Cat Burgler


Cat BurglerIt was a great summer day. The sky was blue there were no clouds the grass was green and it was hot. It was so fucking hot. I was sitting in my old beat up car that I used when I was casing a place to rob. This was no difference I had been on this rich fucking dudes house for several weeks now mapping his habits and times. The only thing I could say was this guy was a stupid son of a bitch. He had money dripping off him and his security system was Mickey Mouse at best. I have been watching and planning. My specialty is cat burglary in and out and no one even knows I was there. This one looked real easy but that is when shit goes wrong. I had picked tonight because I had found out that this guy was gong to be out for the evening and that the place would be empty. Just ripe for me to come in get everything I want and leave. It was early in the afternoon and I had my cameras all set up in the neighbour hood everything was set. I was going to go back to my place and have a nap then get ready for the activities tonight. All the cameras fed back to my monitoring station that I was manning 24/7 for the last few weeks, I was just here to check physically one more time if I had missed anything. All looked green it was on for tonight. I started the car and drove to the public garage that I kept it in and parked it up. I walked out and onto the street, quickly I hailed a cab and gave him my address down town and off I went. When the cabbie pulled up I paid and tipped him and I left making sure I was nothing special just a normal guy not sticking out I needed this to work just like the other times no issues. I walked the two more blocks to the high rise modern tower that I really live in and entered the lobby. Said my hi’s to the security desk and went to the elevators to rise up to my penthouse suite. I had planned a party tonight as my alibi and everything was going as planned. I got to my suite just as the caters were leaving after setting everything the way they wanted it for tonight. I wished them all a good afternoon and I collapsed onto the couch. Sleep came fast as I was working both ends of the night lately to get everything I needed to pull this off. It was late afternoon when I woke and made my way to the shower. I cleaned up got ready and soon the caters were back. I had the huge glass doors open that lead out to the roof top BBQ area and pool where the party was going to be held. Now my parties have been known to be epic and I was planning this one to be just as good if not better. I sent out all the invitations to my friends and they all replied with a resounding YES!!! they would attend. The music was all set up the lights were hung and the place was looking awesome. The party was a theme party and I usually like to go with sexy themes to see all the guy’s wives and girlfriends and my special guests dressed is sexy apparel. This party was no different the theme was Roman Toga party. I knew I would be scoring some great pussy and tits shots all night long. Well all night that I was going to be there as I had other plans. Little did I know just how my plans were going to change tonight. I had notified the building security and I also posted a notice that I was having a party if any of the other tenants wished to attend. Some did most did not and usually I had to answer some questions in the next council meeting about the antics that my guests got up on this night. Finally the guests started to arrive. One of the first to arrive was a steady friends with benefits of mine, Lynn she had in tow an almost exact doppelgänger of her except so much shorter. Lynn was a tall red head long wavy hair to her waist. She had an awesome set of man-made tits a slender waist a great ass and the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. She was wearing a harem girl style outfit that left nothing to the imagination and I knew she was nude under that outfit. Her shorter friend who I was introduced to as Sylvie was a fucking little dynamite box of sex. Her red hair which was dyed was curly and also quite long. She had a rocking set of tits that was also visible under her outfit. Her nipples were like diamonds they were sticking out so much. Her tight little outfit barely covered her ass cheeks and they both had on roman style leg straps with sky high sex shoes. I made sure that I gave Lynn a grab on the ass and a held her to me when I kissed her to make sure she knew she was going to get fucked that night. Lynn then gave Sylvie a deep passionate kiss in front of me and I then kissed her next and rubbed her titties and tweaked her nipples. She ground her crotch into me letting me know that she was a sex bot for sure. Some guests were showing up and one of the other tenants came in. He was an old fat guy that was also rich and he was dressed like a Caesar his wife who I found out name was Michelle, was obviously the trophy wife half his age or younger with a rocking body. She was fucking hot as fuck and dressed like a roman lady but her wrap was tight showing off her curves and there was a lot of side boob visible. When she walked the slit in her gown was right to her crotch and I swear there was flashes of bare pussy. She grinned as she met me and I took her hand a gave it a kiss and I flicked my tongue quickly between her fingers giving her the distinct feeling that I was interested in flicking my tongue on something else. Robbie showed up with his wife and her sister they were all in costume Rob was a roman solider and the two women were dressed as Roman harem girls. I have been in a few fuck sessions with this threesome and I new that Sandy and Debbie were both sex bots and that Robbie was no stranger to both of their pussies as was I. I made sure that there was plenty of party favourites for everyone and there was a special table that was all laid out with the coke on it. I had a fucking hot stripper looking after that table. Yeah I know I know bad choice but there is nothing like snorting a line off a hot strippers inner thigh and finishing with a lick of pussy. The stripper I had in this position knew exactly what to do as the party progressed. I did a quick search through the toys table and I found what I was looking for. It was a small remote controlled bullet vibrator. I walked up to Debbie gave her a deep kiss and I slipped my hand up her thigh to a bare pussy and I slipped the bullet into her. When we separated I told her that I was going to give the remote to someone she did not know and he did not know her and they were going to have fun finding one another. I looked through the growing crowd and I spotted the guy I was looking for. My old school mate and bit of a loser Doug. Thing is he has always been my friend and even though he has been a total fuck up most of his life and I always enjoyed having him around. Now I am pretty well endowed in the junk department but Doug was on a whole different league. He and I had been on may sport teams together and we have been in a few sex parties and I have had to opportunity to see him and my god he is huge. I took Doug off to the side and I explained to him that there was a girl somewhere in the crowd with a vibrator in her pussy and that I was giving him the remote. They had to find one another throughout the night and I wished him luck. The apartment was filling and the crowd was also now outside around the pool and the food table that was set up. I saw Michelle and her husband again and I gave her a slap on the ass as I talked to them and she gave me a little groan. Oh well I guess I should tell you what I am wearing. I have a custom made roman Gladiator helmet that is almost full face. It has a huge plume of feathers out of the top. I am topless showing off my always ripped body and well tanned. I have on a gladiator type leather crotch cover that barely cover my cock and balls. It is wedged up my ass showing off my muscular ass cheeks. I have on a pair of roman style shin guards that come up to my knees. And I am wearing a pair of sandals that complete the out fit. As I was talking with Michelle and her her husband she was rubbing my ass and I was clenching and releasing my ass muscles to her delight. I did not hide the fact I was staring at her tits. After we talked I went to the bar tender and I gave him a small bottle of pills and I informed him of a few gentleman that I wanted him to spike their drinks with it. Michelle’s husband was one of them. Not that I think I was going to need it as I was bolu escort watching him pound back straight scotches, he was soon to be out of commission and she would be mine for the picking. My regular group of strippers and hotties all turned up and they did not disappoint with their outfits and I knew the majority of the guys at the party were walking around with hard ons already. In the centre of the pool was a platform that was anchored to the sides and in the middle was a Sybian sex machine. I had plans for seeing Michelle ride that later in front of everyone. So the night was set. The party was already getting going and oh I almost forgot. The huge conference room in my Suite I had changed into a wall to wall mattress with all the sex lights and music and there was a huge selection of vibrators and dildos there was some strap ons and some anal toys also. This was going to be one fucked up night. I had already done my rounds a few times made sure everyone knew I was around so when I disappeared for a while no one would suspect, the perfect alibi. I was not drinking and was not partaking in any of the d**gs just yet but I wanted to be on my game for my event coming up. I checked the time and it was almost 10 pm time to fuck off for a bit. I slipped into my room made a quick change hid my costume and slipped out the bedroom patio door slipped around the corner and vaulted over the low security fence. I slipped the key card into the roof door lock and slipped it open. I was in front of the service elevator and I hit the button. When the door opened in I went and hit the button for the garage. Once there I stayed out of sight of the security cameras all the way around to the side door and I slipped out through an opening that I had created years ago. I was out of the building and on my way. I quickly got off of my street and I hailed a cab got him to drop me a block away from my hidden car and off I went. Soon I was on the street of my target house. I coasted to a stop on a back road two blocks from the target house or mansion I guess. I got out of the car and I quickly made my way through a wooded area and beside other fences and I was soon in the rear of the mansion. All my surveillance was paying off. I quickly climbed the rear wall and dropped down inside the yard right behind the tree I knew was there. I stayed in the shadows avoiding the security cameras until I reached the side of the house where I had previously located the security control box. I opened it and placed my bypasses on the system and voila I was free to enter the house at will. I slipped into the rear door that just as I guessed was unlocked. These rich dudes are just too careless. I glided through the down stairs as I knew exactly what I was going for and where it was . I made it to the master bedroom and slipped inside. I made my way across the room and holy fucken shit I almost had a heart attack. There asleep on the bed was an absolute goddess. Her bleached white blonde hair was splayed out over the pillow the satin sheet that had over her body had slid down during her night of sleep I guessed, and her nude upper torso was exposed. The moon light shining through the window illuminated her. Her perfect tit was visible and it was capped of with an absolute perfect slightly upturned nipple. I was froze in one spot. She stirred on the bed and stretched out her leg carrying the satin sheet the rest of the way off her body. Her perfect ass came into view and I was in the right position to be able to she her pussy lips between her thighs. She gave out a slight moan and to my amazement I saw her slide her hand down and from behind I was able to see that she was rubbing her pussy and playing with her clit. I thought she was having some awesome dream and I only wished that I was there for another reason. Finally I had to pull myself away from this totally erotic scene that was in front of me. I made it to the wall and due to my expert surveillance again I pulled on the wall lamp that released the catch and the hidden door opened in from of me. I pulled it open and stepped in side closing it after me. To my surprise right there in from of me was a chair and beside the chair was a video camera all set up. It was pointing at the bed and I was able to see through the one way mirror back out to the goddess on the bed. This fucking guy was an absolute fuck up. He videoed this woman fucking other guys and girls while he sat here in this hideout taping and whacking himself off. Well this was my guess. Anyways I made sure all was good and I flicked on the head lamp that I was wearing. I went to the back of the room and started to work on the safe. It did not take me too long and I was in. I pulled the small nylon bag from my jacket and I started to empty the safe into the bag. Fuck I was doing great there was more jewelry that I figured and I even found some raw diamonds. There was watches and then at the back was stacks of money each wrapper saying 10,000 I grab at lest 30 stacks and they all went into the bag the vault was completely empty. I gave the room a quick scan nothing else interested me. And off went the light. I moved back to the door and I pushed it open. I exited the room and eased it shut again. I turned to exit and there on the bed was the goddess. She was sitting up right and she had her hands secured in restraints that were attached to the bed corners. She looked at me and smiled and Said. “I though playing with my pussy would have been enough but I see I had to catch you red handed to get you interested.” This chick was full on hot. She had seen me the whole time and she cared fuck all about what I was doing there she just wanted to get fucked. I had on a full face balaclava that I had no intentions of taking off. She pulled her arms forward synching up the restraints on her wrists. There was no way that she could get her self out of these restraints now. I smiled through my open mouth of the balaclava and I dropped the bag to the floor. I heard the objects in the bag rattle a bit with the thump. She looked at me and bit her lower lip and gave a little moan. She had her knees together and slightly bent. I approached the foot of the bed and I could see an excitement in her eyes. I reached out grabbed her by the ankles and I pulled her down onto the mattress stretching her arms up above her head. I spread open her legs and her very moist pussy was right there in from of me. I bent over lifted her legs up over my shoulders and I lowered my mouth onto her pussy. She let out a groan as I split her pussy lips with my tongue and licked her from the bottom of her pussy right up to her clit exposing the the sensitive little nub from its hood. I continued making these licking passes until I felt her start to roll and buck her hips into my mouth. I held down her thighs and sucked her clit into my mouth and trapped it between my teeth very gently. Now having it completely exposed I licked it with the flat of my tongue. She was really rolling around trapping my head between her thighs and started squeezing and I felt her start to orgasim. I quickly lifted my head off her pussy and I slid up beside her slamming my fingers into her pussy and curling them up to attack her “G”spot. I finger fucked her very rapidly and she started to buck wildly under my grip. Finally she started to squirt a huge gush of her juices out of her pussy as I continued to finger bang her hard. She was screaming as she came. Her juices sprayed all over her legs and the bed. I kept up the assault until she collapsed from the exertion of that incredible cum. As soon as she calmed down I stood up dropped my pants and I gave my very hard large cock a few strokes and I pulled her legs apart and with out giving her a rest I grabbed my cock and I fed it into her soaking wet pussy. In one move I buried my cock into her right to the hilt. She let out a large groan and I started to pump in and out of her building my momentum. I grabbed her legs and I pushed them up almost folding her in half and I was watching my cock slam in and out of her. On the withdrawal due to my size her lips were gripping the shaft and being pulled out of her pussy. With every stoke in she let out a grunt and a groan as I was fucking her hard. It was not long at this pace and I felt her again start to build up her gyrations and I knew she was going to cum again. I kept sliding in and out and she was completely stretched out with her restraints escort bolu still holding her in place. I griped her hips and I started to really slam my rock hard cock into her and she started to moan and groan and she rocked around on the bed as she started to have another orgasim. I gripped her ass tighter and I was really slamming into her making a hard slapping sound with every thrust. She rolled her head back arched her back and let out a scream as her juices literally shot out of her pussy around my shaft. I continued to pound her as she kept screaming and moaning until she was completely spent. She collapsed onto the bed. I pulled my still hard cock out of her drenched pussy and laughed. I grabbed her legs and rolled her over on the spot causing her to have to cross her arms to support her self. I spread her legs and moved between her thighs I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and get it all wet and slimy and I rubbed the head of my cock now against her ass hole. She lifted her head and tried to turn her neck so she could see me but was not able to do so in the position she was in. I heard a feeble no please don’t but at the same time she wiggled her ass and giggled a bit. I grabbed the shaft of my cock and I pushed gently until her anus relaxed a little and the head of my cock popped into her. She squealed and wiggled a little and I reached down and held her hips steady and I started to slowly move back and forth into her very tight ass hole. In a short time I was over half way into her ass and she was pushing back against me as I stroked forward. I gripped her hips hard and pushed until my whole shaft was buried in her ass. She laid her head on her arms and groaned a deep groan and I held my cock like that for a few seconds before I started to pump her again. With every slap of my hips hitting her ass she grunted and pushed back. I looked down and I watched her ass hole grip my cock as I slide it out then slammed it back in. I started to really pick up the pace and I felt that familiar feeling of my balls and cock wanted to cum. I kept up the assault on her ass and I was getting closer. I was amazed as she started to groan and moan and again I felt her start to spasm into a third orgasim. I was also getting close but I power fucked her ass until she exploded again and I felt her anus spasm around my dick. I was about to cum and I pulled out and I quickly rolled her back over onto her back. I started to stoke my cock and I felt the cum rising quickly I squeezed the head of my cock as long as I could until I exploded out. I shot my cum up onto her face and hair and I kept pumping spurt after spurt covering her face and tits. As I started to finally slow I made sure I pumped the last of my huge load, even I was impressed, on to her pussy and ass. Finally I was done and I collapsed back off the bed into a huge arm chair. I just slayed back in the chair until I caught my breath.I checked the time and I was way off schedule. I quickly stood and got dressed. She lazied rolled her head towards me and smiled. She asked if I could release her from her restraints. I laughed threw the satin sheet over her cum covered body, grabbed my booty bag off the floor, blew her a kiss and I was out of the room. As I was leaving I could still hear her swearing and calling me everything under the sun. I slipped out of the house went to the alarm box and pulled off my jumper wires and closed the box. I stayed in the shadows and slipped out to the rear of the property. I slipping over the fence and I was clear. I removed my balaclava and made my way quickly back to my car. In minutes I was out of the neighbour hood and gone. After I parked up my car and I hailed a cab in a few minutes I was back in the building slipping through that hole I had and into the service elevator back up to my floor.. I jumped over the wall slipped into my bedroom and quickly stashed my goodie bag and changed back into my costume. I re emerged into the party to see how things were going. Well like I say my parties are epic and this one was no different. Right away I saw Lynn and Sylvie and they were making out in a chair. Robbie, Debbie and Sandy were getting into the spirit and I could see that Doug was closing on his target with the remote I gave him. As he was with Debbie playing with the remote and watching her squirm with the bullet in her pussy. He noticed me and I gave him the thumbs up. Wow she was going to get a hammering tonight I knew. I figured I would leave that foursome alone. I made my way to the bar and I got a drink my bartender motioned with his head over towards the couch and when I turned I saw Michelles old fat husband in the Caesar outfit passed out cold. I gave him the nod and said thanks. Michelle was on the dance floor around the pool deck and she was grinding on some guy and he was rubbing up and down against her. I made my way over to her as I had plans for her tonight. As I approached I basically told the other guy to get lost and he knew who I was and he left the area. I slipped in behind Michelle and I slipped my hands around her waist and slid one hand up to cup her tit I felt her nipple with my thumb and forefinger and I gave it a little tweak. Michelle spun around to give the guy some shit and when she saw me she stopped and smiled. She reached for my hand and brought it back up to her tit. I laughed as I slipped my hand around the side of her dress and I was cupping her bare tit and tweaking her nipple. Michelle just giggled and allowed me to m***** her. I pulled her close and bent my head down to her ear and said that I had something special for her at midnight. I checked my watch and it was almost midnight. I left her on the dance floor to make sure the surprise was ready. I walked over to the DJ and when I reached his booth I saw that one of the strippers was in behind the booth giving him a blow job and he was still spinning the tunes so I gave him a full hands up I laughed he pushed her back for a minute and I leaned over and told him what I wanted he checked his watch and nodded then he grabbed the strippers head and pulled her back onto his cock. I made my way over to the coke table and I could see that the girl I put there was definitely the right one. She was laying on her back completely naked with a line on each thigh nice and high and a line between her perfect man-made tits. There was a girl on one thigh and a guy on the other and another guy bent over her for the one on her chest and she was deep throating his cock at the same time. I stopped to watch the performance for a minute and as the couple on her thighs finished the lines the both attached her pussy with fingers and mouths. I leaned over the mirror and I quickly did a line in each nostril and stood and walked away. I looked into the conference/play room and there was a lot of tits and pussy and cocks in there and everyone was having a good old fashion Roman orgy. I walked out to the pool and asked one of the caterers to remove the cover on the floating raft that was anchored to the sides of the pool. Once the cover was removed the floating sybian was exposed. The DJ cut the music just at that time and he made an announcement for all guests to make their way around the pool. I found Michelle and took her by the hand and I made my way through the crowd and led her down the steps into the pool. The guests were all clapping and cheering and I guided Michelle towards the deeper end of the pool. She walked on her feet then her toes until finally she had to swim and I guided her to the platform. I assisted in lifting her up onto the raft. Her wet dress now was completely transparent and her very hot body was on full display. I hoisted my wet body up onto the raft and helped Michelle to her feet. The crowd was going crazy and I led her over to the sybian machine she looked at it and at me and said she had never seen one before. I laughed and told her she was going to have the ride of her life. I lifted the full wet dress up over her head and threw it into the water she was completely naked and I scooped up her tit and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Swirled my tongue around her nipple and gently bit it and then pulled it away from her tit and released it before it was painful. I did this to her other tit and kept this up for a few times all the while running my hand through her pussy lips getting her wetter and wetter. Finally I had her aroused enough and I lifted her up bolu escort bayan and spread her legs and I lowered her on top of the sybian. She spread her legs and knelt down one knee on each side. I motioned for her to move forward and slip the dildo part of the sybian into her. She did as was told and she leaned forward so the small vibrating finger pad was going to be right on her clit. I motioned to the crowd and they all cheered. Then I motioned for the control to appear and through the crown the remote for the sybian appeared. Everyone cheered as the operator then switched it on and it started to vibrate immediately Michelle let out a squeal of surprise when the vibrations started in her pussy and on her clit. She placed her hands on the sybian and lifted herself up a little but I was there to hold her in place and the crowd cheered some more then the DJ started asking for the power to be turned up. I was standing behind her and bent over to whisper in her ear; “Babe you are a star.” Just at that time the sybian’s speed was adjusted and she jumped and then started to grind her pussy onto the machine. I dove into the water and swam to the edge of the pool out of the lime light as I watched Michelle start to be oblivious to the crowd cheering her on and she raised her hands up above her head. The machine’s control was being passed around and the speed was changing constantly not allowing her to get into a rhythm. They were going to make sure that she was well and truly fucked on this machine before she would be allowed to cum. I signalled for one of the strippers to bring me a coke mirror and she came over sat behind me on the edge of the pool snuggled her pussy right up to the back of my neck. She held a straw for me and I snorted two more lines. My cock was starting to rise and I was getting uncomfortable in the costume I was wearing. I was looking for Lynn and Sylvie to join me in the pool and I wanted to start to enjoy the evening. I watched as many couples and not start to jump in the pool and start to fuck one another as the show with Michelle continued. Soon I spotted Lynn she was topless and her magnificent tits were proudly on display I waved and called her over to the pool. She approached and I rolled my head back into the strippers lap and Lynn straddled my head and lowered her naked pussy onto my face . I reached up and pulled the last of her barely there costume away and I was able to see that she started to make out with the stripper. I was licking and sucking her well sugared pussy and there was not a stubble of hair anywhere as I devoured her pussy juices. She was grinding her pussy into my face and I felt her start to cum. She ground out her orgasim on my mouth. After she stopped her spasms she slipped up off my face and I moved away from her my mouth was quickly replaced by the strippers fingers and Lynn was now finger fucking her also. I saw a naked Sylvie emerge from the crowd and I hailed her to come over. As she passed by Lynn and the stripper she was watching and came to me. I had her sit on the edge of the pool and I slid my head between her legs and started to eat her out. Sylvie leaned back first on her hands then down on her elbows and I was sticking my tongue as far into her pussy as I could then I was wiggling it around. She rolled her head back and groaned. Suddenly there was a cheer and I pulled my face away from Sylvie’s pussy to see two buff guys lifting a completely spent Michelle off the sybian and lower her limp body to two more guys waiting in the water. I saw all four of those guys then carry Michelle over their heads into the conference/play room and I thought, A Star is Born. I turned my head back to my job of seriously eating out Sylvie’s pussy. Pulling her closer to the edge of the pool lifted her legs over my shoulders and I passed my tongue right from her beautiful little butt hole all the way up to her clit. And I continued this assault each time spending more time on her clit until I could feel that she was reaching her peak. Sylvie reached down grabbed my head and pulled my face hard into her pussy she clamped her thighs around my head and I felt her start to buck and rub her pussy against my tongue and lips. I felt a gush of juices and she stated to orgasim in to my mouth. I love the taste of female pussy juice and I did not let a single drop escape my mouth. She released my head and and she arched her back as she continued to spasm in orgasim. I held her tight until she finally subsided. Once she was relaxed I pulled myself up out of the pool offered my hand to Sylvie and pulled her to her feet and I also pulled Lynn and the stripper up. The four of us then proceeded to my bedroom where we were going to fuck all night. I Quickly scanned the party and there was an orgy happening and again I though EPIC. On the way to the bedroom the stripper grabbed a mirror with some blow on it and we proceeded to the room. I have no idea what time it was but I my eyes opened and I was laying on my bed. Lynn had her hand on my cock and I could see the stripper was behind her spooning her. Sylvie was on the other side of me and I was holding her tight to my body. Well it was a fuck fest last night. I gently squeezed myself out of the bed and I found a pair of shorts to pull on. I had better go and survey the damage. I walked out into the main part of the apartment and I was quite surprised, the clean up crew I hired was already busy at work and the place was already looking pretty dam good. Most of the guests had vanished through the night and the caterers were also on site cleaning up all the food and serving paraphernalia. The old Caesar was still passed out on the couch but that was pretty much the only casualty that I saw. I went to the bar and got a OJ and when I turned around Michelle was just walking out of the bathroom all shower and looking pretty fresh. I can only imagine the session she had last night . She saw me smiled and came over to give me a hug. I asked if she enjoyed herself and she just blew a whistle and said she did not think her pussy and ass would be the sam for at least a week. We both laughed and I told her I would send the surveillance footage over to her later from the Conference/games room. She looked at me in shock and asked if I was k**ding. I gave her a wry smile and told her she would see. I helped her get her husband kind of awake and thanked them both for coming and they left. The cleaning crew was just about finished and I kicked back on the couch and turned on the TV. It came on to a local morning news show and first thing I saw was my target from last night. I turned up the volume and listened to what he had to say. He was pretty pissed off it looked like and he was quoting some pretty crazy numbers about how much was stolen. I knew right away he was going to try and pull an insurance scam. I saw his hot little woman standing next to him. They asked her what she thought and she told them that she was just very freaked out that someone was in the bedroom while she was asleep and that she was in danger and did not even know it. I smiled as I opened the drawer on the end table and grabbed one of my burner phones. I quickly looked up her cell number from my surveillance records and I called it while she was right there on the screen. He was back talking and I could she her in the back ground reach for her phone. “Hello” she said “I am so glad that you were not injured or worse taken advantage of last night during your ordeal” I said with a smirk.“Oh hello” she said “Well I could not really say that I was fucked to three amazing orgasims. And that I was left tied up with cum all over me for my husband to find.” I laughed “I thank you for the compliment.”“Yeah how did that go.” I asked “Well the first thing he checked was his special little camera that you are aware of and of course it was turned off so he was pissed.” “Well I know his schedule maybe we should figure out when I should return.”“Give him some time to replace some of the jewels then come anytime.”I laughed and wished her a good day and told her she looked good in the shirt that she was wearing. Obviously she knew then that I was watching the news. After I hung up and broke my phone so it was untraceable she looked into the camera and I watched as she licked her lips and bit her bottom one so sexy. I picked up the phone and called my buddy Dougie. When he answered I told him we had a job coming in the next few months and to be ready for some fun. I laughed leaned my head back and Lynn, Sylvie and the stripped all came out of the bedroom naked and smiling. I grinned from ear to ear picked up a mirror and my weekend was not over yet hahahah.

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