Donna’s Awakening Conclusion

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I awoke the next morning with Tom’s heavy arm lying over my stomach just under my breasts. My nipples nestled in the hair of his forearm. The sheets were wet beneath my butt where the cum and juices had drained from my body as I slept. My nipples were swollen and tender and my hips felt like they had been dislocated. I was sore all over, but it was a wonderful satisfying soreness. My stirring must have awakened him because when I looked at him he was staring at me with those deep blue eyes. He leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. I felt the tingling begin anew in the small of my back. He told me to go make some coffee and I got out of bed and put on his shirt for a robe.

Daylight came in though the windows and I went barefoot down the stairs from the loft where we had been sleeping to the common room below. There was no central heat and the temperature inside had to be in the forties. The cabin was very much like the one my family had in Wisconsin so I was familiar with how to use a propane stove and make coffee the old fashion way in a percolator. I heard something and turned to see one of the other bikers come out of the downstairs bedroom and go over to the fireplace. He was wearing a sweatshirt and white jockey shorts. He took some dry wood that was piled on the hearth and placed it inside the fireplace. After wadding up some newspaper and shoving it in and around the logs he struck a match and a fire came to life.

As the man walked over to where I was standing I could see the telltale sign of his cock coming to life and swelling inside his jockey shorts. He gently raised his hand and rubbed my check with his fingers and then pulled my head to his and kissed me. He pulled me tight against him and as my body pressed up to his and I could feel his erection growing and stiffening against my abdomen. The worn brown couch was between the kitchen area and the fireplace. The biker turned me around and bent me over the back of the couch with my tummy on the back and my head hanging down towards the seat cushions. The shirt fell down my back and my naked ass was left exposed sticking up in the air. I had not bathed or showed and knew that I was dirty and encrusted with cum and juices from my fucking of the previous night. It did not seem to bother the man. I felt the head of his penis nestle between the lips of my cunt and then his cock slide deep into my vagina. Even without foreplay I remained wet and slippery from the night before and he rapidly achieved a pace and stroking that brought me quickly to my first orgasm of the day. There was nothing more here than a man ataşehir escort getting his rocks off first thing in the morning and I was his warm soft receptacle. His hands left my hips and he reached down and grabbed my tits and began to squeeze them as he thrust into me. He made slight changes in his angle every few strokes. Being bent over the way that I was he was almost as deep in my belly as Tom had probed with his much longer cock the night before. He was driving me crazy with lust and I was quickly returning to the wonderful mindless state of arousal that I had reached for the first time the evening before. The man knew what he was doing, not romantic at all, but as my second orgasm swept over me I found it very satisfying.

I began to moan and wiggle my round butt into his driving crotch. I looked up and sitting on the stairs to the loft watching us was Tom. I don’t know why but even though I had done nothing to provocate the sexual advances of the biker who was fucking me I felt a little like I had gotten caught cheating. The biker saw Tom and said that he hoped he didn’t mind him getting a little hot pussy first thing in the morning. Tom laughed and said for him to go ahead but to enjoy me good for from now one I was going to be his bitch and no one was going to touch me unless he said so first. Well that put me over the top and my resulting orgasm was so intense that the muscles of my cunt locked around the bikers cock and began to milk him vigorously. He was unable to maintain his control and immediately began to ejaculate and spray his seed into my womb. I was very thankful for the pill because there were no doubt that these men would have impregnated me by this time if I were not protected.

The biker pulled his cock out of me and helped me stand back up. I could tell from the look in his eye that if Tom weren’t there that he would have dragged me off somewhere to enjoy me further and that made my pussy tingle. Tom came down the stairs and talked to the biker quietly next to the fireplace where the fire was growing in intensity. I heard the name Katie and he asked me at one point where I was staying. The biker went back to the bedroom and Tom threw a few more logs on the fire. I poured a couple of large mugs of coffee and followed him back up the stairs to the loft.

We stood near the bed. He took the coffee mugs and placed them on the side table and pulled his shirt of off me before kissing me. My head began to spin as he gently and tenderly kissed my lips. I lay down in the bed expecting and hoping to be ravaged and fucked silly avcılar escort but surprisingly he handed me one of the mugs of coffee before climbing under the covers and taking the other mug for himself.

For the next couple of hours we talked. He asked me all about myself and what had brought me to Montana. I was honest and told him truthfully that I had gone on a quest looking for a man who could make me feel like a woman or to come to the realization that what I had read and seen was only fiction. He smiled and kissed me when I told him that he had made me realize that the fiction was in fact a reality.

When he began to tell me about himself I was astonished. It seems that I had not run into a rouge band of bikers but three old friends who had played football together at Boise State and spent a couple of weeks at the end of each summer together in the woods letting their hair down. The other two fellows were Brad and Jake and they were managers in the wood milling industry. Tom, it turned out, was an attorney. They were all in their mid thirties. The other two guys were married and Tom was divorced and single for more than three years. They had come into town to replenish their liquor stock and had gone into the bar where we met to grab a few cold beers. Tom said he had never come on to a woman in the manner he had with me before the day before. Somehow he said there had been an instant connection between us and he had sensed what I wanted and needed. I believed him when he said that they would have stopped at any point that I had resisted or said no.

As he continued to talk and tell me about his life and career I pulled the covers back and began to lick his cock. At first he was flaccid and I was able to take him in my mouth but that quickly became impossible as the blood rushed in and he swelled back to his full size. I nibbled on the purple plum head and traced the large veins along the length of his rod with my tongue. I was pleased that a few times I heard him catch his breath as I hit a particularly sensitive area. With my left hand I began to gently fondle his large hairy balls that seemed to be the size of billiard balls. I never imagined that it would be so very exciting and satisfying to give a man oral sex. Tom was becoming more and more excited and while he talked his hand began to rub my head encouraging me to continue. I found myself eager to please him and bring him pleasure. I felt my juices flowing out of my pussy and I was very wet between my legs. I was ready for him to mount me when he was ready and I found myself hoping avrupa yakası escort that that was very soon. I began to chew on the edges of dick and slid my hand up and down the throbbing pole.

Tom sat up and rolled me off of him and onto my back. I spread my knees far apart as he climbed between my thighs. I heard myself whimper as his steel like shaft sunk deep into me and he began to hump into me. He was so big, strong and massive. I was not a little girl but I felt little. I knew what my role was and loved it. I felt his mouth on my lips and his tongue probing my mouth as his cock was drilling deep into my belly. He fucked me steadily for at least fifteen minutes before he flooded me with his sperm. We were both satiated and when he pulled out of me we fell asleep in each others arms. Twice more during the afternoon we mated. One time I climbed on top of him and sank myself down on his hard cock. I came dozens of times as he chewed on my nipples and occasionally slapped me on the ass when my bouncing would slow down. I began to think that all that I ever wanted to do for the rest of my life was be Tom’s slut.

When evening came we finally came down out of the loft. Tom had on a bathrobe and I had put his shirt back on. Brad and Jake had a woman, whom I later learned was Katie, naked between them. They were fucking her on the rug in front of the fireplace. Brad was on his back, his cock in her pussy, with Katie on top. Jake was behind screwing her in the ass. I don’t think they knew we were there. I saw my suitcase sitting next to the stove and there were some cold cuts and beer on the table. We made ourselves some sandwiches and then sat down on the couch and watched the threesome screwing like dogs in heat. I found myself becoming more and more excited. I parted his robe and pulled Tom’s cock out and began to stroke him back to life. Ten minutes later we were back in the loft in bed, I was on my hands and knees and he was fucking me from behind. It went on like that for the next four days before I left and began my trip back to the university.

That was four years ago. I travel out to Montana now on a regular basis to see Tom and he has come back east a few times. Every August we go to the cabin for a reunion, though I only sleep with Tom. The other guys always seem to come up with a girl or two or three to enjoy while we’re there. When I finish my internship I’ve arranged to take a position at a hospital out in Montana and Tom and I are going to get married, he proposed this past August. Making that trip I realize that I did something pretty stupid and it could have turned out so badly. But I was lucky and by taking the gamble somehow I found the man of my dreams. When I’m alone and I fall asleep at night I think only of him and how it feels to have his body take control of me. To lose control of myself and become truly one with a man. I couldn’t be a luckier girl.

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