BBC For the Mueller Women


BBC For the Mueller WomenMarcus and his crew turn a women and her two daughters into black cock whores.Herbie sat alone on the couch reading a newspaper and drinking a large beer. Herbie drank a lot and it showed in his out of shape doughy frame. He was in his gang’s hangout, located somewhere in a predominantly urban area of Chicago. He really wasn’t in a gang and neither were his friends. They were just lucky enough to have a place to hangout. A little hide-a-way hidden away down an alley that nobody used in an abandoned building that time had forgotten. Just then the door opened up and other members of the ‘gang’ walked in and sat in seats and chairs around the room.Ronald: “Damn man! It’s only 9:30 in the morning and you drinking again?”Herbie: “Fuck you man!”Ronald was the biggest man in their crew. He stood 6’7” and weighed 297 lbs. and had the muscular frame of a football player. He was never any good at any sports though so his size was kind of wasted.Herbie: “Where the fuck you mother fuckers been anyway?”Ronald: “Shit mother-fucker! Everyone was probably sleeping just like your fat monkey ass probably was!”Ronald and Herbie started rough housing and fake fighting. They always seem to be doing that. Fake punches and slaps that always ended in them laughing and high five-ing each other. This time was no different.Javon: “Man I’m sick of you fucking guys always doing the same old fucking shit everyday! This place is getting fucking boring! Can’t we find something better to do?”Ronald: “Javon shut the fuck up! Fucking nigga is always complaining!”Williams: “I tell you what we ought to do. Marcus knows what I’m talking about. Hey Marcus, tell these assholes about the Mueller place.”Herbie: “Mueller Place?”Marcus: “Yo check it out! Mr. Andrews got me and Williams working over in Long Grove for this rich white bread mother-fucker doing the wiring for his backyard man cave and shit.”Marcus and Williams were the only members of the club who were employed. They worked for Andrews Electric and for the past week they were doing some wiring at the home of Paul Mueller. Paul is a 40-year-old young businessman that works in the corporate offices of a textile company. He is married to Lisa Ann and they have two pretty young daughters 19 year old Jennifer, and her 18 year old sister Melanie. They are well off, and they live in the small suburban neighborhood of Long Grove just outside of Chicago.Herbie: “Who gives a fuck?”Marcus: “No man checks this shit out! This motherfucker is married to the hottest white bitch I’ve ever seen. And the motherfuckers got two hot little daughters too! These bitches are like all pure and shit. Some really square church going crackers. If we play our cards right…we might be able to persuade and get laid.”Herbie started to smile. It had been a while since he and his brothas shared themselves some white pussy. The last time was with a girl named Marci about a year ago. She had met Marcus in line at a Starbucks when this little co-ed Kentucky girl struck up a conversation with him. During that conversation, Marcus was able to con that little sexy bitch into thinking that he was a low budget Hollywood director. By the end of that night, she was at their club getting boned hard with thoughts that she was going be making extra money for college. The only thing that Marci did get that night was seven black cocks, a weeks worth of pregnancy tests, and an eventual free clinic abortion. Marcus was slick like that. He could talk a girl into anything. Herbie folded his newspaper and threw it onto the milk cartons in front of him that he was using for a make shift coffee table.Herbie: “So tell me about it. We gonna be able to do this shit?”Williams: “Man, this shit is gonna be easy as pie! That bitch spends all day alone! The two little Ho’s go to school, and her man is in work all fucking day. All she does all day is putter around the house doing housework and check on us every once and a while. We can pipe that bitch whenever we wants! I’m telling ya…its fool proof!”Marcus: “Yeah man but checks this shit out! Mr. Andrews gonna be down in Peoria this weekend setting up this other job see, and I over heard Mrs. Mueller telling him that her husband is leaving for 10 days on a business trip. Just Williams and me gonna be there with this bitch for the next week in a half starting this weekend.”Javon: “Man I ain’t r****g nobody! You mother-fuckers is crazy!”That protest came from Javon again, who is Marcus’ younger brother, five years younger and smarter than the whole crew put together.Marcus: “Shut the fuck up Javon! You’ll do whatever the fuck I tell you to! I’ll beat your mother-fucking ass! Besides, we don’t **** anyone! This Ho wants a bunch of black dick she just hasn’t realized it yet! We just gonna nudge her in that direction and accommodate her.”All the other guys burst out laughing except for Javon. He was in the minority though but he was smart enough to not voice any more of his concerns. There were seven of them total. Garlic and The Owl were the only two that this story hasn’t introduced yet. The Owl was tall and skinny and wore very thick glasses, which gave him his nickname. Garlic’s nickname was far crueler though. His real name was Terrence Howe but he had a bad case of halitosis so they always called him Garlic.Herbie: “So when’s that white mother-fucker going on his trip?”Williams: “His plane be leaving early Friday night. The one daughter sleeps at a dorm, and the other one, well she goes to Saturday school so she’ll be out the way for a while.”Ronald: “We gonna get a chance up inside those two little white Ho’s? I wouldn’t mind a piece of that young pussy too!”Marcus: “All in good time big man. Saturday morning we get the moms going and we’ll take it from there.”The seven black men talked strategy for the rest of the night. It was agreed that Marcus and Williams would arrive like normal for work on Saturday morning. The other five men would then show up together about a half hour later and the party with Mrs. Mueller would be coerced from that point. By the time Melanie got home they would have exhausted her mother and would be looking to start in on her next. ——————————————————————————————————–Saturday morning arrived and Williams and Marcus drove their electrician’s van to Long Grove and parked a few houses down from the Mueller residence. They watched as young Melanie left for school in her little catholic school uniform. She looked very beautiful like she always did.Williams: “Damn man! Look at the little body on that bitch! I can’t wait till we be fucking her and her sister!”Williams reached into his blue coveralls and stroked his semi-hard black cock as he watched the little 18-year-old board the school bus down the corner from her house. Once the bus left Marcus started the ignition of the van and drove it to the Mueller house and parked it in the driveway. The two men grabbed some tools and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, Lisa-Ann Mueller answered the door with a bright smile on her face.Lisa-Ann: “Hello boys. A little early today aren’t we? That’s okay I like your eagerness. You can go thru the house out to the yard if you like. I’ve got some chores to do so if you need me for anything just come inside and find me okay?”Williams: “Okay Mrs. Mueller.”The two black men watched as Lisa Ann walked away to another part of the house. They watched her ass wiggle like it was in an under alls commercial. Lisa-Ann had been married for nineteen years. She is 37, and she was with only one man in her lifetime, that man being her husband Paul. They met at their church and got married after two long years of dating. They both were virgins and conceived their first c***d Jennifer on their actual wedding night. Lisa-Ann has straight dark brown hair that just touches her shoulders, and is about 5’6” and weighs about around 140 lbs. She’s beautiful and shapely, and has natural 34dd breasts that she keeps discretely covered. She always dressed conservatively and always wore skirts that went just below her knee and always had her legs covered with pantyhose.Once Lisa-Ann had disappeared from their view, the two men continued on through the house out to the yard to the large wooden shed that they had been working on for the past week. They simulated some work for a bit then Marcus removed his shirt revealing his fit ebony body. Marcus wasn’t the biggest guy in their gang but he was the best looking.Marcus: “Okay man, check it out! I’m gonna go inside and use the John. I’ll get the shit started and when the Brothas get here you bring em all inside you dig?”Williams: “Go for it my brotha!”William high fived Marcus then walked into the house shirtless and quietly went looking for Lisa-Ann. He found her in the linen closet putting away some freshly cleaned towels. Marcus walked silently towards her down the hall and timed his arrival to the point she would be turning around perfectly. Lisa-Ann turned and collided right into his sweaty bare black chest. Lisa-Ann bounced off of Marcus’ 6’2” frame but he caught her in his arms before she hit the floor, which startled her.Lisa-Ann: “Ohhh! I’m so sorry Marcus. I didn’t see you there. Are you okay?”Marcus: “Everything’s fine Mrs. Mueller. Just coming in to use the bathroom.”Lisa-Ann: “Oh, sure. Okay.”Lisa-Ann felt a tingle come over her body as Marcus brushed his glistening body by her on his way into the bathroom. It was a feeling that she never had felt before in her life and it made her legs a little shaky. Marcus felt her eyes on him and knew that he now had her where he wanted her. He purposely left the door open and raised the toilet lid and nonchalantly pulled his large black cock out and started pissing into the toilet. The whole blatant act stunned Lisa-Ann. She stood there in disbelief as Marcus drained his large 9-inch black monster right in front of her gaze. It sounded like a fire hose as his urine hit the toilet water. Hell it looked like one too. Marcus shook the last few drops off and turned around towards the door to fully face Lisa-Ann who was still standing there marveling at his manhood.Marcus: “What’s the matter Mrs. Mueller? Ever see a black cock before?”Lisa-Ann: “No…I…I…that’s the biggest penis I’ve ever seen. It can’t be real.”Marcus: “Oh it’s real Mrs. Mueller. This shit is all me! Would you like to touch it and judge for yourself?”Lisa-Ann: “Oh I can’t…I can’t do tha-…I’m a married woman!”Marcus walked closer towards Lisa-Ann until he was about a foot from her. His large now mostly erect penis was pointing up at her to the level of her stomach. Lisa-Ann looked down at it like she was hypnotized. She watched it slowly growing in front of her.Marcus: “Go ahead Mrs. M…I won’t tell nobody. You’ll never believe it’s real unless you feel it for yourself.”Lisa-Ann looked up into his face for a quick second then fixed her gaze back down at Marcus’ enormous black dong. She involuntarily reached out to it with her right hand with a little hesitation. She then put her fingers bilecik escort around the shaft of it. It felt hot and velvety and very rigid. She still had a look of disbelief on her face. How could a penis be this big? Her husband Paul’s penis, the only one that she had ever seen or touched in her lifetime wasn’t even half the size of Marcus’ tool. Marcus put his hand around Lisa-Ann’s and manually helped her move it back and forth in short strokes across his shaft. She could feel it growing in her hand.Marcus: “Convinced Mrs. M?”Lisa-Ann: “I…I believe…yeah…”Marcus: “I’ll tell you what, I let you touch it, now it’s all hard and shit! You’re gonna have to do me the solid and take care of it for me. You dig?”Lisa-Ann looked up at his face again with her hand still stroking his dick. She looked a bit confused and started to shake her head a little.Marcus: “Lisa-Ann…I’m asking you to suck my dick! I mean, fair is fair. I let you touch it and now you gotta take care of it for me. You can’t let me go back to work like this can you?”Lisa-Ann: “But I’ve never done that before. I’ve never had oral sex, not even with Paul. Even if I agreed…I just don’t know how I would…”It was true. Paul and Lisa-Ann were extremely religious and the only sex that they had was in the missionary position. Marital sex wasn’t something that the couple did often either. Anniversaries and special occasions were few and far apart. It was a wonder that they had produced any c***dren with how infrequent that they had done the deed in almost twenty years of marriage. Lisa-Ann looked at Marcus like she was lost. Marcus: “Aw girl relax! It ain’t no thing! Just open your mouth and I’ll show you what to do.”Marcus’ pushed her down to her knees and Lisa-Ann opened her mouth a little as she continued staring at the large black cock that was now a foot in front of her face. She watched with eagerness as Marcus placed the head of his cock near her lips and pushed it into her mouth. Lisa-Ann felt her mouth widen as Marcus’ slowly pumped his ebony tool across her tongue and to the back of her throat. She gagged a little as he pushed in deeper with each thrust in. Lisa-Ann’s eyes started to water as Marcus got into a rhythm and he began to slowly fuck her face. She felt her body tingling again and her vagina started to drool making it wet between her legs.Marcus continued to shove his cock deeper into Lisa-Ann’s tight throat. His cock stretched her mouth to a capacity that she didn’t know it could stretch to. After a few more minutes, Marcus grabbed her head and pushed in as far as he could go and shot his white sticky jizz deep into her stomach. Lisa-Ann gagged and swallowed and took every drop. None of it could escape anyways because her mouth was stuffed airtight. Marcus pulled it all out and Lisa-Ann gasped a large breath of air. She then heard a voice from behind her, which startled her. She quickly turned to see Williams and five other black men that she had never seen before standing there stark naked with their big black cocks pointing out at her. Williams: “Now looks what you went and did! Our dicks are mother fucking hard too! Get over here bitch and suck our cocks!”Lisa-Ann felt dizzy. Her whole body was tingling like it was full of butterflies fluttering all through it. She sat there frozen and still on her knees. Her pussy was now dripping wet and it was soaking her panties and her pantyhose. Lisa-Ann stared at the black men with disbelief. Their penises were huge and scary to her. A few minutes ago She had just given her first blowjob and now she was being told to suck a half a dozen more.Williams couldn’t wait anymore so he walked up without warning and stuck his 8 and a half-inch cock into her mouth. It was a little smaller than Marcus’s and it went in a bit easier. Javon and Garlic filled her palms with their cocks and Lisa-Ann was now feverishly jerking and sucking big black cocks simultaneously.Herbie: “Yeeah! This party has fucking begun! Fuck that bitches’ face!”Williams pumped his cock deeper and faster into Lisa-Ann’s mouth. Behind her Marcus pulled her torso up and stood her on her feet then lifted her skirt up exposing her under garments. He then pulled her panties and pantyhose all the way down to her ankles then put his large black hands around her waist and stuck his face deep between her legs into her now bare pussy and asshole. Lisa-Ann continued sucking and jerking while Marcus ran his tongue and mouth all over her under carriage. His tongue took turns jamming into each of her naughty holes and it was driving her crazy. She moaned around Williams’ cock while Marcus licked her to ecstasy. Williams pulled out from her mouth and The Owl shoved his cock in next. She was losing her mind.The next few minutes each man took his turn in Lisa-Ann’s mouth and between her fingers. Javon and The Owl even shot their loads into her throat. Each cock was bigger than the next the biggest being Herbie’s large pole. It had to be at least 12-inches long and the girth around was like her wrist. Getting her lips around it was the hardest chore that she had during this impromptu black cock blow bang. Later, by the end of the night, she would be able to deep throat him like it was nothing.Just then the feeling of Marcus’ tongue was too much for Lisa-Ann to handle and her body began to shudder like she had never felt it do before. It was the most glorious feeling that she ever felt. At 37 years old Lisa-Ann was experiencing her very first orgasm. Her husband never licked her pussy. Not knowing anything about such things, it was scaring the death out of her. Still though, she continued sucking and jerking while here body involuntarily convulsed and came all over Marcus’ face.Suddenly Marcus stood up and put his cock at the entrance to her love canal. Lisa-Ann was oblivious until she felt her pussy stretching around it. Lisa-Ann let out a large scream as Marcus shoved himself inch by inch into her hungry cunt hole. Her legs started to buckle and her body seemed to be only held up by the cock in her mouth and the one between her legs. It was like she was on a spit waiting to be turned over a fire. After a few minutes of fucking Marcus pulled out and Garlic replaced him. Each Black man then took his turn in her pussy as they fucked her from both ends of her body. Each cock was a different surprise when it entered her body. There was varying lengths and girths. Lisa-Ann came over and over making up for a lifetime of orgasm deprivation. She was the most nervous when Herbie positioning himself behind her. She screamed with each thrust as he impaled her with his large missile stretching her out even further than the others just had done. When Herbie finally pulled out of her pussy it mad a loud popping noise when made everyone giggle.Ronald then stood Lisa-Ann up and she felt hands removing all of the rest of her clothing. She steadied her balance against him as her panties and pantyhose were pulled from around her ankles. The skirt and blouse were removed and her large tits popped out like they were on springs when her bra was unhooked.Ronald: “Damn! Look at them big ol’ titties. This bitch has been holding out!” Ronald then threw her now completely naked body like a rag doll with ease over his right shoulder and carried her into her bedroom. He tossed Lisa-Ann onto her bed and all the guys got around the edges of the mattress. For the next few hours they took turns power fucking her doggie style and stretching her throat some more. Halfway through, Marcus had even worked himself into her tight asshole, and in an hour from that she was expertly taking big black cocks in all of her holes at once. The fucking was non-stop. The sperm seemed to never run short in supply and it seemed to come in buckets. And the orgasms drained Lisa-Ann to her limits. It was almost 4pm when Lisa-Ann couldn’t take anymore and she just passed out fast asleep in mid fuck. The boys realized that she was spent and decided to leave the exhausted woman to sleep it off. Marcus then hid upstairs and the rest of the men filed out of the house into the backyard shed for safe hiding and they waited for their next fuck toy…Melanie.——————————————————————————————————— Melanie is the youngest Mueller c***d, at a petite and pretty 18 years old. She stands 5’4” and weighs a modest 97 lbs. and she has tiny 30c breasts, and long blond hair. She’s a senior at an all girls’ Christian high school, the same school that her sister Jennie had attended at her age. Melanie frequently is dressed in her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black knee-high skirt, white tights and black shoes. The cuteness really drips from her appearance, which is the epitome of the proverbial hot little schoolgirl.Melanie is a virgin, and she’s never even been out with a boy. Her studies kept her busy and she spent long hours including Saturday’s in class. That never stopped her from thinking naughty thoughts though. What no one knew was that Melanie frequently masturbated when she got some alone time. She wasn’t sexually sophisticated enough to use any objects, up until now she just diddled herself with her own fingers. The past week, Melanie had been secretly watching Marcus and Williams work on the shed in her back yard from her bedroom window. She had been locking herself in her room and working herself over at her window as she watched the big black workers sweaty bodies. Marcus caught her from the corner of his eye a few days ago so he knew she would be there again today. So he instructed both Williams and Javon to pretend like they were working to give Melanie her daily show. Marcus then hid himself away in Melanie’s closet waiting for her to come home.Sure enough, Melanie got home and hurried up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she turned and yelled out to get a sense of where her mother was.Melanie: “Mom?”Her mother didn’t answer. Melanie was oblivious to her mother’s day and didn’t know that she was sleeping off an earlier gangbang. She smiled to herself a deduced that her Mother had possibly gone out for a while. It wasn’t unusual for Lisa-Ann to visit a neighbor or go to the market, or not be home for some reason. Melanie saw her chance to have some fun so she hurriedly ran into her room and locked her door. She then removed her school tights and panties as Marcus watched on from the closet. Melanie then positioned herself at her window and she stared out into her backyard. She caught a glimpse of a bare chest-ed Williams and Javon pretending to work and she started playing with her little fresh pussy. Marcus gave her a few minutes to work herself up before he revealed himself.Melanie rubbed at her little never before used clit and started to softly moan. Marcus watched on, still complete naked in her closet and his cock, even after all of the earlier fucking with Lisa-Ann popped out rock hard at attention. A few minutes later and Marcus couldn’t take it anymore. He slowly snuck up behind Melanie from the closet and in one motion turned escort bilecik her head and unceremoniously slipped his hard cock into her opened mouth. Melanie didn’t know what to do. An intruder had startled her and stuck his dick in her mouth but she froze. She didn’t know whether to be scared or be embarrassed because she had just been caught in the act of masturbating.Marcus pumped his cock deeper into Melanie’s shocked mouth. She had been so worked up during her masturbation session that she didn’t have the wherewithal or the desire to push him away. Her pussy started to betray her and was dripping out onto her bedroom floor. All thoughts of fear left her body as her sexual senses began to take over. After a few minutes, Marcus pulled her head off of his cock and looked into her eyes holding her head in place.Marcus: “You like black cock baby? Would you like to be fucked in that little white pussy by it?”Melanie nodded without speaking and Marcus pulled her up to her feet by her hand. He walked over to the window and gave a signal to the guys in the shed, which signified to meet him in living room downstairs. Marcus then led Melanie down the stairs where the other 6 guys were waiting. Still wearing her school uniform sans the underwear and tights, Melanie was led to her knees in the middle of her living room and Garlic shoved his cock into her mouth. She then spent the next several minutes sucking every black cock that was put in front of her face.Just like her Mother had done earlier, Melanie was about to be gang banged and fucked silly by large black cocks and she would enjoy every sensation of it. She couldn’t believe this was happening. A weeks worth of fantasies was coming true and it was all she could do to contain her excitement. Ronald reached down and stuck his large index finger deep into Melanie’s sweet little box. He finger fucked her little virgin hole as she took part of his large 10-inch black pecker as deep as she could into her throat.Ronald: “Damn that pussy is so hot! Thing is tighter than a mofo!”Melanie’s button up shirt was unbuttoned, and her little bra was removed. The Owl proceeded to lick and suck her little white titties, circling his rough and wet hot tongue around her nipples, which were hard as little pebbles. Melanie was beside herself as black hands and black tongues groped and sucked her little white body. Black cocks were also taking turns in her mouth. Javon was the first to shoot his load into Melanie’s throat. She swallowed as much of it as she could, the rest seeping out onto her chin and face.Marcus then picked up the little white girl and laid her back on the couch. Herbie stuffed his cock into her mouth again as Marcus positioned himself between her legs and pulled them up to his shoulders.Melanie: “Take it easy, I’m still a virgin.”Marcus: “Don’t worry baby, it’s only gonna hurt for a little bit.”Marcus rubbed his cock across Melanie’s pussy lips and started pushing the head of it into her. It was very painful and Herbie kept her from screaming during it by holding her head over his cock. It took a while, but Marcus eventually popped Melanie’s cherry and strains of blood can been seen seeping out of her as he pumped his tool in deeper with each thrust. Soon the pain changed to pleasure like it always does and Melanie orgasm-ed hard and heavy.After a few more minutes, Marcus pulled out and Ronald took his place between her legs. For the next three hours Melanie was fucked inside out. They left her asshole alone and just fucked her mouth and pussy dropping load after load into her little body.Soon Lisa-Ann appeared from her long catnap and was standing on the stairs. She was still naked, and her eyes were abruptly greeted to the sight of Melanie on all fours taking Herbie’s 12-inch monster deep into her pussy. It felt weird watching her daughter fucked hard by black cock. She marveled at the contrast of Herbie’s big dark rod as it disappeared and reappeared in and out of her little girl’s tiny vagina. It was both scary and beautiful at the same time. She knew that this was Melanie’s first sexual experience and she was worried that these men would hurt her. After a few minutes of watching though, she started to realize that Melanie was fine and was enjoying every minute of it. In fact, it was starting to make her a little jealous. Before Lisa-Ann could say anything The Owl noticed her on the stairs watching.The Owl: “Whoa! Look! The Mama Ho is up again! Javon, bring that bitch over here.”Javon led Lisa-Ann down the rest of the stairs and brought her to the middle of the living room and she was laid down on the floor. Ronald straddled her head and put his cock into her mouth and The Owl got between her legs and filled her pussy to the hilt. Lisa-Ann was once again in ecstasy as her aching body was put back to work.It was now a big black cock orgy for the next several hours that lasted into the early morning hours of the next day. The mother and daughter connection were fucked and passed around and filled with cum over and over again. It just seems like they couldn’t drain the well. Every time a cock sprayed into them, another one was hard again and needed to be taken care of. In between turns the guys raided the refrigerator and got themselves some food and drink, and some wine that one of them had found. It was a sexual frenzy that looked like something out of a porno film.At around 5am things started to slow up. Melanie was licking The Owl’s balls on a living room chair. Herbie, Garlic, and Javon were sleeping on the couches, and Williams was smoking a blunt looking out the window. Ronald and Marcus were seated around the kitchen table talking with Lisa-Ann who was preparing some coffee for everyone.Marcus: “…So then that’s the plan. You call Jennifer and tell her that you are having something delivered to her at her Dorm. I’ll then take Ronald over there and we’ll figure out a way to get her back here. Don’t worry; just like you and Melanie, Jennifer has always wanted black dicks too. She just never realized it.”Lisa-Ann: “But why?”Marcus yelled and scared her.Marcus: “What do you mean ‘Why?’ You do as you’re told! You Ho’s are our property now! And we about to add to this stable too whether you like it or not! Now you BETTER call your daughter and set this up! And if you don’t…what do you think your husband is gonna say when he finds out that you let a bunch of black men fuck you?”Lisa-Ann thought about Marcus’ words. She knew that her husband could never know about the events of the past day. Paul had given her a comfortable life and if he ever found out she was so unfaithful then he would divorce her and leave her with nothing and she knew it. And what would he do if he found out that his two daughters were involved in all of this too? Lisa-Ann suddenly felt sorry for him. If he found out about any of this he might commit suicide.Lisa-Ann: “I’m sorry. I’ll do what you say.”Marcus: “That’s better!Totally oblivious to the kitchen conversation, Melanie was now sitting in The Owl’s lap and she was hopping up and down on his 9-inch pecker again. All of the night’s fucking and Melanie hadn’t gotten her fill yet. The Owl tensed up and shot another load deep into her little womb. He lifted her off of himself and got up from the chair and plopped her down into it and walked away. A few seconds later, Williams walked over and picked Melanie up and put her down into his lap. Williams then pushed her down on his own cock and was fucking her now.Lisa-Ann picked up the phone and called her daughter Jennifer. She thought about how she was going to phrase this phony delivery to her dorm as the phone was ringing. Jennifer is the Mueller’s oldest daughter She is 19 years old, and she looks a lot like a younger version of her mother. Same hairstyle, body-type and facial features, Jennifer is a little taller at 5’7” and weights about 113lbs. though. She inherited the same 34dd breasts that her mother has but they look a lot bigger on her thinner and younger frame. Jennifer dresses just as conservative as her mother does too with the below the knee skirts and conventional pantyhose. She is a freshman at an all girls’ college in the city. She dates a boy named Rick who takes her out once a week to the movies on Saturday nights, but their religion forbids them to have any sex before marriage so she is a virgin just like her younger sister. Well, Melanie WAS until the last 24 hours that is. Jennifer picked up the phone.Lisa-Ann: “Hello Jennie? It’s Mom. I hope I didn’t wake you honey.”Jennie: “It’s okay Mom. I wanted to get up early anyway to go and catch an early mass.”Lisa-Ann: “Oh Sweetie can you stay at your dorm for a few hours? Aunt Mary dropped off those blankets you asked for and I just sent a courier to bring them to you. They should be there at anytime.”Jennie: “Okay Mom.”Lisa-Ann: “Thank you Sweetheart. Talk to you later. Love you!”Jennifer reciprocated the ‘I love you’ and hung up the phone. Lisa-Ann thought for a moment about the lie she had just told to her daughter. It made her a little bit sad. Everything had been happening so fast. Sure she herself had made her own choices, but her daughters, she might have been able to prevent them from these men and their persuasiveness. She didn’t get the chance to protect or counsel Melanie and now she was being told that she had no choice but to serve up Jennifer for the same ambush of black cock. Lisa-Ann’s head was swimming with uncertainties. Just then Melanie started to orgasm very loudly in the living room shaking her mother’s thoughts. Lisa-Ann watched as her little daughter climaxed again for the umpteenth time over a large black penis. She watched as Melanie shuddered and shook then fell spent onto Williams’ chest. It was at that point that Lisa Ann came to terms with what she had just set Jennifer up for. Melanie was having the time of her life, why not Jennie too? She quickly went to a closet and got out a box of blankets then taped them up in it. She then handed the box to Ronald and watched as a smiling Marcus walked with Ronald out the -door. Lisa-Ann then went and took Melanie upstairs and into the bathroom. She sat- the little girl on the toilet and started to prepare the bathtub for a shower. Melanie sat dazed on the closed toilet lid dripping excess cum from her pussy onto the seat’s fluffy cover.Melanie: “Mom? Am I a slut now?”Lisa-Ann: “Oh honey of course you aren’t! Why would you think that?”Melanie: “Because I can’t stop them from having sex with me. I can’t help it. Every time one of their penises are removed from between my legs, a minute later I start to ache and The urge to have another one is more than I can bear.”Lisa-Ann was shocked. Her young daughter had just described the feelings that she herself had been feeling since all of this had started. They were both becoming addicted to sex with black men. Lisa-Ann: “Sweetie, we are beautiful women who have been denied those type of pleasures. It’s not anyone’s fault, we were just naïve to it all. No we aren’t ‘sluts’, Honey, we are just opening our eyes to some bilecik escort bayan of the most pleasurable things in life. Enjoy it Sweetie. I wish that I had the chance to experience this when I was your age. You’re sister will be enjoying it too. Just one thing…please do not tell anyone about it, especially your Father.”Melanie hugged her mother then entered the shower. Lisa-Ann then went to her own bedroom bathroom and cleaned up herself too. They showered for a while as the guys downstairs smoked, drank some coffee and rested up.———————————————————————————————————-In the car, Marcus deeply thought about his plans as Ronald drove them to Jennie’s dorm. It was almost 8am, and they were sitting in traffic and he hoped that the young white girl wasn’t impatient when it came to her Mother’s requests. He thought about the last time that he and Williams had saw Jennie. It was about 4 days ago. She had come home to do some laundry. Marcus remembered watching her thru the kitchen window. She had her hair up in a ponytail and she looked like a supermodel. Of course, like her Mom, she was dressed in the usual conservative skirt and blouse set with the boring pantyhose but she was gorgeous. He thought about how much he wanted to fuck her that day. How he wanted to pull that skirt up and go to town on that stuck up white pussy. That was the day that Marcus decided that he and his brothas would make her their newest conquest. Boning Lisa Ann and Melanie had only been the icing on the Jennie cake, a cake that He was about to have and eat too both figuratively and literally.After about 45 minutes Marcus and Ronald finally got their van thru the morning city traffic. They arrived at Jennie’s dorm and parked at the building beside it just in case she was looking outside and spotted them getting out of an electrician’s van. The dormitory was big, and had about 12 floors to it. As all buildings this big, this one had it’s own elevator as well. They rang the bell and told Jennie over the intercom that they had a delivery. Jennie told them that she would be down in a few minutes. A few minutes later Jennie appeared from the stairwell and walked over to the two black men delivering her package.Marcus: “Miss Mueller? Why didn’t you take the elevator?”Jennie: “Oh, I’m a little claustrophobic in elevators. My room is only on the seventh floor.”At that point Marcus realized how he would be getting his cock into this pretty white vixen. First he needed to lie.Marcus: “Well, this box is pretty heavy so with your permission we’ll help you upstairs with it. But we must use the elevator.”Jennie was apprehensive but figured that her claustrophobia could withstand a quick elevator ride. They stepped into the old dingy lift. Jennie’s heart started to beat faster as they slowly rose towards their destination. Without letting her see, Marcus hit the stop button and the Elevator halted its journey between the fourth and fifth floor. A worried and scared Jennie started to panic.Jennie: “Oh God! Are we stuck?”Marcus: “It would appear so.”Jennie: “Oh no! We can’t! We can’t be stuck! Hello? Somebody!”Jennie started to bang on the door trying to get somebody’s attention, but it was Sunday morning and most of the other students were either sleeping or in church. Besides, this elevator was sound proof and no one was going to hear her anyways. Marcus put his armAround her and tried to calm her down.Marcus: “It’s okay baby. We’re here with you. Things will be fine. Just let me try a few things. We’ll get you out.”Marcus stepped towards the elevator panel and opened it up a bit. Big Ronald looked on with great respect as he watched Marcus scam the little girl. Marcus shielded Jennie’s view from the panel and pulled the stop button back out. The elevator restarted and started to move up again. A jubilant Jennie hugged them both.Jennie: “You did it! Thank you! Thank you so much!”The elevator reached the seventh floor and the two men followed Jennie to her room. Once inside, they placed the box on the floor for her, and turned to leave but Jennie called them back and she grabbed her purse.Jennie: “I just wanted to thank you guys for bringing this upstairs for me…AND…for saving me from the elevator. I can’t imagine what I would do if I was stuck in there alone.”Marcus: “It’s alright. We don’t want any money.”Jennie: “But I must give you something for all that you’ve done for me.”Marcus: “Well baby, if you truly want to thank us….”Marcus walked closer to her and suddenly pushed Jennie down to her knees by her shoulder with ease in front of him and pulled his big black member out from his pants which was already hard and almost sprung out and hit her in the chin.Marcus: “If you really want to thank us you can suck our dicks bitch!”Jennie didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t comprehend what Marcus was saying and doing. She had never in her life seen a man’s penis up close before and now a very large black one was pointing at her face mere inches in front of her. Her heart was racing. She tried to talk but when she opened her mouth to do so, Marcus put his cock between her lips and pushed in about 3 inches. He pulled out and quickly silenced another protest attempt by jamming it back in a little further. Jennie’s mouth began to water and her eyes began to tear as Marcus worked more of his big black tool into her throat. He pushed in real deep as far as it would go and then pulled out leaving her coughing and gagging. This prompted Ronald, who had taking his 10-inch monster out to grab Jennie’s hair and turn her towards him and he pushed into her mouth and pumped it in a few times. The two of them took turns sliding into Jennie’s mouth for the next several minutes. Jennie had abandoned any thoughts of protesting; in fact she was getting a bit turned on from this makeshift unannounced blow bang. She had never had a man’s penis in her mouth before. It tasted good and was warm and made her feel all fuzzy inside. Jennie kept sucking their dicks and was to the point that they didn’t have to direct her head anymore. The initiative was now all hers and Jennie was now feverishly sucking these two giant black men.Marcus reached down and started to raise Jennie’s blouse up over her breasts. He then reached back and unhooked her bra and her big melons sprang out just like her mother’s had the day before. The two men then reached down and played with her nipples as Jennie continued sucking their large black penises. Ronald began to breath heavily and pulled himself from her mouth just in time to shoot his large load all over Jennie’s large tits.Jennie’s panties were now getting damp as Marcus face fucked her for the next few minutes until he too came. He pushed himself as deep into her mouth as he could get it to go. Jennie sucked him hard like she was drinking soda from a straw and she felt his cock pulsate and he shot his gooey love juice down deep into her stomach.The two men then stood Jennie up on her feet and they started to remove her clothing. Just like her sister, Jennie was about to lose her virginity a mere few hours later to the same black man, Marcus. He lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen table that was right there. He then pulled her legs up and positioned himself between them with his cock pointing at her un-used pussy.Marcus: “Sorry Hun, this will hurt for a bit!”Marcus then started to push his schlong into Jennie’s tight little piss box. It hurt badly and Jennie screamed out as Marcus worked to get himself into her. Ronald put his pole into her mouth and it quieted the screaming to a muffle. After a few more moments, Marcus finally broke through. He started to pump in and out slowly until he realized that Jennie wasn’t screaming in pain anymore. Then he pulled all the way out and then jammed his cock all the way in with one big thrust and Jennie’s eyes got really big. Marcus then stroked in and out with fast strokes and she started to moan and shake. When the first orgasm hit her, Jennie went crazy. That was all that Marcus could take and he came too filling her womb. Marcus pulled out and then the much bigger Ronald entered into her. Jennie’s pussy stretched even more and she came a few more times as Ronald drilled his monster deeper and deeper into her.For the next two hours, Marcus and Ronald fucked Jennie silly and took turns Cumming into her hot mouth and pussy. When they finished, Marcus explained that she was the third white woman to get fucked by them in the past 24 hours. Jennie’s jaw dropped when Marcus then told her that her mother and her little sister were the first two. It was agreed that they would get dressed and drive back to the Mueller home where they could continue this black cock orgy. Jennie couldn’t wait to have the other men inside her. She wondered if they all were as big as Marcus and Ronald were.The party continued later that day and into the night where the seven black men took Lisa-Ann Mueller and her two daughters over and over again and again. Eventually they got themselves inside both of the young girls’ assholes as well, after which each woman was sandwiched a few times too.———————————————————————————————————-A week and a half later, Paul Mueller returned from his business trip. Marcus and his friends still met the women for sex even in the days after his return. Paul continued to be oblivious to the whole thing. The covert operations the men would set up just to get to fuck the Mueller women, whether it was one of them or all three at once, rivaled those of shenanigans from a spy novel.Jennie was the easiest to get to, as they would just visit her at her dorm. Lisa Ann was home alone all day so on days they would fuck her, they would arrive after Paul left for work and would slip out the back door just as he pulled in the driveway later that evening. Melanie was the hardest to get to. That was until Marcus figured out a way for him and the guys to meet her at her school. Melanie would skip classes and meet the guys in the vacant gymnasium showers. The school only used those showers during the lacrosse and field hockey, which was not in season during this time. Sometimes Melanie would persuade a friend, a willing classmate to join her.This went on for a while right under Paul Mueller’s nose. Jennie then began to show that she was pregnant. Lisa-Ann knew that once the baby was born Paul would find out her and her girls’ dark secret. The thoughts of abortion never entered her mind because of their religious beliefs. Lisa-Ann agonized for a few weeks over the decision of whether she should reveal everything to her Husband. It wasn’t until the guys had gotten Melanie pregnant too that Lisa-Ann realized that she had no choice to come clean.Paul took the whole thing hard. He wept like a baby. He vowed that he would divorce Lisa-Ann and that She and the girls would have to leave the house. He quickly changed his mind when Marcus, Ronald, and The Owl visited him at his office and threatened to beat the crap out of him. He agreed to a divorce and it was he who left the house. Shortly after that, Marcus and the boys moved in. Williams even named the house ‘Black Cock Manor’. Lisa-Ann and her two girls lives had changed forever.The End

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