Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 02

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I slept in til noon having stayed up late watching a movie on TCM. As I splashed some cold water on my face I thought about my appointment with James later in the afternoon. I looked forward to the chance to meet a fast rising politician and rub elbows with the political elite from the area.

I decided the best way to catch their attention was to wear something absolutely stunning and instantly settled on my new open back cock tail dress. That would certainly cause a few heads to turn but to assure those men I’d be meeting remembered me I needed something else. What better than a splash of red to accentuate the jet black fabric of my cock tail dress.

If I rushed I could make it to Tina’s Salon and have her apply ten seductive splashes of red to my nails. I quickly dressed in a pair of jeans and a baggy sweater and headed for the garage.

Side stepping the stack of boxes I’d packed Barry’s things in I made a mental note to call him tomorrow to come get his stuff outta my garage.

It’s a short drive to Tina’s so I left the top up on the Benz.

If I promised a good tip Tina would squeeze me in before the others waiting to have their nails done I thought. But the salon was empty except for one elderly woman having a manicure.

“Hello Peggy.” Tina said calling me by my given name as I entered the salon.

“Hey Tina.” I replied with a broad smile on my lips.

“I need a quick change of color.” I said sitting down at her work station.

“What’ll it be?” Tina asked waving her hand at the hundreds of nail polish bottles on the rack behind her.

“I’m wearing black to a cock tail party tonight and I thought a rich red color would be perfect.” I said.

Tina cringed a bit then replied. “It’s gonna clash with your hair color.”

I smiled then said. “I know but I don’t have time to go blond today.”

“Blond!” Tina exclaimed then added. “How many times have I suggested you let me turn you into a blonde bomb shell.”

“Too many times that’s for sure but I’m considering changing to blond I just don’t have time today.” I replied.

“Only takes ninety minutes Peggy and while the color is setting I can do your nails.” Tina suggested.

I looked at my watch. It was quarter til two. If traffic cooperated I could make it to the bus terminal by five with time to spare.

“Let’s go for it!” I exclaimed. “But you have to be done by three fifteen.” I added.

“What your husband can’t wait a couple minutes.” Tina asked.

I just smiled not wanting to go into that whole story at the moment.

Tina went to work and in little while I was back at her nail station having my sexy splashes of red painted on my nails.

“Your not wearing open toe shoes are you?” She asked.

I just shook my head no.

“Good cause I don’t have time to do your toe nails.” She said with a giggle.

While my nails dried Tina went back to work on my hair her skillful fingers completing the job of changing me into a sexy blond.

I glanced at my watch again. Five after three. Tina patted me on the shoulder then said. “Almost done.”

A couple minutes later she said. “You’re gonna love this.” As she turned my chair so I could see the results of her work.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as I gazed at my reflection in the big mirror.

Tina had worked magic turning my hair color into a soft almost dirty blond. Not the Harlow style platinum blond of the wig I’d worn for my photo shoot but a soft sensuous very sexy blond. She teased my hair perfectly around my face as only she can do. I smiled widely and said. “I love it!”

She toyed with a few stray locks for a moment then said. “Knock em dead tonight hun.”

I stood up and gave her a hug. “What do I owe ya?” I asked.

“Eighty five.” Tina replied.

I handed her one of my crisp hundreds then said. “Keep the change.”

She rang me up then handed me a receipt and a bottle of lip gloss. “You’ll need this. It’s a perfect match for the nail color.”

I thanked her again then promised I would sit and chat the next time I came in.

I pulled into my garage at three thirty five. I’d have plenty of time to spare I thought but I didn’t waste any getting dressed for my appointment.

A very sexy black lace thong dark seamless stockings and black pumps. I carefully slipped the stunning cock tail dress over my head then smoothed the fabric over my bra less chest. I applied the red lip gloss then checked my self out in the vanity mirror.

I felt sexy and looked even sexier. My new hair color accentuated my soft complexion and the splashes of red set the entire look off perfectly.

The dress fit me like a soft sensual glove giving only a hint of the soft warm breasts it covered. Turning slightly my tanned naked back looked incredible framed by the flowing fabric along the sides. And as I turned again to face the mirror I softly tweaked my nipples to see how much they would poke at the fabric covering them.

I considered taking my lace shawl just in case it turned cool or my erect beşiktaş escort nipples drew too much attention but opted not to since drawing attention was what I wanted most.

A small black satin clutch was all I needed to hold my cell and the bottle of lip gloss Tina had comped me with earlier.

As I walked through the kitchen the digital clock on the microwave read four ten. Plenty of time to drive the fifteen or so miles down town to the bus terminal.

Traffic was heavy as I slipped onto the freeway but moved along nicely for the first seven or eight miles. But as I neared the center city exits it slowed to a crawl with the usual afternoon back ups at each exit ramp where cars overflowed onto the highway waiting to exit.

I considered getting off and weaving my way through the grid lock of down town rush hour traffic but decided I needed to stay on the highway and just hope I’d arrive on time.

I could see James standing outside the terminal tapping his foot impatiently waiting for me to arrive and thinking about reporting my tardiness to Daddy.

Mercifully traffic began moving better and as I flipped my turn signal to move right at the terminal exit my dash board clock read four fifty five.

I still needed to find a parking place and make it to the main entrance of the terminal. Of course I was looking for a man who I had no idea what he looked like and with my new hair color he might not realize I was his escort for the night.

I found a space and quickly got out smoothing my dress along my sexy legs then hit the alarm button on my key. As I walked toward the entrance the crowd of people coming and going got larger and larger. I’d have to email Daddy and see if a better meeting place might be called for.

As I approached the front of the building I looked up at the large clock on the wall. Five o five. Hopefully James would be okay with fashionably late.

I scanned all the men milling around wondering if any of them could be James. Surely he’d approach me if he was already there. More than a few men were cranking their heads first to check out my sensual naked back then the twin points of pleasure poking at the front of my dress.

“Hey sexy.” I male voice said from behind me.

I turned and was looking at a rather portly elderly man in a very expensive looking suit. I politely asked. “James?” Hoping he wasn’t.

“I can be James.” He said obviously trying his best to pick me up.

I thought about telling him to go fuck his wife but before I could speak a soft hand touched my arm.

“Angel?” Another voice asked.

I turned and happily smiled at him then said. “Yes and I hope you are James.”

The elderly fat man began walking away but stared at my tits as he did.

“I guess this isn’t the best place to meet.” James remarked.

I smiled then offered. “Maybe not but your timing is impeccable.”

“As are your looks.” James said bringing a smile to my lips.

“Thank you kind sir.” I replied.

James was perhaps four inches taller than me and maybe five years younger. His handsome face carried what appeared to be a slight five o clock shadow and I imagined his beard if allowed to grow would be rather thick. He has a very friendly smile which he flashed often and appeared to be in fairly good shape but I’d have to wait until later to decide on that.

From his first touch I knew he had very soft hands.

“My car is over here.” James said offering me his arm to hold onto.

I curled my arm under his then rested my hand on the dark fabric of his suit coat my red nails flashing at him as surely as my lips had done when we first met.

“Where is the reception?” I asked as we walked across the lot.

“The Royal Plaza.” He replied.

“I suppose it’ll be very crowded.” I commented.

He paused a moment then said. “Yes but I was very active in the Senator Elect’s campaign so I kind of have an inside track.”

“Actually I’m hoping to be appointed to his staff.” James explained.

I smiled then said. “That sounds exciting.”

“Here’s my car.” James said as we approached a rather plain looking sedan.

I resisted the urge to suggest we take my Benz knowing the parking lot was patrolled by security guards.

I slipped my hand off his arm and he lifted his hand sliding it up my naked back until he reached the center between my shoulder blades.

“This dress is incredible.” James offered.

I smiled acknowledging the compliment as he opened the door.

As I sat down in the passenger seat I made sure to do so very lady like not allowing him to see above my knees.

James rounded the front then slipped into the drivers seat. Before starting the car he buckled up then glanced toward me.

“I hate wearing seat belts they always wrinkle my dress.” I said but still pulled the belt across my chest and lap and clicked it closed.

“Thanks I wouldn’t want to get cited for an unrestrained passenger.” James remarked as he started the car.

The beşiktaş eve gelen escort shoulder belt rode tightly between my breasts pulling the fabric of my dress even tighter over my lush tits. My nipples reacted instantly to the increased pressure and hardened into tiny points in the black material.

“You look awfully sexy strapped in like that.” He said glancing down my a hard nipples.

As he steered the car out of the lot he said. “The Senator won’t be arriving at the reception until six thirty so how about we stop somewhere for a drink first.”

I needed a drink to relax still feeling a bit anxious about only my second appointment. “I’d love a drink.” I answered.

James swerved in and out of traffic making me happy I’d buckled up and in a few minutes turned off the street into a small parking lot.

“Here we go.” He said as he brought the car to an abrupt stop in between two other cars.

I waited for him to open my door then gave him a little more thigh to stare at then before. His bright flashy smile acknowledging he enjoyed the quick view of my shapely legs.

As we approached the short dark blue canopy protecting the entrance I noticed the name Mario’s printed on the front.

“I think you’ll like this place.” James said as he opened the door.

As we stepped inside I thought the place should be called Mario’s Cave. It was very dimly lit with glowing recessed lights above a huge oak “U” shaped bar. Along each side of the bar there were very tiny tables each having a pair of chairs. Several couples were seated at the bar and four or five of the tables were already occupied.

“Let’s sit at the bar.” James suggested.

“Great.” I replied knowing I could tease him more seated next to him on the high bar stool then at the tiny tables where every movement would be viewable by anyone interested.

James rested his soft hand on my back and lead me to two open stools just next to where the curve of the U started.

“How’s this?” He asked.

I smiled and slipped up onto the stool leaning back against the back rest and crossing my legs toward his stool.

James sat down turning to face me my silk covered ankle touching his leg.

He flashed a brilliant smile at me then said. “You look absolutely incredible.” His eyes studying my perfectly teased blond tresses my flashy red lips and my sultry passionate eyes.

“Thank you I feel very sexy wearing this dress.” I replied.

His eyes moved down but in the dim light of Mario’s only the slightest hint of the shape of my breasts was detectible.

The bartender approached and asked. “What’ll ya have?”

“Angel?” James said.

“I think I’d like a glass of red wine please.” I said smiling at the obviously Italian bartender.

“Scotch and soda for me.” Jame added.

The bar keep moved away and I lifted my delicate hand to rest on the rich oak wood my sexy red nails drawing his attention to my hand.

“I love long nails.” Jame remarked.

I drummed them on the wood making a quiet clicking sound enticing him with their length.

He smiled and I imagined he was thinking of my nails drumming on his throbbing cock later in the evening.

I slowly started moving my leg sliding my silky ankle along his calf.

He leaned toward me then whispered. “It’s so dark in here I can’t see very well.” As he finished his sentence his hand touched my breast. Like a blind man reading braille his fingertips moved over my erect nipple teasing it into an even harder state of arousal.

“Hmmmmm. I like that.” I whispered moving my ankle firmer against his leg.

The bartender returned interrupting James fingertip reading and placed our drinks on small paper napkins in front of us.

“Wanna run a tab?” He asked.

“Sure.” James quickly replied wanting to dispense with him as quickly as possible.

As he moved away James leaned toward me again but I captured his hand with mine and steered his soft digits to my knee.

“I like being touched here also.” I said.

With my hand still resting on his James began moving his hand down my leg. I stopped him then drew his hand up saying. “It’s a one way street.” Flashing a bright red smile at him as his hand slipped under my dress to softly caress my shapely thigh.

I lifted my wine glass to my lips and slowly ran the tip of my tongue around the rim before taking a tiny sip. His eyes widened and again I imagined he was thinking of my tongue sliding around his cock head.

I placed my drink on the napkin and leaned toward him causing his hand to slid further up my thigh almost to the hem of stocking.

“Your ice is melting.”I said with a sexy grin on my lips.

He slipped his hand out from under the sexy dress and lifted his scotch to his lips. Taking a healthy gulp.

I lowered my hand to his thigh then inched up until I found the growing bulge in his slacks.

“I love touching here too.” I whispered as my nails teased his cock through his beşiktaş grup yapan escort slacks.

Keeping my hand on his hardening cock I smiled then asked. “Did Daddy send you any pictures of me?”

“Yes he did.” James replied.

I smiled again then asked. “And was one of those pictures of me on a polar bear skin rug?”

He smiled recalling the photograph. “Yes it was.” He answered.

“So you know about my specialty?” I asked.

“Yes I do.” He replied.

I licked my lips letting him enjoy the pink tongue he was staring at then offered. “From what I’m feeling you have a very nice cock for sucking.” I gave it a soft squeeze to accentuate my remark.

James moaned softly then whispered. “I can’t wait to have your lips wrapped around me.”

“I can’t wait either.” I replied.

I released his hard cock and leaned back in my stool sipping from my wine again. I was quickly learning that this escort thing was very much to my liking. No need to beat around the bush each man I’d be with would know that after the appointment part he’d be free to use me as he saw fit for his and fortunately my sexual pleasure. And the added bonus was that during the first part I would be able to tease and flirt as much as I wanted and that excited me.

James finished his drink then ordered another. I declined knowing I’d be having more to drink at the reception and wanting to stay alert while I got acquainted with the political elite.

After taking a huge gulp from his fresh scotch and soda he put his glass down. I moved my hand to cover his and whispered. “You better slow down or you won’t be in any kind of shape to enjoy my special talent later.”

James grinned at me and replied. “Maybe you could give me a preview now?”

“Here?” I asked looking around at the crowd of people who had filtered into Mario’s.

“No not right here but how about the men’s room?” He suggested.

I’d never had sex in a public place but the idea excited me. Knowing that at any moment someone else could walk into the rest room and find me kneeling before him with his cock stuffed in my mouth really turned me on. I felt my nipples harden and added warmth built in my loins.

“Okay but you have to promise to slow down on the scotch.” I said.

James smiled widely then said. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” As he made a halfhearted attempt at the sign of the cross.

I took a sip of my wine and let my tongue linger on the smooth rim of my glass. Looking into his eyes I whispered. “You go to the men’s room and I’ll follow in a minute or two.”

Knowing he had a promise to keep after I’d sucked him off he downed the rest of his drink then slid off his stool. He paused for a second and whispered in my ear. “I hope you’re as good as I think you are.”

I turned my head toward him and after kissing him lightly on the lips I said. “I’m better.”

He disappeared through the doorway with a rest room sign posted above. I waited a good three or four minutes smiling at some of the single men in the place who were all eyes now that I was seated at the bar alone.

Taking a small sip from my wine glass I slipped off my stool and seductively walked toward the same doorway James had disappeared into. The narrow hall lead to first the mens room with the ladies room beyond at the end of the hall. I had my wine glass in one hand and after checking to make sure no one would see me enter the wrong rest room I pulled the door open.

James was standing just inside patiently waiting for me.

“This way.” He said taking my free hand and leading me to the last stall at the back of the room.

It was rather cramped but then what public bath stall isn’t. As we squeezed into the stall I turned to face him. His hands instantly rose to fondle my breasts softly caressing the full firmness and lightly pinching my erect nipples.

I placed my hand flat on his chest and pushed him against the metal door. As I sat down on the commode lid I looked up into his eyes and in a barely audible whisper said. “Show me what ya got big boy.”

His hands flashed at his pants and in a moment his erect cock was pointed directly at my face. A nice sized cock rather slim but definitely long enough to tickle my tonsils. The smooth satiny flesh of his head flared at the corona then dipped to the surging cock shaft which disappeared between the open zipper of his slacks.

I took a tiny sip from my wine then carefully balanced the glass on the flat top of the tissue dispenser.

Forming a circle with my thumb and index finger I slipped the delicate digits over his satin like head. His head when back to rest against the cold metal door as my sexy circle of lust slid over the flaring corona.

As I slowly moved my fingers down the shaft I reduced the size of the circle stretching the flesh along his cock shaft taut until my other three fingers spread over his fabric covered pubic mound.

“Let’s see how you taste.” I remarked as I moved my parted rich red lips toward his cock head.

Just as it entered my open mouth but before I’d touched it with my soft lips I exhaled strongly over the throbbing length. James moaned with shear delight.

My lips closed enough to circle the tip then slowly slid forward. “Hmmmmmmm…” I moaned softly extending the humming sound until my red lips touched my lusty circle of fingers at the base.

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