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Denisa Cuckolds & CheatsDenisa Cuckolds & Cheatsbygonzi2© It was now 1946, Lady Denisa had been persuaded by her husband Lord Henry to have sex with a black man while he watched. She’d assumed he’d use her eighteen-year-old lover Kenny, so when a second man had mounted her while she was blindfolded and tied to the bed she welcomed his big cock.However her lover’s entry felt different, less urgent more intent on giving her orgasms rather than coming himself making her feel far more fulfilled. She wondered if it was that instead of her being in charge for the first time she was helpless, to be used at her husband and lover’s will.As Denisa felt the huge cock about to ejaculate within her she indicated to her husband to take off her blindfold. He did so and the two lovers came together in what was her most fantastic orgasmic experience to date. This was despite her realizing it wasn’t her eighteen-year-old lover but his seventy-year-old grandfather fucking her! Denisa understood now that it wasn’t only young men who were good lovers old men could be just as sexy. She looked forward to having both extremes in future. Her eighteen-year-old black boy thirty years younger; being such a contrast to the old black gardener twenty-two years older than her forty-eight. While her husband was away for a month her lovers moved Kenny’s war wounded father into the gatehouse. As a good host should Denisa went to welcome her two black lovers paralysed relative to her grounds. The wounded man was only thirty-eight, ten years younger than her. He was black but looked grey and painfully thin from the effects of the wounds he’d received. The man had been awarded the Victoria Cross for saving thirty men including his officer. But in the process had taken so many wounds it was a miracle he was still alive. As it was he was virtually paralysed and needed twenty-four hour care. His son and father took this on after all the poor man deserved their help. Denisa saw from his photo before his injuries that the uniformed black sergeant had been extremely handsome. She couldn’t begrudge the wounded man the best treatment possible. However the constant twenty-four hour care the wounded man required was soon exhausting his relatives. The two men were either with the patient or recovering by sleeping. Understandably this meant her lovers weren’t available to tend to her sexual needs. Lady Denisa was becoming twitchy; she’d become addicted to having sex with her black lovers. They were now living within her grounds and she had her husband’s permission to use them as she wanted. Just as everything was going so well the paralysed man’s needs had come between them. However to stop her lovers being too worn out and thus unavailable to assuage her carnal needs she offered to help them look after their sick pendik escort relative. They were grateful for her suggestion and young Danny her eighteen-year-old lover promised her a night of love when he’d had some rest. So one evening, Denisa sat with her lover’s relative while they took the evening off. Davie the paralysed black man just lay unmoving, although Denisa thought with surprise she’d detected his eyes taking in her breasts as she lent forward to mop his brow. Denisa could see Davie was uncomfortable, what was his problem? She asked if he was hungry he shook his head slightly. Was he thirsty or cold, she got negative reactions from each question. Then she asked if he needed to pee and he nodded. To help him she gingerly lifted his nightshirt. She gasped, his black penis although still flaccid was long and fat. With no alternative she lifted his penis and held it to the bottle to allow him to pee. She looked away as he went but when she took the bottle away and released his member his expression still looked pained. What did he want now? She thought. Denisa tried to find out what the man’s problem was so asked all the earlier questions but got negative responses. The man hadn’t been able to speak since his operations had saved his life but now he was trying to communicate. She felt in a difficult position not wanting to be thought or accused of taking advantage of the paralysed man, she must stay detached as his stand in nurse. A guttural noise left his lips, “Nee— nee– need to cum!” He winked and she realized he was desperate for her to jack him off. She wasn’t sure about this if anybody knew she’d done such a thing to a disabled man she could be in trouble. But the expression on the mans face was pleading and he spoke again, “Ple–ase hel—-p me! What could she do, his needs were so desperate and it was a woman’s touch that he craved. With shaking hands I circled the thick black shaft with my fingers and stroked its length for him, he was a hero so he surly deserved some relief. Though his arms and legs were useless I was surprised to feel his cock start to grow hard. Of course, I remembered, his penis wasn’t just muscle tissue, his penis expanded by the blood being propelled into its erectile veins by his lust. Could this help him I wondered, at the very least I should relive the poor mans frustration. I slid my hand tenderly up and down his penis, jacking him slowly so as not to hurt the brave guy. I watched his eyes and was rewarded by an expression of pure pleasure as I skinned then recovered his dark coloured cockhead. What terrible torment the guy must have been through being unable to even jack himself off!Poor guy, I dug my fingers into the container of Vaseline and applied it to the paralysed mans black shaft. His knob was extending escort pendik with each movement of my hands. When would it reach its full size, it had already grown to a semi hard nine inches? This guy had huge black hairy balls that I could plainly see writhing with pent up sperm. I continued my caresses and the black rod hardened and lengthened until it reached its zenith at a remarkable thirteen inches. His cock was also so thick I needed both hands to encompass it. I’d never seen such a cockhead; the uncircumcised skin had peeled back and the pinkie black, apple sized protrusion would have looked disgusting had it not toped such a magnificently thick ebony pole. The long pink slit at the top of this fantastic weapon was already leaking pre cum that was combining with the handful of Vaseline to create a slimy froth. Davie’s eyes begged me to release him from his torment, so I increased the speed of my combined fists.I could feel the poor guy was near to cumming and sure enough he spurted violently, the first shot hitting me powerfully in the face. Again and again he ejaculated over me until my hair and clothing was sticky with his cum. Eventually his cocks throbbing ceased and his eyes looked thankfully at me. There was something else though; his facial expression was one I couldn’t quite fathom. What was this quizzical look meant to imply? Then I realized his cock hadn’t deflated in the least, did he want me to jack him off again I asked? But that wasn’t it, his mouth rounded into a circle and his tongue darted out. Got it the randy paralysed guy wanted a blowjob! His wink confirmed my question and my lips encircled his cockhead. It was so big and swollen I had to open my mouth to its full extent to get it inside. He’d just cum so I knew this would be a long job as he couldn’t move and I’d have to do all the work. For twenty minutes I did my best but my jaw was aching from being forced open so widely. Davie seemed to sense my problem and made a noise, “Frrrr Furrrrr” he grunted in frustration, “Fucrrr Fuck!” He’d got it out at last. He smiled pleadingly and I could hardly refuse this hero’s request now could I?If I was going to do this it had to be right so I stripped slowly making sure his very excited eyes could see every part of my exhibitionism. Still smiling his tongue licked his lips licentiously. When I removed my lace panties and he saw my shaved pussy for the first time he tried to speak again. “Wannnn Wannnn!” I thought I’d got the message that he wanted to see my vagina so I put one leg on his bed and peeled my labia back so that he could see my pink hole and extended excited clitoris.Sweat ran down his forehead into his eyes and he forced out, “Ffffuck me!” I said, “Certainly poor baby I’ll help you!” With this I climbed on the bed and attempted pendik escort bayan to mount his cock. Slowly I lowered myself onto the bulbous cockhead.It was so big I had to open my legs and use a handful of Vaseline to ease it inside me. Slowly the massively thick black cockhead entered my vagina; it felt so tight it was like my first time. Stretching my tube as if I was a virgin again, even my lovers large penises hadn’t prepared me for Davies gigantic thick black cock. Eventually after a struggle I forced myself down on him until his whole length was within me. I was so stretched by the black cocks girth that I’d orgasmed three times on my decent onto his pole! All my own frustrations and enforced sexual abstinence of late combined to make my whole body shake uncontrollably in my most earth shattering cum ever!I’d forgotten I was just supposed to be helping this poor man relive his tensions. Now he’d become my ultimate lover! Unable to move his limbs left his big black beautiful cock as my sexual plaything. I was using my cunt to fuck a gigantic black warm living dildo. My whole being wanted my fuck toy inside me forever to use whenever I wanted. By now I was completely self-centred he, it was mine; I was doing the huge black shaft for my personal pleasure. I manoeuvred my weight and my vaginal muscles sucked his bulbous cockhead until it reached my very depths. At last it pushed against my womb but was far too big to enter further. The paralysed black mans length forcing itself so far within my loins that I could feel it high inside me pushing against the inside of my belly button. With difficulty I lifted myself up and dropped down again, and again onto his iron hard shaft. The stimulation inside my vagina was so immense without any clitoral pressure I was orgasming constantly. Davie couldn’t take anymore either and I felt him shooting several times right inside me, into my very depths. The paralysed guys cock slowly softened and I reluctantly allowed the wonderful shaft to slip from my body. Cleaning his knob and body with my tongue I pulled his coverings over him so nothing could be seen to have happened. Now it sunk in I’d shagged three different generations of the same family. Three black gods from very different epochs and it was wonderful. Quickly I dressed myself except for my knickers, as my cunt was too painful. I was only just in time as Davie’s son Danny and his grandfather returned and the youngster asked me how his father had been. I said dreamily, “Wonderful! Oh and he spoke to me.””What did he say?” the old man asked. I replied, “It doesn’t matter.””Well,” my oldest lover exclaimed, “my son looks peaceful for the first time since his injuries. Will you look after his needs again sometimes?””Yes,” I replied, “I’d love that! I must have sounded a little too eager as he gave me an odd look. Then I walked off with my eighteen-year-old black lover. Rather worried that my painful vagina would give my previous behaviour away when I tried to fuck my latest lovers son all night as I’d promised?

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