Diary of a Sex Therapist

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People laugh when I tell them what I do for a living. They think I’m joking but when the laughter fades, the blushing begins and the questions start. You see, I am a trained, degreed, and licensed Sexual Therapist.

I studied long and hard to learn why the body works as it does (or as it is in most cases, why it doesn’t). I’ve viewed countless porn films, still photos, websites; I’ve interviewed sex addicts, porn stars, rapists, and the normal Joe and Mary. I’ve also taken enough Psych credits to obtain my minor in Psychology. I explain all this because I take my work seriously and while I might have to service a patient in order to help him function normally, there’s an altruism in what I have come to love…my job and the people who let me touch their lives, minds, and genitals.

As a sexual therapist, I employ a few methods to help others explore and enjoy their sexual selves. Mostly, I perform roleplay with my patients. I find that if they “act” with me, they can transfer their emotions over to me and be rid of what hinders them (we call this “transference”).

After my internship and graduation, I decided to practice on my own. I placed ads in the most tasteful of papers and magazines and started a website. I’ve developed a system for weeding out those who need medical help, those who need my help, and those who just want a quick fuck.

One of my first patients was a lovely man of 35, Ron. He was tall and slender, blond and blue eyed. He came to me for a few reasons. First and foremost, his sex life with his wife had all but deteriorated after his wife gave birth to his children and this lack of intimacy was taking a toll on him emotionally. Second, he’d run into an old flame via the internet and was becoming obsessed with her. He thought he was over this woman until the recent contact and with her filling some of the void in his marriage, he was fearful of breaking his vows if he didn’t do something STAT!

I spoke to him and his wife briefly. They signed the appropriate paperwork and agreed that I would counsel them separately and eventually together.

My first session with Ron started with discussing his childhood, his jobs, any sources of stress, medications and possible medical problems, and finally, the women he’s loved in his life. I watched the way he breathed as he sat on the couch across from me. I took notes but found myself distracted by his crystal blue eyes. He seemed far more relaxed around me than I was around him. The words flowed from his full lips and I felt the temperature in the room rise when he began recounting stories from his past.

The woman that has caused him to be in such emotional turmoil was Tina. They had a tumultuous relationship. They’d met while working together at an overseas job. The small community of Americans in a foreign land is what kept them in constant contact. However, after a few months of on-again, off-again relationships, they finally moved on, or so they thought.

Fast forward to today. Ron’s ex, Tina, from years ago found him through the internet. At first, they beşiktaş masöz escort just caught up on how their lives had progressed, their kids, their jobs, etc. Despite the platonic exchange of e-mails, they found themselves slowly beginning to flirt. As they opened up to each other, he began to masturbate to thoughts of Tina whenever he could. They even began an online affair, complete with phonesex. And though Tina was not local to him and they both were married, they began to discuss a future meeting.

I asked Ron to describe some of things he and Tina did together sexually, when they dated and now, when they phonefucked. I watched the flush in his skin rise from his neck to his face as he told me about their first time together.

He’d taken Tina out for dinner and dancing and then they went back to his place. They kissed for what seemed like hours, their mouths perfectly suited to each other, their tongues in synch with each other, their hands exploring through clothes.

He whispered into her mouth, “I want to make love to you.”

Tina felt a chill. She desperately wanted to sleep with Ron but since it was their first date and since they worked together, she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Her body was willing, as was obvious from the scent of her excitement rising up her body and filling the room. Her mind was stalling.

“I want to. I really do. I’m just afraid that if I have sex with you now, I won’t see you again” she told him.

He continued to kiss her and massage her breast in his hand as he persuaded her. “You will see me again…and again….and again…”

With that, she crumbled and consented. He raised her up on a piece of furniture, just the right height for his cock to enter her when they were ready. He removed his clothes as she watched, rapidly taking them off yet making a show of it for her. Then he began to undress her.

Ron spoke of her glorious tits. The soft, firm mounds of her breasts, topped with cherry tinted nipples, eager for his lips. He described her neatly trimmed mons, wet and warm to his touch. He kissed Tina more, his fingers exploring her entrance, and when she felt wet enough, he stood before her, wrapped her legs around his waist, and slid inside her pussy. This act must have really touched Tina because when they speak, she often recounts the story to him and how much she loved the position (before him, she’d only had sex on beds).

I could see a bulge forming in Ron’s pants as he spoke about the first fuck. I dimmed the office lights and turned on some soothing music. As Ron spoke, I stood behind him and slid my hands down over his shoulders.

“Is this okay?” I asked. My touch interrupted him and he stammered but he gave his consent.

As he spoke (or should I say, sputtered), I began to undo the buttons on his shirt, lightly kissing his neck, which he now tilted so I had more access. Eventually, he stopped talking and began moaning.

“Did Tina kiss you like this?”

“Oh God…yes…she’d kiss and tongue my beşiktaş otele gelen escort ears too.”

With that, I nibbled the rim of his ear, causing him to moan loudly. My hands had undone all the buttons on his shirt and were now playing in the massive amount of hair on his chest (which was significantly darker than what was on his head). My warm breath tickled his ear as my tongue dipped gently into his ear. I saw his hands grappling for something to hold onto, unsure of whether or not he could touch himself or me.

“Would you like to undo your pants?”


“Would you like me to remove them for you?”

“Yes, please”

I stepped around the couch and kneeled before him. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders as he leaned down into me, then I undid his pants, peeling them down and removing them. His cock was leaving a trail of pre cum in his boxer briefs and I knew he needed to release his pent up frustration.

“Please, continue Ron. I am listening. While you speak, I will roleplay with you. I will be Tina. I will help you to release your tension and relax.” And then I sucked over the wet spot on the boxer briefs, sucking his cock head through the cotton. He mumbled as I licked his cock through his undies, often times, incoherently. I stopped only to ask if what I was doing felt good to him and if he wanted me to continue.

“If you want me to stop, at any time, just say so and I will stop.”

“No Doctor…this is wonderful. I need this more than you know.”

“Call me Alanna, please” laughing but only after I’d completely pulled away from his cock.

“Okay, Alanna it is. Would you…can we…?”

“Certainly” I answered.

I peeled his waistband down and he lifted for me. The beautiful pink mushroom of his cock jutted out, just crying to be freed of his boxer briefs. As I lowered his undergarments, he began to tell me about the oral sex Tina once gave him during a break-up.

Though they both were dating others, they often visited each other. I made a mental note of that; the connection mustn’t have been as broken as they’d thought.

She’d gone to him in the middle of the night. She’d been out dancing and drinking and smelled faintly of cigarette smoke and beer. Nevertheless, as soon as he saw her at his doorstep, he pulled her in, undressed her, and took her into his bed. They kissed and she worked her way down his wonderfully hairy chest, down that six pack stomach, to the blondish brown curls of his pubic hair.

As he described the act, I began to perform it on him. The idea was for him to experience one more time with Tina (of course, with me as Tina), so that he can get some closure and move on with his marriage and his life.

With his knees embracing my body, I brought my mouth to his cock and began to suck hungrily. I have to admit, I’m not always this zealous when I work with a patient but I found myself attracted to him beyond what would be considered professional.

I sucked his cock as though his beşiktaş rus escort cum were my life’s blood; without that, I would not survive. I rolled my tongue under his shaft as he panted, stuttered, stammered. He guided me with coos of “oh yes, that’s how she did it” or “oh god, tina…don’t stop.” I could feel my breathing intensify, my breasts heaving under my blouse, and a light perspiration forming on my face.

Ron’s hand reached down and grasped at my hair. He began to lift his hips and pump upward, sinking his cock deep in my throat, often pulling my head up so he could see my face, then pushing me down again.

He warned me of his impending orgasm so I slowed my pace to a point where I could stop. By now, most men are so frustrated that they can’t orgasm, so I either masturbate them, let them masturbate, or I fuck them. With Ron, I didn’t offer him the other choices.

I removed my clothing slowly. His eyes never left me. I swear he followed every article of clothing and then devoured every curve of my body with those blue eyes. When I was completely naked, I stood before my patient as he sat. He ran his hands up the backs of my thighs and over my bottom. He leaned forward and kissed my stomach, nuzzling against me like a child would cuddle for safety. I stroked his soft, flaxen hair and then gently pushed him into a prone position.

Once on his back, I straddled his hips. Once again, I asked him, “Are you sure about this?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything else in my life,” he answered.

With that, I guided his large cock inside my womb. He was larger than most patients so I was easing him in slowly. I had to thrust back and forth on it before I could take his member entirely. Once he was snug inside me, I could move more freely. I learned to accommodate his girth and length with each successive session.

Leaning down, I pressed my breasts to his chest and kissed over his face.

“You need to find peace, closure” I told him.

“Oh yes” he moaned. “I think I can…with your help. Help me Alanna….don’t stop…helping me.”

His grunts filled the room and his hands gripped my hips tightly. He was pushing me down onto that massive cock and I almost had to ask him to stop due to the pain. I grabbed his hands and pried his fingers from my flesh, placing his hands on my tits. Now it was easier to control the thrusts; I was in control.

“Okay Ron. Here’s what we need to do.” I was panting so hard that I could barely spit out a full sentence.

“I need you to purge yourself….have that one last fling right now, right here and exorcise your demons. Let yourself go so you can let her go.”

I felt his cock swell inside my walls. His face contorted, his teeth gnashed. He arched and bucked and sprayed his cum in me, stream after stream, using my body to cleanse his soul and set his spirit free.

I chose to kiss him again, gently, and lie on his chest as he held me, his cock still inside, his cum slowly oozing out. This was not normal protocol but then again, he was not my typical client.

I looked at the clock on my desk. It was time to end the session. I had to prepare for my next patient.

We dressed and as he left my office, he asked, “same time, next week, right?”

“Absolutely!” I responded. I didn’t think he would need many more sessions but this was one case I didn’t mind extending.

The End…for now

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