CAPTIVE DREAM?CAPTIVE.I awoke sitting on a chair in a hollow sounding room. My head was smothered by some form of rubber-smelling hood, I’d fixed enough cycle tyres to know that smell! I was blinded but my nose had two small snotty holes I could breathe through along with an open mouth. My ears, though covered were still keen as my voice echoed in that large blank room.“Hello… Any?” I closed my mouth. In more than an hour, well a long time, I had received no reply as I sat still in that uncomfortable seat with a hole my arse was sinking through!Sitting was not my choice, those heavy metal cuffs holding my wrists and ankles kept me seated as I moved my head to the sound of a metal chain. I think it was attached to the new-smelling patent leather collar I was wearing. I knew the smell of new leather shoes and mother’s that I had wanked in!Was this punishment for my ruining her expensive new red ones when she nearly caught me? “I was looking for the photo album!” was my reply as I put those cum filled shoes back in the wardrobe, while stealthily repacking my softening dick in my trousers! It wasn’t something so menial like that, this, what was happening bordered on the criminal and I was getting a little worried as the time crawled on!I woke from that nightmare dream of being trapped alone in a strange… Room? I was still there! ataşehir escort bayan My enquiries went unanswered as before but my arms were now free but I could not lower them because of the chains attached to heavy leather cuff on each wrist!I could feel the new hood over my head, but as hard as I tried I could not pull or tear it past the reinforced mouth opening! My collar was spiked and yes, also chained upwards like my arms. Was I a puppet to some unseen master? A sudden sound of a locking mechanism freed my ankles, but before I moved a voice, heavily distorted told me to remain for instruction! I listened in silence.“You may stand.” I got up on unsteady feet, my toes were crushed into pointed stiletto heels, tall ones that I could barely stand in! “You will master them soon enough!” that voice had commanded!I tried to reach my painfully imprisoned penis but I could not due to my puppet chains! Something like a cage was crushing my growing erection, but that was not the worst those leather shorts delivered!My arse hole was plugged, I was vaguely aware of the thing called a butt plug from adverts in those porno mags I had recently plucked up the courage to borrow from father’s lower drawer. But having one inside was very uncomfortable!“Walk!” I needed all my wrist chains support to stay upright as I wobbled escort ataşehir on those big painful heels. I worked hard because falling was most unpleasant and some choking! I felt I was wearing stockings, having worn mother’s for so many illicit wanking sessions on my parents bed!“Move those hips more, what kind of sissy c***d are you?” I was angry and fed up obeying his stupid instructions and suddenly courage found my voice! “I not a sissy or a fucking c***d you felon… This is i*****l.” My brief courage faded rather quickly.“You are not a c***d? So you have slept with many women? No? You shake your head virgin c***d!” I would have hung it if the chain wasn’t so taunt where I stood. “Kissed anyone other than mummy or granny at Christmas?” I looked up towards the speaker, he knew me? I shook my head again. He knew I was a virgin. “A sissy wears mummy’s under things and plants a kiss on her vanity mirror, while mincing around her bedroom.” Again he shocked me! “With her Harlem Nights ruby lipstick on his sweet lips!”I continued with the walking exercises. “You need to sway those hips around something, a focus.” I gasped as I felt that plug inflate inside me! It wasn’t painful but that very full feeling was too strange! “Rotate your hips around that form as you walk my dear sissy c***d.”“I’m fucking old enough ataşehir escort to vote you dick!” I thought but didn’t say those words. I was a terrible coward and dad was right saying I was too timid and submissive to ever land a girlfriend! Now I was more the girlfriend! Just who was that voice?I was directed back to the chair, annoyed my mysterious master was so pleased with my timidity and submissiveness! Why had I walked around so willingly, never even being difficult? The plug deflated as I sighed. The cuffs reclosed and locked and I sighed some more. Was I a fucking doormat? “You may sleep.” The faint glimpse of light I could see past my big nose went dark. “I wonder what tomorrow brings.”I woke in my own bed. “Thank fuck that was a dream!” I whispered hoarsely to myself. I threw back my duvet and stood. Stood on those ruby red stiletto heels of mother’s! As I reeled wondering if this was still part of that dream, I saw a handwritten message on my wardrobe mirror, written in Harlem Nights ruby lipstick!I walked over unaware of my ease in those heels as I locked at the lipstick on my own lips as I leaned over wearing mother’s stockings, the ones I wore that day. It was my own mother?“Sissy boys who steal, stretch, ladder or spoil very expensive shoes will always face extreme punishment! Keep those semen stained stockings and £400 stiletto heels from Italy and stay away from my things. You think your mother wears size tens you moronic closet sissy!”I sat on my bed shocked. Dad took size nine, Uncle Mike took tens as did two of Dad’s work mates who we’d had to dinner? Just who was it???

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