Deception: Prequel

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Rosanna is a young secretary at a telecommunications company. During the day, she is punctual and responsible, but in her spare time, she loves to party.

One weekend evening, she went with a small group of her friends to a club, on the prowl. They are all attractive, but they don’t have Rosanna’s looks. She is 5′ 7″ or 1.7m tall, slender, redheaded, of white complexion, face almost ideally oval, piercing dark green eyes, round breasts but not sleazily large, which she can flaunt in provocative cleavages without falling in bad taste.

She orders a glass of red wine to warm up without getting drunk, and the color of the drink lights her lips better than any lipstick; giving her an air of a vampire.

The music is loud and compels her to hit the dance floor without a partner. Her walking movements are feline until she reaches the exact spot where the most attractive specimens are. There her dance begins, far eastern steps and moves, but marked with the agile “techno” rhythm. Almost a ritual, more spiritual than sensual.

She attracts many eyes, almost all of males, and some of envious girls. A young man watches her, draws up courage and makes his move. Without a word, he intrudes into her space circle and he even matches her hip strokes. She turns away, as if testing him. He is not discouraged and moves closer, and follows her with his hips until lining up directly halkalı ucuz escort with hers. Discreetly but deliberately, he rubs against her buttocks to the beat of the bass line, and she gets a feel of a sizable erection; she even leans against his hips, to feel his body. As part of his game, he takes her by her waist, and near the end of the song, he pulls apart a little, turns her around and faces her, staking his claim.

She moves toward the bar, avoiding her friends’ table, but not her new playmate, who discreetly catches up with her at the counter. Then the conversation begins:

“Hello, I’m Nelson.”

“I’m Rosanna.”

“Cute name. You’re a great dancer.”

“You weren’t bad yourself.”

“Thanks, but your style is something else.”

“Thank you.”

She gestures to pay for her wine, and he beat her to the punch, paying for both of them. She kept going toward the exit, a little fast but not that much so he could not catch up. Once out, he asked her:

“Do you live far from here?”

“Not much.”

“Come, I’ll drive you.”

Now it was Rosanna’s turn to follow her man, so she could appraise him well. He is less than six feet tall, and his build is slightly muscular. It’s obvious that he takes good care of his body and dresses well. They reached a compact car, built for speed. He politely opened her door, halkalı üniversiteli escort and then, he took the wheel. She gave him directions, and at times, he revved up, boasting his car’s performance. She got nervous, but made an effort to conceal it, and he slowed down, not wanting to draw the attention of the patrol cars nor missing the references to which she pointed.

Upon arriving to her apartment, she invited him inside and she offered him a drink, while she turned on some of the same music from the club. Instinctively, she moved her hips, somewhat less exhuberantly, and once again, he joined her. He hugged her from behind and she went along, and little by little, turned around and embraced him again. With the contact of his penis turning her on through their clothes, she got so aroused that she began kissing him, intertwining their tongues and Nelson’s hands pushed through the top of her dress and grabbed her naked breasts and his thumbs teased her erect nipples. She groaned deeply against his mouth, and at that moment, he knew that she already was his.

Rosanna placed the guy’s arms around her own waist and walked backwards toward her bedroom, to land on her bed, ready for action. He finished removing her dress, and she began to unfasten his shirt and belt, and while he pulled free from his own clothes, he sucked her nipples haramidere escort just enough to keep her in the mood. Then he traced a route of kisses for her abdomen to her vulva and clitoris, while removing her “G-string” and casually putting on a condom. All of his moves are carefully rehearsed. When Rosanna’s sighs increased in tone, Nelson positioned his body over hers, and while hugging her, penetrated her slowly. When his ten inches plunged into her burning vagina, she groaned, and although she felt some pain, she managed to reach a small orgasm that progressed toward a multiple climax, as he pumped more and more vigorously. She makes eye contact with her lover, to relish in his handsomeness, but involuntarily, her eyes open wide, to later shut tightly while she wailed like a banshee. He added his own voice while shooting a nice stream inside the preservative, and turned to lie face up beside her, who praises him with butterfly kisses on his face and chest.

Still a little tired after the session of sex, Nelson got up and nervously put his clothes back on. Amid her postorgasmic stupor, she realized that her friend was leaving, and timidly, she questioned him:

“Are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes, dear. I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow is a holiday.”

“At my job, I work at irregular shifts. Look, give me your number and I’ll call you when I find time to be with you again.”

“All right.”

And she gave him her cellular telephone number while she walked him to the door, still naked. When he left, she locked up and leaned against the door, since her satisfaction outweighed her disappointment. Lazily, she walked back to the bed and dropped, but she stayed awake until shortly before dawn…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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