Erotic Essay 5: Valentine 2 – Last Week


Erotic Essay 5: Valentine 2 – Last WeekEROTIC ESSAY AT VALENTINE DAY NUMBER TWO CONSTRASTS WITH FIRST: EROTIC ESSAY 4EROTIC ESSAYS FOUR & FIVE ARE BOTH FOR AND ABOUT VALENTINE DAY: THEORY & PRAXISEROTIC ESSAY 4 ELABORATES ON WOMEN RIGHTS HERE IN PRACTIS, AS COMPARED TO MENEROTIC ESSAY 3 IS ON RIGHTS OF USERS HERE: AGAIN THEORY CONTRASTS PRAXIS BY 100%EROTIC ESSAY 5 TELLS A TRUE SHORT SWEET STORY, WHICH HAPPENED TO ME, LAST WEEKI get my first VALENTINE present exactly one week early. Quite a surprise. From my floor 2 neighbour.I am outside our common door. I smile while I enjoy a smoke of weed. For free. From my own garden.I see her come back from shopping at far end of our street. I open the door. Gentleman. As I always do.I do the same for any neighbour. Like to her grandparents both lots older & weaker as me. ataşehir escort I am almost 69!I like the idea: She & me in sexy 69! She is 20+. Mom. Looking if she is still a teen. Earlier I mistook it:I saw her back then only a few times. Summer. From my garden. Feed birds. Lives at backside. Like me.I felt pity: Pretty teen I never see outside! Growing up under strict old Indian religious rules at home.I saw her after that only once outside after midnight. On one very hot night I went outside: Cool smoke.I am amazed see her there. “Cooling off” she said “Too hot to sleep” We chat casually. I open. Always.I tell “I regret not seeing you more often, as You’re so pretty. Look like 15. Exactly the age I like best!”.I got for answer “I am 25”. We both laughed. I didn’t see her after. Gone for long. Back escort ataşehir now. Age 35?I open our door for her while busy in first chat with an even prettier neighbour I fancy, Shahaan. Iran.I am completely surprised by Mehwash. I even didn’t know her name then. Asked her next time I saw her.I am still looking into deep dark brown big eyes of another exquisite exotic beauty. Sideways see’r bend.I am presented her bottom as she bent over to seek in her shopping bag while my eyes still shine @ Shahaan.I am presented purple box. Heart shape. Dash of them in red. Without words. Next moment both gone.I didn’t open it. Valentine box. Chocolate Best Belgian bonbons. French (Brussels): ‘bonbon’=’goodgood’. I am very fond of chocolate. Who isn’t? Love to get presents. LOVE those two tasty nice neighbours! ataşehir escort bayan ———————————————————————————————————————————————-DEAR READER PLEASE PRAISE. Express Erotic Essay Estimate. INVITE MORE: ‘Like’ & ‘Comment’.Dear Reader I ‘TAG’ ‘Fetish’, ‘Humor’,’Taboo’. My FETISH Number Dozens. HUMOR As I Also Amuse.Dear Reader Do Read COMMENTS @ EROTIC ESSAYS. FIRST FEW will by Me Probably – Not sure!Dear reader I have No IDEA When or Whether This Series Goes On! Food for further Erotic Essays?COPYRIGHT @ Prof. PETER POET @ ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’ d.d. 2/14/2020:HAPPY VALENTINE DAY ALL MY LOVES WORLD WIDE! — EVERY DAY SHOULD BE ONE, ISN’T?I DO KNOW BY NOW, AT FINAL EDIT, SUBJECT SIXTH: ‘AGE OF CONSENT’ (SEE #2&3)’. TO EDITI WILL FINISH AND UPLOAD IT IN A MINUTE. HENCE EXPECT SIXTH SEXY EROTIC ESSAY NEXTI WRITE MOSTLY ONLY TRUE STORIES WHEREAS MOST OTHERS HERE ONLY PRETEND THATI AM SCIENTIST. AMONG LOTS MORE. I DO KNOW MEMORY MIGHT FOOL. SO I KEEP DIARIES

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