Curious Sister 4.


Curious Sister 4.this is the last installment of my curious sister,in curious sister 1,2,3 i told of the time of when i used to walk around naked hoping my sister would see me, which she did and then her friend Christine joining in the fun after a few sessions they asked me to fetch a mate round then they could see other boys dick.s.A few weeks after our last session one Friday our parents said they would be going out Saturday and told my sister to ask her friend Christine to sleep as she was a year older than my Sister and they felt safe leaving us alone for the evening,on the Saturday morning i asked my sister if her friend was sleeping over and she said yes, i then started to plan to get one of my friends over.After my Saturday morning, paper round waited for my mate Martin to finish his round and we went around to his house as usual, Martain had 3 brothers and 1 sister and i wondered if he had seen his sister trabzon escort naked, so later i asked him and he said only when he was younger he asked me if i had seen my sister naked i told him about my sister and Christine, he did not believe me so i told him i would prove it that night.That night after my parents had gone out around 8 o, clock Martin turned up, i let him in and he looked excited, he asked where the girls were, i said they are up in their bedroom, we went up to my bedroom and i said i will show you what happens, i shouted for my sister and they came to the bedroom door in their pyjamas, i said Martin wants to see you both naked, of course, they both giggled and said no way, you first and went back to their room, i said to Martin they want to see us first are you up for it, i could tell he was nervous so i said come on,he said you first so i stripped offas usual my small dick was escort trabzon erect and i said come on get undressed, Martin slowly and nervously stripped off and i was shocked to see he had more pubic hair then me and his erect dick was around an inch bigger than mine, i shouted for the girls and in seconds they were at the door, they both looked at Martin in amazement as they had only seen my pubescent lightly downed dick, they could not take their eyes off him so i felt a bit jealous i must admit, i said right to come on we want to see you naked now, my sister dragged Christine back to their bedroom and afer a minute my sister shouted us to come in, we went in and they were both sat on the bed nake but covering their, bits up with their arms, they both looked different than when they just saw me naked they couldn’t take their eyes off Martins dick,Christine said come on play with your dicks we want to trabzon escort bayan see the stuff that comes out, i stood at front of Christine and Martin stood at the front of my Sister, i moved Christine’s arms to show her small pert tits and my sister move hers to show her smaller tits, i noticed their nipples stuck out more than the last time i saw them, go on then they said and we both wanked our dicks, i came very quick with the excitement moaning loudly as i came then i watched as Martin moaned and shot a steady amount of cun all over Christine, both the girl screamed as they were used to me cumming a liittle.We had a fewmore wanking sessions over the next few months with the girls getting braver and wanking us.One Saturday night my sister and were alone and i asked her if she liked Martins dick, she said its ok but i like yours better, i said thanks why?she said it looks nicer and its not as hairy anyway that night alone together she give me a wank and over the coming months i started playing with her tits and gently fingering her lovely smooth slit, this is as far as we ever went and eventually found partners of our own when we got older.

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