Delayed Honeymoon Pt. 02

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I don’t think that I moved the entire night. I had no dreams that I was aware of, there were no walls closing in on me – nothing! I was still lightly dozing when I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me gently and heard Glenn’s voice saying, “Wake up, Judy. You’ve got a tour to take.” I sat up, half awake, as he went on, “Nick will be here and you’ll still be in bed.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s almost 8:00 and Nick will be here in a half hour to get breakfast.”

“They were supposed to wake me at 7:45. I’ve got to hurry!”

“I was in the bathroom and heard the phone ring. I think that you just slept through it. I’m finished so the bathroom is all yours.”

He was fully dressed and I was suddenly aware that I was sitting in the bed in that thin nightgown in a room filled with the morning sunlight. I felt a surge of embarrassment because of the situation which, I suppose, sounds silly after almost flaunting myself in that gown the night before. Still, that’s the way I reacted and I almost ran into the bathroom, actually holding my arm across my breasts as I did so.

I quickly did the usual normal ablutions, fixed my hair as much as I could, put on a little makeup – and almost walked out nude to get my clothes! That was my usual routine at home but I cringed at how embarrassing that would have been. Putting my gown back on, I went out and began selecting things under Glenn’s admiring, I hoped, eyes. I was extremely aware of things I never thought about when getting dressed. My breasts are not particularly large, but, without a bra, I felt them quivering and bouncing a bit as I walked. My nipples were rock hard and poking out just as they had last night, but now it seemed too obvious. As I bent over to get things out of a drawer, I was absolutely certain that the gown had pulled tight against and into my bottom, showing ever crevice and division through the thin fabric. Along with that embarrassment of knowing that Glenn’s eyes were on me was the realization that it also excited me. That embarrassed me too!

I selected a pair of Bermuda shorts and a shirt along with my bra and panties and socks, and started to return to the bathroom to dress, I had avoided looking at him, but I inadvertently caught his eye as, from the smile on his face, he enjoyed watching me. I flushed and stated firmly, “I have got to get a robe. Gods, here I am walking around in my nightgown in broad daylight. It was bad enough last night, but at least it was dark! I’ve got to get a robe!”

“Judy, as I said last night, you look lovely in that gown, very sexy. I had a drab, lonely suite and you really light it up. I hope that you don’t get a robe for I really like seeing you dressed that way.” That comment and the look on his face sent a thrill through me for I could see that he was sincere. At that moment, I had no idea how far this would go, but I was absolutely certain that I would not get a robe – which, of course I had never intended to do, anyway!

We had breakfast and Nick and I went on our first tour of the cruise. The Space Center was extremely interesting with probably the most exciting thing was seeing the shuttle sitting on its transporter being moved, very slowly, to the launch pad for blastoff next week. If our cruise had been one week later, it would have gone right over us. We thanked Glenn effusively for getting our tickets and immediately began to look at tours for the islands ahead of us.

The rest of the day was fun. It was still too cool for the swimming pool, but the hot tubs felt wonderful. We ate at the mid-afternoon snack-time (I could see why people gain weight on a cruise), sat and listened to a small combo playing in the center atrium and watched from the rail as the ship departed from Cape Canaveral. We were still on the ship rather than flying home! Finally, that whole trauma was completely behind us. Then, doing his duty, Glenn gave an hour lecture, with question time, to a surprisingly large group of close to 100. Apparently, some people did like the educational aspect of the cruise. Dinner and a show plus buffet snacks and back in the suite about 11:30. My bed was decorated with a cute towel dog this time. Nick went down to the “cave” (we all referred to it that way now) and Glenn and I changed as we had yesterday, him first and me, taking longer, second.

As you can imagine, I was excited and, naturally, a bit uneasy as I put on my nightgown. I really was looking forward to repeating my exhibitionism of last night, particularly after Glenn’s comments this morning. He had made it clear that he liked what he saw. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked it too! I couldn’t help but wonder if he might touch me and how I would react if he did. I wanted to move slowly because I didn’t want to go too far and do something I would regret later. Fortunately, I was sure that Glenn would accept my limitations and we could be almost, if not completely, platonic, roommates (suitemates?). With that thought, I joined him on the balcony.

“Lovely and sexy!”

“Now, sarıyer escort don’t embarrass me. It’s bad enough that here I am, a 31-year old married woman with two children, walking around half-dressed in front of you. You should at least pretend not to notice how revealing this gown is!”

“I apologize most sincerely. That is a beautiful gown of thick brocade that is the height of demure and modest decorum. No married woman with a family could be more appropriately and respectably dressed. Please sit down so that, while ignoring any lingering thoughts of impropriety, we can enjoy a quiet, very proper conversation.”

“Much better!” This time I, without hesitation, sat down and reclined beside him on the chaise. “I’ll pretend that things are not showing and you pretend that you’re not looking.”

Looking very fixedly at my nipples, he grumbled, “That’s going to be a lot of pretending, but I’ll try.”

This humorous by-play was fun and made me more comfortable for some reason. We sat there, watching the waves and talking very little. The air was still a bit cool and I shivered and, then, raised up so that he could put his arm around me. He pulled me tight against him, running his hand up and down my arm. There definitely was a feeling of tension, as if we both were waiting for the next step. Finally, he took that step by turning me toward me and starting to kiss me with great passion. At first, I just accepted the kiss without active participation, but suddenly, something changed and I began kissing him back with real fervor.

I have no idea how long we continued, embracing and sharing the kiss, but, not unexpectedly, I guess, he moved the intimacy up a level by sliding his hand over my breast and fondling it through the silky fabric. It felt wonderful as he stroked and squeezed it. His other hand was around me, on my back, pulling me tight against him. Our bodies shifted and suddenly I felt a very hard erection against my thigh. Unlike yesterday, I felt no danger signal, no urge to flee. Instead, something totally unexpected happened – my reserve vanished and I suddenly wanted more. To his complete surprise, and, certainly mine later, I pulled away, stood up and saying, “I’ll be back,” I almost ran inside. No more than three minutes later I was back – wearing my “delayed honeymoon” nightgown!

Standing at the end of the chaise facing him in the lights from the room, I was completely exposed. The pink shortie gown “covered” me from my shoulders to my hips, but that coverage was transparent, hiding nothing. There were no panties, so all the gown did was color my naked body light pink. This gown was made to entice, not conceal. For the first time in my life my body was exposed to the eyes of another man – and I loved it!

After posing there for a few seconds, I archly asked, “You said that you though you liked this gown better than the other one. What do you think now?” I have absolutely no recollection as to what was going through my mind at that moment. Actually, my mind wasn’t in control of my body right then. I, normally, was a shy, conservative woman, who was exceptionally modest in dress, and here I was, almost naked and virtually offering myself to a man who was not my husband. There were waves of pleasure sweeping through me as his eyes ran over my exposed charms. I know that I never had been so aroused and available.

Glenn’s reaction was not exactly what I expected. He just sat there, not moving as he looked at me. He was momentarily shocked into immobility at my totally unexpected and uncharacteristic action. That lack of response didn’t last long. “My god, Judy you’re beautiful and that gown is perfect! I’ve never seen anything so sexy!” That was the last thing said by either of us for some time.

He jumped up from the chaise and threw his arms around me; kissing me again as his hands ran over my body. I was in a continual state of almost orgasmic arousal as I felt his hand go under the gown in back, over my bottom and then to the front, through my hair and between my legs. Abruptly, he pulled away, and without a word, we headed into the room and onto the bed. We began passionate love-making as he felt every part of my body as I opened up to make every part available. Somewhere in here his pajamas and my nightgown vanished and the lights turned off, but I wasn’t even aware of when or how. The preliminaries didn’t last long for we both were ready for the main event, sexual intercourse, aka, fucking.

So, very shortly, I was on my back with my legs raised and spread as I welcomed Glenn onto me. As he mounted me, I reached down and guided his very hard cock into my cunt. At that point I became an adulteress – and loved it. Of course, right then I wasn’t thinking about morality, my husband or anything else. I was totally lost in the excitement and pleasure of the moment.

As Glenn’s cock penetrated me I began a seemingly endless orgasm. There was no rhythmic, almost controlled, well-practiced action as with Nick. sefaköy escort There, I would be building toward orgasm and matching his motions. Now, I was surging up, dropping down, squirming sideways, twisting – anything to maximize the feeling of, as I said, continual orgasm.

Glenn was much the same as he pounded into me in wild excitement. His arousal matched mine and there was little finesse or control as he took me. We did reach some degree of coordination and fell into a rhythm toward the end as my surging upward matched his inward plunges. My steady-state orgasm rose even higher as he drove into me and ejaculated while grinding hard against my cunt and clit. We held together as if we wanted our cunt-cock merger to last forever. He was deep into me and I felt the heat inside as he shot into me.

Of course, that welding together of cock and cunt doesn’t last and passion does dim. We held together for a time, but with our energy depleted, we both collapsed, him lying heavy on me. I wasn’t thinking. I just lay there, sated and happy, not minding the weight in the post-coitus intimacy.

Soon, however, he rose up from between my legs and lay down beside me, putting his arm around me with my head resting on his shoulder, his hand lightly cupping my breast. At first, nothing was said for I think both of us were somewhat stunned at what had just happened. For my part, I had expected nothing more than an incremental increase of yesterday’s intimacy. He, as he said later, was just happy to see me somewhat exposed in my sleeping nightgown but he was surprised at the strong sexual desire that he had. He admitted that I had had a real impact on him as we lay together on the chaise last night – the physical manifestation of which I, of course, had seen! Tonight, when I was lying beside him on the chaise with his arm around me, he felt an even greater attraction. Still, when he began the light, than passionate, kissing it was more an expression of affection than a sexual overture, but it soon morphed into an intense expression of our mutual, well, I guess “lust” is probably the most accurate word. Feeling my breast was the trigger for me, removing my self-created barriers and opening the pathway to adultery.

Surprisingly, the question of sin, immorality or whatever never really bothered me. Even the words “adultery” or “adulteress” had no bite. That might have been different without Nick’s permission. One question that I could never answer is whether I would have succumbed to my sexual desires without that permission, or would I have ended up frustrated by having those desires going unfulfilled. Or would I even have had those desires and even consider sex with Glenn if Nick hadn’t raised the issue. I honestly don’t know.

We talked quietly and intimately for almost an hour before the need for sleep overcame us. I did say one final thing. “I never expected to wear my “delayed honeymoon” nightgown for anybody but Nick. It is only for very important occasions – and this was one of them, a ‘not-delayed’ honeymoon!”

He simply said, “I know,” and kissed me very hard.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit and, without thinking, joined him in bed and sleep.

It had been a late night – or early morning – and I was still sound asleep when, for the second day in a row, Glenn wakened me by shaking my shoulder. I slowly came to and lay back looking up at him as he said, “Come on, Judy, you’ve got to get up. Nick will be coming soon.” He was dressed and looking down at me with a sly grin.” You might want to have some clothes on when he gets here!”

His comment had no impact on me at first and then I reacted. “I’m naked” I cried in great embarrassment as I pulled the sheet up over my bare breasts.

He laughed at my automatic reaction and simply said, “I’ll go out on the balcony while you get up. You look awfully sexy like that, though!”

I flushed with embarrassment as he left and scurried around gathering clothes and taking them into the bathroom. I came out after about fifteen minutes, dressed and ready for breakfast. Looking at him with a wry grin, I admitted, “I guess that it’s pretty silly being worried about being naked after last night. I don’t think that I have anything left to hide.”

“Actually, I thought that it was pretty cute. It shows that you are not used to having men seeing you sleep without clothes. In any case, it was a delightful sight to wake up with. Last night was wonderful and I hope that you are all right with it.”

“Yes, it was wonderful and we have a number of things to talk about later. All good from my end.”

He leaned down and lightly kissed me. Just the right thing to do – warm and affectionate. Shortly afterwards, Nick knocked on the door and, as I walked by the couch, my supposed bed, I realized, happily, that Glenn had anticipated a potential problem and had rumpled up the sheets and pillow. That would have been a dead giveaway and I wasn’t ready for that yet!

We had moved south silivri escort past Florida leaving the cooler Atlantic and into the Caribbean during the night and the air was softer and warmer. After breakfast, Nick and I used the pool and I enjoyed just lying in a deck chair with a Coke and a book. It was the first really relaxing time, just sitting around time, which I had had. Nick just wandered around, not really enjoying inactivity.

I was surprising myself with my aplomb. I was feeling no guilt despite committing adultery and sleeping all night with another man. I had gotten out of bed totally naked one-half hour before my husband knocked on the door and I showed no jitters, no nervousness when he came in – nothing to give myself away. Now, there is no doubt that without Nick’s acceptance of my potential indiscretion I would have been a quivering mass of terror with guilt written all over my face, but he had given me the confidence to believe that I had done nothing irredeemable.

The day passed pleasantly enough but poor Nick was in line for an evening that he dreaded. We appeared back at the suite with a suit bag over his shoulder and a disgruntled look on his face. Glenn looked up with surprise as we came in, obviously questioning Nick’s appearance. Suddenly his face lit up. “Oh, don’t tell me – this is a fancy dress night and you’re

going to attend! Lucky you. You get to dress up and take your lovely wife to a formal dinner!”

“How about you taking this fancy suit and you take my lovely wife to dinner.”

“No, I’ll just go up to the buffet and have a quiet, uncrowded meal.”

“Yeah! Why do women like these things? Well, I’ll go down and see how this thing fits. Call when you’re ready.”

Nick left and I prepared to get dressed. I had brought a short turquoise cocktail dress that I was eager to wear. I am a woman and “I love these things” as Nick said. I went into the bathroom to get ready and put on my makeup. I got out my bag, took my stuff out – and had one of those “OH, MY GOD” moments. There was my diaphragm case with my diaphragm still in it! I never had thought about having sexual intercourse last night and I just never even thought about needing protection. It wasn’t a case of deciding not to bother with, I just didn’t think of it. How could any woman, particularly a married woman, not think of protecting herself – particularly what I had done the previous night? I just don’t know – it’s inexcusable but it happened.

Needless to say, I was shocked and scared because I knew that a large quantity of semen had been shot into me and, by now, was in my womb! Of course, I immediately started thinking about the timing and, as well as I could figure, I should be safe. At worst I would on the edge of my fertile period which put the odds strongly in my favor. Thus reassured, I immediately inserted the diaphragm because I was certain that I would need protection that night!

As I’ve said before, I am a relatively modest woman in my regular dress. However, I love to have fancy things on under my clothes where no one but Nick will see. In addition, I never feel really dressed up when wearing pantyhose. So that night, as usual, I fastened on a lacy garter belt with long thigh-high hose. I had a pair of bikini panties and matching bra, neither of which hid anything. Over that I had the cocktail dress with quarter-length sleeves, a boat neck and flared skirt. I had had my hair done and, for the first time on the cruise, I felt really good about my appearance. Adding high heeled shoes, I went out to, I hoped, impress Glenn.

His reaction was everything I could have hoped for. He said many complimentary words, but more important was the look on his face as he saw me. He said that I was beautiful and truthfully, that night I felt beautiful. Then, just before Nick came I did something I had never dreamed of doing before. I stepped back from Glenn and said, “Do you like this,” and, reaching for the hem of my skirt, I lifted it to my waist, exposing my legs, hose, garter belt and panties. I posed there, holding it up, while he stared with undisguised admiration and desire. I certainly knew that I would need the diaphragm later!

Nick was also quite complimentary when he saw me, even saying that no one would even notice him. However, he looked quite handsome in his rented tux and, as Glenn said, we made a perfect couple. He closed the drapes and used it as a backdrop to take several pictures of us posing there. As we were leaving, he said, “You know, Judy cleans up real well. If that offer to borrow that tux and take her to dinner is still open, I think that I will accept it!”

He was kidding, of course, but I loved it. Then, making it even better, Nick replied, “No, the offer is revoked. I think I will be proud to accompany my lovely wife to dinner!” I think I was floating as we left the suite!”

It was a lovely evening. It was fun mingling with all of those people dressed in all sorts of fashion. Most women were conservatively attired while a few were somewhat daring. There were men in kilts, others in uniform from service years ago (as you could tell from the fit), two in some kind of robe. I was making mental notes of what women were wearing and, I think that I can say with reasonable accuracy and modesty, I more that held my own.

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