CANED BY MISS BROWN part 1CANED BY MISS BROWN part 1SCOTLAND 1953It had been a couple of months since that ‘wonderful weekend’Stella had been a busy woman since then.The Deputy Headmistress, had been taken ill.And Stella had been asked to take over the position on a temporary basis.That had been about seven weeks ago now.Stella, or Miss Brown as she was better known in the School.Was on her way for a meeting with Mrs Hayworth,The Headmistress of St Augustine Catholic girls school.Stella was wearing a, white blouse, dark blue skirt and flat shoes. Her shoulder length black hair was as most days hanging loose.Stella knocked on the Heads office doorKnock knock.Enter came the reply.Good Morning Stella, do come in. Said Mrs Hayworth, The Headmistress. Who was wearing a, white Blouse, Biege skirt and shoes with a little heel on them. Good morning Jane.Replied Stella.Look I’ll get straight to the point said The Headmistress.As you know Janet was Taken ill some time ago, and I’ve just been informed that unfortunately she will not be returning to St Augustine.So if you would like the job of Deputy head,On a permanent basis, I’ll get the ball rolling.Thank-you replied Stella,I will be happy to accept the offer.No, thank you replied Mrs Hayworth.And added.Finding A good replacement for Janet, I thought was going to be difficult.In the time you’ve been filling in for her, I must say that I’ve been most impressed.Especially the way you’ve handled the girls.As Headmistress, the last thing I want is to have to waste my time sorting out every silly little squabble.Since you’ve been working as acting Deputy head,I’ve been able to concentrate on more important things.Stella smiled and replied, well when I was a former pupil here, the only time a girl ever saw.What I suppose would have been the Nuns Version of a Headmistress.The Mother superior.Was when they were sent to her for the cane.Stella addedAnd if you was sent to her for the cane.Then you would be leaving her office with a sore bottom, that had six stripes across it.Or if you was unfortunate enough to be there on consecutive days, more stripes would be added.And Believe me, that woman new how to use the cane!Mrs Hayworth the Headmistress, smiled back and said,Indeed she did, I myself was caned by her more times than I care to remember.Just then the telephone rang.Mrs Hayworth answered it.Hello, St Augustine Catholic girls school,Mrs Hayworth the Headmistress speaking.How may I help you today.Indeed, no I didn’t know, thank you for phoning.I myself will not be free to sort this out. But I will explain it to my Deputy head, and she will get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible.Yes, I see, OK thank you again for calling.Goodbye.With that Mrs Hayworth turned to Stella and said. Do you remember a few weeks ago, you saw Lily Masters and Katie Marsh.In the Red Dog. Indeed I Remember it well, Replied Stella. Well it would seem that the six of the Best, that I gave them, didn’t deter them. As they were Back in there Last night. Entering into some silly contest. Replied Jane Hayworth. So I would like you to, in your roll as soon to be appointed Deputy Head. To Go to the Red Dog and discuss exactly what has occurred. and if they were indeed Entered into some silly contest. I’ll leave the decision to you as to what their punishment should be. As I myself will be away on School business. As from lunchtime today. Stella and Jane said goodbye to each other. Half an hour later Stella was at Rednam riding school Talking to her Good friend, Dawn Effingham. Dawn was Dressed in vest type top, jodhpurs and riding boots. Her ginger hair was in a ponytail. As usual she looked stunning. Didn’t seem to matter what She wears thought Stella, she always looks stunning. And Stella had seen her in everything from her Birthday suit to a wedding Dress. Stella was explaining to her about the incident at the pub, and that she needed to see the Landlord of the pub, but she was unsure of how to get there. So Dawn was telling her the quickest way to get there.As unfortunately she was unable to leave the stables as the vet was due any minute. Stella thanked her and left. 6pm that Evening. Lily Masters and Katie Marsh were in Miss Brown’s Quarters. They were Dressed in school uniform as requested. And they were in serious trouble, Miss Brown was not in a good mood. As she Explained to Lily & Katie. I was supposed to be going out tonight. With my friend, whom I’ve not seen for ages. But because of you two. I now am not able to go out. Do Either of you know why you are in here this Evening. Asked Miss Brown. No Miss Brown. replied Both girls at the same time. As far as we know we’ve done nothing wrong. Are you absolutely sure about that? Asked Stella. One Hundred percent positive. Both girls replied at the same time again. Then I’ll tell you why. Whilst I was in the Head mistresses office this morning, The phone rang. Do you know who it was ringing? Asked Stella. No Miss Brown, replied both girls again. Then I’ll tell you. It was the Landlord of the Red dog. Any idea why he was ringing. Enquired Stella. No Miss Brown, lied both girls. He was ringing to let Mrs Hayworth know that two girls, from St Augustine Catholic girls school. Were in the Red dog. Last night. Replied Stella. Well it wasn’t me Miss Brown said Lily, or me Said Katie. As we’re not allowed to go in there Miss Brown. DO NOT LIE TO ME. Said Miss Brown, raising her voice. We’re not Lieing Miss Brown Lied Both Girls again. This time Without raising her voice, Stella. Said. So this isn’t you two then, in this photo Taken by one of the other people in the pub. Quite clearly showing you two wearing what looks like to be very wet clothes, Especially your T-shirts! OHsaid Both girls. OH INDEED, Replied Stella. So maybe it’s time the two of you stopped telling me lies. And explained to me Exactly what you was doing in the Red dog, and Why you thought it would be a good idea to Enter into some silly competition. Both girls looked at Each other, looked at Miss Brown. Then back at Each other. WELL! I’M WAITING! said Miss Brown. Cat got your tongue?Lily replied well er you see Miss we was erm walking past the Red dog, Katie interrupted, yeah we was walking adana escort Past the Red dog, Miss, Didn’t have any intentions of going in. When we was wolf whistled at. And Asked if we wanted to Enter into a competition the pub was running, First prize was £5And. Lily interrupted back in. we sort of got talking and sort of got talked into Entering into the competition. So Neither of you, had the sense to say. I Really don’t think I should be Entering into a silly competition, that’s going to make me look like a silly little tart. Said Stella. Well erm err we Really didn’t think, Said Katie. NO YOU DIDN’T DID You, you didn’t think at all. About the School, and most importantly about yourselves, and what people are going to think about you. Said Stella. But we did win thou, said Lily. Oh you won did you, and that’s supposed to impress me is it, asked Stella. No Miss Brown I suppose it’s not going to impress you. Replied both girls at the same time. No it’s not impressed me, not one little bit. Replied Stella. Now I Suggest that the two of you be quiet, before you say something else, that might dig a deeper hole than the one your currently in. Said Stella. Then added, Now I’ve got to find an appropriate punishment for the both of you. Shouldn’t that be down to the Headmistress, Miss Brown asked Lily. Normally for this kinda thing yes. But because, unfortunately for you she’s had to go away on school business. And as I’ve just been asked if I want to be Deputy Headmistress on a permanent basis. Then it’s me that will be deciding what the appropriate punishment will be. Oh SHHHHHsaid Lily & Katie together. Oh shhhhh indeed said Stella. Now I understand from Mrs Hayworth, that the last time you two were caught going into the Red dog. You was given Six of the Best Each. Is that correct. Asked Stella? Yes Miss Brown, replied Lily and it really hurt. Well obviously it didn’t hurt enough. Or you wouldn’t have gone in there again, replied Stella. Now you can both stand facing the wall with your hands on your heads, while I decide how to punish you. Five minutes later Miss Brown said. Katie you can go and stand in the corner. Lily, come here. Stella told Lily to bend over the desk. When Lily was bent over the desk. Stella said. Right I’ve decided that the appropriate punishment for you Lily Masters, will be, six with the strap, followed by six with the cane. With that Stella lifted Lily’s skirt up over her back. And Pulled her knickers down to her knees. Are you ready girl? Asked Stella. Yes Miss Brown. Replied Lily. Then I’ll begin. Replied Stella. SnapOne thank you Miss Brown. Said Lily. DID I ASK YOU TO COUNT! said Stella. No Miss Brown. Replied Lily. THEN DON’T. Replied Stella. Sorry Miss Brown. Replied Lily. SnapSnapSnapSnapSnapNow get up and change places with Katie. As Lily got up and walked over to where Katie was standing, she rubbed her sore bottom. Katie. You will also be getting six with the strap. Followed by six with the cane. Said Stella. Yes Miss Brown, replied Katie. Now bend over the desk. Katie bent over the desk, and Miss Brown, pulled Katie’s skirt UP. And on seeing a pair of white Knickers said. WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING YOUR NAVY BLUEKNICKERS! Sorry Miss Brown, couldn’t find them Miss Brown. Leave them in the Red dog, did you. Replied Stella. Erm, yes Miss I think I did Miss. Replied Katie. SO YOU’VE ONLY GOT ONE PAIR OF NAVY BLUE KNICKERS THEN GIRL. Replied Miss Brown. Erm, no Miss The Other Pairs are in the wash Miss Brown. Replied Katie. Right for that you can count each stroke of the strap. Replied Stella. Yes Miss Brown. Replied Katie. And with that Miss Brown started. SnapOne. Said Katie. One What Girl. Asked Stella. One Miss Brown. SnapTwo Miss Brown. SnapThree Miss Brown. SnapFour Miss Brown. Snap Five Miss Brown. Snap Six Miss Brown. Katie Stood up. DID I SAY YOU COULD STAND UP. Shouted Miss Brown. No Miss Brown, you didn’t Miss Brown. Said Katie. Then don’t stand up until I tell you to. Is that understood girl, Said Stella. Yes Miss Brown. Replied Katie again. Lily, Come over here. Lily walked over to where Stella was stood. and where Katie was bent over the desk. Now change places with Katie please Lily. The two girls changed places. Right Lily. I’m going to give you six strokes of the cane. And I want you to thank me for each stroke, said Stella. Do you understand, girl? Yes Miss Brown, replied Lily. And with that Stella placed the cane on Lily’s bottom. Lifted it off and brought it down with a Swish crack Owwww thank you Miss Brown. Said Lily. Swish Crack Thank you Miss Brown. Swish Crack Thank you Miss Brown. Swish Crack OUCH OUCH Thank you Miss Brown. How many is that Girl asked Stella. Sorry Miss don’t know Miss, wasn’t counting Miss. Replied Lily. That was number four, this will be number five. Replied Stella. I’d like you to count them and thank me. Do you understand? Yes Miss Brown. Swish Crack Five thank you Miss Brown. Swish Crack Six thank you Miss Brown. Now Stand up and stand in the corner, and you Katie Marsh can take her place over the desk. Said Stella. The two girls changed places. And when Katie was bent over the desk. Stella said. I’m going to give you six hard strokes of the cane. You don’t need to count, or thank me for them. But if you stand up or try to reach back I’ll add another stroke each time. Is that clear girl. Yes Miss very clear Miss. And with that Stella placed the cane on Katie’s bottom. Then lifted it off and brought it down with a Swish Crack Swish Crack Swish Crack Owwww Owwww owwwwSwish Crack Swish Crack OUCH Owwww Miss Brown stopped and said. Brace yourself girl, because this final stroke is going to really hurt. Are you ready? Yes Miss Brown. And with that Stella delivered the Final stroke of the cane. SWISH CRACK Owwww Owwww oh Jesus that hurt. Said Katie. Good said Stella. Because believe it or not it’s actually meant to hurt, so that you think twice before doing anything so stupid again. Now Lily come over here, and bend back over the desk. Lily did as she was told. Stella looked at both girls bottoms. And looked at the six beautiful red or white stripes On each girls bottom. And said. If I ever, hear of you two entering such a stupid competition again whilst adana escort bayan you are still at this school. Then you will be getting twelve strokes of the cane each, on your bare bottoms in front of the whole school, is that clear? Yes Miss Brown both girls replied. Right, girls knickers up, rearrange your skirts and go straight to your dorm. Said Stella. Then added, and the next time I have to cane either of you. Please ensure that you have on the Full school uniform, that includes Navy Blue knickers. Yes Miss Brown, thank you Miss Brown. Said both girls again, pulling up their knickers, rearranging their skirts and leaving, rubbing their sore bottoms through their skirts as they left. 8pmThere was a knock at Miss Brown’s door. Knock knock. Stella got up walked over to the door and opened it, and was rather surprised to see Dawn Effingham standing there wearing a long coat, and high heeled shoes. Hello Dawn, what do I owe this pleasure to?Asked Stella, inviting her friend in. Well er erm you see Miss Brown, I’ve er erm been sent to see you Miss. Replied Dawn. And why exactly have you been sent to see me Effingham. Inquirered Stella. Well er erm you erm see Miss Brown.Replied Dawn. Come on come on, spit it out girl, I’ve not got all day. Interrupted Stella. Well Miss I was caught trying to kiss a woman Miss Brown, replied Dawn. Really, are you sure that’s all? Asked Stella. Well erm err no Miss, I was also trying to get my hand in her, erm err knickers Miss Brown. Replied Dawn. YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A DIRTY LITTLE TRAMP, That needs a good dose of the cane on your bare bottom girl, yelled back Stella. Then added now get that coat off Effingham, and I’ll deal with you right now! Oh Miss, please Miss, Not the cane Miss. Said Dawn with a mock look of fear on her face. Then added I was only trying to kiss her because I love her Miss. And who is this woman, that you was trying to Kiss, Effingham, asked Stella. You Miss Brown, I was trying to kiss you and get my hand in your knickers, Miss. Because I love you Miss Brown. Replied Dawn,fluttering her eye lashes as she did. And removing her coat, to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. And had completely shaved off her pupic hair. Well, your a Naughty girl aren’t you Effingham. And you know what happens to naughty girls, don’t you. Said Stella. No Miss Brown I Don’t know Miss Brown. What happens to naughty little girls Miss Brown. Asked Dawn. They get their bare bottoms caned, so hard that they won’t be able to sit down again for a week. Replied Stella, grabbing Dawns arm and putting her over her knee. And with that she started to Spank Dawns bare bottom. OUCH owww Owwww. Dawn pretended to struggle then said. In a whiney voice, ouch please Miss no more Miss I’ll eat your pussy Miss Brown. Dawn Effingham, you are a very naughty young lady. Who is now going to get the biggest bare bottom caning she’s ever had. Replied Stella. And with that she stood up, made Dawn put her hands on the seat of the chair, spread her legs a little. And proceeded to cane Dawns Bare bottom as hard as she could. Swish Crack Swish Crack Swish crack Swish crack. Owwww wee Owwww owww oh god it hurts so much Miss Brown. Cried Dawn. REALLY said Stella, because I haven’t even started yet. By the time I’ve finished caning you Effingham you won’t be able to sit down. And with that she started to cane Dawns bare bottom again. Swish Crack Swish crack swish crack Swish crack. Owwww Owwww oh god owww please Miss Brown, how many more Miss. Asked Dawn. Your going to be getting 24 strokes. Now you’ve had 8 already. So that leaves 16.Which I want you to count and thank me for each and every one of. Replied Stella. Really enjoying caning Dawns Bare bottom. Swish Crack 9 Miss Brown thankyouSwish Crack 10 Miss Brown thank you Swish Crack 11 Miss ouch Owwww Thank you Swish Crack 12 Miss Brown thank you Swish Crack 13 Miss Brown thank you SWISH crack 14 Miss Brown thank ouch youSwish Crack Oh god ouch ouch 15 Miss Brown thank youSwish Crack 16 Miss Brown thank you Swish Crack 17 Thank you Miss Brown Swish Crack 18 Miss Brown thank you. Can I rub my bottom please Miss. Asked Dawn. No you can not replied Stella. But however as you’ve not jumped up or Tryed to reach back. This final six strokes you don’t have to count. Thanks you Miss Brown Replied Dawn. SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISHING CRACK. Went the cane, as hard and fast as Stella could, on Dawns so sexy little bottom. Well done Effingham said Stella, you really took those last six really well, and your bottom is covered in beautiful red & white stripes from my cane. Actually your bottom looks so gorgeous covered in all those wheel marks, that I think I’m just going to have to kiss both cheeks. And with that Stella put the cane down. Kissed both of Dawns bottom cheeks very tenderly, before telling Dawn to spread her legs, then crouching behind her, and eating her very wet indeed pussy. With the wonderful tingly sensation left by the cane, with her bottom cheeks stinging, Dawn started to moan in pleasure, Hhhhuuuurrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr hhuuuu mmmmm mmmmm stoooop biiiiitch hhuuurrrr rr|rrrrrrr mmmmmmm fingers stick your fingers in me. And who do you think your talking to Effingham. Asked Stella. Hhhuuurrr rrrrrrr ssorrry hhuuuuurrrr Missssss Brown. Rrrrrrr please mmmmm mmmmm stick your hhuuurrrr fingers in me mmmmmmmmStella pushed two fingers into Dawns very wet pussy. Then pulled them back out and pushed them back in out in out in out in out in, this time Stella pushed them in as deep as she could, causing Dawn to shudder all over as the orgasm went through her. Stella kept her two fingers pushed in as far as she could. With the fingers of her other hand, she rubbed Dawns clit furiously.This caused more moans of pleasure from Dawn. Hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrr mmmmmmm mmmmm hhhuuurrr rrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr hhuuurrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr oooohhhhhhh mmmmmmm as Dawns body shook the orgasm passed through her. Making her weak at the knees. Breathlessly she suggested that Stella and her moved to the bedroom. Stella agreed and helped Dawn walk to the bedroom,It wasn’t long before Stella was naked on her back on the bed, escort adana with her knees up to her chest, and her legs open as wide as she could get them in that position. Saying to Dawn. Right Effingham, show me just how much you want to make me happy, but I warn you, if you are unable to give me a mind blowing orgasm, then I’ll cane and strap your bare bottom so hard that you’ll never sit down again. Said Stella. With that Dawn set to work on Stella’s very wet pussy. As she moved forward to kiss and lick Stella’s pussy, she breathed in the sweet smell of her pussy juices. As she used her tongue and fingers on Stella, she could still feel her own bottom stinging from the caning. This just made her even more determined to give Stella the orgasm of her life. Stella was moaning in pleasure hhuuurrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr hurrrr rrrrrr hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr mmmmmmm mmmmm biiiiitch hurrrr rrrrrrrrrmmmmm fingers hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr fingers hhuuurrrr pleassssee hhuuurrrr rrrrrr use your hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr fingers hhhuuuurrrrrrrd rrrrrrr mmmmm mmmmmmm Dawn with an Evil little smile on her face stopped and Asked. Am I doing it right Miss Brown, is that how you like it Miss. Hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrr biiiiitch biiitch mmmmmmm hhuuurrrr you pussy teasing little hhuuurrrr biiiiitch mmmmmmSaid Stella. Dawn furiously worked her fingers and tongue on Stella’s soaking wet pussy, suddenly gently biting down on Stella’s clit, and teasing the very tip of it with the tip of her tongue. Causing Stella to loose control of her body, as the orgasm built up inside her and finally happened. Hhhuuurrr rrrrrrr hhuuurrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr mmmmm ooohhhhhh yeeeeesss yeeess huurrrrr yeeess yeeess there mmmmm hhuuurrrr there mmmmmmm righhhht hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr huurrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr mmmmm mmmmmmm ooohhhhhh mmmmmmm hhuuurrrr mmmmmmmStella let the orgasm go through her. Finally laying back and relaxing afterwards. Saying hhuuurrrr mmmmm well done hhuuurrrr Efffffffiiingham well done. Both women lay next to each other gently kissing. Stella was the first to speak, I needed that, I’ve had to cane two sixth formers this evening, and I was thinking that I was going to have to frig myself off this evening, Then which little slut happens to walk in wearing nothing but a coat, asking me to cane her bare bottom. I’ll tell you I don’t know how the mother superior manged it. I wonder if she ever got turned on using the cane.? Dawn lent over opened her mouth, as she kissed Stella’s, letting her tongue explore the inside of her mouth. Then said, do you really get turned on using the cane? Stella replied every time. Dawn smiled and said. Look apart from coming over here tonight for a caning and sex with you. Which I enjoyed, I mean really enjoyed. There was actually another reason. Oh and pray do tell me, what was that. Asked Stella. I had a phone call this afternoon, from an old friend of Mikes. A Major Webley. Whom apparently he served with during WW1Asking if I’d like to spend the week with him. At the place he and Mike set up a few years before Mike passed. Replied Dawn. A little intrigued, Stella asked. Knowing that Mike was into some alternative sexual practices. So this place Sir Michael & this Major Webley, set up. Would I be correct in assuming it’s not exactly a ‘Darby and Joan’ type of place. Dawn smiled and replied, are you suggesting that my husband would set up some other sort of place? Stella giggled and replied. Remember I’ve had sex with you and your husband. So I know he delighted in making yours and his fantasies come to life. Look you see the thing is I accepted his offer, but asked if I could bring a female friend along. And once I told him what you did for a living, he offered to pay all our expenses for getting there and back. Adding he’d open his home up to us and welcome us with open arms. Said Dawn. Now Stella was a little confused. Why on earth would he want to do that? I’m only a deputy head teacher at a Catholic girls school. So Dawn explained. Major Webley lives in strumpshaw, in Norfolk. And just happens to own a former private boarding school. Bought it after the place closed after the first World War. Spent years doing it up. Then Mike suggested that it would be a good place for people to stay for the weekend, as its set right back from anywhere. Did I tell you Major Webley and Mike served together during WW1. Think so replied Stella. Then added but why would anyone want to stay at a former boarding school? I was just coming to that replied Dawn. The type of person that stays there is looking for the one thing they miss from there school days. Believe it or not Mike and I are not the only ones that enjoy being caned! Some enjoy it for the pain, some enjoy it for being made to feel like a c***d again. Or like me, some enjoy it as a part of an alternative sex style. Plus the added benefit of every one there wouldn’t dream of mentioning the place to just anyone, knowing that other people would think them weired. Also I’d really like you to meet Major Webley, please say you’ll come away with me, I just know that you’ll be a star attraction, and I’m sure you and Major Webley would get on like a house on fire. Stella replied, I would be delighted to go away on holiday with you. And this Major Webley sounds an interesting kind of chap. So the two women discussed when would be the best time to go, and both agreed that the up coming summer holiday would be the best time to go. Dawn said she’d phone Major Webley the next day, to let him know that they planned to stay with him for a week – ten days over the Summer holidays. Then Dawn added I really thinks I should be getting off back home now as its gone ten o’clock. So rather reluctantly, Stella said goodnight to Dawn. Making sure to give her a long open mouthed kiss. As Dawn was getting her Coat on, Stella gave her bottom a playful slap, which made Dawn say. I don’t think I’ll be riding a horse for a few days. As my bottom cheeks are really stinging! So Stella made sure before Dawn left to lovingly kiss both of her bottom cheeks. *************The next afternoon Dawn phoned Major Webley to ask if he’d mind them coming down at the end of July beginning of August. She also told him that Stella would be coming. To which the Major replied, I can’t wait,I look forward to seeing you both. Over the next few weeks Dawn & Stella had many a night either at Rednam riding school or in Miss Brown’s little home………To be continued………..

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