Doing Hard Time in Prison with Cocksucker on Knees


Doing Hard Time in Prison with Cocksucker on KneesThis is a I was wrongly convicted of insider trading and sentenced to 2 years in prison. First I was introduced to my cellmate Pete and once we felt comfortable, he began to tell me how things work in the joint. I remember going to the shower room for the first time. There was this one wall with about thirty shower heads. I was soaping up next to Pete when I noticed a line up at the far end of the showers, I could see there were two showers not being used at the end I was at so I did not understand why guys would be waiting in line.I asked Pete what the deal was and he said I should take a look for myself but to be careful not to “cross the line”. I didn’t understand what he meant but as we were leaving I walked down towards the other end with Pete. It was steamy but as I got closer I could see what was going on. A few guys were down on their knees, giving head to guys in the shower. Pete pointed to a particular shower head, “number 25” he called it. He told me the five showers after that are for guys who are members of the “Head club”. There were just a few guys who sucked the cocks but lots of guys who got sucked off. Pete said he thought the ratio was 20 guys wanting head to every guy giving head. We left the showers and went to get breakfast. As we ate he told me more about the “Head club for Men”. He said the name was a take off of the “Hair Club for Men”, one of the founders of the club thought it was funny.It started when a bunch of guys forced this one guy to give them head,eventually the guy gave head of his own free will. They had broken his will and made him into a cocksucker. They then used this method on a few other guys to increase the number of cocksuckers. “As you can see they still have a shortage of guys giving head. That is why it is good to stay away, if they see a guy with any interest in “crossing the line” they will make you a cocksucker. Once you cross over you never come back. You become their cocksucker for the rest of your time in here. They even have a deal worked with the guards to give the guys who suck cock as much time as needed in the shower.” Then I said ” It sounds like a good system, guys who want to suck cock get to suck and guys who want to be sucked off get to enjoy blowjobs.In here I am sure guys need a good blowjob now and then.” Pete responded ” I guess you have a point but these guys want head everyday and the guys who suck probably didn’t no what they were getting into if indeed the wanted to suck cock in the first place. I mean they swallow so many loads of spunk every day. Plus once they are in they can’t change their mind. They are forced to suck, no choice.” We got onto a different subject but I was looking forward to getting another look at the “Head club” tomorrow.I convinced Pete to shower closer so I could see more of what was going on. I was a hot scene, watching those three guys sucking off cock after big hard cock. Guys just waiting in line to use those cocksucker’s mouths. I saw a few guys pull out and cum all over the guys faces but for the most part the guys shot their loads in the cocksucker’s mouths. I was turned on but didn’t want to get a hard-on to let Pete know I liked what was happening down there. Then again I could have lied and told him I liked the “getting sucked off” part. A big black guys was standing there, his hands around this white guy’s head, holding it in place as he fucked the guy’s mouth. amasya escort You could tell the black guy was really enjoying it. The cocksucker was on his knees and taking that black bone with every thrust.At that point I wished I was that guy, being used by that big black guy for his own sexual pleasure. The black guy had a beefy muscle body no doubt from spending time working out all day. He glanced over and saw me looking at him. He smiled and said “Feels so good, why don’t you come over and get some”. I looked away, and he put his focus back on pumping that guy’smouth. I heard him moan ” I am cumming in your mouth cocksucker” and turned to see him shooting his wad down the guy’s throat. He pushed the guy away and finished showering looking over at me with a smile on his face. Pete and I left the shower and the day was like any other. I kept thinking about the big black guy, I was kind of overpowered by his smile.The next day I wanted to get closer but Pete was not keen so I went on my own. I showered closer and Pete stayed towards the other end . I told him I just wanted a closer look and would shower with him the next day. I was in shower number 23, two away from the “line”. There was nobody in 24 or 25, so I had a clear view of the happenings. I tried not to look directly but when the same big black guy had his turn I couldn’t help but look. He was in shower 28 and there was no one in 27 or 26. He saw me looking, reached down and pulled the guy who was giving him head over to 27 so that I could get a better look. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was doing it for me to get a better look, so I moved over into 24. He smiled and now there were only two showers between us and no one in them.I watched as he stroked his thick meat as the guy licked his balls all over. He rubbed his cockhead all over the guys face and looked me in the eyes as he forced it into the guy’s mouth. He let the guy’s head bob up and down on his shaft and it looked so good. I couldn’t help but get a raging hard-on and he noticed saying ” you like watching Huh?!”. I nodded yes and he pulled his cocksucker over to shower 26 and I moved over to 25. I was right next to him, watching him pump his hard cock in and out of that guy’s mouth. You could see the pleasure on the black guy’s face, the pleasure he got from using this guy. ” You want some of it don’t you, some guys want to get in line but you, you want to be down on your knees don’t you?” I didn’t answer. ” See how good it looks, that hard dick in his mouth. You want that to be your mouth don’t you. You want to be down on your knees feeling a hard cock sliding back and forth along your lips. Don’t lie to yourself, you know it is your place, you know it is where you want to be and should be. You have known it since you walked down and saw what was going on.Cross the line and join us, get down on your knees and it can be you taking my load instead of him.” I listens to his words and something inside me knew he was right, I knew my place was on my knees, my mouth being used by guy after guy. I knew this the first time I looked down and saw what was going on at this end, it was my end. I wanted his hot load and lots of guy’s hot loads. He pulled out and pushed the guy into shower 27, someone quickly came over and made use of his mouth. The big black guy turned to face me with his hand slowly sliding up and down his hard cock. I looked in his eyes and was in a trance like state. escort amasya I remember moving towards him but it felt like I was out of my body watching myself doing it. Once I crossed over into the 25 he placed his hand on my shoulder and directed me on my knees. He looked down and rubbed his hard cock all over my face. “have you sucked cock before” he asked. ” Twice when I was younger” I responded. “So your are almost like a virgin when it comes to it. All the better, you will be an expert in no time”.He rubbed his purple crown all over my lips and then pushed it in. It quickly filled up my mouth and it felt so good, I knew it would. It’s thickness stretched my lips as it slid deeper into my warm mouth. “Feels so good bitch, like a nice tight pussy.” I began to slide my mouth up and down his rod and play with his heavy nutsack. “Yeh that is it. Keep doing that while I tell you how things work in the Head Club. We have 63 members, three of them are cocksuckers and the other 60 get serviced. We do have a waiting list for people wanting to join and now that we have you, we will increase membership. We like to have one cocksucker to every 20 guys. We find anymore and it doesn’t work. We have a deal with the guards and you can stay in here for the total shower time from 7 till 9.I know that means you’ll miss breakfast but I am sure you’ll get your fill of protein. All you do is stay on your knees and suck off every dick that is put in your cocksucker mouth. You should get to know what some guys like and do it to keep them happy. We own you now and you can never go back. Your life as you knew it is over, now your life is cock. I will arrange to have you moved to a different cell where the members can access you during the day and night.” I had thought it was just a shower thing, I didn’t know I would be sucking cock all the time. I listen to his words but only half heard them. I was so into sucking on his heavy black meat. I felt the grip of his hands on my head getting tighter as he began to pump his cock faster and deeper. It was too deep and I was gagging. He told me to “take it” and he kept on fucking my face. Then I felt and tasted his jism flooding to the back of my throat.I swallowed it down and he kept pumping more of it in. For a man who came yesterday he sure had a big load. He pulled out and finished showering off. I stayed on my knees staring at his half hard cock as he soaped it up. I could taste his cum and knew I had made the right choice. He rinsed off and looked down at me saying ” You are on this side now and don’t you forget it”. As soon as he stepped away, another guy walked up and told me to open up. I opened my mouth wide and licked my lips with my tounge. He shoved his hard manmeat in saying “Ah a new mouth to fuck, you’ll be sucking lots of cock now bitch”. I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling him pumping my mouth with his dick.After he blew his wad I just kept my mouth open and my eyes closed, my mouth was quickly filled up a few seconds by another guy’s prick. This went on for hours, cock after cock cumming in my mouth, replaced by another as soon as it was removed. All shapes and sizes, all so hard and full of cum. I didn’t know how many cocks I had sucked. When it was just us four cocksuckers washing up at the end I asked the guy next to me if more guys used me than normal because I was a new guy. He said “a few did, but overall that is the amount you will suck off every morning. amasya escort bayan In fact you will probably suck off plenty more once you get moved to the “Head wing”. Bubba, the big black guy is the head guy and has lots of pull with the guards. Once he has you moved to his part of the prison, you cell will be open for guys to come and go at all hours. You won’t even have to report to workshop, just suck cock all day. He told me if he got another bitch he was going to double membership”. I realized I had not known what I was getting into and now it was too late.When I got back to my cell, Pete was there. ” I wondered what happened to you, you were not at breakfast” he asked. ” I crossed the line Pete, I am one of Bubba’s cocksucking bitches now”. Pete was shocked. Just then a guard came to the cell door and told me I was being moved and to get my things. I packed up quickly and went with him, Pete didn’t say anything. My new cell was not far from Bubba’s and it was a single cell, no roommate. I got settled in and read a book until supper time. I ate with the members of the club and really felt apart of something. I knew they thought of me as something they used to get off with but that didn’t bother me, infact I liked that. Bubba asked me if I was settled in and when I said “yes”, he responded ” Some guys will be by to see you tonight, give them what they want, just like in the showers”. I nodded yes and he was pleased. After supper I returned to my cell and before long a guy came to visit. He laid back on my cot and had me give him a nice long blowjob. By the time he got his rocks off in my mouth, a small line had formed outside my cell. The next guy had me lay on my back and got over top of me. Fucking my face like there was no tomorrow, eventually he pulled out and came on my face, rubbing it all over for the next guy to see. Guy after guy, cock after cock. I got a few hours sleep before it was shower time again.I got down on my knees like the other three guys and not even a minute passed before all four of us were sucking cock. One guy moved me over to shower 26 from 27, he wanted to show everyone that I had been brought down to the life a cocksucker. He used me, letting them see how the power they had over me. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Pete a few showers down looking at me. He must have came closer to see it for himself. I turned to look at him but didn’t know what to say. Then the guy rubbed his dick all around my face for Pete to see. He was enjoying humiliating me in front of my friend. I just looked at Pete as this guy did that, not knowing what to say. I felt like I had let him down. The guy then slid his hard cock into my mouth and Pete could see I was truly gone across the line. I let Pete see the pleasure on my face as the guy’s dick slide deeper into my mouth.I felt better that he knew I was enjoying it. I turned my attention to the guys thick member and put everything else out of my mind. When he busted his nut and moved away I looked up to see Pete standing in front of me. He shoved his hard cock in my mouth and I gave him the best blowjob I could. He was now a member but he was a suckee, not a sucker like me. We talked later and he confessed to be on the waiting list to become a member all this time. As soon as he got off his cock was replaced by another hard on and life as a cocksucker carried on. I sucked cock after cock and took many loads of spunk. Once and in a while a guy would cum all over my face but most would shoot off down my throat.They eventually increased the number of members by almost half and the majority of my day was spent with some guy’s rod in my mouth. My life was cock and I was loving it!Heaven!

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