DONNA-I Seduced my best friends mom


DONNA-I Seduced my best friends momAlison and I used to visit each other’s houses on alternate weekends during school time, mainly as we were best friends, we were also having sex with each other. On this particular Saturday I made my way up to her house and knocked on the door, her mum Annette, answered and let me in. “Hi Donna, she’s not back from swimming yet but you can wait if that’s OK” I nodded, and we walked into the kitchen. “Coffee” she asked and I said, “Yes please”.With a mug of coffee in my hand I went and sat on the sofa, Annette brought in an ashtray and sat next to me, she lit a cigarette and offered me one and I took it. As we sat there she made small talk and leaned over to use the ashtray, as she did I noticed she had a low cut top which showed a lot of her chest, she also had a very short skirt on, it was just above her knees and if I didn’t know her I would have called her mutton.Suddenly the phone rang, and she answered and said “Donna she’s going to be another hour or so are you Ok to wait” “Yes of course”. Then Annette said “Let me show you our conservatory” as she did “Very nice” I answered. Then she said “Come with me” as I followed her upstairs I could see under her skirt, and into her bedroom she said “Do you like our fitted wardrobes” “I like the mirrors” there were 6’ mirrors on the doors and they looked good, Annette was stood in front of them.I looked at her without her knowing, then moved closer to her she turned to face me, and I put my hands on her waist and gently kissed her lips, she didn’t respond and her arms were down at her sides. I kissed her a couple of times and ran my tongue over her lips, no response although her eyes were shut. Bringing my hands up I felt her tits as I ran my tongue over her lips. “God no Donna you’re my daughter’s best friend” as I rubbed her nipples through her bra.Coming off her lips I soothingly licked down her neck as I reached round behind her and unclasped her bra, pulling it down and pushing her top up I fondled her tits. “Oh My God Donna, we can’t” as I ignored her and bent down and licked her nipples, they were responding, I licked one and then the other, “Please Donna” she said as her breathing got a little heavier. Pinching bornova escort her nipples gently I moved up to kiss her again, no response “PLEASE Donna” she whimpered. Running my tongue over her lips and then moving down her neck, I soon latched on to her erect nipples as I moved my right hand downwards and was touching the front of her knickers. Gently running two fingers over her mound she gasped, “Oh God Donna please, we CAN’T”, after a few minutes I slipped my hand down the front of her panties and soon found her pussy, fingering her a couple of times I moved my finger up and touched her clit.“Oh God” she whimpered, then as I moved up towards her I leaned in and we kissed, her arms moved to be around my neck as her mouth opened and now we were snogging, as my fingers rubbed her she gave a little moan. Another few minutes went by and then I moved her towards her bed, pushing her down she backed up, so she was lying in the middle. Moving towards her I reached up and pulled her knickers down, she was very hairy.She then opened her own thighs as I got down between her thighs, my finger easily slipped inside her saturated pussy as she groaned, then my tongue flickered over her clit, “Oh God” she murmured as I lapped and fingered her, she was quietly moaning. After maybe five minutes or so she started to writhe around, and I felt her hand on the top of my head. “Oh God Donna I’m COMING” as I carried on at the same pace. “Oh God, Oh Yes, yes, Oh YES, YES” she groaned.Then she went deathly quiet for maybe 2 seconds, then she erupted OH my GOD, I’M COMING, YES, YES, OH GOD DONNA, YES, YES AAAARRRGGHH, OH GOD YES”, as I licked and fingered her, after her climax was winding down she kept moving as I was still licking her she had a couple of aftershock orgasms. Then I stood up and she sat up and came towards me. “Lift your skirt up” as I did, she ran her finger over the front of my knickers. Then Annette said, “Oh no Alyson’s home”.She started to get dressed as I made my way downstairs and managed to meet Alison before she’d realised, I’d come from upstairs, 20 seconds later her mum came down. Alison and I got a coffee and we went up to her room and played some records and had a girly chat. After escort bornova a while I put my arms across her shoulders and we kissed, my pussy was aching, after we’d snogged a while Alison said “Sorry Donna I feel dreadful it’s my time of the month” I smiled and said “It’s Ok”. We cuddled.After a while there was a knock on the door and Alison’s mum came in “Donna I have to go into town if you’d like a lift”, I looked at my watch and said “Ok”. Alison and I had a cuddle and a quick kiss and then she said “I love you” I smiled and replied “Love you too”. We made our way downstairs and I followed Annette out to the car waving at Alison as I got in. as she drove into town, she stopped the car at the bottom of town in a lay by, she turned and faced me.“Please don’t tell anyone what happened today” “No of course not” then she leaned over and kissed me, I put my arms around her neck, and we kissed properly. A couple of minutes passed and she pulled away, started the car up and drove to an old disused church car park which I’d never seen before, she parked up and turned towards me, we kissed. My hand was feeling her breast as hers was on my knee, she moved onto the inside of my thigh as I opened my legs.“Let’s get in the back” Annette suggested. I got out of the car as did she and we got on the back seat. We snogged and her hand soon started up where she’d left off on the inside of my thigh. It moved upwards as I opened my legs and she touched the front of my knickers, now it was my turn to gasp. She pushed me backwards gently as I fell into the corner of the seat and the door, she pulled my leg up and pushed my skirt up her finger touching me.As we made eye contact, she smiled, then pulled my knickers down. Placing my leg in the same position she bent down and licked my clit, I jumped, her finger slipped easily into my wet cunt. Licking me, fingering me and then it was too good for me and my climax was building very fast. I orgasm very easily and this time was no exception, I was coming at speed. “Oh My God I’M COMING” as she carried on doing me.Then seconds later I whimpered then it hit me. OH MY GOD!!!! YES, YES OH GOD YYYEEESSS” as my orgasm ripped through my body. The only downside to bornova escort bayan what Annette was doing to me was that once I’d come, she stopped licking me, as when I was doing it to her I carried on. I concluded that she probably hadn’t done it before. I sat up and we kissed, as I put my hand up her skirt she said “Sorry Donna I have to go” as we got out of the car.She dropped me off at the top of my street, my knickers in my pocket as I walked down towards home. Unfortunately, since I’d been having sex with other girls, Alison and Valerie, I was desperate for a cock after each episode, and this time wasn’t any difference. As I approached the bottom of my street, there was Geoff taking some rubbish out to his bin. As I got closer, I asked, “How’s Mary doing?” “She’s not very good, she’s bedridden at the moment” I smiled.“Do you want to come in I could do with the company” “Ok” so I followed Geoff into his kitchen. He put the kettle on and started to wash up some pots, I moved closer to him from behind and ran my hands over his bum, “Geoff I need fucking”, he turned around and as he did he kissed me and I touched him through his pants, stroking him as he felt my tits he was soon erect. Unbuttoning his pants, I knelt down in front of him and pulled his underpants down.Grabbing him I pulled his foreskin back as I licked his helmet he groaned. I only did it for a few seconds, 30 at the most, then I stood and leaned against the kitchen cupboards, “Fuck me Geoff”. He lifted up my skirt and touched my pussy, “You haven’t any knickers on” “I know, just fuck me”. Then I felt him slide into me, oh yes it was what I needed. As his hands came around and fondled my tits, he started to build up speed and I was gasping.Unfortunately it was similar to the last time and I sensed by his grunting that he was close to coming, but it didn’t really matter this time as the climax I had had with Annette less than an hour ago, and the feeling I was getting from the penetration of Geoff’s cock, it was what I needed. Yes I would have preferred it if he’d gone on for longer but it was doing the job, I still was experiencing the motion. Then Geoff slowed down and pulled out of me.I turned around and fell to my knees, grabbing him I had my mouth around his cock as quick as I could, one movement and he groaned as his seed shot into my mouth and down my throat. I stood up and rearranged my clothes as Geoff put his pants on. I kissed him and said “Thanks” and went home.

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