Fantasy Show


Fantasy ShowFantasy ShowBy: Londebaaz Chohan Steve had joined a college that was in the neighboring State and he had come back home after almost a complete year. Marv had seen Steve couple of times, working in his backyard; behind Marv’s backyard and they had waved at each other. Marv was not believing, what his eyes were seeing. Steve was looking even more handsome than before. Marv had eyed him since he went to same school and same class as Marv’s younger brother, Augustin and he used to come to play and spend time with Augie. Of course, Marv wanted to fuck Steve. It never materialized but Marv had an inkling that Steve also knew, only because of certain very obvious gestures and or happenstances like staring at Marv’s groin and getting caught, more than once.Marv was waiting by his bedroom window, carefully watching the tree in his backyard; Steve was seen hiding and watching Marv getting ready to do his nightly ritual. The tree was large and it covered the backyards of both the houses although it grew in Steve’s backyard. This peeping tom phase was very new for Steve and it was undoubtedly turning Marv on. Maybe Steve was not going to show up today and Marv was not trying to display his excitement by being all open and exposed. He did not want Steve to think that Marv was doing it for him and taking all the possible precautions but he was watching the tree; nonetheless. He was sure, Steve wanted to watch him and he was willing to do the show at least; since the chances to fuck Steve were nil, in Marv’s opinion. Steve’s attention had always been a big turn on for Marvin Gibbs.Marv remembered to catch Steve as he watched him but he also was aware of the fact that he might have wiggled his hips a bit more than proper to yozgat escort make his fat cock swing up and down for the eyes of Steve whenever Steve had come over to play with Augie.Now, Marv was becoming a bit impatient. Where was he. Marv was ready with his curtains correctly drawn and fixed. He was sure of Steve being able to see him from his vantage point. He had planned it, since the long time and now with the anticipation, his faucet had started leaking and make him wet already with the thought of his planning but Steve was a no show, it seemed. After a long wait, Marv saw and heard the branches of the tree rustling. Steve was making his way to the higher portion of the tree for a better camouflage behind the thick branches and leaves. Marv could see him through the corner of his eye; he was so hidden but still exposed. Once Steve settled, Marv started his performance.Sitting on the edge of his bed, Marv slowly strip teased a little by unbuttoning his shorts; taking his time to add to Steve’s excitement. Once the shorts were unbuttoned, Marv slid it off but did not let it fall to the floor; holding it between the thighs to keep his impatient cock, well hidden from the young Steve’s eyes. Now with stretched arms, over his chest, he let his fingers play with them well grown nipples for Steve with the fingertips glazed with the spit. His one hand had slipped to his groin, carefully exposing and groping those beautiful and swollen balls covered in a thin basket and started to jiggle them around while massaging them and rubbing them together. He was completely exposed facing the window, surely in an awe to wonder and believe how much enjoyment, Steve might be getting from all this. While Marv rubbed his balls escort yozgat and nipples, feeling his cock getting hard; he moaned loud as his head fell back in a bliss blanket. Slowly, he turned his back towards the window and totally exposed his humongous black cock. His hands cupped his ass and gave it a good squeeze, leaning back over the bed again. By now, Steve had pushed most of the branches out of his way and he was so clearly visible but Marvin did not want him to know and he did not look up, lest their eyes met. Now massaging his thighs, Marvin spread his legs very wide to be sure that Steve was able to see all of his dark black horse sized hard meat wand and healthy balls hanging low being overfilled with the manly juices.With big glob of spit, Marv’s hand began to go up and down the huge sex muscle with his right hand. He was gripping his length carefully in his palm with 3 fingers, while the extended middle finger flipped a bird to Steve, each time his hand moved up and down his cock, as if his middle finger was going in and out of the Steve’s beautiful and tight ass hole, desired by Marvin Gibbs. With his cock being extra hot and sensitive; Marv knew, it will be soon ready to display the next part of the show. He reached to go under the pillow and pulled out the ‘Flesh Light’ with the transparent body and an ass shaped entrance at the base. He had already lubed it but just for the eyes of Steve; Marv licked the ass looking portion of the ‘Flesh Light’ and also fingered it well to show Steve; how carefully and sensibly he would fuck, if given a chance. Getting all ready; Marvin slid his black cock into the make believe ass jar. With soft tight groping of his cock; Marv’s moaning grew much louder yozgat escort bayan enjoying the tingle running from his head to the toes. His body was being hit with the overload of sexual pleasure. Slowly, he eased more of his cock length in the ‘Flesh Light’. Being well lubed; sliding in and out was easy and fun too with an increased rhythm and pace. With his other hand Marvin was rubbing his balls, making believe that he was playing with Steve’s adult sized stiff swollen cock. How hard will he be by now? Was he also masturbating by now; Marvin thought about Steve as the show continued for him? Oh God! Marv wished, Steve would climb down to his side and come into his bedroom. If he did; he would get his tight ass fucked and ripped the way, it should have been years ago. These thoughts of fucking Steve just ignited fire in Marv’s balls, burning his whole body with the desire. He plunged into the ‘Flesh Light’ for rapid fucking strokes, faster and harder. His breath was scruffy and even gasping for air as the joy astounded him. His head was tilting back; his eyes had rolled back in his head. Flesh Light had clamped much tighter around his fucking pole. His growling must be heard by Steve up in the tree as Marvin shot his essence, shot after shot, after shot forever with his body shuddering and writhing with the strongest ever orgasm tearing through his body and soul. Long last, he fell back on the bed; his cock still semi hard in the ‘Plastic Jar Ass’ still dripping his life juices. Finally; he decided to move and give a full view to Steve, after pulling himself out of the ‘Flesh Light’, he stood up and walked closer to the window. “What the fuck”; he almost shouted. The bright moon light was showing a plastic or a long paper like article tangled in the branches. Disgusted but with a pervert mischievous smile, he grinned and sent a kiss in the air before pulling and completely closing the curtains.The End. Your comments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan October 8, 2019.

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