Blind Ecstasy


Blind EcstasySamantha unlocked the door to the house after a long day of coaching gymnastics, intent on only one thing—sitting down in the recliner and doing nothing for at least half an hour. She took a step inside and was surprised to see a paper bag at her feet. A note is pinned to the side, so she reach down to remove it. The note is short and to the point. A smile crosses her face as she scanned the page.After reading the instructions, Samanthas slid her leotards to the floor and stepped out of them than grabbed the bag and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and stepped inside, running her fingers through her long blonde hair. She moaned as her hands slide down her body, washing away the stress of coaching at the gym. She gently touched her nipples and sighed at the pleasant sensation. Shaking her head, she quickly scrubbed her body clean. She stepped out of the shower, excited and nervous at the same time. She dried her body and hair quickly, but thoroughly.Samantha reached into the bag and pulled out a tight red bodice, covered in black lace accompanied by a black thong that left little to the imagination. Tall black boots and a blindfold completing the ensemble, and, after affixing the latter, she followed the final instruction given and call out a name—her twin sister’s name, Hannah.A moment later the door opened and Samantha heard footsteps approaching her. She quivered in anticipation, not sure what to expect. A feather-light touch ataşehir escort caressed her cheek, and She sighed. Hannah’s fingers slide down Samanthas neck, and she felt her warm breath at her ear as she whispers, “Follow me to the bedroom.”Blind, Samantha reached out for her sister, grasping her hand as her only link to reality. Samantha stumble along behind her, completely at her mercy. She gripped her hand tight and Samantha gained confidence; they moved more quickly until Hannah stopped abruptly. Samantha continued forward, unaware that she had stopped, and fell on the bed, rolling over onto her back.Hannah guided Samantha up the bed until she reached the headboard. Fingers gripped her wrists, pulling them to the bedposts where ropes bound them in place. Samantha’s ankles quickly received the same treatment.Samantha panted from excitement when Hannah kissed her, hard and deep. Samantha moaned as her sister’s hand stroked her neck. Hannah’s lips soon replace her fingers. Samantha gasped at the waves of pleasure it gave her. She bit Samantha’s neck. Samantha’s chest heaved as her sister’s hands wandered down her body. Hannah rubbed Samantha’s breast through the fabric of the bodice, and then Samantha feel the blunt side of a knife run across her throat. She trembled, unsure of what would happen next.Samantha heard a low growl from above her as she felt the fabric rip off of her body. The rough treatment sent a fire to her groin, and she escort ataşehir felt her thong become damp. Samantha’s nipples were very suddenly pinched roughly. She gasped and twisted at the brutal treatment.Without notice, the pain is replaced by pleasure as her sister’s warm mouth encases her right nipple. Samantha’s back arched and a wordless moan escaped her lips. Samantha jerked her head from side to side, wanted to be able to see what was happening to her.Samantha’s nipples continued to be alternately pinched and sucked as she begged for her sister to give her release. After a few more minutes of teasing, Samantha felt her thong cut from her body. Hannah’s hands run up the length of Samantha’s legs, making her tremble.As Hannah’s hands got closer to Samantha’s pussy, she become even wetter. She planted light kisses along the insides of Samantha’s thighs, occasionally biting gently. Samantha’s hips lifted as she strained to have her sister touch her in her most sensitive place. When she touched Samantha’s outer pussy lips, however, She gasped and jerked in shock. Her left hand pressed Samantha’s firmly to the bed as the fingers from her right hand teased her pussy.Samantha whimpered, her breath came in quick gasps. Hannah’s middle finger began to slide inside her, Samantha moaned, “You are very tight, baby. I love feeling your warm, wet pussy wrapped around my finger. You look so sexy, tied down and blindfolded.” Hannah said just above ataşehir escort bayan a whisper.Samantha whimpered, trying to tell her sister how much she needed her to continue. Hannah’s finger began to move inside her sister’s pussy, made her twitch and writhe. After a minute of thrusting, Samantha felt her thumb on her clit, and she started to gasp and moan, her volume increased by the second. Hannah’s removed her hand, Samantha whimpered loudly and begged her not to stop. Samantha’s pleas are stopped very suddenly when she felt her sister’s tongue replace by her fingers. Samantha’s breath caught in her throat as Hannah’s tongue flicked her clit. After a few seconds, when Samantha started to become light headed, Samantha remembered how to make her lungs work. She took a deep, shuddered breath and gasp her name.Hannah continued to lick and suck on Samantha’s clit, occasionally paused to thrust her tongue deep inside her. After a few minutes of this treatment, Samantha’s legs began to shake violently. Her whimpers increased in volume and frequency as her orgasm built.Sensing how close Samantha was to climax, her sister quickly thrusted her middle finger into her sister’s pussy as she sucks hard on her clit. Samanthas fists clenched and her back arched as the orgasm tore through her body.Samantha laid on the bed, gasped and twitched from the exertion, She felt the bed shifting from her sister move, then straddled Samantha’s chest.Hannah gently removed Samantha’s blindfold, and she open her eyes to look into her sister’s blue ones. Hannah leaned down, pressing her cheek to hers, and whispers, “How was it, baby?”Samantha sighed, “Better than I would have ever imagined. I love you very much, sis…. Now it’s your turn!”

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