Do You Cheat

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Adriana Chechik

It was a silly little game that started the incident. I’d been at a loose end, just bumming around with some friends. The girlfriend of one of my mates was visiting Ivy, another one of our friends. Bob, my mate, decided we should wander over and say hullo to Ivy, just to be polite.

So we drifted over to Ivy’s place to say hullo and shortly after that another couple of girls rolled up. We were just clowning around and we finished up having a game of Truth or Dare. Nothing too risqué about the dares. We weren’t degenerate people desperate for kicks, just young adults having a bit of fun. I’d guess the closest we came to risqué was when Ivy was dared to take her panties off and leave them off for the rest of the game. Seeing she was wearing a dress that was ankle length the dare didn’t worry her and she went ahead with it.

Eventually Bob put the moves on his girlfriend and they faded out of there. That was the start of a general exodus, with me lingering until I was one of the last ones there. I made departing noises, subtly encouraging the others to take off as well, and Ivy escorted us to the door.

Damn it. Wouldn’t you know it? I left my phone in the other room. If you’ll just excuse me I’ll go and fetch it. I ducked back into the room while Ivy saw the others out. When she got back I was busy tucking my phone away.

“Found it,” I told Ivy cheerfully, tapping my pocket.

Instead of continuing out of the room and leaving I gave Ivy a thoughtful look.

“Just as a matter of curiosity, do you cheat?” I asked her.

“What do you mean,” she asked, seeming indignant.

“That game of Truth or Dare – did you really take off your panties?”

“Of course I did,” she said, blushing.

“Uh-huh. Show me.”

Ivy was an old sparring partner but we’d never dated and we had never been lovers or even come close to it. This challenge was probably the closest I’d come to any sort of sexual innuendo with her.

“I’ll do no such thing,” she said, sounding a lot more yabancı escort indignant.

“Uh-huh,” I said nodding knowingly.

“I didn’t cheat,” she insisted. “That’s why I’m not showing you.”

“If you say so.”

She gave me a filthy look. She knew precisely what I was doing. If she didn’t show me I was free to assume that she had cheated. If she did show me it would prove she wasn’t a cheat but she’d be flashing me.

“I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t cheat and you know it.”

“OK. I believe you,” I said in completely the wrong tone of voice, earning myself another filthy look. A couple more looks like that and I’d need to go and take a shower.

“Right,” she said in a very put upon voice and started hitching up her dress.

I watched fascinated as it slowly edged upwards. Like I said, it was a full length dress, and she wasn’t just lifting it straight up. She had her hands at her hips and was just bunching the material there so the dress was rising inch by inch. She was doing it to deliberately tantalise me and we both knew it. What I didn’t know was whether she’d take it all the way or stop a few inches short and laugh at me.

I’ll be damned if she didn’t go all the way, bunching her dress up until her mons was fully exposed. She just stared at me, a very defiant look on her face. Me, I had no choice. I reached out and stroked her mons. Well, not stroked, as such, but my hand definitely brushed against it as I slipped it over her mound.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, scandalised.

“Touching the treasure, feeling the forbidden. How poetic do you want me to get?”

“You get your hand off me,” she said.

I didn’t, just rubbing lightly. She had to take a sharp step backwards to break contact. I stood up and she must have correctly interpreted the look on my face.

I unzipped and started moving towards her. She started backing away.

“Oh, no,” she was saying. “No, no, and yeni escort no, again. Not going to happen. You’re dreaming. Forget it.”

While she was giving her token denial I was moving towards her and she continued backing up until her back was against the wall and she couldn’t go any further. What I found intriguing was the fact that, for all her protests and backing away, she still held tight to her dress, her pussy exposed to my view and eventual touch.

I hadn’t just unzipped. I’d also let the trouser snake out and he was standing tall, seeking his natural prey. Ivy was watching him, shaking her head, unable to back away any further. I moved closer and once again my hand was on her, rubbing her. She still continued to deny that anything was going to happen while she still clutched her dress, holding it out of my way.

I stooped, put a hand behind her knee and pulled and lifted at the same time, lifting her leg high. After that a simple adjustment and my erection was pressing against her, access guaranteed.

“You can’t do this,” she protested and I gave a little push, showing that I could do this and surprisingly easily. I slipped smoothly into a nice tight passage, dampness in it providing a natural lubricant as I slid in.

I hooked her leg around my waist as I drove forward, lifting my hands up to pull down the top of her dress. Top down and bra pushed up and her breasts were in my hands, while my cock was firmly in place inside her.

My intentions were good. I was going to take it nice and easy, bringing her along slowly until we were ready to go out with a blaze of glory. You know what they say about good intentions and what road is paved with them. So it proved.

I started off with a nice slow withdrawal and return thrust, finding her accepting me and pushing towards me. My next thrust was slightly faster. So was the next, and then I found myself going full bore, totally out of control. All I could think about was Ivy and how much I wanted yenibosna escort her and needed her and how I was now taking her.

I pounded in relentlessly, feeling her response, wanting more and more. I was doing too much, too soon, I just knew it, but I couldn’t help myself. She was crying out, urging me on, but I don’t think she understood just how committed I already was.

And then I was over-committed, my climax slapping me hard in the balls, screaming times up. I spent my seed into her, knowing she just wasn’t ready. Then I slowed down, leaning against her, breathing hard.

I wasn’t prepared to listen to her disappointment. I was at fault and I didn’t need anyone to tell me. Before she could say anything my hand was covering her mouth, stopping her speaking. My other hand, however, was downstairs, and it was getting busy.

I was watching her eyes. They were furious at first, then startled when the finger-play started, changing to dreamy as I put in some serious work down there. I was probing and rubbing, managing to hit all the right spots. Brushing the area around her clitoris and I could feel her starting to stiffen.

A few more roughish strokes in such a sensitive area and Ivy was history. Her eyes opened wide and I could feel her shuddering against me, finally having the climax I’d robbed her of.

I apologised nicely, of course. I pointed out that she’d just been too much woman for me at the start and things had got out of hand.

“You seemed to get them back into your hand at the end,” she muttered, and I grinned.

“It’ll be better next time,” I assured her.

“Next time? You think there’s going to be a next time?”

I nodded. I was damn determined there was going to be a next time.

She looked at me, thinking of something, and making me suddenly feel very nervous.

“So you really think you’ll do better next time, huh?”

I nodded again, not daring to speak in case I said the wrong thing.

“OK,” she said with a smile. “My bedroom is over there. Let’s see you demonstrate your next time and it had better be a big improvement on your first try.”

Bloody hell, now I was in trouble. I could see quite a bit of foreplay taking place while I recharged my gonads. Manfully I turned, escorting her to the bed.

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