Daddy Watches


Daddy WatchesFifteen years ago, I luckily married the most beautiful girl in the world, and now we are the proud parents of her perfect clone, f******n-year-old little Maggie. She’s exactly like my wife at that age. She has the tight little ass of a ten-year-old boy, somehow not yet spoiled by the curse of puberty, and budding little tits with nipples that are perpetually stiff. She has smooth, flawless skin except for the light freckling of her cheeks and her body is perfectly toned with a flat tummy and athletic, muscled limbs. She’s the quintessential blue-eyed, blonde haired, ninety pound, four-foot-two beauty. Her facial features are stunning and to top it off, she has a perky personality. I couldn’t help but wonder, as every honest father would have to admit, when she’d be letting some lucky boy discover her hidden charms. If she’s anything like her mother, she might already have spread those hot, little girl legs for some lucky boy. Her mother and I had decided, even before Maggie’s birth, that she’d be raised in a very open setting where nudity was not hidden and sex, while not flaunted, would not be shamefully hidden. We didn’t intentionally display intimate behavior, but we didn’t go through great lengths to hide it either. My wife and I had both seen Maggie satisfying a natural curiosity as she peeked into our room while we were being intimate. We never let her join us, as she once tried a couple years ago, but we didn’t see the harm of letting her discover what a loving, caring relationship looked like; and we always answered her questions with honest replies in terms she could understand. We thought it important that she understood, contrary to traditional community standards, that sex is not something sacred; it’s just a normal, natural human function that’s incredibly fun. The important things we wanted her to understand is that her body is her’s and her’s alone to use as she pleased. She should always consider health and pregnancy risks, and to keep in mind the importance of respecting the wishes of her mate(s) regarding fidelity. On this crisp, cool, moonlit, fall evening, Maggie was supposed to be having a sleep-over at her girlfriend’s. She said they were going to a movie, then hanging out at the mall before going home. The mall was just a few blocks from our and her girlfriend’s home in a safe, well-lit neighborhood. We saw no problems letting a couple of f******n-year-old girls have a little independence. But, as happens with teens, plans and actions are often not related and sometimes true plans are not shared with parents. The girls did go to the mall, but with no intention of seeing a movie or shopping. They were walking the mall, flaunting their maturing bodies like a couple of hookers! They brought clothes and makeup in their oversized bags and changed in the lady’s room, knowing parents would not let them dress for public appearance in such attire. Maggie chose a white tube top that fit her several years ago and should have been donated to charity long ago. It prominently displayed her erect nipples topping firm little tits, and a very short, snug skirt of the same color borrowed from her friend. It was made of delicate fabric that clearly revealed the outline and color of her red, butt floss panties; something she secretly bought for herself. Finishing the ensemble was a gold ankle bracelet on her right leg above her platform beige shoes. Her friend’s slutty outfit consisted of a flimsy, red silk, midriff length, lace top with eyelet openings over braless tits and white spandex bicycle shorts. It was abundantly clear, even with the quickest of glances, that the girl wore no panties. Her smooth-shaved camel toe and well-defined ass cheeks were on prominent display, as if the pants were painted onto her. The girls loved the smiles and stares of all the boys and men; and even got a bit of a thrill from the judgmental, disapproving sneers of the proper ladies elbowing their mates for looking. It was all great fun. When they went to the food court for a coke and a rest at one of the little tables, they were surprised and excited by a couple of older boys who came over in hopes of joining them. The girls had never before put themselves on display, so this was a totally new experience for them. “Hey, pretty ladies, I’m Tyrone, and this is Ace,” the tall, lanky boy stated, “May we share the table with you?”“Sure,” an excited Maggie replied, “I’m Maggie, and this is Jill.”They chatted and flirted for the next half-hour before Ace suggested they leave. He had a car and they could go cruising, he suggested; but the girls, having just met them, had the good sense of declining.“Thanks,” Jill answered, “but we have plans to see the 9 o’clock movie, so maybe another time?”“How about we all go to the movie together?” Tyrone suggested.“Sure,” our daughter answered after glancing at her girlfriend for her unspoken reply, “That will be fun.”The boys paired up with the girls, Ty holding Maggie’s hand and Ace escorting Jill to the theater. For the first time in their young lives, they had boys buying them tickets and treats, then showing them to secluded seats at the back of the theater. By the time advertisements and previews finished, the boys had arms around the girls snuggling against them. Ten minutes into the movie, there was more concentration on the petting than the plot; and half way through the show, Ace was showing his sense of humor with the popcorn box in his lap. As he fondled Jill’s tits, he whispered, “Have some more popcorn.” Jill, never imagining such a thing, reached into the box to find a large, throbbing, hard cock and screamed out with surprise as she quickly withdrew her hand.Everyone in the theater looked at her momentarily and Maggie asked what was wrong. “Nothing,” Jill answered, then showing her own sense of humor, she said, “Just try some of this popcorn, Maggie.”While Maggie had never seen the popcorn box trick before, she saw where Ace was holding it and easily surmised what she’d find inside. She eagerly reached into the box. If Ace was willing to let her explore a cock for the first time in her life, she wasn’t going to turn him down. She reached in for a few kernels of corn and as expected, found a big, hard cock. Never having touched a dick in her life, she played dumb, as if trying to identify what she was touching. She felt the big knob and pushed the loose shaft skin up and down. Ace realized Maggie knew exactly what she was doing as she played with his dick. She thought about pulling her hand out and feigning surprise, like Jill; but a willing boy offering his cock for exploration was too much to resist. She squeezed it, stroked it, felt the slippery juice it was producing and used her thumb to slide it around the head. But when Ace started to thrust his hips and moan, Maggie didn’t know what to do. She retracted her hand and leaned over to Tyrone as if nothing happened. Ty just giggled, “Did you get a surprise?” Maggie just nodded and snuggled closer. Ty leaned in for a kiss, and when Maggie felt his hand slide up under her short skirt, she spread wider and opened her mouth for a full-fledged tonguing, letting the boy know how much his advances were appreciated. Tyrone’s large mouth and full lips consumed her. She’d practice kissed with Jill, just to learn how it’s done, but she’d never before kissed a boy. As they kissed, he easily pushed aside the tiny string at her slit and let his fingers just melt into the wet folds of her pussy. The boy ran his slippery thumb over her hard, little clit, faster and faster while working two of his fingers in and out of her vagina. Our daughter had never had the experience of being touched down there by anyone other than Jill and a pet dildo, and found the boy’s ministrations overwhelming. She moaned and shuttered in her seat, thrusting her pelvis to meet his strokes. “Oh, fuck,” she whispered, “I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!” she squealed with excitement.When she finally regained some composure, she glanced over at Jill to confirm she and Ace were making out too, then had second thoughts about what was happening. Ty was still slow fucking her with his fingers, and had opened his pants to invite Maggie’s reciprocation. She wanted it to stop, or slow down; but couldn’t resist touching his big dick. She reached down for it and found he had been oozing loads of precum. It covered the head of his cock and dripped down onto his belly. She wrapped her fist around the shaft as best she could and stroked it a couple of times, producing even more slick juice. “Suck it,” Ty whispered, “Get down on your knees, like Jill, and suck on my cock.”I’m sure she must have seen her mother go down on me before, so she wasn’t shocked by the request; but here; now?“No,” Maggie answered, sitting up in her seat as she pulled back her hand, “I can’t do that; not here.”“OK then,” Tyrone replied, “Let’s go. You ready to go, Ace?”“In a minute,” his friend responded as he waited for Jill to finish her job. Within the minute, Ace groaned and Jill hummed, “mmmmmmmmmm,” as he obviously unloaded into her mouth. As soon as Jill came up for air, Ty buttoned up his pants, stood and extended a hand to Maggie, urgently demanding, “Let’s go now.”Ace and Jill put themselves together and followed as all four left the theater headed to Ace’s car. As soon as Ty flopped down on the back seat, he pulled down his pants, freeing his large cock. Maggie could see it in detail for the first time in the well-lit parking lot. It was big and veiny, darker than the rest of the boy’s body, uncut, and it bounced on aliağa escort its own accord above his golf ball sized nuts. “Come on, Maggie, do it,” Ty insisted as he pulled our daughters head down to his cock. She opened, and for the first time in her life, felt a thick, pulsing cock fucking her mouth. She held his shaft with one hand and his balls in the other while Jill and Ace watched intently from the front seat. She eagerly sucked the nut from the boy’s cock and tried to hold it all in her mouth; but there was way too much. She gulped several times, then kept the last few spurts for the little show she thought up while sucking that big cock. She opened wide to show everyone her mouthful of white jiz, then leaned over the seat and gave her girlfriend an open-mouthed kiss. “Oh, fuck! That’s hot!” Ace exclaimed as the girls swapped cum back and forth before swallowing. “Does he taste the same as a white boy?” Maggie asked as she sat back in the seat, refocusing her attention on Tyrone’s big black cock. “You girls are incredible! So fucking hot! Let’s go someplace private where we can get more intimate,” Ace said as he started the car.As they drove off, Jill’s head disappeared into Ace’s lap again and Ty worked Maggie into a position laying on her side, facing him so he could kiss her and finger fuck her at the same time. There was no doubt, Maggie knew, they were going somewhere to fuck; and as much as she wanted it, she knew she shouldn’t. She’d already gone much further than she ever intended, experiencing things she’d only dreamed of before; but she was really afraid of trying to take a boy’s cock in her pussy. What if it didn’t fit; what if it hurt; what if she got pregnant or contracted an STD; would he stop if she told him to? It was all too overwhelming. “Please, just take me home,” a reluctant, scared Maggie begged as she sat up in her seat and pulled her skirt down, “I really have to go home.”The other three horny teens did their best to convince her to go along. “Come on, Maggie, we’ve been talking about this for a long time. Let’s both give it up tonight. Let’s not be virgins any more. I want to know what it’s like, and you do too,” Jill begged. But our daughter was now determined. She was not going to fuck this black boy that she’d only met a couple hours ago. Ace followed Maggie’s directions and stopped at the corner of our street so as not to wake anyone. She gave Tyrone a quick kiss, let herself out of the car, and was surprised to find Tyrone getting out to join her.“What are you doing, Ty?” Maggie asked.“I’m just going to walk you home, Maggie. Ace will pick me up after he’s done with Jill. I really like you, you know. Otherwise, I’d go with them. Jill wants it, and Ace doesn’t mind sharing; but I’d rather be with you,” Ty answered as they walked toward the house. As they neared the driveway, Maggie whispered, “Please, be very quiet now, Ty. That’s my parent’s room,” she said, pointing to the open windows just a half floor above the front door porch to the left, “They’ll be asleep and I don’t want to wake them.”They reached the front door and Tyrone held our daughter tightly, kissing her deeply while sliding both hands under her skirt to lift her by her bare ass cheeks, pulling her firmly against his covered but very prominent erection. Maggie wrapped her arms around the boy and joined him in an involuntary dry humping that just seemed to come naturally. “Oh, Tyrone, I’m sorry. I should have stayed with you in the car,” Maggie moaned as she regretted her decision, “You are so sexy. I really want you. Can I see you again?”“Fuck Yeah!” I heard through the open window. I thought I was dreaming, so I lay still and listened closely. “Ssshhhh, they’ll hear you,” I thought I heard, presumably from our daughter. There was more whispering, but I couldn’t quite make out the words, then I heard the door being quietly opened and closed. I assumed it was Maggie, perhaps with Jill along. I waited for more noises, footsteps, water running, the normal things that should be happening; but there was none of that. After about ten minutes, I decided to investigate. I pulled on my robe in case there was someone other than our daughter here, and tip-toed out of the bedroom and down the stairs, avoiding the second, squeaky step. At the bottom of the stairs, I peered into the moonlit living room. I stopped breathing at the sight just a few feet from me. I couldn’t see too clearly in the dim light, but obviously it was our daughter lying prone between a boy’s spread legs. Both k**s were naked. The boy held Maggie’s head as she bobbed up and down on his big cock. I knew I should probably put an end to this, but then again, I wanted to respect our daughter’s privacy and rights to her own decisions. After all, her mom and I were doing it at her age. As I considered my options, I couldn’t resist masturbating to the sight before me. It was so exciting to see young k**s; my baby girl, engaged in sex. In probably less than a minute, my cock exploded with a massive cum. I leaned against the wall for support as I tried to direct my nut onto my belly and catch it with my other hand. Then the situation really went to shit. I bumped the stairwell light switch, startling myself as well as the k**s. I quickly wrapped my still spurting cock in my robe, not caring at that point about the pecker tracks I’d be leaving. I raced up the stairs, three at a time, so I could pretend to just be coming down. When I got to the bottom, the k**s were still naked and scrambling for their clothing. “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones. Pease don’t be upset with Maggie. This was my doing. She told me to go home, but I just couldn’t. It won’t happen again…” On and on he rambled as he turned his back to me, hiding his erection as he wiggled into his jeans. Maggie, on the other hand, being accustomed to nudity in the house, just gathered her clothing and made little attempt to cover. As Maggie stood, I told her, “This is not a place for that. Go to your room, please.”Without a word, she waked to the stairs down to her room. “Wait,” I told her, “you can take the boy with you.”Maggie smiled and held her hand out to the boy who was standing there like a deer in the headlights, stunned by my reaction. He didn’t know if I was really inviting him to fuck my daughter or tricking him into walking past me so I could cold cock him. “Be out before sunrise,” I told him, “so Maggie can explain what’s going on to her Mom. And you be damn sure not to knock her up. Make her pregnant and I’ll come for you, Boy! You understand?”“Yes, Sir,” he quickly responded as he waked into the light, keeping his distance from me. For the first time, I could see him clearly. I just called this tall, thin, black k** ‘Boy’, but under the circumstances, it seemed of no concern to anyone. He was, I guessed, about sixteen, and with nothing but his jeans on I could see his smooth, washboard abs and muscled pecs and arms. My wife and I always prided ourselves in being open minded and certainly not racist; but I’d never really thought about my little girl dating black boys. I had mixed feelings, but simply turned off the light and went back to our room after watching the k**s disappear into Maggie’s. I lie in our bed for a few minutes thinking about what was happening downstairs at that very moment. Our little girl was down there fucking, maybe for the first time in her life, and doing it with a big black boy.My voyeuristic nature nagged at me, and I shamefully could not resist. I told myself I was just going to be sure my baby was okay, but even I could not believe that; I was going because I wanted to watch my little girl take a big black cock in her pussy. I snuck out of the house, naked, and onto the lower deck in the back yard. I was thankful that our baby was still a bit afraid of the dark and always kept a night light on in her room. I looked into her open window, between the blinds that were only half closed, just in time to see her raise her knees and spread her legs, offering her virginity to the boy. He knee-walked to a position between Maggie’s legs. His shaved genitalia, like Maggie’s, made him look younger than he was; but the size of his cock left no doubt he was certainly older than the girl he was about to deflower. He sat on his haunches for a moment and used both hands to explore our baby’s cunt, fingering her hole and rubbing her clit. Maggie was besides herself with lust, humping his fingers wildly.“Do you have a condom, Ty?” Maggie asked, letting the boy know she was definitely ready.“No, Maggie, I don’t use them, ever;” he answered, “and if this is really your first time, you should experience it raw, as nature intended. You should feel it skin to skin. I want you to feel everything.Maggie, overwhelmed by lust, threw caution to the wind, “Come on, Tyrone, please fuck me! I want your cock. I want it all, deep inside. Please do me now!” she begged as she reached down to guide him forward. He supported himself on both elbows and leaned in for a deep, long kiss while Maggie reached between their bodies to guide the bulbous head of his cock to her wet opening. The boy thrust his hips forward and the entire head popped inside. “Oh fuck! Oh my god!” Ty exclaimed as he broke their kiss, “You’re awesome! Tight! So fucking tight!” he told her as he withdrew ever so slightly only to thrust in again, but with another inch of the remaining seven or eight inches to go. “Oh shit, Ty, that hurts,” Maggie complained, “Is it supposed to hurt that much?”“Just the first time, baby,” Tyrone assured her, “and only for a little while. escort aliağa Once it’s all in and you ride it for a little bit, you’ll be liking it. I promise. I’ve done lots of virgins, and I know what I’m doing. If you want me to stop, just tell me and I will,” he lied.As I stood at the bedside window stroking out another load, Maggie grabbed the boy’s ass with both hands and pulled him in. She thrust her hips upward helping the boy work his big cock into her belly. Tyrone was absolutely right, as I knew, when he told her she’d like it after she rode him for just a little while. I’d never seen my baby girl so thrilled and happy. How could any parent deny this experience to their c***d; I wondered. Tyrone was up on his fists now with nothing touching our daughter but his cock. He pulled completely out, then slammed in balls deep in a single, hard thrust. I could hear the squishing, sucking noise and an occasional pussy fart as his cock displaced the air he was pushing into her. He fell forward as the moment of no return struck him. He grabbed both of Maggie’s little ass cheeks as she wrapped her legs around his torso. As he pushed in as deeply as possible, he lifted her ass to gain just a bit more penetration. He held himself there, no longer moving. “You want me to pull out?” he asked as the moment of ejaculation was upon him. “No! Cum in me! I want it all. Fill my pussy!” Maggie begged.Before the words left her mouth, I could see the boy’s ass cheeks clinch rhythmically as each spurt of cum rushed through his cock. He was nutting deep in my little girl’s belly. As I splashed the deck with spurt after spurt of cum, the boy was unloading too, but his nut was going deep inside my baby’s pussy. I actually counted the times his ass cheeks pulsed with each spurt. They were timed exactly one second apart. One, two, three…ten, eleven, twelve big spurts followed by some gentle, little slow thrusts to release the last of his nut. He gently kissed my girl and attempted to roll off to the side, but Maggie held him tightly, “Don’t take it out,” she said.Tyrone giggled, “Horny fucking bitch, aren’t you,” he teased, “Don’t worry, we’re not done. We’re just started.”Then, to my surprise and Maggie’s as well, he did something totally unexpected. He wiggled down until Maggie’s freshly fucked pussy, oozing a big, thick, sticky cum load was right in his face. He lifted the girl’s legs, opened his mouth, and sucked her pussy, swallowing his own nut. “Oh, Ty! Oh you sweet boy! You’re fantastic! Eat it. Suck me and eat it all!” Maggie exclaimed as she grabbed hands full of dread locks with both hands and humped his face. After a few minutes of that, she cried out, “Fuck me again, Tyrone, give me that big cock. I need to be fucked again! Now!” she demanded.Ty lifted her and put her on her knees. “Gonna fuck you like a dog, girl,” he said as he slapped her ass. He grabbed her by the neck and forced her head down to the bed, “Keep your head down. Push those little titties of yours into the bed and keep them there while you push that hot cunt of yours out for me to use.” Maggie eagerly complied, ready for another mind-blowing fuck. “You ready girl?” Ty asked as he lined up his massive cock with her gaping pussy, “This is going to be really intense,” he warned, “I’m going in deep this way. You’re going to take the whole thing.”He ran the big blunt head of his cock up and down her juicy slit several times making sure it was well lubed, then gently rested the tip at her gaping open hole. He grabbed her by both hips and warned her, “Here it comes, bitch!”He held himself stationery and pulled my little girl onto his organ, all the way on, not stopping until the cheeks of her ass were tight against him and he could get in no deeper. I couldn’t believe such a tiny little girl could take so much cock inside her. It was awesome watching his downcurved, eight, thick inches of black meat stretch her little hole so big and slide all the way in.Maggie just groaned, “Uhhhh, Oh shit! Fuck! You’re tearing me apart! You’re so big, Ty! Take it easy!” she pleaded.“You take it easy, bitch,” he replied, “It’s your turn. I fucked you last time; it’s your turn now. I’m just going to hold still and you’re going to fuck me. You can try to go slow and easy, but I promise before you’re done, you’ll be slamming that thing against me as hard as you can.”I knew I should be angry with the boy fucking my little girl. I warned him about knocking her up, but it didn’t seem to matter. He was barebacking her and repeatedly pumping her full of his seed. But if she was fertile, the damage was already done, so I just stroked myself, wishing that just once more in my life I could experience what these two were doing. ‘OMG, I thought, what would it be like to fuck a young little virgin again?’ even though I knew that would never happen. Just as Tyrone predicted, Maggie was slam fucking his young body. I could hear her ass cheeks slap the boy’s belly every time he bottomed out in her. She reached between her legs and held his balls while she continued her hard fuck. It wasn’t long before she was having another orgasm.“I’m cuming again! Cum with me Tyrone! Fill my pussy, pump it full!” she begged.Ty just smiled and watched the girl going nuts on his cock. When she slowed down, he pulled out and lay on his back, “Suck it again,” he demanded.Maggie eagerly opened and took in his cock, licking off the combined juice of his cum and her pussy juice. When she worked down to his balls, he grabbed his legs and lifted them, raising his ass up off the bed. “Lick my ass hole. Stick your tongue in it!”I was shocked to see my little girl do exactly as directed with no hesitation or resistance. In fact, she grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart for better access, then licked out his ass until the boy was moaning in pleasure. It was all too much for me. I stroked out yet another load, feeble as it was. Tyrone lowered his legs and told Maggie to sit on his cock and ride him. She was thrilled to again have the boy’s cock inside her and rode him hard. “I’ll tell you when I’m going to cum, and you can get off and suck it out,” Tyrone told Maggie, “hold it in your mouth and share it with me in a kiss, like you did with Jill.”That got my mind reeling! What kind of orgy were they involved in earlier; I wondered. I stayed long enough to watch our little girl open her mouth over the boy’s to share the big load she received from his cock; then decided I’d better sneak back into the house before they caught me perving out, peeking in their window. I lay in bed for hours, unable to sleep as I tried to wrap my mind around our little girl fucking her brains out with the well-hung black k**. I’d not heard the door, so knew they were still at it. In spite of the fact that I’d been jerking off like a young teen with raging hormones, I was still horny and tried to wake my wife. I needed to fuck, but she just wasn’t receptive. Try as I did, I couldn’t resist sneaking out for another peek at the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life. I tiptoed out to the back porch once again and took my place at Maggie’s bedside window. The k**s lie there, Maggie slow sucking the big black cock while the boy lovingly rubbed her back. They were interrupted by his phone vibrating and lighting up on the night stand. “It’s Ace, I better see what’s up cause I’ll need him to pick me up,” he told Maggie.I listened to the boy’s side of the conversation, “Hey, what’s up?…I’m not done yet. You already finished with Jill?…Yeah, she’s great; she’s sucking my dick right now…Oh fuck, dude, her daddy caught us. You won’t believe this. I was about to bone her in the living room when her old man turned on the light and walked in on us. We were both stripped down and Maggie was giving me a great blow job. I thought he might shoot me or something; but the old fucker was cool about it. He just told us to go to her room. Can you believe it? He let me take her to her bedroom so I could fuck her in her own bed!”“Yeah, fuck, I know,” he went on, “I guess. She’s going to be worn out soon, but she’s still going strong. If you want some, she’ll probably do a three-way with us. Just park near the corner where you dropped us off. It’s the fourth house on the left from there. Be very quiet and come around to the back of the house. You can come in through the window…OK, we’ll see you in a couple of minutes.”Damn, I thought, I just got here, and now I had to quickly get back into the house or be caught, and things were about to get even hotter. My baby girl was going to be fucking two guys, together. I quietly walked to the back door, and my heart sank when I discovered I’d come out without unlocking the night lock. It let me out, but not back in. I quickly ran around to the front door hoping none of my neighbors would be up to see a 35-year-old naked man trying to enter. ‘Shit,’ Maggie locked that door when she came in with her new boyfriend. ‘Fuck me, now what?’ I panicked. Another boy would be here any moment, so I had to hide. I ran back around the house. The scarified, fenced back yard, lit by the full moon, provided no cover for hiding. With no other apparent option, I lay on the ground next to the porch and wiggled my way under it, lying on my back in the dirt. I was no more than under when someone stepped onto the deck and walked up to the window, “Hey guys, I made it,” he whispered, It’s really kind of nice out here. Why don’t you come out here to play for a while?”I couldn’t hear the response, but both k**s were soon out the window to join their friend, aliağa escort bayan Ace.“So how was Jill, Ace; she a good fuck?” Tyrone asked.“Yeah, she said she was really a virgin; but she’s definitely not anymore. My cock slipped right in. No cherry popping. Don’t know how she lost it, but if not a cock, she’s had something else sizable in there. But yeah, she’s a good fuck,” Ace braggingly told him, “Little bitch didn’t want to quit. I pumped her cunt full of nut. We’d still be humping, but her mama called and she had to go home. Little slut will be calling me for more. And what about Maggie, here? You a good fuck too, girl? Bet you like that big black cock; right? That’s a lot of dick to take for your first time.”My daughter, still naked like the boy who’d been humping her all night, didn’t answer his offensive questioning. She just leaned against Tyrone and reached down to play with her newly found favorite toy.“Get your clothes off, Ace,” Tyrone suggested, “Maggie might give you the best fuck you’ve ever had. She’s tight, and loves to fuck. We can tag team her. Maybe two cocks can satisfy her. She just can’t get enough. I think I’ve already filled her cunt five times, and she wants more; don’t you baby?” As expected, Maggie didn’t answer. Ty pushed her over to Ace, like she was a rag doll that existed only for their pleasure. “Show him what a good fuck you are, girl. Make my friend happy,” he told her.My little girl didn’t object. She wrapped her arms around Ace’s neck and kissed him. He reached down to cop a feel of her well used sloppy pussy, and after fingering her for a minute, she willingly dropped to her knees and sucked the boy’s cock. When the k** was glass hard, she lay on the deck, her ass just inches above my face. Ace wasted no time climbing between her legs. His cock easily slid into her well fucked juicy pussy. I could hear it sucking and slurping on his rutting cock.“Here it cums! Fuck! I’m cuming already!” Ace exclaimed while Maggie put her hand over his mouth to silence him. Unlike Tyrone, instead of burying his cock and holding it in while he nutted, he humped even faster. Ty had taken a seat between the fucking couple’s legs and was holding Ace’s nuts while slipping a finger on his other hand right into Maggie’s ass hole. As soon as Ace pulled out, Tyrone plugged in. I don’t know how, but teen boys can cum a river over and over, and after having nutted in her five times already, he was soon pushing in deeply to once more pump her full. As Tyrone filled her, Ace bent down and rimmed him, making the boy cum even harder. Before he withdrew, she was already leaking a massive flow of cum between his big thick cock and her tight cunt. There just wasn’t room for anything else inside her pussy. When he did pull out, their combined nut actually gushed out of my little girl. It splashed onto the porch, then dripped down between the decking, landing right on my face! I’d tasted my own cum before, but never anyone else’s. This, however, I couldn’t resist. As I stroked my cock, I opened my mouth and let the cum drip in, direct from my little girl’s pussy. I lay there thinking of my plight. If I’d heard this story from anyone else, I thought, I’d have laughed my fucking ass off. Here’s a thirty-five year old naked man locked out of his own house, laying in the cold, black dirt with only a couple of inches between his body and the deck above him, jerking his hard cock as he looked up between the decking to see two boys, one of them big and black, taking his little girl’s virginity; and tasting their massive cum flow from the girl’s pussy as it dripped through the crack. I prayed I’d not sneeze, cough, fart or make any other sound to give myself away and hoped they would soon move so I could get out of this predicament. It was exciting beyond words, but definitely not funny. Ace helped Maggie to her feet after she fucked both of them and suggested they go in the house where it would be more comfortable. They all agree, and as Tyrone helped Maggie back into the window, Ace stepped to the side of the porch to piss. “Want me to hose off all the nut on the deck?” he asked in a hushed voice.Maggie, thinking he was going after the garden hose, thankfully told him no, but even then, to top off my humiliation, he pissed just off the side of the porch and his stream splashed against my side. As he did so, I thought about all the nut I left under Maggie’s bedside window and was thankful none of the k**s walked through it barefooted. I waited patiently until I was sure all three were inside, then wiggled out of my pig pen hiding place, through the piss-soaked grass. Oh well, I consoled myself, at least it will wash off some of the black dirt on my back. I wallowed in the grass on my back, like a dog sometime does, in an attempt to clean up just a little. When I was satisfied that I’d done the best I could with that, I stood and again and thought about how the hell I was going to get in. As I did, I just had to take another peek into the window, and then couldn’t leave. I was hooked again.Tyrone lay on his back and told Maggie to climb on. She told him she was getting really sore and didn’t know if she could, but when Ty said that was fine, they’d just leave, she changed her mind. As soon as Maggie had his entire cock inside again, he pulled her down so he could squeeze her little tits and kiss her. “We’re going to teach you something new. Your pussy is way to tight yet for a double cock fuck, but I’m going to let Ace fuck your ass while you ride me. Just relax, don’t fight it, and he’ll go right in.”I watched, mesmerized, as the white boy ran his hands around the union of the big black cock and my little girl’s pussy to gather some lube. He rubbed it onto his cock then licked Maggie’s ass hole, leaving it nice and wet. He put his cock on target, held her hips so she couldn’t lunge away, and pushed; but her tight sphincter just squeezed tighter, keeping him out. “There’s lube on the night stand, Ace, next to her dildo,” Tyrone told him. Ace took a glob of it on his fingers and slid one into Maggie’s ass, working it in and out a couple of times before adding a second finger. After loosening her up, he rubbed the rest of the juice on his cock, then tried again. The head popped completely inside and Maggie grunted, “Ugggg, Oh fuck! I’ve never had anything in there. I don’t like it. Stop!”Ace totally ignored her. He and Tyrone had my daughter totally immobilized, and she was going to take an ass fucking, like it or not. He pushed in deeper and deeper with each of his successive, non-stop thrusts. Once fully in, he held still, “Going to give you a minute to get used to it, then I’m going to ride your ass hard. When I pull out, it’s because I’m going to cum, and I’m going to do that in your mouth, so be ready for that, Maggie,” he told her before he started rutting in earnest.“Damn, that feels so good,” Ty said, “I just love the feel of your cock bumping against mine up inside her.”“Oh fuck, I’m getting close already,” Ace exclaimed.“Just cum in my ass, Ace, please cum in my ass. I don’t want it in my mouth after it’s been in there. That’s just gross.” Maggie pleaded.“Oh, fuck, here it cums!” Tyrone cried out as he fully impaled my little girl to pump yet another load into her. “Me too!” Ace exclaimed as he again ignored Maggie’s request by pulling out his already spurting cock. He got up to her face before the second squirt erupted and stuffed it into her mouth. Maggie didn’t resist. She sucked and swallowed like an experienced whore, all the time still riding Tyrone’s big erupting cock. Then, as she knew was expected, she licked the boy’s shaft clean and sucked his balls. He got to his hands and knees and told my daughter, “Now my ass. Lick my ass hole, and leave it nice and wet. Then you can watch Tyrone pull his slippery dick out of you and slide right into me. He might want to nut in my ass, or maybe in one of our mouths; he’ll tell us when he’s close.”‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘these boys just don’t quit! Not only did they fuck the girls all night, now they were going to fuck each other; in front of my little girl! Talk about sex education overload for one night!’ I wanted to put a stop to this now. It’s one thing to fuck a boy, but quite another to fuck a bi boy who is actively fucking other boys bareback. But that wasn’t something I could do at this point without revealing my perversion. And I was really a perv, I knew, because I actually wanted to stay and watch the boys fuck each other. But I’d already rubbed my cock raw and watched my daughter fuck harder than any well experienced hooker. The sun would be coming up soon, and I still had to somehow get back inside. I wondered around the back and sides of the house looking for an open window I could reach without a ladder, but no such luck. I finally had to check the front of the house, hoping our ‘Mrs. Kravits’ neighbor wasn’t sitting in the dark with her binoculars. I dodged behind my wife’s car whenever I saw early risers coming down the road on their way to work, and as I couched there, it came to me. If her car wasn’t locked, I could get her garage door opener. I was in luck, and very relieved. The garage was on the opposite end of the house from the bedrooms, but to keep the noise to a minimum, I lay immediately in front of the door. I pressed the button, and as soon as it was up high enough, I rolled in and hit the button again. The door stopped and then rolled back to the closed position under its own weight. I quietly returned to our bedroom, again avoiding that second, noisy step, and was so thankful to be back there without having been caught in my all-night perversion. I slipped into the shower, knowing my wife would sleep through it and not caring if the noise reached the k**s. It felt so good to get the dirt off.

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