DOR part 8


DOR part 8I can see her tits perfectly, be better if she would take off that blouse and bra and just show them to me so I can worshipped them the way they should be. As i am standing here waiting to see just how much more I can control myself before I just have a mental boner and pass out from pure excitement.Suddenly, she takes a step forward grabs me from my duty belt pulls me on to her. As I lean forward on her and she drops back up against the door. “Why don’t u stop fighting it and go ahead and do what u know u wanna do?” Why do you keep resisting? She saids as she suddenly brushes her lips up against mines as if to kiss me but stops shortly just barely. By this time I drop whatever I had in my hands I can’t remember and immediately reach for her tits. And lean forward and I kissed her. Forcing myself on top of her squeezing her tits while rolling my tongue inside my mouth. My skin flush as i feel both cold and hot all at once. A thousand form of sensations come rushing into me like a tidal wave of emotions (most of it me being horny as fuck and only wanting to fuck her) comes over me controlling me. As I am kissing her passionately while taking full of her tits. Suddenly she pushes back slightly laughing.”Vanessa, I knew it I knew it, u are so obvious.” I am gonna have fun with you.” She said suddenly my hands still on her tits holding her gently squeezing them. “Sweetheart, it’s not gonna be this easy. N I’m gonna need you to let go sinop escort of those” she saids and demands while with her left hand pointing down to her tits. My hands over them holding her turning the darkest deepest form of red. I think that by now I match her lipstick. I’m just standing there holding her tis trying to figure out if I just fantasized all that or did that really happen. Currently I have the world record for mental boner there could ever possibly be. She standing there buttoning up her blouse looking at me as I am trying to figure e out if this is reality or did I feel asleep in front of my computer in my office while waiting for a call [that has happen) “Vanessa, I am going to have so much fun with you” She said while adjusting herself and laughing as she walks back out the door. I’m standing there trying to forge out did fantasized this. Few days goes by nothing out of the norm same old same old. I get slightly distracted with few other departments and I try my very best to not linger too much over Ms.Ishara but occasionally I do check in with her let her know I’m there. Often time she just smiles at me and barely if any glances at me (I feel so used). One Saturday night working a little over my regular schedule I just so happen to have to go to HK to stock some shelves. Not thinking much of it n really not expecting to run into her there she never stays after hours I walk my way in. To my surprise shes at her desk typing escort sinop rapidly in her keyboard. “Yes yes is me come in” don’t be frighten” she said softly. Teasefuly but overwhelmed d maybe a little tired. From the way she is holding her head and pinching her forehead at the tope of nose between her eyes she seems to be exhausted. “Evening, didn’t know u was here” “Oh am I suppose to be checking in with u cuz I thought u needed to check in with me” she corrected me.”No I I just. Sorry” i turn back to stock the shelve and she goes back to typing awkward silence runs for a mintue n i hear her mumble something to herself not sure what I look back and I finish my shelves and see her again pressing her forehead. Ms.Ishara are you alright?” I ask her I really hate seeing her so tense is so sad. “I am just stressed” rough day today” she said still pressing her forehead “Here, let me” I say as I finally walk a few feet close to her. She just looks at me. As I get closer to her and stand directly behind her. “May I?” I ask her while I place my hand on her shoulders. She nods and leans forward on the chair. Giving me better grip on her back.I squeeze and press her shoulders finding her tension points and squeezing it pressing and releasing all these tension knots she has all over her back.”OH MY GOD!!! THAT FEELS AMAZING” she said slowly taking few inhales relaxing and taking a few to relax and ease as I squeeze and release and unreleased sinop escort bayan her shoulder to midway her back. I feel her body easing off and relaxing. Mmmmmmm she mourns under her breath which only makes me think in such a perversion way. A thousand naughty thoughts come thur my head. Suddenly I feel her take my hands up over her shoulders and bring them down to her. Pulling me down as she leans all the way back pinning me on the back of her chair. I look down”Wh..what the” before I could even say a word she guided my hands down her open blouse under her bra and was rubbing my hand on her tits massive size. GOD DAMN I think they have gotten bigger. She presses my hands aganist her tits and hold them there.”Is this what you want?” “U just want to touch me all over, have ur hands on me rubbing me down everywhere all over my body” isn’t that what u want?” She ask while ex9plaing looking up at me as I an heavily breathing. “hell yess!!! I respond quickly she pops up and releases my hand cracking up laughing. “Your too easy” she said jokingly. As she gets up and shuts of her computer. Stands before me pushing her chair in and stands directly in front of me. Pinches my left cheek on my face.”But ur sssooo cute to play with” she said as she reaches over grabs her purse and throws her blazes over her completely undone shirt and walks over to the door as she leaves.”See u tomorrow vanessa” and walks 9ut laughing. I’m standin there playing with my hands as if her tits r still in front of me wishful thinking. So she does like teasing me I KNREW IT SHE WAS TEASING MEHOLY FUCK TOUCHED HER TITS OH MY GOD SHE SHOWED THEM TO ME.From pure excitement I passed out n fall to the floor.

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