of being caught, or the thought that others will see you. If you want anonymity certain venues are ruled out. Sometimes the drive to have someone tease the semen out of your cock, or you sucking the semen out of a cock, overrides some of the fear of being caught, but there are people who find the glory hole attractive and sometimes irresistible, whether it is to have your dick sucked or to suck and worship an anonymous cock.The hole in a public restroom, whether it’s a gas station, or an adult theater, or a public park are usually somewhat small and rough cut as though they were done a little at a time until one day there is an opening large enough to fit a cock through. Over time it might be enlarged and the edges smoothed, but until then, a cock that could fit through before it is erect is too large to remove after it has been licked and caressed by lips, tongue, and a gagging throat and it’s fully engorged. That can be embarrassing or part of the thrill. Imagine having your dick caught in a hole when someone walks into the bathroom, or if you’re in the stall without a door and a huge cock is caught in the hole in the wall. The graphics on the wall made by some folk artist add to the atmosphere and there are stains running down from the hole that are from cum and saliva. All of this becomes part of the sexual attraction. The imagination pictures the different scenes of someone’s head close to the wall with a cock pumping through the hole making saliva spew out, or a cock that pulls out just before the cum shoots out. The man wants to see his semen shooting out and it squirts through the hole and some hits the edge and runs down the wall. All of these markings show how someone’s frustration shot out in a joyful moment.Video booths at an adult store are sometimes intentionally cut and taped or smoothed to purpose, while some have no holes in the walls or doors on the booth. To suck someone’s cock you have to do a little flirting dance to understand the locale. If there are a lot of regulars there, they know the game and recognize the players, but if you are unfamiliar with the locale, you must find out with your little dance before you feel free enough to pull out your cock or get down on your knees and start choking on a stranger’s cock with other strangers walking by and looking in. Some locales are so open that everyone who enters has the intention of some kind of sexual encounter without fear of repercussions.Some yalova escort places have booths for privacy with professionally cut and trimmed holes, along with larger viewing rooms, and a larger theater with general seating and a large screen. You might freely pull your cock out at any time the masturbate or tempt someone to start sucking on your cock, or you drop to your knees in front of some seated patron who is playing with his cock. Some of these theaters have couples attending regularly so the possibility of a bisexual encounter is good. A female might want to see her male companion getting his dick sucked or on his knees with a dick in his mouth. Or She might be there to for her own personal encounter to have her tits fondled or her pussy licked in front of others. Or they might choose a more private room for more intense encounters, but that is usually saved for private swingers clubs.I’m interested in glory holes. I love glory holes. The sight or feel of a cock growing in anticipation and the pulsing thrust of ejaculating semen, thrills me. I want to be the cause of that. I want to help this strange penis achieve this ecstasy. Different cocks require different kinds of touch, and cum looks different and tastes different. Small cocks and large or medium cocks all seek the same attention to personal detail that will bring them to eruption. I love doing that and feeling and tasting it all.My first experience with a glory hole was at a local adult theater where the activity was somewhat subdued. The bathroom had one stall and one urinal and a sink. There was a dick-sized hole in the wall between the stall and urinal. Sometimes the stall usually had a door on it without a latch but after a while the door was gone. Along with the glory hole there were small eyeholes in the wall that would give several views of the urinal. The intrigue of the glory hole captured my imagination. I knew what it was for, but I had never really seen one. I was so shy. The first time, I was in the urinal and two fingers appeared in the hole and rubbed around the edge of the hole. Even the most naive and shy sexual being could understand what that meant.Those two fingers became so thrilling to my imagination that I just stood there and looked, all the time getting more excited. I couldn’t believe that standing in front of a urinal next to a hole in the wall with two fingers sticking out would make my dick go so erect. Before long, I had successfully experienced my first glory hole. My imagination of the experience was probably more vivid and erotic than the actual blowjob. The exotic experience existed in my mind and I was so far away from reality that I couldn’t say anything about the blowjob.The Theater became a regular hide out for me since I loved porn and I was very closeted. I could sit in the back corner that was so dark no one could see, and I could have my dick out without fear of being found out. The real escort yalova attraction of the theater came to be the glory hole. I thought about it when I wasn’t there and my imagination contrived all manner of scenarios that kept me stimulated and going back. After several times at the urinal I decided to sit in the stall.I sat there with no one else in the bathroom and I was just waiting, but it was so exciting that I never grew impatient. I looked at the graffiti on the wall and saw the stains running down from the bottom of the hole and I imagined the history of cocks and cum that it all represented. As people would come in, I looked through the peepholes to look at the cocks that were pissing into the urinal. (Once as I was watching through the peephole as a man was pissing, I was overcome with a desire for that short fat cock and whatever came out of it. He must have read my mind, maybe he heard me sigh, but without evening shaking the piss from the head of his dick he turned and pushed it through the glory hole. Without a pause I licked the head of this strange penis and sucked it into my mouth. I’m sure he shot my mouth full of cum, but all I remember was being so overcome by the desire for this strange penis and whatever came out of it.)As someone approached the urinal a person could see down through the glory hole and if you were leaned forward it would just look like you were using the toilet. When the man reached the urinal I would lean back to look through the peephole. The man at the urinal could still see through the glory hole and he could tell that I was leaning back and looking through the peephole. Sometimes a man at the urinal would turn slightly toward the peephole and shake his dick, or rub it as if masturbating. No matter how much this turned me on, I couldn’t bring myself to put a finger on the edge of the hole and rub it around. My dick was so hard and I don’t know if the man on the other side could hear my breathing. Usually they would walk out after a minute and I would sit there beating my erect cock trying not to cum (I learned how to edge endlessly). I wanted to stay there and feel this excitement forever.One time, as I played out this usual scenario, the man on the other side finished pissing and just shoved his cock through the hole without any sign that I could see through the peephole, and there was a cock before my eyes. I had never had a cock in my mouth so I was so shy about approaching and licking the cock, but before I knew it I had my lips sliding up on the glans, and my saliva was suddenly filling my mouth and lubricating this shaft that I was swallowing. I was incredibly noisy and uncoordinated about it. On the other side of the hole he was pumping against the wall and on my side I was trying to bob my head. One of us had to stop or we had to get our timing together.In spite of the awkwardness, the act, and the thought of the act became so irresistible. A somewhat yalova escort bayan limpid cock came through the hole and I saw the translucent skin with veins underneath and some bulging and crawling up the shaft. The cut head was cleanly shaped and defined, and there was what I thought to be a rather large frenulum. Without realizing it, my lips were sucking on the frenulum and my tongue was flicking and caressing it. Then my lips wrapped around the head. Everything that I did was done before I was aware of what I was doing. When I became aware of my lips on the bottom of the cock head, I suddenly found the cock head in my mouth. Suddenly, I realized that my saliva was lubricating the shaft of this man’s dick and between our movements a cock head was hitting the back of my throat.What had happened to this once lipid cock in my warm slippery mouth amazed me, as it became semi rigid, and then hard and rigidly erect? That bent erect shaft made movement in and out of my wet noisy mouth, and as the cock head hit the back of my throat I made an involuntary muffled grunt. When he said, “I’m going to cum” I pulled my head away. I wasn’t sure I was ready for cum in my mouth and running down my chin. I pulled away and grabbed his cock with my hand and cum shot across my lap and onto my erect cock. I saw these spurts shooting out and spraying everywhere with some even hitting the opposite stall wall. Smaller spurts in between the strong shots ran down the head and shaft onto my hand. I had never seen my erection so pumped since puberty. There was cum on my hand that I had wrapped around his cock, and cum on my legs and my cock. And my cock was ready to burst. This cum was an uneven color and texture with thin and thick parts and I loved all it symbolized.My hand squeezed all of the cum out of and off of this anonymous cock and I sc****d up the cum on my legs and even off of the wall. I was suddenly jealous for this semen that I had extracted from this strange cock and I wanted it all. I rubbed it all on my cock and balls. In seconds my hard cock was spewing semen almost uncontrollably and I wanted my semen. I put this stranger’s cock back in my mouth because I now wanted it to shoot cum in my mouth, or at least I could get the taste of any little bit of semen left dripping out, or what ever I had left on this dick when I took my hand away. The semen that I had rubbed on my cock and balls, and all of the cum that had spontaneously shot out of my dick, I rubbed between my legs and up under my shirt onto my belly and my chest. As I spread the semen it continued to get stickier and drier until I was just rubbing my hands on my body. The cum had dried but it was so exciting and invigorating that I didn’t want to stop. When I got home the semen caked hair on my body just excited me again as I played with it and pulled at to get little chips that I could taste. I started masturbating in front of the mirror trying to remember the smell and feel of that cock through that glorious hole as it shot sperm on me and running down his dick. I didn’t know that this excitement could increase the volume and strength of my ejaculations, but cum went everywhere.

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