Beautiful Surprise


Beautiful SurpriseBack in 1963 I used Greyhound Buses for transport as it was usually the cheapest way to go plus I found the uniform got me women. If passengers found it odd I was carrying my heavy winter overcoat rest assured it Wasn,t to keep warm, but came in handy at night and Didn,t let nosey bus drivers see too much. I was returning to the army base Ft. Sill, Oklahoma from home leave in eastern South Dakota when I,d asked the stunning brunette sitting just in front if she minded me sitting next to her now the old man who,d sat there previously had completed his journey and was chuffed when she readily agreed. She introduced herself as Lucy Pargeter from Wichita Falls, Texas on new way back to university in her freshman year following her Easter break. We seemed to hit it off quickly and son tekirdağ escort she let me put my arm round her and hold her small hand in ine. When other passengers weren,t lookingI sneaked a kiss which she returned happily. Soon our kiss became a determined passionate song . I was even more delighted when she liked my hand resting against her left tit and eventually moved her body to,allow me to gently fondle them under her clothing.Eventually her breathing grew shorter and heavier and Inrealised she,d probably had an orgasm of sorts. “See what your playing did to me. Shall I play with you?” Lucy quickly glanced round to see no one else was interested in us and quickly unzipped me to free my stiff cock so she could work her delicate fingers up and down my shaft and sensitive testicles.”He escort tekirdağ really likes that” she sighed and stroked faster, her eyes still searching to see if anyone else was watching, but as no one seemed to she carried on till I whispered loudly Inwas about to blow off. She quickly took some thick tissues from her hand bags and let me shoot my heavy ejaculete in the Kleenex. It felt fabulous as I exploded and took a fair while to recover helped by Lucy continuing to passionately kiss me though I was now enroute to the on board toilet to clean up,a bit before Lucy did the same. We stopped just outside Joplin, Missouri for supper so by the time we reboarded the bus we were ready for more sexual fire works. I was very inexperienced at Eating pussy back then, but resolved I,d try tekirdağ escort bayan it on Lucy as her blow jod I,d do my best to make her have an intense climax, but of course we had to be on the open highway away from numerous overhead lights and darkness. Of course there was the overcoat if a fuck was urgent, but that could get extremely hot so preferred the darkened bus. Even back in 1963 some buses like Greyhounds had live cameras aboard to try to deter crime, but this was prior to cctv and the cameras were immovable and inflexible so easily avoided. Once we,d left the residential area of Joplin the highway turned dark and the farm buildings few and far between so I lifted Lucy,s skirt and began to remove her panties “Hey Joe. Watch a doin,!” she hissed loudly. “Thought I,d give you a treat!” “I,ll do it!” she tried to stop my hand. I suspected something was wrong and it Didn,t take long to peel off her panties! Something definitely was Wrong! Between her lovely thighs sprang a very masculine cock nearly as big as mine.TBC Beautiful Surprise 2

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