BBC for the girls.


BBC for the girls.BBC for the Girls.Before we divorced, my ex-wife Pat and I spiced up our sex lives with that new thing called “social media”, and eventually exchanged details and photos on a site not dissimilar to Xhamster with Iris and Richard. Iris and Richard are a respectable middle class couple who lived a good fifty miles away. We arranged to meet them in a pub and were impressed, Iris being a pretty and petite primary school teacher and Richard, though a little overweight, tall and pleasing to Pat. We eventually accommodated each other for several weekends of naughty fun. The first time, they came to us for one night and we simply swapped wives, Iris and me in one bedroom and Pat and Richard in another. We were all a little nervous at first but it turned out to be a lovely weekend and the four of us couldn’t wait for the next session. I was enamoured with Iris, she had a nice figure with a pair of breasts that were a joy to behold. Pat is attractive, quite flat chested, tall, lean and lets you know what she wants in bed. The weekend we visited them was amazing, our first foursome, and watching Pat and Iris fondling and fingering each other with their tongues in each others mouths was the horniest thing I had ever seen. Richard has a lovely uncut cock and while having one session he withdrew it from Pat’s mouth and ejaculated on her (nipples more than breasts), and his cock looked so yummy and I was so wound up that I just took hold of the dripping thing and found myself sucking it as if it was my mothers swollen nipple. Every one, including me, was surprised, but the girls thought it was very horny to see a man sucking another man’s cock. Richard eventually sucked mine but it wasn’t something he wanted to make a habit of.Nonetheless, our relationship sivas escort culminated with the four of us going to Portugal for a fortnights nude sun bathing and sex.The hotel we stayed in had a larger than life gay bar tender from Germany called Michael and one evening he told the girls that he knew a black man with a huge cock who was willing to “service” female tourists for a modest fee. He was called Leo, he was clean and had a monster cock, and for fifty quid “each” he would give the girls something they would never forget. Michael showed them a photograph of the naked stud and they drooled over the size of his cock and after discussing it with Richard and I, Michael was given a retainer of fifty pounds and asked to contact Leo and see if he could arrange an evening session for the girls before we left. The plan being that Richard and I would watch and take photographs of the action; though Iris being a primary school teacher and Richard the manager of a D I Y. store, nether wanted their faces in any of the photographs.Leo was available and on the evening arranged the girls sat waiting in their dressing gowns feeling excited and nervous and asking themselves what on earth they were thinking and half hoping it was a scam and he wouldn’t turn up.A few drinks calmed all our nerves and Leo eventually arrived wearing shorts and an Hawaiian shirt. He was tall and muscular, very dark, smelled of cheap cologne and had a strong African accent. We all introduced ourselves and gave him a drink and his hundred quid.In his broken English Leo told the girls they were very beautiful and bluntly said he was very lucky to be fucking them. Pat opened her dressing gown and anxious to see his “monster cock” asked him if he was going to get undressed. He asked her she was escort sivas feeling horny and she said she was feeling very horny, and asked him if he was. He laughed and said he always felt horny for beautiful girls. At the sight of Leo’s cock Iris sat back on the bed unable to take her eyes off it. Pat took hold of the big black floppy circumcised thing and feeling it grow and stiffen in her hands laughed and said it was like a baby elephants trunk. She ran her hands over his hard muscular body like a woman possessed, and pulled him by his cock to the bed and on top of her and wrapped her arms and legs round him and told him to fuck her. Iris joined Richard and they sat fondling each other while watching and listening to Pat moaning and gasping as she took as much of Leo’s cock as she could. She had had some pretty big toys up there but nothing as long as Leo; but in her favourite position (doggy), to my amazement she took every inch of him, savouring the sensation as he pummelled her cervix. I took photos but my hands were shaking and my cock was so desperate for attention that I stood next to Iris and took it out. The sweet thing took hold of it and after a couple of strokes I helplessly ejaculated across the carpet. I was in love with Iris and I’m sure she had feelings for me but that is a different story.Leo eventually left Pat face down on the bed looking wrecked with her eyes glazed and a big smile on her face. With his cock still glistening he beckoned Iris to, “Come, you have good fuck too?”. She glanced at Richard with a nervous grin and joined Leo and Pat on the bed. Leo gently took her hand and said, “You suck for Leo?” Crouching between his legs she obediently took hold of his cock with both hands, and filling her mouth with his glans, sucked sivas escort bayan it like a big black lollipop.Leo soon encouraged her to sit on his cock, I suspect because he was close to ejaculating and the evening was still young, and leaning on his chest she guided his “baby elephants trunk” in and gently lowered herself onto it, letting out a deep sigh as it stretched and filled her vagina. She managed two thirds, and quivering with ecstasy, raised and lowered herself on it with increasing confidence. Her pert little anus looked delectable and I wanted to kiss and lick it, but I noticed my wife was snogging passionately with Leo and he was fingering her.Iris quivered and whimpered as she experienced an orgasm and Leo began hammering away and she cried as if he were hurting her and it strangely turned me on. She eventually couldn’t take it any more and clambered off him and lay on the bed looking dishevelled.Pat took over and Leo began pummelling her and they clung to each other in a sweating sexual frenzy. But after slowing down and catching his breath a couple of times, he furiously hammered away and Pat gasped for air and held onto the bed for dear life.Leo appeared to have ejaculated, but Pat remained in his arms, sweaty and flushed with his cock and semen inside her and I began to feel uncomfortable and wanted my wife back.Two hours had whizzed by, the cameras were full, and needing a drink I ran down to the bar for some more booze. I returned to find Leo kneeling over Pat with his cock in her mouth, and to my surprise Iris leaning on a chair being fucked by Richard. Not to be left out I threw my clothes off, got on the bed and lifted Pats legs onto my shoulders and fucked her with Leo’s arse in my face.The following day we were all a little quiet but the girls kept exchanging tacit grins. Pat said she felt bruised inside but had loved the experience and couldn’t wait to see the photographs. She showed her appreciation by taking me into the sand dunes and giving me a lovely blow job.

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