do you like looking like a girl?


do you like looking like a girl?we were alone on the couch, sipping wine and talking about work stuff when all of a sudden he changed the subject and asked me, so, do you like looking like a girl? i opened my eyes real wide and asked, excuse me?! he went on, you are just so… pretty in a fem way, you like that? hmmm, i blushed a little then thought for a minute, wasn’t sure if i should tell the truth, then thought, of course, tell the truth! so i smiled sweetly at him and answered, yes, I like looking like a girl very much! yeah, i bet, he replied, you look so hot, it must be nice to be so pretty, and, i’m not gay, i’m just saying! he stared at me. awww, i smiled big, said thank you, and put my hand on his and rubbed it sweetly, i’m not gay either but i am bi and i’m glad you find me attractive, i told him. you are welcome, he said, he held my hand as he softly brushed my long hair off my face, then he said, would you mind if i kiss you, i hesitated but loved how he stared at me, wanting me, so i said, no, i’d like that. good, he said, then moved closer to me, took the wine glass out of my hand and set it on the coffee table, put his hand on the back of my head and rubbed it as he brought his mouth to mine and kissed me sweetly, mmmmmm. i put my arms around him as he held me close to him, we made out for a long time, i liked how he kissed me and he loved how i used my mouth on his lips and tongue, sucking him, licking him, wanting to please him. i rubbed his hard cock through his slacks as he caressed me and licked my neck, mmmm.he was sooo turned on by me! I felt a little weird cos I worked with the guy and sometimes having sex with people one works with can be a bad thing, but he was being so nice and his cock was so hard, i wanted to please him so as he was kissing my neck i whispered in his ear, i can suck your cock if you want. u bet baby! he said all excited, he jumped up, took off his pants revealing his nice, straight, super hard 7″ cock, yum! i sat back on the couch, smiled at him and opened my mouth in anticipation, he knelt on the couch, one knee on either side of me, and brought his yummy hard cock to my mouth, mmmm, i moaned as i tasted sincan escort his precum and looked up at him as he stroked my hair and watched me suck his lovely cock. i love giving head, i love to be watched giving head, i sucked him slow and sweet, he fucked my mouth slow and deep, i loved it! mmmm, i smiled at him as he rubbed the back of my head and said, i love how you suck my cock baby, you are so hot i wanna cum in your mouth so bad! mmmmmmmm i moaned and wrapped my arms around him, i love it when guys talk sweet to me and call me baby, makes me suck them even more sweetly and fully like i was sucking him then. after a few minutes of slowly making love to his cock with my mouth, licking the shaft, kissing his balls, moaning as i deep throated him, i had his cock throbbing, i could feel the cum start to boil, he fucked my mouth a little faster as i rubbed his balls, oh yeah baby, i’m gonna cum so hard in your hot mouth, he said, we were moaning, it was so hot and lovely, he clutched my head with both hands, put it down my throat and shot a big load of hot cum in my mouth! mmmmm baby, you suck so good, he said as his cock spurted more cum in my mouth. it started dribbling onto my chin, mmm, hot cum, i swallowed most of it! i kept his cock in my mouth, my eyes closed, sucking him with lots of love. i must’ve done a really good job because his cock stayed real hard after he came. mmmm, i took his hard cock out of my mouth and softly rubbed it on my cute face as i looked up at him, his hot cum on my smiling lips i said, mmmm, you are so yummy! then put my lips around the head of his cock and kissed it sweetly as i smiled at him! u turn me on so much baby! i’ve never been turned on by a guy before! he said, i so want to fuck your sweet ass honey, would you like that? he asked me, mmmm, i replied, i’d love that! and put his cock back in my mouth, making him moan as i started unbuttoning my shirt….he got off the couch and said let me baby, as he finished unbuttoning my shirt. he took it off me and started kissing my chest and licking my nipples as he unbuttoned and pulled down my tight jeans, my pretty cock was so hard! i was wearing cute escort sincan knee-high socks, which he left on me, he looked at me sitting there on the couch, my long legs spread wide, looking so pretty, he said, i love, love, love your smooth body! you shave all over don’t you? yep, i said. look at your gorgeous long legs! he said as he ran his hands over them, i have to admit i’ve been wanting you for a while, he said. you have? i asked him. yeah, first i noticed your pretty face, sweet smile and those sensitive big brown eyes, then i noticed your long pretty legs and that super cute ass of yours cos you always wear tight jeans to work. aww thank you, i said, yeah, i’m a big flirt, i love to show off my pretty legs and tight ass, I giggled. he started licking my legs and rubbing my ass. i’ve even masturbated thinking of fucking your ass he said, mmmmm, then he put his hand around my hard cock and said, i’ve never sucked a cock before, never wanted to until i met you, aww, i said he spread my legs even wider as he lifted them by my ankles and put my feet on the couch, cupped my girly ass and started sucking my cock. mmmmm, he rubbed my asshole, that feels nice i told him as he sucked my cock. then he flipped me over so my knees were on the couch and my butt was sticking straight out, he rimmed me real nice as he rubbed my cock. once he had my asshole all relaxed and ready he stood up and put his cock in my ass. mmmmmm! oh baby, he said, your ass feels so fucking good baby! fuck yes! before i could say anything he slid his hard cock all the way in me and started fucking me. mmmmm, he slid it in and out, was good at it, made me feel real warm and nice, he spread my butt cheeks real wide and told me he loved me, he loved my ass, that i’d given him the best blowjob of his life … he had me purring! i moaned like a little girl as he fucked me nice and slow, you like how i fuck you baby? he asked. yes i said, don’t stop please, i moaned. he put his strong hands on my hips and started fucking me harder and faster, mmmmm, i held on to the couch and kept moaning, god i loved his cock in my ass. then he slowed down, took it out and teased my asshole sincan escort bayan with the head of his cock, mmmm, he slid it back in and reached around and jacked me off as he fucked me, mmmm, i turned to look at him over my shoulder, my cheeks were flushed, he had me! mmmm baby i want us to cum at the same time ok? he said as he started fucking me faster and rubbing my cock harder and faster. i started moaning louder, i said, i want your hot cum in my ass please. yeah? he said. yes, i said, don’t stop, i’m gonna cum soon! mmmm baby i luv fucking you he said as he buried his cock deep in my ass, it was throbbing, i could feel it was going to explode in no time, that turned me on so much i started cumming really hard, which made him shoot his big load in my sweet ass! mmmmmmmmm, so hot! i was panting and holding on to the couch, i pushed my ass back into him and slowly moved my hips, making his cock rub all up inside me! fuck! we stayed like that for a few minutes, made a big mess on his couch! then he pulled out and went to the bathroom as i tried to recover. he brought out a couple of towels and handed me one, sorry about cumming on your couch i said and started wiping it clean. are you k**ding me he replied, i’m going to treasure that stain for a long time! awww, u r sweet i said as I cleaned myself up, then i laid back on the couch and moaned, mmmm that was so nice i told him. i loved it he said as he rubbed my thighs, i held out my arms to him, spread my legs, he got on top of me, i wrapped my pretty legs around him and we made out for a long time, like the best of lovers. I wanted more and so did he, I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine so I slid my hand down grabbed it and slowly inserted it in my ass, mmm I lifted my hips and slid more of him inside me, he moaned and kissed me, I sucked his tongue slowly and moved my hips in sync with him, mmm he was fucking my ass so nice!We stopped kissing and stared at each other as we kept fucking, I can’t believe I’m fucking you! He said, I’ve been wanting this for so long! I smiled and we kissed some more. He moved his hand to my cock and started rubbing it as he kept fucking my ass, mmm I threw my arms over my head, smiled real sweetly, looked at him and said, you can fuck me all night if you want! I laughed and softly bit his lip as I moved my hand to his balls and started caressing them. We kept fucking nice and slow

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