Called to the city


Called to the cityPeople have asked me to keep writing about my life when I was young. So I decided to write about what happened when I was asked to go to NYC to have a photo shoot done of me. About a week after me and my friend Mike were at that house in Atlantic Highlands after we left the nude beach at Sandy Hook, I was contacted through the guy who took the video of me being fucked by all those guys. He did what he said and took the video to New York City to his friends at Pace University. Just for the record, this had NOTHING to do with Pace University, its just where they were from. He had asked me if I wanted to take part in a photo shoot and said they would pay me $800 to do the shoot, which was a lot of money for an 18 year old in 1987. So I said o.k. and what do you want me to do and he said take a shower and shave what little hair you have off and then I will pick you up and take you to the place where the photo shoot will happen. I called my friend Mike to tell him what was going on and he said, that’s a lot of money, so its probably going to be professional. He also said, you might want to clean yourself out, as they will most likely being doing thing in your ass. So he said, give yourself an enema, so I did as he said. tuzla escort I was picked up and driven to the city, to a place in the Village near NYU. He took me in and introduced me to about 5 people and they all said to the guy who brought me there, you are right, he is beautiful. There was 4 guys and one older lady there that started asking me questions like, how old are you, have you ever been photographed before and am I gay. They also said they need some ID to make sure I am 18 as I look like a young teenager. Once all that was done, they took me into a studio and told me that you will get $800 for doing this shoot but you have to do what ever we ask, or you might as well leave now. So I said, no problem I will do what ever and they said good. So next they told me to stand in the center of the room and all these lights went on, and I just stood there waiting. Then they started taking pictures of me as they were asking me about who I am and what I like to do, so I become more comfortable around them. So now they said, remember, do as we say and then 4 guys walked in and started to look me over and were telling me how cute I am, and that’s when I noticed they were video taping the whole thing. The next thing that happened was, tuzla escort bayan they guys all started to undress me and feel me up at the same time and I think within 30 seconds I was rock hard and the camera guy loved that, as he kept saying “look at that beautiful uncut cock”. The guys that were stripping me, were all about 30 ish or so and there hands were all over me and I just loved it. Once I was nude, they took off there cloths and feeling each other up and then they made there way back to me and started sucking on my nipples and my cock, and another guy was rimming me. While this was happening all I kept seeing was flashing from all the cameras going off. They grabbed me and turned me over so they could video my ass, or as they called it ” MY BOY PUSSY”. They video taped my ass for a while, as I was rimmed, fingered and then fucked. They all took turns fucking me, which worked out well for the video because my pussy stayed stretched wide open and cum was just flowing out all over the place. Another guy walked in the room (who was about mid 40’s) with the biggest cock I have ever seen and fucked me real hard. He kept fucking me for about 5 minutes and then pulled his cock out and told me to suck it, so he pushed it escort tuzla in my mouth and all I could taste was my ass and everybody’s cum, and he shoved that whole cock down my throat (which was about 8 inches or more) and to everybody’s surprise, I took the whole thing with no problem. Then a break came!!After break they started filming my cock and all the guys playing with it and by then I was laying on my back. One guy was behind my head and forced his cock in my mouth, so I just started sucking on it and then he grabbed my feet and pulled them to my head so my pussy was totally exposed. The other guys were sticking there fingers in my ass and stretching me so my ass would be wide open. Then one guy started just eating me out, as I could feel his toung way up my ass. The camera guy then said to me, make sure you tell use when you are going to cum. So, I was sucking a cock, being eaten out and my nipples were being sucked to the point where they were a 1/2 inch long each and a just yelled out, ” I AM GOING TO CUM” and all of the sudden I had the most intense orgasm in my whole life. I must have shot out 8 squirts of cum at least 5 feet in the air and I almost passed out. They all started clapping and cheering and the filming was done. The last thing that happened was, the lady who was out front came in and cleaned me up, like I was some kind of c***d. I got dressed, they paid me and took me to the train station and told me to go home.All I can say is wow!!

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