Bi Cuckold fuck toy


Bi Cuckold fuck toyI feel asleep and woke up semi hard and started stroking my cock…… All because I was dreaming about all the bi sexual fun I want to have with you and another big hard cock that I want to watch stretch your pussy, I want to watch you as you have a hand on my head as I suck that massive cock, licking it the way I like when you lick, getting him nice and hard with his pre cum dripping from it’s massive head, glistening every time I pull it out of my mouth, seeing and feeling how wet it gets you, getting ready to guide that big hard wet cock into your wet pussy. Licking his cock as it does in and out of you, hearing you moan and scream as he fucks you harder, faster, longer, and deeper than you’ve ever been fucked before…… Hearing you cum on his cock and hearing him cum so deep in you, then he pulls out of you and puts his still hard cock in my mouth to clean it while you play with my cock. Making him hard again making me hard with your fingers and mouth ready for me to fuck your amasya escort wet, cum filled pussy, as I’m in you and can feel how wet you are and the combination of your wetness and his cum and your cum I’m on top of you, and as I am thrusting in and out of you, he takes his big hard cock and lubes my ass up and slowly slides the top of his massive cock inside me, it hurts at first, I stop thrusting in you, but you keep saying how much you want him to fuck me and each time he pushes his cock into me inch by inch slowly you can feel it because it makes me go deeper in you. Them he’s all the way inside me and it feels so good, better than when I would beg for you to stick the toys and plugs inside me, I imagine this it what it would feel like if you tried to fuck me with the big vibrating cock we have that expands. It feels so good after the pain as passed, then as I lay there inside of you he starts thrusting in and out of me, then our rhythm syncs up and as he pulls out of me, I pull out of you, escort amasya as he thrusts into me I thrust into you this feels incredible It pushes both you and me over the edge and you cum on my cock and I cum inside you, I want to eat it all, all of our cum out of you.  He stops because he wants to taste my cock with my and your cum off my cock while I’m eating it all out of you so he starts sucking my cock and your sitting on my face letting me lick your pussy and suck on your clit fingering your and tasting all of our juices mixed together, running out of you down fingers, all over my lips, tongue, and face good you taste so good, your clit is so hard, you say you can’t cum anymore but think you might, he’s sucking all the juices off my cock getting it hard again I stroke his hard cock to keep him hard because I want you watch him really fuck me and fill me with his cum I love how wet my face is from you and the fact that he’s going to make me cum again the way he’s sucking my cock and I cum amasya escort bayan in his mouth, he’s got my cum in his mouth and I have all of our juices and cum all over my face and lips and mouth and he crawls up the length of my body his massive cock still hard I’m still on my back you just climbed off my face and are now watching, we both look at you such sexual energy in the room in your eyes and we kiss as you watch mixing all of our juices and cum together in our mouths till we swallow it all, you guide his cock back into me and tell him to fuck me while you suck on my nipples and play with my cock, I can feel him pick up pace, I can feel his cock stiffen, he’s going to cum inside of me you look at me and all me if I want him to cum inside of me, I look at you and say yes, you squeeze my cock and tell me to say it louder I tell lyes, I want him to cum inside me, you look at him and tell him to cum, he starts pounding me faster harder, you ask me if it feels good, while you squeeze my cock and balls, I tell you yes it feels so fucking good.  Then sound like it you say, I start moaning and telling him how much I want his cum, and to keep fucking me and it sends him over the edge and he cums so much inside of me, he collapses over us.

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