bridal party fun


bridal party funIt was vacation time again we packed and went away again to a nice hotel checked into our room and then put on our stuff under our cloths and checked out the neighborhood. We found a few places to take some pictures again but not many so we went back to hotel and decided to have drinks. We sat in a nice booth and had a few drinks and talked about what to do. I could tell my wife was checking something out but had no idea what, but she soon got up said be right back and walked over to a booth across from us and started to talk. I could not see much but soon she came back smiling and said well I think I have something to do later. I said what and she said check out the booth that I was just at. I looked at it and could see 4 girls sitting and talking and then looking at me and smiling. I said okay and? She said well they had been walking around and had seen us taking pictures and had seen your outfit and they liked it and wondered if they could see it up close? I smiled and said sure why not and she said well I had made them an offer and told them if they wanted, they could come up to our room and they could use and abuse you all night long. I would tie you down and you would be there slave all night. I smiled and said well what did they say? She smiled and said they love the idea because they are a wedding party and the one in the back is the bride to be and this is what a bachelorette party is all about. I smiled and said okay lets go get ready and we got up and my wife ordu escort went over to their table and told them our room number and she told them to give them about 20 minutes to get ready. We went to our room and I stripped and used an enema to make sure I was ready and my wife told me to lay on the bed and she put a mask on me that was open only at the mouth. She got out some ties we brought with us and she tied me down to the bed as best as she could and then put a sheet over me and told me to relax. Soon I heard a knock at the door and my wife answered it in her outfit. garter belt nylons open cup bra and heels. She let them in and I could hear them talking and soon she walked into the bedroom and took off the sheet and exposed my body to the girls. They all gasped and said nice and soon I could feel all kinds of hands on my body. They were playing with my cock pinching my nipples and playing with my nylon legs and toes. I was loving it and soon my wife said okay girls who wants to fuck his sissy ass deep? They all got quiet and she said I have a couple of nice strap on cock and he needs to be fucked deep and hard. Nobody said anything so she said okay I will do it first and you can watch and she untied me from the bed told me to bend over the bed and she got behind me and stuck her 9” strap on in my ass and started to fuck me deep and hard. The other girls watched and soon they all wanted to do me so she took out another cock and helped one of the girls put it on and she escort ordu got behind me and started to fuck me deep. By now I did not have on the hood so I could see them all and they all had okay bodies nothing great but I did not care. While the one fucked me my wife took off her strap and put it on another girl so she was ready when the one in my ass was done and she took her place. Next my wife said I have a great idea and she told the girl to stop and told me to lay on my back. I knew what this meant and I was ready so I lay down I picked up my legs so the girl could keep fucking my ass and the one that was deep in my ass took a seat on my face with my wife helping her and I started to lick and eat her pussy. It was nice no hair and tasted very young and sweet so I enjoyed it. The one on my face as soon as I found her clit started to explode in a huge orgasm and I kept licking her till she exploded over and over again and filled my mouth with sweet juice. Soon the one in my ass wanted some of that so another girl entered my ass while she had a seat and I started to eat her. She had a nice pussy also but it was hairy and I hate hairy pussy but I ate her anyway and after she came a bunch of times and another girl sat on my face and then the other. Soon all 4 of the girls had sat on my face and had filled my mouth with sweet juice. I was loving it because I had got fucked by some of them and got to eat 4 pussies and got lots of juice so I sat up finally and asked them well did you ordu escort bayan enjoy and they all said yes. I asked which one was the bride to be and one raised her hand and I said well I think you should get another licking. She smiled and said okay and I lay back down and she climbed back on my face and I really started to lick her good. This one had the best body about 4’9” little petite thing small little tits maybe 32s and what I really loved small little feet with red toes. I licked her pussy good and her clit until she exploded many times and filled my mouth with sweet juice and I drank it all down like a good sissy. Soon they were all spent but I was still horny so my wife moved over and started to suck my hard cock and soon the others moved over and helped her out. The bride to be said wait and she got on the bed and sat down on my cock and started to ride me deep and hard. Soon I was about to cum and she could tell so she got up and all 4 of the women and my wife started to lick and suck my cock till I finally exploded all over. I was now spent also and we had been playing for almost 4 hours and the girls had to get home before they got in trouble so they all got dressed. I smiled and my wife said well we will be around for the weekend if you need any more licking or fucking him. they smiled and took off and my wife and I just went to bed dressed and slept well till morning when we heard a knock at the door. My wife got up and looked out the peep hole and smiled and opened the door and one of the girls walked inside and said I sure could use a good licking. My wife smiled and I lay down on my back and the girl sat on my face and I ate her till she exploded over and over. It was a real great trip.

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