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Thirteenth Installment in the “Latina” Series of Erotic Tales

In some of my early stories, I got confused between the width (thickness, diameter) and the circumference of a cock. A male reader pointed-out my error, and I have since corrected these stories. But his comments got me wondering what other women thought about the length, width, and circumference of cocks, and how my man’s 8-inch length and two-inch diameter “measures up” against others out there. In addition to wondering about their men’s size, and the frequency of sex, I also wondered whether other women out there had men who were as kind, romantic, loving, and generous to them, as my husband is to me. So I conducted an anonymous survey of women readers of my stories, and the following were the results. This is not actually an erotic story, but I included it in my story collection, because I think that these responses are entertaining and educational.

— Latina

* * * * *

OK, guys, here are the survey answers I’ve gotten, from 14 women so far. I’ve assigned a letter to each woman (A, B, etc.) who answered the survey. Sorry, real identities of these women must remain confidential.

Admittedly, this survey is skewed a bit, as these are all women with enough interest in sex, to subscribe to a mailing list of erotic stories. But then, isn’t that the kind of women you men out there want? Maybe these answers will help you men figure out how to get you want from women like us, and maybe even help a few women figure out how to get what they want from men. I know these answers were very enlightening to ME!

You men whose cocks are less than 10 inches long and 3 inches wide can relax. 6 inches or more long, and 1-1/2″ or more wide, seems to be more than plenty for the women surveyed. Those who care at all about cock size, prefer that it is wide rather than long. And besides, these women care more about how you treat them, than about how big your love muscle is.

You might recall that this whole survey began because, in the erotic fiction that I write based on my real-life husband and me, I have sometimes confused “width” or “thickness” (diameter) with how big it is around (circumference). There also seems to be some confusion as to whether to include the head in measuring cock length, or just the shaft. I determined that my husband’s shaft is 7″ long, 8″ counting the head, and 2″ across or about 6-1/4″ circumference. I was curious about two things: whether any of this matters to OTHER women, and how my man measures up to other guys out there. The survey results have so far convinced me that other women feel the same about size as I do (it’s nice, but LOTS of other things are more important), and that my man’s cock is (as I suspected) a little bit bigger than average, but not the biggest out there. I was more than a little startled to learn that there has actually been at least one human cock measured at 13-1/2″ long (OUCH!).

I was a little surprised that about half the women responding felt compelled to add, that this survey was FUN. They seemed to NEED to point out, that they ENJOY thinking about and discussing sex. In one way, it’s sad that there’s still an presumption that women don’t enjoy sex, but in another way, it’s reassuring that these women (and probably MANY more out there) are as PROUD as I am to have a voracious appetite for sex!

— “Latina” (48-year-old electronics technician, 38C-28-36, VERY happily married, not looking for any relationship. Sorry, guys.)

* * * * *

QUESTION 1: DOES size matter to you, as so many men seem to think? If so, what is the “ideal” length and width to you (how big is big enough to completely fill you up, yet not so big that he hurts you when he thrusts, or gags you when you suck him)?

Answers A: Not really. I am 4’11-1/4″ tall and prefer not to die on the first entry to my love channel, or to suffocate with someone danglin’ out of my mouth.

B: It matters a LITTLE. I like the feeling of being completely filled up with his DEEP THRUSTS. With practice, I learned not to gag when sucking his 8 inches. I prefer him only a little bit in my mouth, so there’s room to roll my tongue around him while he’s in my mouth–so in that sense, length doesn’t matter, since most of it is outside my mouth. Length IS important for those DEEP THRUSTS, although thickness feels better in terms of me feeling liked I’m filled up. And once in a while, taking him all the way down my throat is a nice treat for both of us. Oh, and did I mention how much I enjoy how a 7 or 8 inch length feels during those DEEP THRUSTS?


D. To me, size does not matter. The ideal length for me is the same as it is for Latina (2″ wide), but he is 8 inches long.

E. I would call it more proportion than size, but yes, it does matter. Ability can make me forget that. (Smile) 8″ is plenty…but smaller IF thick is great too. 2″ wide is PLENTY for me.

F. etiler ucuz escort Size does not matter. I can feel everything that enters my vagina, and as long as I have been aroused enough, nothing hurts….

G. No, size isn’t the most important factor. Skill, trust in your partner, and what you feel for a person are equally, if not more, important.

H. It doesn’t really matter when it comes right down to it, but based on a preference alone without the emotional attraction??? Thickness is very nice!!

I. YES size matters … but only if you’re small! I prefer girth to length… although I adore the deep hard thrusts!!! I was with a man once that was 9″ (so he claimed) and he came the closest to being too big in length, but he wasn’t FAT enough *grin*… I DO love the thickones!! Admittedly, my husband is PERFECT. Long AND thick. He has never let me measure but looking at a ruler, I suspect he’s every bit of 7 inches in length (measuring the top as you do) and at least that around — I can’t wrap my fingers around him. I think he’s PERFECT for fucking, but I prefer a shorter cock to suck… one that fills my mouth up without gagging me.

J. Well… I’ve been with my husband for almost 17 years, and his cock works just fine for me (grin) I think he is about 5 to 6 inches. He doesn’t hurt when thrusting, but if I push him too far into my mouth, I may gag. But heck, that’s fun too.

K: Length is nice, but width really closes the deal. I don’t think that in normal life there are men that can truly reach the depths of a woman’s vagina, but the width can certainly be the recipient of delectable friction, making width the truly important factor.

L. Size isn’t as important to me as respect. I get more turned on when a man LISTENS to me, I mean REALLY listens. Sometimes, a guy’s facial expression tells me he is just waiting for me to finish what I am saying, so he can bring up some new topic that’s on his mind. Or he’ll try to be a hero by offering me some simplistic solution to one of my most complex life problems. Total turn-off. Sometimes, though, a guy doesn’t even have to say anything back, just his look or his touch tells me that he cares enough about ME as a person, not just as someone whose pants he wants to get into. He cares enough to have been listening to what I have to say. Of course, once he’s done that and gotten me turned-on to him, feeling the friction of his really THICK cock siding against my soaking-wet interior feels REALLY wonderful!!

M. Like most women (I’ll bet) I usually say that size doesn’t matter… within reason. My ex-husband was barely 4 inches long and I’ll confess I could hardly tell when he was inside of me. My current guy is perfect… according to the attached chart (I actually found it somewhere on the net), comfortably above average. He’s around seven inches, and I do have a friend at exactly six–both are quite nice.

[The chart shows “low average” at 4-3/4″ long x 3-1/2″ to 4″ circumference. Average at 6″ long x 4-1/2″ to 5″ circumference. High average at 7″ long by 5″ to 6″ circumference, which even when SOFT is 5-1/4″ long x 4″ to 4-1/4″ circumference–gee, all that sucking adds only 1-3/4″ to the average guy’s length? Not sure that’s very flattering to know! 9-1/2″ long x 6-1/2″ to 7″ is extremely large, and painful for “some, but not all” women, and even that falls 4 inches short of the longest cock on record! According to the chart, up to about 8 inches long, the bigger it is, the more “physical and psychological stimulation” a woman feels. Beyond that, the pain evidently reduces any added pleasure from increased size. The chart INCLUDES the head in measuring cock length.]

N. Well, I’m usually too busy while in the throes of passion to whip out a ruler, and I hate for a guy to think I’m comparing him to my other lovers, so I don’t have accurate measurements (or drawings!) of their size, my dear. Average is good. Tiny is not, but I’ve never seen one so little as to be useless, whereas I’ve seen one that was so big it banged into my cervix in an extremely painful way. I appear to possess no gag reflex, actually. No clue why, I just don’t. Maybe I should consider it a challenge and search for one big enough to gag me.

QUESTION 2: How big was the biggest cock you ever PERSONALLY experienced?

Answers A: 9 inches long, 2 to 2-1/2″ diameter.

B: 8 inches long, 2″ diameter.


D. [Biggest] I have had (and trust me, it hurt) was 10″ long and probably 3 or close to 4 inches across. It was a sexual experience that did not last long.

E. 9″ but he was thinner…maybe 1″.

F. About ten inches long, 6 inches around.

G. I’ve never measured, but I’d say about 1-1/4 [diameter] by just a hair below six inches. Not including the head.

H. He was about 9 inches long and very thick, no idea, maybe 2-1/2 inches…

I. Oops, got ahead of myself on that one… 9″.

J. etiler üniversiteli escort I believe about 8, I’m only assuming… it was big.

K. (No answer for this.)

L. I’ve never really measured, but I’d guess about 7 inches long and 2″ across. 5 to 6 inches long and 1-1/2″ wide seems to be more average. I’m not sure I believe the stories when a guy says his is 9 or 10 inches long, and that sounds like it would be painful. Length is nice, up to a point, because it means each in-and-out thrust takes longer to complete, increasing my pleasure and his, but if thrusting all the way into me is going to hurt, where’s the fun in that? But a THICK cock fills me up throughout his whole cycle of thrusting, it’s that FRICTION that gets me moaning and my juices flowing.

M. Forgot the ruler, but I’d say nine inches…some things we just couldn’t do (he was pretty wide). (grin)

N. Once again, I don’t whip out rulers or tape measures, so I really have no idea.

QUESTION 3: How long/wide is it on your current significant other?

Answers A: 6 inches long, 2 inches wide.

B: 8 inches long (including the head), 2 inches diameter. Current IS my biggest ever.


D. 8.5 long and possibly 2 to 2.5 wide.

E. Hubby is 7-1/2″ long, 2″ wide.

F. Unfortunately, I am currently without a SO.

G. Same as question 2, about 1-1/4 [diameter] by just a hair below six inches. Not including the head.

H. He’s about 7 inches [long] and 2 inches across.

I. Gee, see above again, 9″.

J. 5 to 6 inches long, about 2 inches wide.

K. (No answer for this.)

L. Again, haven’t measured, but current lover is among the biggest I’ve known, guessing 7″ long and about 2″ diameter.

M. 7 to 7-1/2 inches…not sure about diameter, but he barely fits in my mouth!

N. Hubby’s is pretty average. Former lover’s was very thick.

QUESTION 4: How does size rank in priority to you, compared to such intangibles as love, trust, honesty, respect, and commitment?

A: It doesn’t…:)..I find the others much more important to a wonderful, lovin’ passionate and sexual relationship.

B: I think the love, trust, and commitment are what MAKE us both get so excited. Without those intangibles, it would be just too mechanical, and not very pleasurable for either of us. As for the physical side, his putting my own needs and desires ahead of his own is more important than his size. I have come to trust him enough to completely surrender to his attentions, even though it can still be scary to surrender and “let myself go” so completely. When he explores my deepest recesses with his fingers and tongue, until I start broadcasting my desires with loud internal noises, then I just want him to thrust deep and hard. When he “eats me out”, I enjoy repaying him in kind. When he holds back and lets me come on his cock first, then I REALLY start to want to feel him explode deep inside of me. Sometimes, though, I get him so turned on that he can’t wait for my climax, and while that can be frustrating for me, in another way, that is flattering, that I can make him surrender control to me so completely. And he is so sweet about it, he says he feels selfish when he loses control of his passions before I do, so I can’t really get mad about it, especially since it doesn’t happen all that often.


D. Compared to love, trust, honesty, respect, and commitment, size is dead last.

E. I have had great lovers, ample size and technique, but without the love and trust of a relationship…it’s lacking a lot. Size is a low priority in a loving relationship.

F. Give me love, trust, honesty, respect before I find out your size. Commitment, depends….

G. On a scale of 1 to 10 where ten is the highest, I’d say it ranks about a 4. It’s nice, but it’s not all. Other things take priority.

H. Not that much, really…I need to be in sync with my guy mentally for the sex to really be fulfilling….

I. Well, I have to really care for someone to make love to them or go down on them… otherwise, I have dildos and vibrators!

J. Last.

K. I am 5’9″, and by no means a super model, but depending on how I flex my “love muscles”, I can pretty much make it similar to your 5’2″ sized organs. And, for blow-jobs, what woman REALLY wants to take some guy’s 10″+???

L. I think I’ve already answered this. Respect, in the form of LISTENING to me, is my

priority. Size is maybe 8th or 9th on my list, and then thickness matters more than length.

M. You forgot attitude. If a man is willing to do whatever he needs to make you happy, size isn’t even REMOTELY the issue. I guess trust and honesty go hand in hand — respect fatih escort is related. Those would be my top three picks.

N. Size is nowhere near as important as the intangibles IF we’re talking about a relationship. HOWEVER, oral sex IS important in marriage, and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. Don’t marry that man unless he can do a damned good job of eating your pussy, or you’ll eventually realize that you sacrificed what was REALLY important. If we’re talking about sex for the sake of great sex, then the only intangible that’s really important to me is TRUST, maybe with a dash of respect, but that’s probably too much to ask. Guess I’m just a slut, but I don’t feel that love and commitment have to have anything to do with sex. Honesty? Never seen THAT at all. Especially when it comes to size.

QUESTION 5: When he GETS so big and hard, does that make you feel flattered?Sexy? Romantic? Loving? Or just plain HORNY yourself?

Answers A: All of the above.

B: I’m flattered that I can still turn him on. When he gets hard and his cock turns reddish-purple, I just want him (HORNY). His hardness is usually accompanied by both of us mildly talking sexy to each other, no obscenities, just telling each other what we’d like to do with each other, and the whole thing (his erection, the talk, the way he respects me, the way we respond to each other, the slow build-up of our passion), all of it does make me feel very SEXY.


D. Well of course it makes me horny, but it also makes me feel flattered because “I” made him that big, or he is that big thinking about me and wanting me, and that makes me feel sexy and romantic.

E. yes, Yes, YES!! (Smile) I enjoy the view of a lover’s hard-on…nothing turns me on faster than that!!!

F. Ummm, yes to all.

G. In that situation, Romantic? No Loving? Maybe Horny? Yes Sexy? Yes Flattered? Yes

Knowing that you have that effect on someone makes you feel good about yourself. Everyone likes to think they are attractive to the opposite sex, and when you’ve been married for a long time and can still effect him that way, that’s a nice feeling.

H. Oh God….all of the above! The harder he gets, the wilder I get, and what a trip on your ego!

I. VERY sexy, and SOOOO horny to hop on it .. but I like to prolong the event by sucking him ALMOST to orgasm a couple of times … before doin’ the nasty!

J. It depends, all of the above at certain times.

K. (No answer for this.)

L. By the time HE gets all big and hard, chances are I’ve already gotten horny enough to soak my panties (if I’m even wearing any). Of COURSE it is very flattering that he finds me attractive enough to get a hard-on over me. Other things, like what we did on our date, get me in a romantic mood; his hard cock doesn’t START me feeling romantic, but seeing and touching his big, thick, throbbing cock certainly helps crank up the volume on the passion I’m already feeling for him. And, oh god, YES, it makes me feel VERY sexy. Mmmm! Ummm, what was I saying? 🙂

M. Well, since I’m not madly in love, HORNY describes things perfectly! (And a little bit flattered.)

N. YES, all of the above. Although not as much FLATTERED, because most guys will get a hard-on from a good breeze, won’t they? Sexy, yes, and especially horny. Loving? Depends on the guy. Romantic? Same thing.

QUESTION 6: What one thing, or combination of things, does he do that puts you in the mood to ENJOY his full size (what makes you just want to rip his clothes off and pounce on him?)?

Answers A: He comes up behind me and nuzzles and kisses my neck while his hands wander to my breasts and cup them and gently rub my nipples with his fingertips. (makes me want him).

B: It can be a lot of things: a look, a touch, an act of thoughtfulness. A few of the things that set me off. When he comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and massages my nipples while kissing my neck. When we shower together and he gently soaps me up all over with liquid soap. When he gives me a gift of sexy lingerie and asks me to model it for him. When he massages my tired, aching back and shoulders. When he and I cook dinner together, or I hijack him from work and we go out to lunch or dinner together…or eat lunch (and each other) at home (I feel sexy and deliciously naughty then, but I worry about us both returning to our jobs smelling of fresh sex after one of our “nooners”!).


D. Ok, when he comes up to me and whispers in my ear and runs his hands up my sides. Or when he just gives me “that” look. We have been together for a year and it still only takes a look to get me hot.

E. Good old romance, drinks, slow dancing…whispers of sexy thoughts in my ear…A look over my body that makes me feel naked in a crowd.

F. Pinching my nipples while nibbling my neck, whispering in my ear, telling me to cum now (grin), pulling my hair, smacking my ass, or lightly on my cheek, while I’m errrrr, eating (GRIN) gets me in the mood.

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